Maraudaur (OCE)
: Welcome to Player Behavior Sub board
Hey, Need help with a perma ban that actually isnt permeant . Please help!
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Ninox (OCE)
: Someone will get back to you shortly, just make sure you do not reply to or create any new tickets until someone does as it will slow down the process dramatically. Give it at least a couple days :)
: Helps ty More so worried about how I log on with different computer depending on where I am... Guess I should be fine
Hey, That's fine. They can understand people doing that. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Low priority queue
Hey Black Attack101 Sorry. But I don't think so. If you leave the game you put the team at a disadvantage :( ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support {{champion:37}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:8}} Fill Except Top & Jungle
Volcanuz (OCE)
: Teemo Support.
Hey, Dont listen to the others. I think he is a very good support and just like Riot, encourage everyone to try something different they think is fun. After all. This is a video game. The main purpose is to be fun. ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support {{champion:37}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:8}} Fill Except Top & Jungle
Ligerzz (OCE)
: Just wanna see why i'm banned :)
Hello Ligerzz {{champion:117}} Nice name btw. You must have broken the summoners code. Please open a support ticket with riot as they are the best equipped to help you Make sure you make it in the account recovery section if you are currently banned. If not just open it about account management as you are not trying to recover the account :) Hope I helped :3 ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support {{champion:37}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:8}} Fill Except Top & Jungle
: Hey, Thanks for the tips. I tried to repair client, which didn't work. But hopefully your second suggestion of sending the logs to player support will help. Any help is very appreciated. :D
: the thing is, how would they know if it's another person using the account, or me on another pc? i mean, i play at home on my PC, my laptop at work, and sometime at my mates on his pc if they check by IP address, i should have been banned ages ago just a bit concerned
They check the ip address, MAC address of computer, account login times and locations to see this. For example if they see you log in to your account, and then you log out, next minute your account gets logged in to an ip address 15 mins drive away from your hose within a few seconds it's obvious that someone is sharing your account with you which is against the EULA. It's kind of common sense :p Also make sure you dont share the account because it's very easy for them to look at the logs on the account and see if you have been. :) Hope I helped. :)
: Unspecified error occurred. Please check the logs for more information. HELP!
Hello there, I suggest that you go into your client and repair it. If that does not work you can generate client 'logs' from the same screen as you use to repair the client., Attach those logs to a support ticket with the technical support at Riot and they will help you as they are the best equipped to. Make sure that you completely wipe the client from your computer and reinstall it. Hope I helped :3 ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support {{champion:37}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:8}} Fill Except Top & Jungle
KaSing (OCE)
: dc?
Hey KaSings, I suggest you repair the client and switch to a public DNS server. If this dosn't work, Take a log of your client (this can be done in the same screen that you go into to repair the client) and attach it to a support ticket to Riot. This will let riot know what's going on and how to fix it. Riot are the best equipped and can help you with your issue if you attach client logs. :) Hope I helped :3 ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support {{champion:37}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:8}} Fill Except Top & Jungle
: so you are saying, if i borrow my account to a mate or such the account could have a chance of getting "locked" due to mentioned reasons?
Hey, They unbanned my account because they would have looked through their records and saw it's me using the account the whole time. Sharing accounts is against the EULA and if you "Borrow it to a mate" you will either get one warning and a ban, or a straight up permaban. This would be for breaking the EULA. However with my account they would have saw it's been my the whole time and the "changes and "suspicious shift in access" was me. so they Unbanned it because I could prove it was me the whole time. TLDR: If you share your account you will be banned. ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support {{champion:37}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:8}} Fill Except Top & Jungle
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Introducing the Emissaries
I would like to be one :)
: A plea from a member of oce
Agreed! ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support {{champion:37}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:8}} Fill Except Top & Jungle
Negasonic (OCE)
: Support/jungle main looking to climb
Hey, add me in game. I am a support main. ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support {{champion:37}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:8}} Fill Except Top & Jungle
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Sykojuice (OCE)
: League of Legends won't open (MAC)
Hey Summoner, I have had a few people in the forums with this same issue. I have not personally experienced it on a 2015 iMac 5k running the latest version of el cpaitan. I'm not sure what your configuration is. I would recommend running a repair of the client if possible. If not using an uninstall app for mac to completely while the game from the computer. Also go into Go in finder at the top >press option on keyboard> Click Library find LoL and delete that folder. Now completely re download the client and update OSX., I bet it will work again! ;) ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support Lulu, Sona, Twisted Fate, Vladimir Fill Except Top & Jungle {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hey Summoner, The dodge/afkbans and time penalties are automatic. Just like the instant feedback system. I would like to let you know every single report will get sent to riot and if they get enough (Likely that they will if they troll regularly) They will definitely get punished. Please make sure to mute them and report them (Riot don't push things like this under the carpet) I hope I helped a little :3 ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support Lulu, Sona, Twisted Fate, Vladimir Fill Except Top & Jungle {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Renzuko (OCE)
: Permanently banned too harsh.
