Zorphiax (OCE)
: If you say **Sephyre** 3 times in arrow she might come here and potentially give you a chance to add her.
pretty sure Sephyre isn't a girl. can guarantee!
og1764 (OCE)
: Is there any way that a Twitch stream or a podcast could be set up with them casting? Obviously this is just an expression of interest, and then _they_ have to want to do it and riot has to organise pay and all of that hassle, but it would be really cool if they were able to! Thanks for the reply, og1764
The boys are there on a vacation and to be a part of the crowd! Maybe you can poke them on their social media ;p but they are there to watch and be a part of the experience like everyone else! and they are vacationing in Europe! *JEALOUS*!
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Ferlyn,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=PvcEVX1r,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-28T02:15:21.264+0000) > > Hello! > Let me try and answer some of your questions! > > 1) The minimum age to join the OPL as a pro-player is 17years old. > 2) 3 out of 5 Starter players must be residents of an Oceanic Country. A resident is defined as a player that has lived in an Oceanic country for 24 of the last 36 months. > > Maybe expand further what you mean by "team requirements"? That can mean a bunch of different things. That was enough, thank you very much. :)
Leopardus (OCE)
: Is there a maximum age?
99! definitely 99! if you are a 100 years old, i'm sorry, someone who is a century old is ancient. jokes! anyone above the minimum age can play!
: What are the requirements to join the OPL?
Hello! Let me try and answer some of your questions! 1) The minimum age to join the OPL as a pro-player is 17years old. 2) 3 out of 5 Starter players must be residents of an Oceanic Country. A resident is defined as a player that has lived in an Oceanic country for 24 of the last 36 months. Maybe expand further what you mean by "team requirements"? That can mean a bunch of different things.
og1764 (OCE)
: @RIOT Pastrytime and Rusty casting the Semi-Finals or the Final?
Hello Hello! Are you speaking about Worlds Semi-finals/Finals? Our boys will be in Berlin to enjoy the show as part of the crowd!!
: Thank you riot for demon VI
*fist bump* the color scheme of her wings are awesome!!!! See you on the rift!
: I actually applied for this position, It seemed like such an awesome opportunity and I hope you enjoy your time down here in Australia. I should apply for Riot Games Japan and see how much Japanese I remember :D I want to ask what experience/qualifications you possess to get such an amazing position? I'm sure there must have been fierce competition over the position.
Hey! We have other positions open if you are still looking to be a kick-butt rioter! I've been working with talents/artists for a couple years now. As i have mentioned, I've worked with Japanese singers/artists and have a couple years experience working with talents. I've also worked with international artists and it's all helped in creating a profile that supported what the role needed :)
Kieshwa (OCE)
: Round 2: 1. How did it feel to be rejected by Müller? EPL money can't beat Bayern Glory 2. Do you believe that 802.11AD will be a successor to 802.11AC or that the market will make do with the current standard until 802.11AX is finalized? 3. When are we going to duo queue?
1. sad sad. he is such a world class goalie. I was all behind Germany in the world cup, what a performance! 2. not gon lie. i have no idea what that is!! 3. soon.TM add me first
Bookbash (OCE)
: No love for Jenson?
He's great!! definite top 5! such a nice guy compared to dirty Hamilton
Kieshwa (OCE)
: Welcome to Oce, you can never leave. 1. What's the best champ and why is it Zed? 2. Given the current trend of the AUD falling against the USD, do you think it's time that the Australian government started culling the elderly and weak? 3. Can we open dance studio for over privileged youths?
I dont intend to leave! you can't make me! 1. hahahah what if i say it is not!!! OOOOOO *insert Zed's facebook icon" 2. I think we should start becoming.............. vegetarians *________________* 3. does this mean we'll see privileged youths awkwardly dancing?? not sure if i want that
Cozlo (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Ferlyn,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Wrw4JTY7,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2015-09-30T06:24:48.638+0000) > > Great question! > > It would be such a great experience for pro-players and fans alike but it is not a clear cut or easy thing to tackle. > Definitely something to be bookmarked in my opinion, cirlce and see how feasible it would be for our region and players. Don't bookmark anything. Do It.. WTF would Shia Lebouf do? Yesterday you said tomorrow.... Don't bookmark things - get it done - actively stand up at work and say we are doing an all stars in this studio and do it!
