: Just for laughs
Just because a particular champion is meta doesn't mean that they're going to win you a game.
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: Just because you're fed doesn't give you an excuse to stop CSing
Yeah, I can see that, the only real exception to outline is Pantheon, your job is to get fed, push your opponent below you and then shove your spear down the other lane's throats since clearing waves isn't exactly efficient with panth and neither is pushing turrets, taking your ult and making pro-active plays with some coordination with your jungler seems the more effective since he falls off.
: Just because you're fed doesn't give you an excuse to stop CSing
Yeah, I can see that, the only real exception to outline is Pantheon, your job is to get fed, push your opponent below you and then shove your spear down the other lane's throats.
: So, now that we're forced to use the trash client...
Have no issues with the new-ish client outside of a few hiccups. Otherwise it runs very cleanly and smoothly without even using low specs mode or disabling the client while in game.
: When you know riot messed up with their rework on aatrox
I guess they just wanted to cut away parts of him that made it harder to balance him, replace them with healthier mechanics and see the results after to buff him back up to standards. :o
: Problem with games?
: Counterplaying Yi
It really is a case of if you see him one screen away, CC him and blow him up first or just accept death.
Gehirn (OCE)
: I mained Garen for a couple of years when I started League back in 2011 and I usually lost to Panth, these days he is still a solid counter to Garen. In short I think Pantheon wins if he is the aggressor, and Garen's only recourse is to aggressively push in, clearing your minions while trying to trade smart (short fights in lane where you try to deal more damage to the enemy than they are able to do back). But this heavily exposes him to ganks from your jungler which Pantheon uses well with his targetted stun to lock down the enemy for the kill. When fighting Garen, you do need to play around his Q - Decisive Strike's silence, as Pantheon relies heavily on his spells to deal damage. Try this while you have almost equal or more minions than him in lane: 1. wait for Garen to use his Q and keep your distance but don't run too far, eventually he will likely use it on a minion or let the spell time out 2. when his Q is on cooldown and assuming you still have a similar or higher amount of minions, hit him with your W - Aegis of Zeonia and E - Heartseeker Strike then immediately back off by running through your minions 3. if he chases you through your minions while using his E - Judgement (spin) he will be slowed and should be unable to catch up to you without his Q 4. when he backs off, chuck a Q - Spear Shot at him This should win you every trade, but be careful for enemy ganks while performing this. Also, you can try to hit him with Q before you stun him with W as it has a short cooldown and will be ready for use again while you're running away, so you could hit him with it twice while performing this trade. But if you Q first you might scare him off before you can stun him with W, this will come down to how scared the Garen player chooses to play and something you'll have to figure out about them while in lane. Additionally, since all of your damage in this combo comes from spells you will not take enemy minion aggro (they won't attack you) as only basic attacks or spells like Garens Q (which just alter his basic attack) trigger minion aggro. Garen's passive healing at levels 1 to 10 has a 9 second cooldown after being attacked by a champion, so you can keep it turned off by throwing a spear every 8-9 seconds when you're not trading. Just be aware of your mana costs and try not to let your mana get below 150 unless you're going all in to kill him or you're clearing the wave with E so you can go back, as you won't have enough to cast all of your spells. I'm not the best at trading in lane, but I hope my experience of getting my butt kicked by Pantheons helps you here. :)
Also wouldn't Pantheon's Aegis shield block Garen's decisive strike. :P
: The main issue buffs have is that if you hand them off, you get 0 EXP from the camp, instead of when you could pick up the little guys. Which is a huge trade off to make for a jungler when your EXP is heavily limited.
Unless your name is Ivern of course ;)
: The Real issue that the new jungle has introduced.
The buffs are fine, but the krugs and raptors basically demolish anyone without fast clear aoe clear speed. It's not a question of whether or not a jungler is viable but rather is it effective and the answer generally rests on a jungler's clear speed. Most junglers can easily do blue side without any leash nowadays but when it comes to the red side a rather large number of junglers will find it's only efficient to clear the red and then just recall, scuttle or look to gank.
: Why is Lee Sin suddenly so powerful?
It's not about his ult, or how much damage he can deal with his combo. It's about how well he can pressure top, mid and bottom lanes early on. WIth the jungle changes this has actually enhanced his ability to pressure lanes through sheer sustain in the jungle while still being healthy enough to counter jungle and duel the enemy jungle.
