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: A little insight from an avid League of Legends Player
Mage items were optimized, DMT and sterrak's were introduced to buff tanks, adc items are definitely next. The Brawlers game mode is the most likely place to look for what the next set of ADC items are going to look like, I think that whole mode was just a testing grounds for item concepts Riot had floating around. I'm expecting Mirage Blade to be introduced soon.
: Looking for a rank team to get the ward point
Eshe (OCE)
: I didn't say wards were solely for tracking neutral monsters but wards **are** to provide vision for your team on the map. I've just seen quite a few games where some people apart from myself don't even provide warded vision of enemy team around dragon and baron. I just think this may cause for some people to get lazy in terms of warding and not ward prior to the respawn timers which they should do regardless but eh.
Having accurate knowledge of respawn timers should encourage players to think about approaching the objective ahead of time.
Eshe (OCE)
: I just think people are going to be more lazy when it comes to warding baron and dragon and stuff because oh they hear the death sound globally and now the timer updates so there is no need to ward. Also makes for sneaking dragon harder since it will be more obvious now. At least with baron once you get it the other team knows due to visual buff indicators
That's stupid. Wards aren't available to track neutral monsters, they're for tracking your opponents. If a team doesn't ward and then tries to take baron, they're gonna get buttfucked, automatic timer or not. This change is to stop the snowball effect of taking barons and dragon on respawn, because that strategy is cancer.
Excited (OCE)
: He is high risk high reward.
> "High Risk, High Reward" AoE Slow on Q for insane kiting/chase AoE Slow/Stun on W for insane kiting/chase WITH a 0.8AP scaling shield A dash AND blink on his E for insane kiting/chase Instant blink and self-heal ultimate so if he happens to get caught out he can just press R and walk away. Where is the risk???
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
vSkylar (OCE)
: ADC Main LFT that is active.
Hi, vSkylar. I'm currently building a team, we could use an adc. Can I add you in game?
: :(
Jason are you looking to join a silver team? Add me ingame
Hey EadesyJake, I added you ingame, if you want to join a team, shoot me a message
: Silver 5 Mid Main LFT
Hey man, I added you in game, shoot me a message if you want in
: Looking for team don't really care what rank you are
: LFT Silver/High Bronze minimum
Hey, Forsaken Wanderer. I'm a Silver 5 player. I am looking to make/join a team focused on learning about and improving at many different team compositions and strategies. Rather than yolo-queueing and hoping everyone wins lane, I want to talk seriously about different strategies and tactics and analyze each game we play in order to improve. Add me in game if you're interested.
: Is QSS the only option for AP people against malzahar?
Get Merc. treads, roam, laneswap with a tank. You can't play conventionally vs Malzahar because his kit is designed to horribly murder midlaners that try.
: No no, I mean the idea of advertising like that. I'm not saying that people don't use boosters, I'm saying that this sort of silly advertising doesn't work.
Mass untargeted spam has and always will work. The more people who see it and the easier it is to spread, the more effective it will be. It's exaclty the same as TV ads, show as many people as you can the same message enough times, guaranteed some people will want what you're selling.
: Just ignore them. Hopefully they'll go away. I mean, how can this actually work?
apparently it does, or this guy is a liar.
: Can we have a QSS for AP please
The whole point of zhonya's is to use it to prevent CC lmao
Talon12 (OCE)
: KDA Formula
(K+A)/D 2/3/6= 2.66 kda 4/1/0= 4 kda 11/13/0= 0.85 kda 2.00 or higher is usually a good kda
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: "Reporting Other Players Please don't name names. If you see or hear about another person breaking the rules, send us a ticket directly so we can investigate and take action if necessary. We know that players report publicly with the best intentions, but it often leads to a witchhunt, rarely resulting in a positive discussion. We'll be taking action against players who have violated rules, so please report these players correctly." ~
> "If you see or hear about another person breaking the rules," But this isn't about a person, it's about a spambot.
Mecher11 (OCE)
: happy australia day!! i voted for fizz because he is one of the most fun champions to play.{{champion:105}}
"You didn't vote for who I voted for!" ~DOWNVOTE LANDSLIDE~
: Jayce skin
Zac's only alternate skin is from when he was released
: So they remove DFG & dont buff & in a few cases NERF the champions that use it? Yea they say they will add new items for mages but right now the mage pool has been overall nerfed? PLZ riot
Less a nerf, more a power shift. Ahri, granted deals much less burst and probably won't blow people up nearly as much, but the move-speed burst to her Q makes her much stronger as a kite-mage, even while her ult is down. Fizz, conversely, loses a lot of his presence while chum the waters is down, but while it's available, he is much, much scarier. The 20% bonus damage for his follow-up spell rotation is very, very scary.
