mìrqess (OCE)
: Hey so I'm pretty trash but wanna get better and I'm GOLD/PLAT...
Fellow Gold/Plat player here with the same main champ, there is a discord for our champ. Why dont you join it? There are plenty of ppl willing to help One thing that I notice is your cs is pretty low. It should be at least 6.5cs/min if you wanna climb.
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: To the people spending Christmas playing League...
> Also remember to stay hydrated and get up and move every so often This. I always suggest my friends in game to do this And Merry Christmas to you too
Sir Root (OCE)
: Why did I lose more than I gained?
Since some have answered your question, to fix this either you go solo q for a number of games or you take a break by not playing ranked for a few weeks
sakuraluv (OCE)
: Anyone wanna make a team to play just normal games or ranked or clash?
Add me: Ronystark Perhaps we can also farm S-chest doing this as a team
: Flame the jungler
If you type /mute all in chat at minute 0:00 in game, you will not read their flame nor pings In addition, it is peaceful
: > [{quoted}](name=Jockulation,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=o4kEAEib,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-16T14:00:45.245+0000) > > 4. People doing the same stupid things over and over. Hey look, they have a low health enemy. So let's chase into an unwarded JG... It's not like they're leading us into an ambush. > > 5. Playing champs that you don't have the mechanical skills to perform on. You're in Silver for a reason, you aren't nearly as good as you think you are. Stop playing Lee Sin, Rengar, Riven, Azir... Just stop. Rengar, Riven, and Lee Sin don't take nearly as much skill as you think. Even bronze people can insec as Lee now. it's not hard.
> [{quoted}](name=Broken Scripts,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=o4kEAEib,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-12-25T14:23:15.729+0000) > > Rengar, Riven, and Lee Sin don't take nearly as much skill as you think. Even bronze people can insec as Lee now. it's not hard. Let's not encourage them
: Taric PentaKill SR
: banned for apparent inting.
how did you even get 23 deaths? even if I play first time champion in ranked against grandmaster smurf, I wont get over 20 deaths.
: what is this??? O_O
He will visit you tonight
: Looking For A Jungler and Midlaner, to join our clash team
Username: Ronystark Pref role: Jungle Main champ: Yi, Vi, Xin, Amumu
: LF JUNGLE MAIN (Gold/Plat) (Clash)
uh.. yi main here if I am allowed to join
: Any Jungle Tips?
Come add me. I main jg yi carrying myself to gold 1 right now, gonna hit plat soon, maybe even diamond
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: OTP Wukong Expert Reacts to the New Wukong Changes | Wukong will do AP DMG on his E
alex009 (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with
Did you add me a few days ago? Lets do normal games if we are online together
Solov (NA)
: Needing good players to learn from
I am always willing to teach general knowledge about the game to players, but only a few players really want to learn. I can teach you but your server is NA, while this board is for OCE players. Do you have OCE account?
: LF Gold+ solo queue duo
Add me. Currently G1, looking to get Plat before season ends to see where I will be placed after placement. Name is similar to the username here Update after checking your opgg: Eh lol.. same role ahahahaha.. might not be a good idea then?
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: I can duo with you i'm silver 1 as well
Add me both of you. IGN name is the same as my name here Jg main here with Yi, Vi, Amumu, Nasus, Pantheon jg. I can camp your lane with Pantheon jg. Going up and down Gold 3-4 currently, was planning to reach Plat, but not enough time I guess, so I'd rather help others climb up.
: What the fuck is up with rank losing 1 game then lose fucking 10 games and put with people who afk
Allow me to ask this question Q: Whats the common denominator of all your losses? Answer: You I know it is hard to accept, but the fact that you are in Silver means there are still a lot of rooms to improve for you. I recommend you to get a coach, Grandmaster coach if possible. The goal is for your coach to watch your game and evaluate things you can do to improve your win rate. We cannot expect to always have proper team. Yes, I understand your frustration. But once I accepted this fact, I started focusing on myself instead of my team. My gameplay improves, my score improves, my cs improves, my kda improves. Think about this. How come a challenger player can carry low elo team, even 4v5 and win the game with over 90% win rate? If what you complain is really the case, then the challenger player should also have the same issue, but they dont. How? You can do it too. Get a coach, spend a few hours with him, instead of spending (wasting) your time playing ranked and going up and down the ladder.
