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Achenar (OCE)
: ART/COMP - Sponsored by Wacom
Does the art work have to be digitally made?
Mr Hook (OCE)
: How many people are on the OCE server?
OCE is sadly the smallest of all servers...
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Canc (OCE)
: I am about 1000 ish... but not interested in prestige kai sa, the colour annoys me
You are very lucky to be on 1000 looks like im just gonna have to buy and spend rp
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: lel im stuck on 15 XD
lol XD
OCEshots (OCE)
: one account has 1300 this account has about 600
how did you get to 1300? did you spend RP on bundles??
sephd (OCE)
: How do you feel about unlimited rune pages?
I'd love to be able to have more rune pages. Its annoying when you are rushing to do your runes in the last 10 seconds and then they don't save -.-
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