DumpIing (OCE)
: oh yeah i remember that.. but still i reckon they should leave it open all the time. we have enough players dont we? like i dont know the reason why they close it at 4am
There are enough players to field a queue, but not enough to make queues balanced. If they kept ranked up during off-peak hours there'd be a lot of extremely unbalanced matches, or games which solely hinge on which team's Platinum player can carry harder.
DumpIing (OCE)
: Ranked Queues.
I remember when ranked queues closed at 1am :3 It was only open till 4am on weekends
babinush (OCE)
: Same happened to me, just now.
Does this mean we're brothers? O:
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Wraiyf (OCE)
: I think it should be Australia, seeing the GBR is there, and Australia's known for it's aquatic wildlife, although, it would depend on what they have in mind also.
Near the great barrier reef would be a good place as it would send a message about conservation, which is something our politicians need to be reminded of. It's also a tourist hotspot, so it would be a great place to promote LoL.
: IRL. They'll actually be making a statue, putting summoner names on it and sinking it in a very real ocean.
My favourite champion is nami, but I voted for nautilus because he's the only one who'd make a decent statue.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artificial Reef champion vote! (congrats you did it!)
: Again wit h the leavebuster
LeaverBuster temporarily bans your account. When you get leaverbusted, you can't log in to the client or the boards. I think what's happened to you is you've dodged a few too many queues. When a player dodges too many queues or declines matches too frequently, they are from then on placed into a 'low priority queue', which causes them to wait for a set period of time (5m, 10m, etc. increasing as the player dodges more) before they actually join the matchmaking queue.
Ghazan (OCE)
: Can't play Dominion or Twisted Treeline
: New Idea for ragers
So you wanna combat negativity with more negativity? Not a great plan. What'll end up happening is Trolls will seek to get the badge so they can troll harder, and people who are genuinely bad at the game (but bless their hearts for trying) will be made to feel like %%%% constantly.
Knuuckles (OCE)
: i really dont understand the point in this post
that's what this button is for
: NAME A SHAME found a boosted account!!!!
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: why is it posted to the OCE boards? not bothered to check NA, but really...why here? "hey OCe people! you can transfer your NA account to OCE....well, if you have any other ones than the one you are using to view this..." seems kind of redundant.
People will see it here and tell their irl friends "hey you know that NA account you put so much into? You can transfer it to OCE for free soon and play soulstealer draven @ 50 ping"
: Give me back my health and gold support item. I can't remember what it was called any more but I want it anyway.
There is a health and gold support item, Relic Shield {{item:3302}} , been around about a year? It has a much better build path and power curve than Heart of Gold ever did, and can't be abused by greedy carries.
Justify (OCE)
: So someone who goes first time tf in ranked and says "tf is OP, I saw xpeke use him" then feeds 5 kills by the 8 minute mark doesn't deserve to receive toxicity? wtf is wrong with this community
No one deserves to receive toxicity, toxic behaviour is always worse than playing badly. Nobody deserves to be verbally abused for how they play in a video game.
: Stop saying gg
Ellionce (OCE)
: What's your ign?
: Do I deserve gold?
Nah, you deserve silver I, because you're in silver I. If you make it to gold then you'll deserve gold, but right now you only deserve Silver I.
: What's so bad about Frozen Mallet?
If you're not a tank It's stats are horrible, if you are a tank it's passive is horrible. It's a good buy if you've got a Runaan's Hurricane AND you're already ahead, but because you've already got a Runaan's Hurricane there's no way you're ahead. n.b. Tankmo excluded, if you're playing Tankmo, this item is core. . . and I hope you die.
: Another day for AP ezreal sigh....
Sackboy (OCE)
: > don't be a %%%% Asking him to apply knowledge and read the lore and realize his bow is made from corruption isn't being a %%%%.
If you knew that, why not just say it? OP asked a simple question and you replied with passive-aggression. What is that about?
Sackboy (OCE)
: Go read his lore.
ciaƓ (OCE)
: bring back general discussion
The boards are better for discussion. Stop whingeing.
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