Hello summoner, I do somewhat agree with your point of your post. However I do see that the chat logs are definitely not positive communication. Remember please that riot has put in the EULA that you agreed to before making your account that you don't own your account and at any time without reason or notification they can suspend, ban, modify, etc to their service to you. Bans are given out only after previous bad behaviour. Order is as follows 10 game chat restriction 25 game chat restriction 14 Day Suspension Permanent Ban Hope I helped. ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support Lulu, Sona, Twisted Fate, Vladimir Fill Except Top & Jungle
6T9R (OCE)
: What do you think the acceptable punish is for this chat log?
Hey Summoner, I know how you feel! be sure to use the mute feature, it's one of my favourites :p The report feature is also a favourite of mine as it let;s the developers of the game (riot) know that they have some players who are being negative and they can punish them accordingly. Hope i helped :3 ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support Lulu, Sona, Twisted Fate, Vladimir Fill Except Top & Jungle
Essembie (OCE)
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I dont have it :( haha
Marshland (OCE)
: Unfair penalisation
Hey Marshland- I definitely know how that can feel. Riot are very good at telling if it is peoples intention to troll and ruin the game for others. Likleyhood is that if they are, other people are reporting them. You should be too. This is the best way to get their accounts fully reviewed. Make sure not to dodge or lash out at them or case negativity, just do your best, remember even know it may mean a lot, it is just a video game. Remember to report them and mute them too. Hope I somewhat helped :) :3 ~Reported4Verbal~ OCE~ Always Happy To Help! :) ARAM Main! In SR, Main Support Lulu, Sona, Twisted Fate, Vladimir Fill Except Top & Jungle
behagus (OCE)
: I need friends!
I will be your friend! :)
: There's no chance this would be for Dominion would it?
: > [{quoted}](name=Typhon,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Eq3duoJE,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-02-10T20:37:36.028+0000) > > people will hate me but i saw teemo and thought he was a god so i mained him for 30 levels playing "attack speed on hit" teemo simply because i liked the pfft noise he made while aa. Best reason i have ever heard to play Teemo :^)
: Retiring Dominion
Hey Everyone! If you have any questions about this please reply to this comment and I will help you/ answer questions :) Reported4Verbal- OCE Always Happy To Help! :) Main Support Lulu, Sona, Twisted Fate, Vladimir Fill Except Top & Jungle
: Retiring Dominion
OMG I LOVE DOMINION {{item:3151}}
: Game crash on ARAM load, before the game starts
Heyo Hackworth Hope this message finds you well. Do a repair of your client. Also if that dosnt work try reinstalling it and opening a ticket with riot support including all of your logs from the client (you can easily generate these logs from the same screen you go into to repair the client) :) Hope this has been some help
Fitzky (OCE)
: I once had a game full of people who spoke Chinese, since I couldn't speak Chinese I kept replying in English and all I could see was replies with question marks XD they were just as confused as to what I was saying as I was to them
Haha nice one,. I had a similar game to this but our ryze who was our third botlaner only spoke spanish and arabic characters. He was also intentionally feeding too haha
Ninox (OCE)
: Exactly. A lot of people seem to think it's not worth reporting bots, but if you report them they have a much higher chance of being noticed. So please report any and all bots you see :)
^^ Amen Thanks for the help by the way Seras Dragon. you have hepled me before and I have seen you a bit on these forums. :)
: My Account has been permanently suspended
Yo dude, I am sincerely sorry to hear that mate. It really sucks. But keep in mind the box (aka contract) you ticked/signed when creating the account stated that you had read, and agree to comply with the EULA. (end user licence agreement.) It states that you do not own the account. Riot owns your account and they could perma ban the oldest accounts right now if they wanted to without reason. They reserve the right to do whatever they want to the account. it also states that there are no refunds on purchases and you do not purchase content and own it. You purchase a licence to use the content for the remainder of your account's life. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news dude :( That's how the cookie crumbles. :(
: AFK and feeding?