: 1. Who is your favourite champion? 2. Who was/is your favourite DOTA and/or Dota 2 hero? 3. What genre of games do you like best? A top three? 4. If you wanted a champion to get a skin that doesn't exist now, what would it be? 5. Have you gotten used to riding kangaroos to work or do you use Emu's?
1. Annie! 2. Viper and/or SK. i dont play much Dota 2 but i'm slowly starting up again but my mechanics is so bad its embarassing 3. MMO, RPG, RTG in that order 4. We really need a meow-kai. Its maokai and instead of seedlings, he'll throw cats going "meow-kai" 5. how bout ostrich?
Zeforus (OCE)
: How about Full Metal Panic?
funny enough i never really could get into Full Metal Panic. I read the manga but i couldnt get into the anime as much as i like to :(
: If you could rework any one of the champions without restrictions who would it be and why?
Jink (OCE)
: Who's your favourite Pro team and who is your favourite pro player? My favourite team is Liquid :p
Hello! I dont really have one favorite team, i'm still a huge fan of the good ol days with CLG EU and M5
Norak (OCE)
: Where is Loote? :( He has been missing from my life for far too many weeks. I miss that bearded bastard. P.S. Do you like Fullmetal Alchemist?
He is gonneeeeeee. hahahaha Yeap, i think everyone is a FMA fan.
Lusankya (OCE)
: Do you play support? Will you duo me? Who is best sej oce?
1) yes i do! 2) Only if you can keep up! OOOOOOOO thats a big statement 3) Captain Stupendous! HAHAHAH
Zeforus (OCE)
: What's the hardest challenge you face when managing players online and offline?
The hardest challenge hmmm, let's see. Online: Has to be our internet issues. Alot of pro players have shared internet with their family and that can affect gameplay and performance if they experience lag. Offline: keeping everyone in sight. Some players *cough cough* Minkywhale i'm looking at you have habits of wandering off and that can affect flow when we are on a tight schedule.
Jason (OCE)
: Heya Ferlyn, I was wondering if you could help me. The other day I wanted some mom's spaghetti, so I went out and bought spaghetti, but I was nervous, knees weak, palms were sweaty, there was vomit on my sweater already. But on the surface I was calm as spaghetti to drop bombs, but I kept on forgetting to make spaghetti. What's your favorite spaghetti?
I actually really like Japanese Spaghetti. the ones where they have mushroooms yuuuuum
calisker (NA)
: Would you say Omega Squad Teemo is your favorite skin of all time?
: are you going to the melbourne pax?
I would love to but i dont know if i can commit to it! Are tickets still available?
Aeronium (OCE)
: 1. What would be in your favourite sandwich? 2. If you were stranded on a island in the middle of the sea, what 3 things would you have? 3. How tall are you? 4. Can i get a nerf gun too?
1. i'm not a super big fan of sandwich but i'd love a good PB&J sandwich! 2. i am a SUPER survivor fan (the reality show) so i'm gonna go with, Flint (assuming i know how to make fire haha), a big knife and a water bottle! Alright i'm all set to be the sole survivor! 3. This is 10000% my biggest insecurity in life. i'm 153cm 5"0. its the worst. i wish i was just a bit taller. 4. If i get one first! gotta queue for this man!
: Is there are future plans to create a live OCE audience within studio? Are any changes likely to be adopted from the success of Luna Park?
Great question! It would be such a great experience for pro-players and fans alike but it is not a clear cut or easy thing to tackle. Definitely something to be bookmarked in my opinion, cirlce and see how feasible it would be for our region and players.
: You still don't have a nerf gun?! O.o
: How bummed out are you that OCE will never see the world cup?
never say never! Which world cup though? I only watch football (european not american) world cup
Wray Z (OCE)
: Favourite United player? Favourite F1 Driver? Do you have a favourite worlds match?
