: looking to join a team any rank add me.
: Unfair and unreasonable match-making
In all honesty, everything will seem "unfair" and "unreasonable" until you have ~300 wins and you've experienced ranked. I know it's a massive cop-out but for an experienced player, 8/9 summoner levels is nothing. It's the equivalent to a maximum ~600 gold deficit at starting, and you're playing at a level where players don't understand how to maximise (or even use) that advantage. In terms of fixing the problem, the system is matching you with the closest players possible. It's literally them or nothing, as the vast majority of active players are level 30.
: Nidalee, Trundle or Rengar jungle?
Nidalee is really rewarding, particularly with the new Runic Echoes enchantment. A charged Nidalee spear with Rylais is enough to slow down an entire enemy team lategame, and if you take the time to learn her she can carry harder than the other two. Rengar is a good short term investment. The shock factor is what makes Rengar so strong at the moment, but skilled players can shut him down easily. That being said, he's practically freelo in Bronze so go for your life! Trundle is really versatile, but since the nerf to his bite (and thus his splitpush) he's a little less versatile than he used to be. You're probably better off playing Udyr because of his synergy with Devourer and Guinsoos.
andyMak (OCE)
: How did you all Climb out of B5?
When you play ranked, there are games you are guaranteed to lose, but everyone forgets these happen to the enemy team too! If your skill is simply **on par** with (not better than) your division, then the odds are already in your favour: there are four strangers on your team and five on the enemy team - that's a higher chance of THEM drawing a less skilled player. Now consider marginal games, the ones that could go either way. By playing at your average division skill, by definition you will win half of these games. By playing better you win more, and playing worse means you win less (this is how professionals carry so hard in low elo). Anyway, by this logic simply playing **at the same skill of your division** is enough to get you **at least** a 50% winrate - and that's enough to climb. So ultimately the key to climbing for the Average Joe is _consistency_. Play well, play often and you will rise :) NB: This logic changes for Platinum and the competitive tiers. BG: I've carried several accounts through Bronze/Silver/Gold.
: Gold has more noobs than silver/bronze
Look at the broader picture, Gold is the highest tier you can achieve by playing casually: you can play ten games and finish the season in Gold 1. If you want a competitive experience, play up to Platinum. You're basically complaining about casual players making casual mistakes in a casual tier?
: Why do people say "Let the mages deal with Rammus" or any high armor tank for that matter.
This is a really good argument, but it assumes that all champions are "equal" when they aren't: Riot construct champions around distinct identities, and Rammus core identity has always been an unkillable pest with an OP taunt. At the same time, he lacks decent waveclear and is pretty easy to play around. Ultimately there isn't a single "answer" to Rammus, keeping him down has to be a team-wide effort and I suppose this leads to the perception of him being OP in Solo Queue... Also, Thornmail deals magic damage, meaning Maw of Malmortimus (in conjunction with another lifesteal item) is a really strong buy against Rammus at the moment.
andyMak (OCE)
: Can support Carry?
Yes, it is actually quite common to hard carry with Supports (ie Lux + Mejais). As for roaming mid and directing your team, this isn't carrying - it's just playing the role properly :) In the Juggernaut meta it is possible to hard carry with tanks too, like Tahm or Trundle.
: Heyyy :3 I just switched from Dota2 any tips for Soraka and Nami?
Hey hey, I peaked at 4.8k MMR back in 2013 before swapping over to League to play with friends. League supports are very different to DOTA2, but the role is much more consistent in terms of gold, experience and your teamfighting ability. In lane, you want to help your ADC trade even or favourably with the enemy ADC, while minimising the effectiveness of your rival support. Soraka has great poke with her Q, you should be using this consistently to harass and gain health to heal your ADC. Nami is more of a waiting game. You should save your Q and poke with W. Use your Q (and E your ADC) to interrupt the enemy ADC or Support at a critical point in the trade. Both are ridiculously spammy compared to DOTA2 supports. While you learn the game, I'd stick with Soraka - she's mechanically simple and her purpose is to keep everyone alive. Nami can be quite complex and is often required to initiate or make picks. Good luck :)
Sax (OCE)
: LF Someone to get out of Bronze
It took me about 8 weeks at a 65% winrate to climb from B5 0LP to B1 100LP. Your winrate is around 59%, just keep doing what you're doing, have a laugh and you'll be silver in a few weeks. At the same time, the current meta is very favourable for bot lane in general, but you only have a 25% winrate across Support / ADC. Rather than asking someone else to fill this weakness, try to work through it yourself - you clearly have the skill based on your Jungling results.