Hey dude, The best thing you can do is to report players for this in the end of game screen. It is quite easy to tell their a troll by looking at their match history, but riot has a few things that go deeper than that. A human will hand out bans, and the automatic tribunal system that detects reports, and other things will kick in,
: Rito condoning trolling behaviour this season
Hello Blaster Joker ( cool name btw) There is definitely a system in place that takes care of this. While there may be a lot of trolls out there, you probabley wont get the same troll 2 times over. Riot will eventually give them harsher punishments untill they banish them from the game.
: Permanent Bans in LoL (A Free to Play game)
Hey StattrakP90 , While I do agree with you somewhat. The rules are put in place because a lot of games like LoL have a well known joke that all of their players are toxic. Riot want to make a stop to this. I think that they will eventually get sick of making free accounts. Also, It's not about not making money anymore because the toxic people/ trolls will not buy RP on their fake accounts, It is about creating a positive experience for the legitimate players who want to have fun (what the game's for afterall)
: RIOT, when are you going to do something about all the bot players?
I agree. tehre used to be about 60% of the players on aram where bots. They usally bot the accounts to earn states game after game for them. Or then they would sell the account on ebay for a crap ton of money. Please be sure to report the bots. If no one reports it, Riot have no idea. They will take action on them once they get a few reports. I'm sure they will get those reports very quickly too!
Marshland (OCE)
: Unfair penalisation
Yo Marshland I would suggest that when you get any people like these in games, you continue to play to the best of your ability and help out the team mates that are actually trying. (Good karma will come to you this way :p) Also at the end of the game be sure to report them and include detailed description. If they recieve a lot of reports rito will start coming down on them quite hard. I hope I have helped a little bit. :)
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Introducing the Emissaries
QUESTION:: If I help people on Na and EUW forums for example there isnt many on oce. Will I be eligible still?
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Ninox (OCE)
: Likely someone looked at the ticket and added a note or some such to help with the process. If you keep responding tot he ticket it may be bumping you back to the bottom of the queue so try waiting a few days. Support seems to be a bit busy lately (had to submit a ticket for something myself) so it may be 3 or so days before someone can get back to you.
Oh ok. Thanks :) I havnt bumped it since 48 hours and still no reply. I am trying to get rid of this"captian fasthands" guy. He eas really nice at first but now im getting nowhere and he keeps pasting the same message to me
: As Seras Dragon stated, they'll more than likely follow up on your original ticket as this concerns an issue with your account. I can't promise any timeframe though. Good luck.
Yeah. I hope. It says tickrt uodated 1 hour ago but no one has replied since 7:30 last night. Its 10:00 pm today? So something has happend to the ticket. I keep giving more informstion. He wont beliege i own the account. So unfair
Ninox (OCE)
: They've been linked to the thread so they will likely get back to you here, otherwise they will probably get back to you through the ticket. Don't quote me on that though. They'll get back to you soon at any rate.
Thanks. I am currently soeaking to "Captian fasthands" i dont mean to be rude but IMO he is quite rude and isnt replying anymore.
: Never thought I'd have a ranked game trolled/ruined by a Rioter
: Well if a Rioter is called "Rice" I'd expect him to be in the Garena servers, not OCE Warning: Do not read text from pics on iPad
Tele (OCE)
: Soraka Counters?
{{champion:92}} Amen
: Can Riot please stop punishing the victim?
I couldnt agree more Crepe!!!! OMG!! You are right on it dude. My friend got permabanned for lashing back at them and reking them every single time like a boss. Riot need to get their stuff tougher with this. I do agree. I rekon they would give punishment to the bully, but also equally to the victim.
J Mell (OCE)
: "$20" RP Costing more....
Scammers confirmed? haha. Probably a surcharge of some sort. I would definitely say that. open a quick support to billing team and paste that exact message you just told us. :) They are best equipped to handle it.
: Loss Preventor for Ranked
AGREE DUDE!{{champion:32}}
: Hacker sighted
Report him via a support ticket. Doubt they will care. But you could try! :)
: BattleCast Tahm kench ?
{{champion:223}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:223}} {{item:3010}}
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Welcome to Player Behavior Sub board
Please check my request I also have a ticket open to support about it. This is very unfair. I am left high and dry
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