Yukiteru (OCE)
: Why can Yasuo attack straight after his last breath?
: Questions about Tahm Kench's abilities
You would level it for the poke, harass and CC. Being able to slow someone/stun them after 3 auto attacks each use from a distance> Being able to eat them in 3 auto attacks in melee range
: This is my 2 cents: I want to start by saying that i am not a thresh player, but as Kalista, thresh is one of 2 supports that my friend always uses to support me. So I have seen thresh at his best and worst. In my opinion, It is impossible to deny, that thresh has a lot more in his kit than many supports. **When we actually break down what he has:** Ranged auto attacks Indefinitely scaling Armour/AP 1.5 second stun, (also displaces enemy towards you) a dash a shield the ability to pull allies to you Auto attack enhancer AoE knock back engage AoE knock back disengage 1 second 40% slow 2 second 99% slow zoning tool Tankiness **When we break down Nami's kit, we have:** Ranged Auto attacks 1.5 second movement speed boost AoE 1.5 second stun maximum 2 heals (generous amount of HP returned) (different targets) 3x 1 second slow AoE knockup AoE 2-4 second 70% slow _____ Just looking at the list above, we can see that thresh already has a lot more (in terms of quantity), but there is a difference between quality and quantity. Lets break down the "quality" of their utility: **Thresh:** Halts all movement + actions for 1.5 second. Has delay. (displaces enemy) (Thresh can also displace himself with this ability.) interrupts movement + attacking + channels. Instantly on cast (displaces enemy) Thresh can choose the direction of the displacement. slows you for a total of 3 seconds, or zones you. Has delay. (ultimate ability needed) area targeted shield (only shields 1), also pulls ally to him. Slight delay. is tanky **Nami:** Halts all movement + actions for 1.5 seconds. Has delay. (does not displace enemy) (Nami can not displace herself with this ability) Interrupts movement + attacking + channels. Has delay. (does not displace enemy) (ultimate ability needed) Slows you for a total of 7 seconds. Has delay. Heals maximum of 2 allies. Has delay. When we look at it this way, we can see that their kits have remarkable similarities, however it doesn't mean that they are equal. Nami slows the enemy for 4 seconds longer than thresh and heals/shields 1 more person, but the price she pays for this extra slow is: The inability to displace enemies (twice). A dash. having her knockup on a slow ultimate with a long cooldown, instead of an instant cast normal ability with a shorter cooldown. The ability to displace allies. Tankiness. That is the true difference between Nami and Thresh. So when we look at it that way, thresh does have significantly more than nami (unless you value that extra 4 total seconds of slow more than all that) So it would be safe to say that Thresh is more overloaded than Nami. __________ However! I agree with you in what you are trying to say. While thresh has a lot more than a lot of supports, that doesn't necessarily make him better. Blitz has less than thresh, he stuns/displaces you for a similar length of time, but lacks all the other utility, but being grabbed by good blitz is usually a death sentence, being grabbed by thresh often isn't (despite his hook ironically actually being called death sentence.) Alistar is someone who also has on paper significantly less than thresh, but is someone who is (or at least seems to be) far more dangerous. I would wager that being comboed by Alistar leads to more deaths than being comboed by Thresh. So while I do (personally) believe that thresh is overloaded. I think his "overloadedness" gives him more flexibility with his combo, but not necessarily give him more power. Therefore he can have a very diverse and overloaded kit, while still not being too overbearing as a support. (Azir for example has tons in his kit, and could be considered overloaded when compared to someone like Brand, but Azir isn't really a problem ATM, when Brand kind of is... Thats my analogy anyway.) So while i think its wrong to say "thresh isn't overloaded", I also think its wrong to say that "thresh being overloaded makes him too strong". In saying that however, he does have a 25.5% pick rate, so he is obviously doing SOMETHING better than most other supports. What that 'something' is though, i couldn't say. Sorry for the very long post, but I hope I have helped clarify a few things (at least in the way I see them). Id be interested if you saw it the same way or not? If not, whats your thinking about it? :) ________ **TL;DR:** I think Thresh is overloaded, but being overloaded doesn't make him a problem.