GigaPube (OCE)
: "Overall this incorrect ban has lead a huge destructive path and is affecting my life, friends and even my uncle says i'm not as smiley as much anymore." lol sounds like you're trying to get compo
How much money did you invest in the account? If it isn't much I'd advise you to simply make another account. However, if you've invested a substantial amount of money in the account then you might actually have a claim against the company - but by substantial, I mean **at least** several hundred dollars. I know it's only adding insult to injury, but you should probably have a look through your computer too. See if anything might have triggered the ban by accident - rogue antivirus, backup & restore etc.
: HUD Update
If we don't get an option to use the old HUD, can we at least have an option for transparency on parts of the new HUD? - specifically that green background behind icons, it's wasting heaps of space around the mini-map
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: The system will detect false reports. If you send fake reports then it's like the boy who cried wolf, they carry less weight.
If someone 'outsmarts' the automated system and we report them, will we be subject to 'fake report' consequences and can we contest this?
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Yep! Unskilled Player is used for matchmaking analysis. You won't be punished for this.
How exactly does an "Unskilled Player" report affect someone's MMR? A few weeks ago I was repeatedly matched with a particular player who we (my team) reported as Unskilled after each loss they caused, but I was matched with them again a week later. Does this type of report really have a statistically significant effect on someone's MMR?
SgtCold (OCE)
: Go to support lol.. they might be able to help u{{champion:103}}
They price items so that it's highly likely you never spend *all* your RP.. It's an incentive to spend more.
: >It's hard to say. I won 7 in my placements (S4) and got placed in Bronze 2. Similarly, I have friends who only won 5 and got placed in Silver 3. By this logic, I think the ELO of opponents/teammates has a significant effect on your placement. The difference would be order of wins. Example, you probably lost 3 straight for your first 3 games, this drops your MMR heavilly and makes it hard to get a good Rating as the later games mean less then your first games.
I probably should've elaborated. Referencing a friend with five wins was significant because I won 5 games straight then had staggered losses and wins, whereas he only won every second game.
: What even is the appeal of this game anymore?
> there are no more the 20 viable champs at any one time Wrong. > there are no new game modes Hexakill TT; Shurima; Death Bots; All for one > and there aren't even any community events Ocean Week; Team Up Week > profit massively off twitch views at the same time Do you mean subscribers on Twitch? Those are voluntary, and Twitch doesn't pay per view. > spend thousands of hours of your life in our ranked system and maybe you can be pro Is this different to any other game, sport, or career? > I want this game to die so it stops monopolizing a large portion of the gaming market DOTA 2 set two world records for biggest prize pool. They also rivalled League's active player base in 2014 (bear in mind it's much harder to set up smurf accounts through Steam). The MOBA market is a duopoly at worst, and I don't understand how Riot own the entire gaming market when they only operate on 1/4 major gaming platforms. > a game with some content and fun gameplay with interesting game modes can actually get the support it needs to flourish How are Riot actively preventing indie devs from getting support? They also give their employees $300 p/a to spend on other games. > crappy game with like 120 2d champs and one 2d map Are you sure you're playing the right game? > making some chinese billionaire richer everyday Riot actually started as an indie dev and are based in the US. They were initially funded by several US venture capital firms, and are now owned by parent company Tencent - the biggest shareholders of which are US-based institutions. I was really bored this morning.
Jink (OCE)
: "I would love to vs Gragas or Sejuani today".
"It's rare that games aren't like this and completely one side or relatively one sided and frankly I think although you made carries more skill requiring and active you could have done it without making tanks even more boring and even more passive and made it so they don't snowball 1 or 2 people with their extraordinary punishment to the high base movespeed and low defense map as it is and without making them completely shut down your teams chances if they aren't incredibly lucky at picking people off or catching someone roaming or catching someone with a ward because if the enemy team play safe, once this has happened (a few advantages) they just scale into late game and wreck your turrets and Champs rather than actually fighting and not even fighting under turret can turn the game because of the ridiculous tankiness of a lot of Champs and a lot of the time you just sit back and slowly await the defeat while tanks run back and forth saying "gg gg gg" - you can't fight, you can't play aggressive and most of the time it's simply because of Sejuani or Gragas and their stupid kits and the rest of the time it's because they played safe and it's a Sejauni or Gragas." This is one sentence. Be amazed. {{champion:32}}
: Why I Want Normal Draft Pick
Counter-picking. It's a huge part of ranked play, but there is no way to actively practice it. Blind Pick is great to pull together a team with great synergy. Then 5 minutes in you realise you're hard countered in every lane. There are almost no skills from the Blind Picking process that translate across to Ranked play, and frankly it sucks when the outcome is decided at the loading screen.