Gippy with the hard hitting questions! 1) favorite united player: i'm old school and Peter Schmeichel is truly the best of the best. I can never forget the season where he took us to a Treble with FA Cup, EPL and champions league in the 1998-1999 season. What a moment in history to be proud of as a fan. 2) On the same note, very cliche but Michael Schumacher. Coming in close second is Sebastian Vettel. Nope i do not have a favorite worlds match but the most memorable match personally is the 7hour craziness that is WE vs CLG EU during the Season 2 worlds! I stayed up for it all and it was all WORTH
Cupidism (OCE)
: what does a player manager working for riot do? (i am a slum lord casual player who just found this forum today so my ignorance is completely rational)
Welcome slum lord causal player Cupidism to the boards! So a player manager at Riot works closely with the Pro teams and their players, if you are familiar with the OPL :) I work with all the OPL players and the budding OCS teams and players in their journey as a Pro-player in League of legends. Player Managers help make sure they have all the tools they need to succeed as a pro! Everything from OPL game days to live events to international events! So next up for me is IWCA in Melbourne! I'll be there to make sure all 7 teams from 7 region including our own OCE team has everything they need to be successful in their campaign to become the Wildcard all-stars team representatives!
: What's your opinion on how Riot is handling the OCE server skin? Do you think it's unfair on the OCE community that all they've received is a "free" skin that Riot just happened to have lying around (a skin no one asked for, and many didn't want) instead of a skin that somewhat represents the region, as all the other servers have had?
I'm not a subject matter expert on this but you can definitely check out the thread on boards regarding the skin http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/yHhIOYjO-letos-talk-about-the-server-skin
: Two part question. As a female gamer, which question would you prefer people ask you but don't and what is the worst memorable question you have been asked so far?
Strangely enough, i dont see myself as a "female" gamer. i dont associate with that tagline. I grew up with male friends being 99% of my friend circle and so i never really felt like i was branded with "female" when gaming, i was just one of the gamers. It naturally is to me that i enjoy gaming and am a gamer. As to question: I dont have a question i prefer people to ask or not to because i dont see myself being tagged with "female" in front of gamer Worst memorable question: Not worst but this is probably the most common: "do you play support"
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Ferlyn,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Wrw4JTY7,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2015-09-30T03:49:53.164+0000) > > **i hate kagome** http://i48.tinypic.com/e0h4kj.jpg mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Essembie (OCE)
: Can i borrow $10 for 20 chicken nuggets please?
: What's been your perspective on the recent esports boom this year in Japan, with places like Tokyo Anime opening an "esports major," Det FM players appearing on popular shows like Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle, and the overall push out of the shadows? With such a low userbase compared to the rest of the world, do you think this culture has a chance to last?
I'm no subject matter on this but i've spoken to Det FM players a couple times now and for them they think its a great thing and it really helps push their team name and the league out to a wider audience Personally having lived in Japan for years, its a culture that loves trends aka "boom ブーム" and they also have a huge population, think PSO (phantasy star online) it become a household game and nearly everyone i knew were playing it and is still playing today. I think it is a interesting market and i love to see how league does there in the future. It would be awesome to get my mates in Japan to play league!
elmatto1 (OCE)
: What other jobs are in your department and how closely do you work with those other people?
We are a small office and so we work closely with each other a whole bunch. To give context: I'm sitting next to Riot Benji, Jake "spawn", Max "Atlus", Julian "pastrytime" and Zack "Rusty" so its very loud where i am! and i talk really loudly too so i belong hehehehe
Bipolar (OCE)
: Are you enjoying Australia's Internet compared to that in Tokyo?
yea.... i dont think we need to compare do we :( Tokyo's internet is godlike, no comparison I have very frequent rants to mates about the internet here 100000%
: What's your favourite anime, opening, and ending? which artist was your favourite to work with? what made you decide to stop working with the anime industry and start working for riot?
1) thats a really hard one. I dont have a favorite opening and ending but my favorite anime hands down is INUYASHA. 2) Hmm, i think Scandal (girl band) just because these girls are personal friends and we are all similar age so its a lot girl talk! 3) I didn't really think of it as "stop working with anime" but anime will always follow me wherever i go! Esports is so new and so awesome that its such a hard thing to turn away from! I have a blast everyday!
: I don't know if I should be surprised or cut {{item:3070}}
: Across all the anime you have ever watched, who is best girl?
i hate kagome, because inuyasha is my husband but ohhhh my best girl it has to be ERZA SCARLET (fairy tail) You dont get much cooler than Erza lets be honest
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: Of all time? Benji.
: Hi, i'm Bradley 'tgun' Seymour, Support for Team Immunity - AMA
Who is your favorite OCEANIC caster OF ALL TIME :)

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