Azir was a problem though until they gutted his numbers and removed multiple parts of his utility such as seconds on his wall, W damage on towers, raised cooldowns, his knock up was removed, stopped the soldiers from applying fervor of battle, his CDR attack speed scaling, and lowered his soldier's vision and base damage. He was a pick or ban because in competitive play he covered every single thing you'd want from a mage. Lane bully, hyperscaling, DPS, disruptor, zone control, sieging power, mobility, strong CC, and strong wave clear without any real clear weakness or lane match up that he couldn't outscale/beat in lane.
Miicka (OCE)
: Why would thresh be overloaded? His kit makes perfect sense and all his abilities synergize well with each other. I just think that the people who have the reaction speed of a turtle and can't dodge skill shots to save themselves are a lil salty.
I absolutely agree, but from time to time I see exactly that, Thresh is pretty refined as a support and has a design that I would much rather refer to as successful than {{champion:53}}
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SmasH1295 (OCE)
: Camille
Can Camille even reproduce with those augments? :l
: Well everything you say makes sense in terms of numbers. There are a couple of things i will pull you up on though: 1. Ive seen Assassins 1v1 tanks at full build, Yasuo/Vayne/Lee are good examples (although Vayne isn't melee). Assassins shouldn't be able to put out both burst and sustained damage. This is where combining classes (Assassin/Fighter) (Assassin/ADC) (Assassin/Tank) comes crashing down. It gives assassins a lear advantage over classes that should be their direct counter. Ive also seen Zed 1v1 tanks _(the result of giving 'lethality' to every item he buys)_ 2. You say that its the team situations that bring assassins back into balance. Yet Zed's burst happens so quickly, there is nothing stopping him from jumping headlong into an enemy team, ulting the ADC, and firing off his whole combo (which takes no time at all). If he lives long enough to press R a second time, then he lives and still poses a threat. If he dies, then he has still done his job and made it a 4v4 without the enemy carry. Its a win either way. Yasuo is also someone who isn't make weaker by team situations, a good multi-person knockup from himself (or someone else), pretty much annihilates the enemy team. Team situations may stop people like LB, but LB isn't really a problem anyway, after the assassin updates, she is about as balanced as I've ever seen. I think part of the problem is that we both define 'strength' in different ways. You say the a champion's potential to win the game, is what makes them strong. I would disagree slightly. Winning the game is only the **secondary** objective of league of legends. The primary objective _(and the reason why most people below diamond play it.)_ is having fun. So i believe that Yasuo is more powerful than Swain (despite Swain having much better statistics) because he just just so much more fun. As a result there are tons more Yasuo's than swains, so therefore Yasuo directly affects the game more then swain does, despite Yasuo having a lower winrate than swain. If a champion had 80% winrate, but only 3 people in the world played them, they wouldn't be much of a problem. (at least not until it got into pro-play level) But if a champion has a 50% winrate, but 90% of players wanted to play that champion. It would be much much more of a problem, and would make the game significantly less fun for everyone. (You hear overwatch players moaning about Hanzo and Reaper all the time, purely because they are so sick of seeming the same champion over and over and over again.) Therefore, the Primary objective of the game is being affected more negatively, by the champion that is statistically more balanced, than it is by the champion that is unbalanced. Virtually, no one has a problem with Aurelion Sol, (or many of the other mages), but so many people have problems with Zed and Yasuo, and Vayne. So in my opinion, Zed/Yasuo/Vayne etc are the problem champs here. I want to be clear, that I'm not saying this purely because i main Sol and the others. I am bias towards Sol obviously, but that doesn't make me wrong. I play my fair share of assassins just like everyone else. Kassadin/LB/Talon to name a few, And Fizz/Yasuo were my first mains. So I'm not an anti-assassin protester or anything. Ive just played against Yasuo/Lee/Zed/Vayne so many times, and they may not win every time, but in every game theres always people who get really frustrated with them (sometimes its me, often its not.) And that doesn't happen anywhere near as much, with other champions. Theres bound to be a reason for that. So in my opinion: **The champions that are bad for the game, are the ones that everyone despises, not the ones that are 1% or 2% more likely to win than another.** _________ I agree that nerfing Rylais is a good idea. I Disagree that the slow is what should be nerfed. You have to look at Rylais in one of two ways: 1. Its either a damage Item that gives too much HP and Utility. 