: >so both scrolling up and down will be the same as right clicking to move lol wut. Could you explain why on Earth you would want this? It's more morbid curiosity than anything else; I cannot fathom a reason as to why myself. Anyway, to do this you'll need a brief explanation of mouse controls. In League, it detects your mouse clicks as numerical values with the word "button" attached to it. Button 1 is left-click, button 2 is right-click, button 3 is middle click. *Unfortunately* the scroll wheel is not considered to be a "button", and its control over the zoom factor of the camera is hard-coded in, meaning you will not be able to change it just by editing input.ini (input.ini are all of your custom controls, located in Riot Games\League of Legends\Config). If you would just like to change the mouse buttons around (make left-click move and right-click select) then go into your input.ini file and create the following lines under [GameEvents] (if they don't already exist; if that's the case, replace them): >evtPetMoveClick=[Alt] [Button 1] evtPlayerAttackMoveClick=[Shift] [Button 1] evtPlayerMoveClick=[Button 1] evtPlayerSelectClick = [Button 2] Under [HUDEvents] (create the header in the same format as [GameEvents] if it doesn't already exist): >evtOnUIMouse1 = [Button 2] evntHudMoveableSelect = [Button 2] If you would like to use middle-click to move instead of left-click for these controls, then just replace the number 1 with the number 3 and change evtOnUIMouse4Pan=[Button 3] to any other key. If this isn't satisfactory enough then you should get a macro program which changes the input of your mouse, so that right-click becomes detected as scroll up/down by your computer. Thing is, though, you'll have to open that program up every time you play League and it will stuff up your use of any other programs while it is open. Hope this helps!
thanks for the reply, the reason i want mouse scroll wheel as my movement input is because i have been playing a lot of diablo 3 which has the option to set movement to scroll wheel. at first it feels very strange and unnatural but after a while it becomes very comfortable with less strain on your fingers and it becomes hard to go back to the standard click to move. would using third party programs that would change your button inputs be a ban able offense or would it be fine to do so.
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