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: why the hell is this in Melbourne, you know why not sydney?
Or anywhere that isn't the east coast, like everything always is
Drekken (OCE)
: Ah, of course nothing fun happens in perth.
Logged in to up-vote and agree {{champion:32}}
: soz cant draw so I'll just let you imagine my drawing riven yas about to fight but the battle zone is full of teemo shrooms they both die then both get deleted from league and everyone is happier and we even throw a party and we drink the blood of the dead poro's.
As a Teemo main that cannot do art, I really like this idea and wish someone with any amount of artistic ability would draw this. FeelsGoodMan {{champion:17}}
PurpIe (OCE)
: I wish I had some artistic ability, sadly I don't. But I'm looking forward to seeing what cool artwork that comes about from this contest !!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Logged in just to upvote. Can relate {{champion:32}}
: We could really use that Aurelian sol rework... just saying{{champion:136}}
Just revert him back to original release, problem SOLved {{champion:136}}
Rexisea (OCE)
: What do you mean client update?
Update: Client finished updating at 26% (about) and it takes me to the legacy client ( ) I can log in and everything. I thought the legacy client was removed? Riot please, what just happened..
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: Ocean Week Recap
79 me vs 16 average, I done fairly well {{champion:17}}
: The Homeguards are victorious!
Got some good skins from self mystery gifting like Blood Moon Yasuo and Firecracker Jinx <3 Scored around 79 points total, can't wait until next Ocean Week
No Good (OCE)
: so many bots now?!
I find a lot of bots in aram, even when they're on the opposing team it takes all the fun out of the game. At the end of every game I report the bot(s) under cheating and AFK with the description of "Bot". I don't play aram all the time but it's still annoying to know people can just afk as a bot in games to get free ip, mastery on champs or level up a lot faster with no effort.
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: Rotating game mode queue now live!
11-4-2016 Where's the gamemode? (Oceania Realm)
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
Annie is Annie xd whut? {{champion:1}}
Sterscram (OCE)
: Wu Kong{{champion:62}}
: Enlist in Ocean Week!
Glad I live like an hour away from Perth, I'm safe from a giant crab, nothing on the news yet though


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