2. Or its a Utility item that gives too much HP and Damage. I personally see it as a utility item, (if you want damage you should go for Ludens, and if you want HP you should go for RoA or the hextech items) so that leaves Rylais as the main utility item for mages. Therefore isnt it the extra stats like HP and AP that should be nerfed? Not the actual utility of the item? Seeming the utility is what people buy it for? ________ While I do care about my mains, they aren't the reason i made this post. I agree that Sol is too strong and should be nerfed, but i don't think that removing the slow is the answer. I personally don't think Azir needs to be buffed either. He is a champion that you just don't play if you're a beginner (just like Garen is a champion you don't play if you're a pro) Its not fair, but its the way it is. As long as there are skill differences between players, nothing balance-wise will ever truly be 'fair'. Id rather have champions that are balanced for bronze, and too weak for challenger, and having champs balanced for challenger, but too weak for bronze. Than to have champions that meet in the middle, and are all too strong for bronze and all not strong enough for challenger. Azir was a monster early in the year, and i will fight tooth and nail to keep him from becoming that menace again _(i actually didn't play Azir for most of that time, purely because I was against him being so strong)_. But I also don't think that nerfing Rylais slow is the best way to tackle that. Azir is a tricky one to balance its true, and he has a LOT of tools. So if I were Riot. Instead of taking away the tools in order to justify the damage, take away the damage in order to justify the tools! Azir has lost so many fun tools (Placing W on towers, Passive CDR, E Knockup etc etc.) and has gained what? A couple of months in the sun before he was nerfed back into the ground. Why not abandon his damage and make him a utility mage? That would be so much more fun than the damage/poke machine he is currently. Reduce his damage and give him back his tools. Taliyah is perfect as she is, i reckon. She provides enough damage and utility to pick up kills and help the team out. But not enough that the enemy team cant do anything against her. Changing her (either buffs or nerfs) will just run the risk of throwing her out of balance. I know that my opinions wont change anything in the decision making at Riot, so i don't even know why i have these discussions tbh. I just want everyone to have fun, and i don't think people are having as much fun as they could be having. :(
Just saying but Yasuo, Lee and Vayne aren't generally considered assassin. Azir was pretty dominating because of his ability to do many things at once making him a staple and general pick. He functioned as a hyperscaling lane bully with a displacement ult that can be used to divide team comps whilst having mobility and range in his kit. I don't think Azir could work as a utility mage simply because of how he's designed.
: God damn
I was gonna comment that, ;~;
: Im currently bouncing around high diamond (D3-D1) on EUW and i have a lot of experience playing both as Zed, and against Zed as i main midlane, so here is my input: 1 - Zed's E dmg doesnt stack and it doesnt do a whole lot of dmg either. A Zed with 250 AD would deal 300 dmg with his E, which has a fairly small radius, simply avoid his shadows. 2 - His Q deals reduced dmg when he hits a person multiple times AND when it goes through multiple targets. It deals 75% dmg if you get hit by a second Q and 60% dmg after it has hit its first target. If you are standing back its unlikely you will get hit by more than 1 Q, and it probably passed through your teamates. Either he caught you off guard or you overstepped, otherwise there is no way he can get to you without having to use his W as a gapcloser. His Q with 100% dmg deals 360 dmg with 250 AD. So if the Q doesnt hit anyone first, the the E and Q combined will hit you for 660 in the midgame, and this is without counting resists. 3 - While Zed does have aoe its very little compared to most other champions, even assassins. KhaZix often builds hydra and has his W+E for aoe dmg, Talon has a ton of aoe in his kit. Le Blanc has a lot of aoe burst, even new Rengar deals aoe with his hardest hitting spell. I get that Zed can be frustrating to play against as he is a strong laner (which is where he is supposed to shine) but he does have his weaknesses, and if he jumps into the entire team like some people here have suggested he will get oneshot if the enemy team have just the smallest clue as how to play against him. I think the main reason for the Zed complaints is due to him having been OP some patches ago. The duskblade synergy is no longer there and he even got nerfed due to the synergy, which hasnt been reverted. He is also sitting on a 48% winrate. Learn to play against him instead of complaining on the boards.
