: OCE is a unique situation, and we hear you guys. Unlike players from other regions who never experienced Dominion, we know that some of you guys came over from NA and may have played it there. We went the extra mile for you guys, digging into account history pre-transfer to **ensure** those of you who were hardcore Dominion players over on NA beforehand will still get the icon. <3 The icon is intended to represent the commitment those players with 100, 500, or even a 1000+ wins invested into the map. They spent their precious time playing it, and we want to recognise that. We appreciate that given the opportunity, players in Philippines, LATAM, OCE, or other servers without Dominion _might_ have played it a little bit (although performance in other regions is fairly telling), but today the icon is about reward and recognition for the people who _did_ invest their time, whatever server they may be on.
First of all, Thanks at least for replying L4T3NCY, a reply is more than we often get when outcry like this occurs. Though a reply is very nice, you seem to have brushed over the fact that you are rewarding those players who "did" invest their time, but have 0 recognition for those who "would" have invested their time, given the opportunity. Is there no middle ground here where you could give us dominion matchmaking for a short time, and then base the icon reward off of both old accounts and the weekly participation. It just seems like an incredibly lackluster way to send off such a beautiful game mode. (also, to be noted, the angry outcry by the community over this is quite simply because we love what you at Riot have created, and sure it sucks that it has to go, but we just want a proper send off)
Jewy (OCE)
: Bro, its only an icon.
Its more about the principle of offering a reward that we literally cant have gotten over the past two years, despite consistently asking for a dominion queue.
: Retiring Dominion
So am I reading right here, that we will get an Icon after 100 matchmade wins on Dominion, so Custom games don't count, only games where we've queued. Thats ridiculous when we haven't had the option to queue for it on Oce..... Riot needs to at least respect that Oce players in the past 2~~ years couldn't possibly have achieved that, and its not like we haven't been vocal about wanting Dominion as a queue. At least make the game mode available in the coming weeks, or make the reward more available to players who have always wanted Dominion but haven't got it because of Oce Riot.


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