Ninox (OCE)
: If you say anything racist about anyone you will be banned quicker. Hate speech (such as racism, sexism, homophobia, etc) is treated very seriously, and will often result in escalated punishments compared to more 'mundane' negative chat.
what if they dont say anything like that, but their clubname is inappropriate? does Riot system also punish people with inappropriate club name?
Un1que (OCE)
: Looking for Gold/Plat ADC/Jungle for Duo climb
As a jg {{champion:11}} main, your champ pool makes me puke rainbow. Add me. I was coached by a korean Master too, so we both should have similar macro. I want to see how 2 players coached by Masters (although different persons) fare in game We can also remind each other My hope is to reach Plat before season ends.
Drose2046 (OCE)
: Hey mate can u duo with me? I'm silver 2 atm so should be fairly quick to gold if I have someone to duo with. I main adc and I don't flame. lol
You seem like a stable ADC with proper cs and build. I think you deserve gold. Add me in game. I am currently G3, aiming Plat now Lets play tomorrow. 40% chance I can be online tonight
: Hey I'm a sup main and willing to have a duo for ad/any, my main acc is 'Tsunemori Akane' which is plat 4 now but I have a second acc 'Fingerlove' as gold 2 tho, all the main champs can be checked in op.gg. As I'm not a native English speaker so not having too much voice communication is prefect for me (at least for the duo starting). Having too much time spend in TFT so I don't really think I could just jump back in plat ranking but at least can still doing well in lower tiers. Main acc was duo ranking with a mid player but I was doing solo q mostly in second acc which I hope can be the skill proof. Playing aggro style in laning mostly but depends on the ad if him/her wouldn't follow up and wants to farm till the group fight.
HI Akane, I am currently at Gold 3, wishing to get Plat before season ends. I am a jungler main though, do you mind to duo with me?
: keen player seeking for educational info here, do you know of any sources that you trust or have even used where I can learn a lot about the game and improve? Thanks, Locky
heya, we have been friends in game. If you want to learn the general things about jungling, I can teach you. Planning to go online tomorrow.. or maybe tonight
: yeah its actually crazy, playing a chill aram game and my teammates were all chinese flaming me in their language and of course i called them the g-word and got a 14 day ban within the hour. no bans for any of them of course :)
I dont know what g-word is. The only g-word that I know is gitgud
: The mentality of players
As a fellow jungler main, I completely agree with your post. I make this a challenge for myself. How can I carry this type of people whose common sense is not common? Then I managed to learn that and started carrying 1v9. I see you are in bronze. I am from silver-gold area. Just an FYI, it is kinda the same here, although less frequent. Most games feel like 1v9 here. Also since I am going to reach gold this week, to celebrate it if you want I can teach you how to play your second main champ including how to deal with braindead laner teammates as you mention above, which should be more than enough to bring you up to silver. Add me in game.
: Someone Carry me to Gold. Looking For Jungle Adc or Sup duo
Yo.. I was once in your position until I got in sync with my current jungle champ of choice and started carrying 1v9. I am currently in series to Gold, but after that I am planning to boost up my second account as well for fun (not trolling) and mainly to help others rank up. Add me in-game and see if we can bring you up to gold before the season ends. > Also no tilting/flaming too much I simply /mute all every game Edit: I am currently Gold 3, aiming Plat now
: Congratulations, the duo reported you and you were punished over minor crap due to people abusing the awful system. At the start of the game, type /mute all.
even better /fullmute all
Renai (OCE)
: Plat Katarina main LF Plat+/Silver Jungle main
Hello, I also aim to get Gold by April. I am Udyr/Yi jg main. Add me in game. I will add Renai too
: 14 day ban for 2 lines of text, im actually laughing right now.