Thank you for clarifying what I was trying to say, I wasn't too sure on the exact numbers on his entire combo, I did neglect to mention his E doesn't deal anymore damage after the first instance. There's a lot of anti- AD assassin sentiment or assassin sentiment in general despite the fact that mages are the dominant champions of midlane due to their reliability to perform later on in the game and simply do more. I feel like his winrate dropped not just because duskblade nerfs but also buffs to {{item:3401}} {{item:3190}} and {{item:3107}}'s release which could be used to negate an assassins burst thus I don't think Zed himself needs a direct buff but that's just what I think.
: Im not saying you're right or wrong. Im just saying that people can convince themselves that Yasuo is balanced... You say: "New talon: 3 hit passive" and just pass it off like that. completely ignoring that the bleed does upwards of 800 damage... which is tons more damage than the old passive ever did. New talon does far more damage than the old one (by far!) The new talon doesn't really have any more or less counterplay than the old one _(at least not for the people who need it like the ADC)_ he still deletes squishies in under half a second, regardless of what you do. The new talon is harder and more interesting than the old one, which in my opinion makes him better. But to be clear, his counterplay is hardly more noticeable than the old one.
Having played the old Talon and even reaching mastery 6 Talon, before his update I can definitely tell you the old Talon was stronger. He's combo might do in terms of numbers more, but that doesn't change the fact that all the damage is gated by a 3 hit combo+ auto where as you can instagib a squishy before by simply, Ult, Q W and they're dead. But the added delay on his burst takes it's toll significantly reflected in his 9% ( was originally 11) drop in winrate following his rework simply because he needs to get in that one auto attack. His laning is also much weaker simply because he's more prone to being bullied pre-6 by any mid laner with CC which is literally every mid laner. Right now, if you want to climb, if you want to do well, I'd honestly recommend steering away from Talon.
: Wtf are you talking about? Items? He doesn't need items for AoE Zed R's into battle, puts W down. Then shadow slashes at 3 different locations (hitting pretty much EVRYTHING), and fires 3 shuriken at his target (hitting every champion in the near vicinity), and even a complete retard couldn't Q and miss all of them... He has more AoE than Aurelion Sol ffs.
There's quite a few issues with the scenario you're putting out. First off 3 shadows being in range to hit multiple team members, even if no attempt to dodge obvious shadows were made, every shuriken will deal reduced damage per target he lands dealing 60% of damage after the first target. He'd have to be insanely fed to win this trade because if he doesn't kill anyone he's just going to die immediately after because he literally just burned all of his abilities and is now basically got one option left. Zed does definitely deal more initial damage than Aurelion but the total damage output of Aurelion's far exceeds Zed's during team fights and skirmishes, not to mention the raw utility Aurelion provides to his own team through initiation, zone control, and powerful crowd control.
: A Zed complaint for Riot to ignore
Zed doesn't really deal that much damage with just stray shurikens and his spin doe. :l
: Are you actually serious???
I might in part agree with you in the sense that Rylai's nerfs might affect a number of AP mages negatively but I will not agree that AD assassins are that strong when they are actually a little below average where the meta favours mages.
: How would you compensate Sol?
Could probably grant him slightly higher base movement speed, increase the hitbox of his stars or even raise their base damage, or make him a bit more focused on the caster aspects of his kit? Considering it's Rylais though and how it's gettting changed, I think he would be completely fine. Right now I feel like Aurelion is one of the stronger champions in the midlane even if the stats don't reflect it so it's a bit unsure on how the Rylai changes will change his win rate.
: Are you actually serious???
Those champions can be buffed around Rylai's being nerfed doe.
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: There are matchups that thrive on pushing your enemy in under tower.
Those match ups tend to be mages who either don't have waveclear or don't have enough mana to waveclear effectively early on. In top and bottom lane, you shouldn't be trying to shove down as opposed to freezing the lane at least in most match ups.
: Thats a pretty good way to telegraph that your jungle is nearby. Like lets say im pushing hard into you then i just randomly back off for no reason, clearly something is up.
Even if most people could pick up on that, nothing gets done,
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: A Fizz - Yasuo interaction
It's too bad Yasuo wasn't able to move out of the way despite the fish reaching max range ;)
n1cecream (OCE)
: Solo mentality versus Dynamic
When 5 mans are an available option everyone will blame that whenever they get 4 man ganked bottom lane rather than believe that four solo players were simply being proactive and coordinated through a series of pings to seize an opportunity.
