vicky (OCE)
: **loved it!! **
Achenar (OCE)
: [SSS2018] FIRST PLACE - A Devourer of Stars by Aiisu
Woot wooooooot YAAAAAAAAS well written and well deserved!
Kakuni (OCE)
: Yeah I wrote that because when I found out about it I thought it was funny. He literally told me with a straight face as though nothing was wrong AND HE WAS WINNING. Then I looked at all the comments and at first it was just people getting butt hurt over nothing which is just typical League community. Everyone on here has to become an entitled twat and tear down a little kids integrity. But then it got more serious with people messaging and emailing him threats, which is the lowest of the low, especially over something as minor as this. The main people who got mad about this were the people who were in the contest, just face it, no one would've cared if he was coming dead last, but because everyone on here is a piece of shit and sucks at writing short stories, they got mad when some 13 year old was winning just by copying and pasting a story, what a joke.
Loool, OR how about you teach your brother what integrity is and tell him to stop plagarising. End of story. The way you're making excuses like we all should be expecting or considerate of this type of behaviour is exactly what's wrong with this world.
Achenar (OCE)
: Hey guys, thank you all for alerting us to the issues with the plagiarised entry - I'm really glad that you caught this, and I'm sorry that I didn't catch it in the first place. The entry has been disqualified from the contest. We can't remove it from the poll options but votes towards this entry will not be counted. **EDIT:** Hey guys, we appreciate this has gotten everyone very fired up. However the discussion is not producing a healthy atmosphere and ultimately we want to focus everyone's attention on the amazing work the community has created. We do not condone brigading any more than we do plagiarism so let's everyone please let this one go. Ultimately this is on us not having thoroughly vetted the entries for plagiarism - we usually do this for all our contests but we slipped up on the fanfic contest. We'll learn and do a better job in future.
Glad this got sorted but it sucks that a disqualified piece took up a space in the shortlist and wasted the opportunity for someone else T_T
: The formatting is really ew isn't it? The title isn't even in bold or something. The whole thing is just one big lump of text and it was really hard to read.
Yeah that's one thing I'm a little sad about. It IS a writing contest, so it really should all be taken into consideration. Kinda makes it seem unfair to the contestants who actually cared to put time and effort into proper formatting, grammar, a meaningful title etc.
Xepheria (NA)
: I thought Boards had some kind of internal PM system, like pretty much any other forum. Turns out there isn't. Send a discord PM to Xepheria#0877, if you have that.
Same tbh, until I looked around haha. Added!
Xepheria (NA)
: I'll see what I can do. PM me and we can get in touch.
Thanks heaps! Oops sorry, if you meant PM through the client, I actually don't have access to my League client for quite a while :S (I'm overseas at the moment with only a writing laptop).
Xepheria (NA)
: I agree. This _reeks_ of vote manipulation. I hope Riot OCE look into this, because Project: Hunt is just... not good, having spent nearly 1500 words breaking it down.
Hey there Xepheria, I know this is a lot to ask, but if you get the time would you be able to do a similar break down of my entry as well? Seeing Red - by RequiemAvatar I didn't get shortlisted this time but I'm definitely looking to improve. I know I can get overly wordy with my descriptions so some constructive criticism would be really really welcome! Thank you~
Achenar (OCE)
: Skins Story Slam 2018 - Vote Now!
Really enjoyed writing for this even though I didn't make the list, and congratz to everyone here! Big shout out to Devourer of Stars - the descriptions were beautiful, a highly enjoyable read!!
aiisu (OCE)
: A Devourer of Stars | Star Guardian AU| SSS 2018
LOL WHAT THE PLOT TWIST?! Also, thanks for the awesome read~!
aiisu (OCE)
: This is amazing! Huge fan :D
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