I was in your situation back then, enough to make me consider LoL ranked game as russian roulette game as analogy: If you get good teammates, ggez, if you get bad teammates, badluck mate. Then I started using "/fullmute all" feature, I focus better in game. Just yesterday, I instructed unranked mid lux to not overextend her lane since enemy has lee sin and lux has no escape mechanism other than the snare skillshot. Then, she spam pinged me back in retaliation. Yeah I forgot to use fullmute at that ranked game. I was udyr jg. Eventually Leesin did gank her lane, but I counter-ganked that. Lux died, but I got doublekill by killing leesin and their midlaner. After that, Lux listened to me until enemy nexus exploded. Remember, Lux is unranked. Thats even worse than bronze as unrankeds have not much ranked game experience. I did not even type a word in the chat telling her to go back, just the spam ping. So, use fullmute, mate. You focus better You dont need to deal with your team "stfu" or tantrum-like chat You also dont need to deal with your team bronze bad pings You show example by action, as if saying to them "I know what I'm doing" Your team then listen to you since all your actions are done with good result Then ggez
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: Gold elo is really hard to climb
> I'm also always checking dmg to champ stat at the end game and most games i am either at the top or second most. While it is great to have the top or second most damage, some champs are not built for that but damaging objectives instead, such as Udyr and mostly split pusher champs.
: ranked is just a huge coinflip
If its me a few weeks ago, I agreed 200%. I used russian roulette analogy instead of coinflip But not now once I know how high-elo players have high win rate in low elo and how elo boosters boost players. After analysing them, now I adapt their champions of choice and playstyle to carry my (most-of-the-time) sad team. Better carry our own than expecting our team to carry us, because at low elo, they WILL disappoint us Also play in /fullmute since chats and pings from bronze/silver players suck Good luck
Noretsu (OCE)
: +1. Joined a ranked game. Lost LP. Now stuck in 'repairing client' which claims there is 4 gig to download and I'm downloading it at a speed of 150kb/s after it starts at 3mb/s. Download remaining is simply not moving at all, even when it's downloading fast. ETA 600 minutes. Thanks guys.
Yep exactly. In my case this is caused by I tried to reinstall using the Installer from 2017. The solution is to uninstall, and get the current 2018 installer. Hope it fixes your issue. About the lost LP.. I am not sure if Rito returns it.. well I am happy with a few RP but I dont know if they read this
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: MY ACCOUNT JUST GOT PERMA BANNED?!?!?!?!..............
It is amazing how this kind of thing changes our mindset not just in game but also in real life. I am not sure if Riot can unban you, and I hope they do. But if they cannot, I want you to know that although this sounds like a loss for you, I believe in reality, you gain more since you can apply what you learn here in real life.
: Carry me pla T_T Listen to me
"I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times." - Bruce Lee This also holds true for LoL game. Instead of having a great number of champion pools, I recommend you to master at least 1 champion to the point that you can play your mastered champion in any role, even jungler or support without feeding. There are many other tips, but for now, this one I can give you. Hope this helps! =)
Ninox (OCE)
: The issue lies in the severe limitations of that notification. Only the last games worth of reports that have triggered a punishment will receive a notification, so for the vast majority of players you report you won't see that little popup. I myself got my first one a few months ago, and haven't seen one since. You only need to take a quick look in PB and H and S to see that people get banned though. Plenty of terrible logs in there if you go down that rabbit hole.
: I'm convinced my reports go into the trash can
http://65.media.tumblr.com/640f77f7c193eabba1ada71153211ee3/tumblr_inline_n4iv6t4Zx61qj0upm.gif Objection! I have got a number of report popup in my client lobby saying something along the line of "Thank you for your report, we have punished the player". Ergo, your argument is invalid! Anyway, on a serious note, that report popup proves that they indeed follow up everyone's report. It might be possible they have their own admin-only Tribunal system. So do not lose heart, keep reporting those outlaws.
fum422 (OCE)
: rioter please help
The very important follow up questions here: 1. Have you updated your password? 2. Have you updated the password of your email address? 3. Have you checked your computer for any virus, trojan, malware, keylogger?
I am actually surprised you got punished for verbal abuse instead of inappropriate name.