Beaunivia (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Requiemsfire,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=3Xwf4nHx,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2016-11-24T06:05:02.756+0000) > > 80+0.125 AP Glacial Storm? It used to be 80 + 25% AP for the first 3 seconds. Now it does 40 + 12.5% AP for the first 1.5 seconds. After the 3 seconds and 1.5 seconds the damage goes to 120 + 37.5% AP
Taking max rank values, of course after 1.5 seconds it'll triple in value
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: You seem to be discounting the damage that the R does as well which did at least 1 full tick (80 + 0.25 base) if they stood in it for 0.5 seconds. The intention was also to move her more into a zone control mage and because she didn't promote particularly healthy gameplay in lane.
80+0.125 AP It's not a particularly large amount of damage given that the base damage of a level 3 ultimate and that magic resist is lowering the damage even further. What Riot's balance team has really succeeded in doing is turning Anivia's laning from aggressive to passive. Against most mages, or assassins Anivia's lane is basically a ticking time bomb where her opponents gain pre-emptive burst.
Beaunivia (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Requiemsfire,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=3Xwf4nHx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-23T12:21:09.609+0000) > > As far as I'm concerned Anivia easily has one of the worst laning phases. It's not good enough to leave her with such a mediocre mid game. I wouldn't say she has one of the worst laning phases, as a champion (before V6.23) she sacrificed the ability to reliably trade pre-6 to be able to trade quite well and fast post-6. Now you have lost the ability the make quick trades, her laning phase had been reduced to 'just farming' which she can do well but its unhealthy gameplay and she doesn't hard scale by herself to make the farm heavy champion worth. But yeah, she really doesn't have a great time during the laning phase.
Just imagine a Syndra vs anivia lane now and let it sink in that if the syndra is any good, she'll probably delete Anivia's relevance in the game ;) Now you can't even do anything to her at level 6 while she sets up her ult to nuke you everytime you come to lane, you can't punish if she should disrespect your ultimate all together.
Beaunivia (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Requiemsfire,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=3Xwf4nHx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-23T12:21:09.609+0000) > > As far as I'm concerned Anivia easily has one of the worst laning phases. It's not good enough to leave her with such a mediocre mid game. I wouldn't say she has one of the worst laning phases, as a champion (before V6.23) she sacrificed the ability to reliably trade pre-6 to be able to trade quite well and fast post-6. Now you have lost the ability the make quick trades, her laning phase had been reduced to 'just farming' which she can do well but its unhealthy gameplay and she doesn't hard scale by herself to make the farm heavy champion worth. But yeah, she really doesn't have a great time during the laning phase.
Just to put it out there, a lot of decent anivia players can be put behind by simply shoving the wave continuously before level 6.
Beaunivia (OCE)
: State of Anivia
As far as I'm concerned Anivia easily has one of the worst laning phases. It's not good enough to leave her with such a mediocre mid game.
: 'anivia has been nerfed'
On paper update is good, in practice she's absolutely gutted. A lot of midlaners already punished her crappy early game since the only Anivia had to use her Q to set up for an E. After 6 Anivia is now probably the weakest mage in terms of viability and practicality because her ult requires 1.5 seconds to set up with a 6 second cooldown. She has the slowest movement speed in the game with a very low base HP value with no mobility in her kit whatsoever and no sort of sustain tool. She's now a late game mage who is all too easy to shut down because opponents will stop respecting you all together.
: viktor is a bit more bursty of a zoner, aniv is a bit more sustained, as well as the fact that aniv has somewhat of a long range, as well as a cc that doesnt require u bieng in a circle for 1.5 secs,
Anivia is very short ranged relative to other mages.
Examqle (OCE)
: Anivia main need a new champ
Go {{champion:112}}, he's way better than her in almost every aspect, superior laning, transitions well into the mid and late game, better wave clear and powerful burst at level 6 that can delete a squishy in one rotation.
Say (OCE)
: ive just played against a yasuo and kat and i can safely say that there is absolutely no way you can get a E off on them now once in the entire game was i able to proc my E through a full storm shes now completely obsolete against any champ that has a dash the cooldown reduction on E is meaningless, your E was always reliant on Q and R cooldown anyway anivia cannot be a sustained fighter, if u could move her ult during the fight, sure, but once u walk out of that little circle she's lost her opportunity to do anything
Now there's no real reason to pick Anivia over Viktor, who has better waveclear, low cooldowns, early laning, better last hitting, reliable at all stages in the game and more burst.
