: New Champion: Night Blade
And the award for the most boring and generic LoL character goes to...
: I'd rather point out the truth than willfully participate in a lie. I haven't said anything against the story itself, actually. It just seemed quite odd that the most recent post had 4 upvotes and 4 sycophants spouting lies.
No no keep going on, next he'll tell us he's the reincarnation of Shakespeare himself.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Shurima Art Contest top 10
Ohhhh the one with {{champion:75}} and{{champion:58}} , right in the feels.
: Investing in OCE as a region
It's OCE/SEA, the region of Internet hell, legend says evolved aquatic drop bears chew through the underwater cables, leaving the region at a constant 300 ms when trying to play league.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ripcord24,realm=OCE,application-id=wJE2nAgV,discussion-id=lkEuFI35,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-26T09:41:09.872+0000) > > I would've loved to see a showdown between {{champion:157}} and{{champion:92}} but oh well, story is still great! I was gonna say, I would continue if people want me to, I only shortened this purely due to the word count limit. I somewhat have a whole plot figured out, where the hate, pain and regret of Yasuo has made him an emotionally guarded person but so has Riven after being abandoned and left to die to Singed's poison. Then they would have a love hate relationship (they're listed as rivals and not "enemies") where both are both on the verge of killing each other, forgiving each other and understanding each other. I would've made it so Yasuo's initial exposure to Riven was in the game he was about to have where as Yasuo was sent top, the mid laner Taliyah and he would exchange some 'philosophical' words, especially tied to how people should forgive and forget, especially despite the fact that they can take their anger out however they want on the Fields of Justice since they just keep respawning, since life and death in the Fields of Justice is only temporary, as a result Yasuo can reflect upon how his grudges can only be temporary, since there's nothing in life you can't get over. Spoiler Alert: everybody gets killed by the satanic overlord Teemo lmao I've said too much of the plot already but eh, that's what I'm thinking of doing if people want me to continue :P
So much plot... But yeah, if you have any spare time to continue this that'd be awesome, I know I'll be reading it{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Dire Bees (OCE)
: Hunger never sleeps
Pretty sure it's Malzahar, not Malhazar, but otherwise it's a fantastic story.
: The Unforgiven Wanderer
I would've loved to see a showdown between {{champion:157}} and{{champion:92}} but oh well, story is still great!
: I agree you shouldn't get attached or invested into a online game, but that doesn't stop people from getting invested anyway. He's a young teenage boy who's homeschooled, if he can't get attached to his account that he loves what should he get attached to? The point I'm trying to make is Riot is punishing people unfairly and quite honestly unjustly. Any other game would just mute him and maybe give him a two week ban, but after all this shit with tyler1 they're cracking down hard on toxic behavior. The game is for people aged 13 year and older, hence some bm and cussing is allowed. Sigh, if he's not unbanned i'm just going to lose faith in a company that cares more about money than their players.
I really don't see how you could think this is Riot's fault, your friend was clearly given warnings before so he has had plenty of time to learn from his mistake. It doesn't matter if you have spend a truck load of money into the game, you're just another player, you don't get to bend the rules.
: Congratulations Riot you fucked over Brand.
Guys guys, do note the "/s" at the end eh?
: PBE for OCE
Expect riot to show some love to Oceania? Lol.
: Stahp URF Mode please?
Lighten up and have some fun!
: "It's not an esport" Yes. Despite years of tournaments. Let's see, TF2 UGC goes into it's Sixteenth Season this year. TF2 is an Esport, it has Tournaments it has Proleague. What else does it need? A rock is a rock, you can't argue against that. Also it's not difficult to check my claims, if you even participate in a tournament through a Valve game you get a "badge" item in your Steam inventory. You can easily go check mine. But why even bother? You're literally the poster child of modern gamers, nothing but lazy children who would even refuse to check their local timezone against an international event despite every mobile phone these days having an international clock inbuilt meaning it'd only take you a few seconds to look it up. I would talk about DotA2's balance, but Icefrog is a complete moron and was nothing more than a Public Relations face back on DotA All Stars and did nothing but fuck up back in the day when it actually game to character design or ideas on how to improve the game. I'd talk more about CS:GO's balance, but that was thrown out the window when they made the AK-47 more powerful than the Galil despite the fact that the Galil is the more advanced version of the AK-47 in real life, and was designed to replace the AK AND IT HAS.
Just gonna chime in here... CSGO isn't meant to be realistic compared to real life, holding a knife with an LMG on your back doesn't make you go fast, none of the rifles should be accurate at all without aiming down sights. But I will agree, CSGO is often just as toxic as LoL, and yet you will sometimes be matched with friendly, skilled players as well, just like LoL. All online games are toxic, everyone just needs to deal with it.
: But if someone robs my house and I attack back in defence then I'm also in the wrong right. The problem with Riot and idiots like you is that you only ever look at the result and not the full picture, thus missing important information
To put it into simpler terms: just because someone else does something against the "law", doesn't mean you should be allowed to as well. Ever heard of the term "mute and move on"? Well you should start doing that, who the hell cares what some random player says about you.
: Just like i deserve to be called a %%%% and told i have Down syndrome cause thats the shit i was dealing with all game. Constant flaming and being told how useless/ how I do nothing despite ganking bot repetitively, ok understood.
If your house gets robbed does it make ok to rob other people's houses? No. Just mute and move on, don't talk back to them and let them drag you to their level.
: Patcher stuck at 33%, 5.5k files scanned?
Leave it there, mine went up to about 10000 files before finally finishing, if it still doesn't work then contact riot.


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