: Thanks, I appreciate it :) Don't worry though, I know how to defend myself against toxicity
by hugging turret? :D
Zorphiax (OCE)
: I don't know why everyone hates support anyway. It's not a difficult role to do and it still have its great gaming experiences, even better then the mid/top role in some occasions.
> [{quoted}](name=Zahe Jr,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=7W6mUVKK,comment-id=0000000000010001,timestamp=2016-11-26T13:13:09.320+0000) > > I don't know why everyone hates support anyway. It's not a difficult role to do and it still have its great gaming experiences, even better then the mid/top role in some occasions. as a soccer player myself, I notice a lot of my friends prefer to practice penalty kicking instead of passing, tackling, goalkeeping, and many other techniques. pretty similar situation here, most players just want to kill kill and kill
: Bot games give fuck all experience. If you really want to power level your account to 30, buy double exp boosters and spam twisted treeline when its up or summoners rift. can get a new account from 1 to 30 with that in less than 3 days if you play regularly enough.
can you define "regularly" in the number of hours per day?
Erøse (OCE)
: Continue the story!
So taric starts the lesson by playing this outrageous gem https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wlcN-Fa70ds
Brucey (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=RonyStark,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=aqfGAEwE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-11-24T05:32:37.833+0000) > > Well, you played her in Twisted Treeline with your team has higher rank than your opponent. > Even if you play Urgot or ADC soraka there you would be OP. > > Stalker reference: http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=FS%20Bruce Thank you for looking up my match history if you really wanted that info i had no problem telling you and what is the difference between both. Saying even if you play urgot or adc soraka clearly makes it sound like you have no clue how or even playing Twisted Treeline. so before you go and judge where I'm saying she feels I'm not saying she is op I'm only saying that she feels stronger then she was since season 4 which was the last time i played her. Plus people like you don't understand when these reworks come out they ALWAYS have such a low win rate with "Skill caps" like these champions. Look Ivern came out with like 48% win rate now people understand him more he is the highest win rate so far and is being played so much in challenger/master games on NA. Also another example with ryze being the lowest win rate when he got a dramatic change to all of his spells. Plus you're in gold that is where she thrives lul
from a normal healthy discussion to "people like you" discussion. ok then /mute
: > [{quoted}](name=Its Not Shacko,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=aqfGAEwE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-23T10:45:14.390+0000) > > Right now there is nothing you can do to stop her sitting in her dome. AoE CC, Gragas Body Slam and Ult, Ahri Charm, Ao Shin Ult, Azir Ult, Blitz Hook, Darius Hook, Draven CC, Galeo Ult, Gnar Ult, Hecarim Ult, Janna Ult, Kled Hook, Ori Ult, Poppy Ult, Shen Taunt, Shyvanna Ult, Syndra Knockback, Taliya Ult, T H R E S H, Xin Ult, Z A C, Ziggs Satchel >She gets a free flash with her W. Flash is 425 Unit Blink Akali gets a 250 Unit Blink 425=/=250 >New gunblade is cancer, making akali 10x as cancerous as before. "New" Gunblade has been out since patch 6.9, 14 patches ago. Akali's old passive hadnt been touched since Season 3 (which nerfed her). She used to get 6% spellvamp at 10 Bonus AD with each 6 extra Bonus AD giving 1% Spellvamp. Now she doesnt inherently have spellvamp, meaning she cant vamp or heal off anything but her auto which scales with 60% **BONUS **AD and 45% AP on a 8-4 Second cooldown. She pretty much NEEDS Gunblade to sustain her while she takes the time to kill her target. But she cant even benefit from that in the early laning phase like she used to have on her old passive. She now has to get in melee range of creeps to even proc her heal in lane, which leaves her open to poke, pretty much mitigating all heal she would get from the auto in the first place. >Im a Big Dummy You're not wrong.
Miicka (OCE)
: Yep, yet you see all those salty akali mains saying she is underpowered.
Salty akali main here She is indeed far too weak now compared to 6.22 Winning rate free falls to low 40%-ish. http://na.op.gg/statistics/champion/ http://oce.op.gg/statistics/champion/ (Dont forget to set the Time duration to Last 7 days, or Today)
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