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: Hard stuck and need tips
- Take regular breaks from ranked to avoid the frustration. Go play another game (I love the Binding of Isaac for it) or another mode (ARAMs are good - less stress than 5s) for awhile. - Broaden your champion pool, take on a different role thats easier to climb with if you want. If you're happy with ADC though then stick to what you're good with. - Find a duo partner thats on the same page as you, probably a support main if you're an ADC main. - If the players (allied or enemy) are getting on your nerves in chat, its sometimes best to /muteall from the beginning before anything else. It will still allow pings through, but it means you'll ignore what people say (Which can be pretty toxic in ranked).
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: I'm trying to make a new league account
One email can hold more than one league account, but I'd just double check you: - Input all your details properly - Make sure that something else isn't the reason it cant start, ie: Account name taken. - Refresh the page. Sometimes closing down your web browser and starting it back up again helps. If all else fails, post a ticket into Riot Support for a hand.
: New game mode
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