Brucey (OCE)
: She's not meant to be a burst champion. She is a sustained fighter i mean sustained as in vlad is a extended team fighter meaning he controls the fights and longer fights are good for him this is the same as anivia but she has more damage then vlads and less tanky but she does the same controls the fights and able to get more damage with longer team fights. This change made her less burst and more needing to understand her team fighting potential. i see this nerf has kinda affected her as her other nerfs since she's been popular when Peke played her but she is still going to be the same you just need to understand her more
Believe it or not, Anivia can not fight that kind of battle, she has nothing to it, she's about fighting for territory and terrain to control certain zones during team fights. I've played a lot of Anivia to know her strengths and weaknesses. She is pretty much wholely gated by her cooldowns and slow movement speed. Her ultimate has a pretty fair wind up time to deal its maximum damage and even then for it continue to dealing damage the must remain in it. But it has a 6 second cooldown so simply placing it again isn't at option. She is immobile and slow with only one tool to peel for her which is her Q.
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: These anivia nerfs.
If Riot wants to I am speaking as someone who plays Anivia, I will comment a little. I can't find her Q nerf anywhere so I won't comment on that. Her W as actually a small buff which is rather nice. As for her E its interesting because Anivia is generally oppressive as a champion in lane, not overpowered but oppressive because it's so easy to chunk your opponent down with her R>E combo with thunderlords however her laning might wound up weaker post 6. Her R changes on the other hand put more emphasis on controlling a zone or section of the area of the field which by itself is really really powerful. Overall I know that these changes are for the worst of Anivia. I guess what some people don't realise is that she actually can't kill you in a single rotation like Viktor or Syndra can. These changes will leave her dueling and laning power so much weaker making her even more vulnerable to her counters than ever before.
: >I can't imagine very many ADC mains would be happy to be 2v1ing for the majority of the laning phase with a singe support who is off counterjungling and proxying lanes. Hint: If you actually look at the video in another boards topic about the same thing, you would know that the adc doesn't have to 2v1 for the majority of laning phase. He did his counter jungling, Ganked mid or top situation allowing, and then went back bottom for the rest of laning.
I watched a few videos on the person's channel where they played support singed, one where they won and one where they lost. The support singed spent an extensive time counterjungling. He didn't really gank lanes all that often rather he shoved lanes into the turret which there is nothing really wrong with that. https://youtu.be/UohpkGxfi-E Watch this video from the Singe's channel where his ADC Draven died 4 times in lane, went down in farm by over 100 CS and was pretty much made borderline worthless throughout the game, with a KPA of 3 in a game where his team has 24 kills total, no participation in any major team fights. The saving grace of this game was that Akali in the midlane managed to get fed.
: Enforcing meta, and stupid bans.
I can't imagine very many ADC mains would be happy to be 2v1ing for the majority of the laning phase with a singe support who is off counterjungling and proxying lanes. Off-meta picks have nothing to do with it, I could take Pantheon support or Malzahar support and its absolutely fine, but what's not fine is when you force the entire team to play around your pick and ultimately cost them.
: Adult league legit suggestion.
While I understand that playing against young adults and teenagers might not be the most satisfying experience, I don't think this could work considering the sheer size of the population and internet anonymity.
: I think you are right, it may be possible to link gold generating items to a summoner spell, similar to how the jungle items require smite to purchase? Only problem is that they don't have a spell currently that could be used as it already stands. Exhaust would be the closest thing to a standard support spell, but it is not exclusive to support, like smite is to the jungle. Another option is that the current gold generating items could give an extra 50 gold for an assist, but none for a kill. That way if you have one of the gold generating support items and get an assist it is still allowing you a better chance of keeping up. If a good support can get 20 assists in a game, this would be 1000 extra gold, which is bringing them that little bit closer to parity.
Generally with support items, it will have to be purposely inefficient pure stat wise but have passive or active favourable to supports in general. For example Relic shield is particularly gold inefficient however it's passive provides sustain when laning with an ally to make up for the overall costs.
: Mid lane champs? Preferably easy.
{{champion:112}} is one of my personal favourites.
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