: gg surrender at 20 (ranked)
I think that ELO penalties are way too harsh. Penalties should take the form of a learning process, otherwise nothing will change. Something great at low ELO would be an indicator of gold disparity when the surrender vote is cast - you can have no kills but a considerable gold lead. An alternative is simply requiring 5/5 votes in Bronze/Silver to surrender before 30 minutes. This being said, 'sanctions' imposed on lower ELO players will only make the community saltier. The current system is flawed in some instances, but at the moment it's the best we've got.
bazm8 (OCE)
: What Rank?
It's hard to say. I won 7 in my placements (S4) and got placed in Bronze 2. Similarly, I have friends who only won 5 and got placed in Silver 3. By this logic, I think the ELO of opponents/teammates has a significant effect on your placement. You could try to raise the stakes of your placements by playing off-peak: theoretically you could go 7/3 playing in peak times (maximum low-ELO players available for MM'ing) and get placed in Bronze; or go 5/5 playing off-peak (less low ELO players available; better chance of playing with higher ELO players) and get placed in Silver. The logic behind this is that you gain more ELO for beating higher-ELO players - say Silver, and gain less ELO for beating lower-ELO players - say Bronze. The same applies to losing: you're more likely to lose against Silver than Bronze and this is reflected in ELO losses. TL;DR: The odds are in your favour playing against higher ranked opponents in your placements. It's who you play not necessarily how many you win that determines your rank. I haven't tested this theory and ultimately your placements all come down to chance. But hopefully this gives you a little head start and possibly a silver border next season. I'd be interested to hear WHEN people played their placements and if this affected their starting ELO..?
: So how the f*ck do I get Guisomoos rageblade as a viable item in any build?
It synergises well with Jinx's passive and you can shred towers in seconds with the max stacks (162% AS I read somewhere) even in the early game. It was also surprisingly handy when trading at around 50% hp in lane. That being said, I would never recommend it for serious gameplay. Has anyone played it on Poppy?
Kalidin (OCE)
: > The results still didn’t make sense, so I checked a reputable third-party site which displays a performance indicator that evaluates my results with a specific champion relative to the ‘average player’ in my region. > > In game 1 (Fiddlesticks) I performed +17.5% better than the average player in my region. > In game 2 (Yorick) I performed +8.5% better than the average player in my region. > In game 3 (Yorick) I performed +166.5% better than the average player in my region. Curious, what third-party site did you use for this? I'm looking for something to compare my own results to.
I used lolskill, it's not perfect but it's a great help for players looking for measures of individual performance, rather than wins/losses
Ediwir (OCE)
: Technically, it sounds to me quite the opposite. If the aim of the game becomes "having a high score" there's thousands of ways to obtain that without going for the nexus. But if you're rewarded for making your team win, well... You have to make your team win. I guess they just don't want people to focus on their own performance so much that they end up losing sight of the game objective. Or, they consider the game objective part of what should be in your performance. Which make sense (you don't play well by losing). Still, 200-1400 variation... that's pretty huge.
If you take the variation in my results and work up from it, it’s possible the champ mastery system may work as advertised when your team wins, though it’s hard to prove this without more than one win to compare. However the fact that losses are capped suggests that when you lose, the system barely considers your ‘true’ individual performance at all - instead using the overall outcome of the game (which is the performance of five players) to define your individual performance, irrespective of statistics. The point I’m making, is that when a game starts going badly the potential loss for players who are doing well increases exponentially as your ‘individual performance’ reward may be compromised by the poor performance of your teammates. This provides increased scope for trolls or undesirable players to frustrate their teammates, or new cause for teams to flame under-performing players. This should not happen as a result of a system that claims to measure individual performance..
Rooksy (OCE)
: Champion Mastery
Thanks for the comments guys, I think the way that this system is currently implemented is actually quite counterproductive: While a system that rewards individual performance would see a lot of losing games 'bounce back' as players focus on their own performance I think that capping the points of the losing team (particularly so low) actually promotes poorer quality gameplay and will result in more undesirable behaviour when it becomes clear that one team are starting to lose.
Rioter Comments
: RP adjustment in Oceania
A business exists to make money. While some businesses raise prices immorally, leaving customers feeling extorted, this is not the case here. Rito have reasonably explained why the price is being raised: to compensate for the falling Aussie dollar and maintain global pricing consistency. I'm not sure why the community interpret this as a reason to ask for more investment in the game, since revenue concerns have obviously pushed the OCE division of the company to alter the price of their biggest moneymaking product. If this decision was made without the current economic background, I would be all for pushing for new features, game modes etc. There's a lot of great analysis here from the community, but I'm yet to see a single post that looks at the bigger picture (although an honourable mention does go to FruitSalad - good job mate). When it comes down to it, the OCE division do a great job with limited resources and they've demonstrated an ongoing commitment to their players. If they need to ask a bit more from the community and they do so reasonably and ethically then so be it. It's obviously a decision that hasn't been made lightly and has been handled very well here by the admins. Keep up the good work xx


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