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: Rubiqcube: shut the fuck u-p Rubiqcube: holy this xerath Rubiqcube: legit for 6 more cs than the jungler x fucking d Rubiqcube: this xerath Rubiqcube: uneducated
Okay, thank you. Just out of curiosity am I permanent ban?
: Two wrongs don't make a right. The fact that you felt the need to edit your own logs says you really don't believe it's ok to say that, so it should be pretty clear from there why you were punished. Language like kys/hate speech/racial slurs is grounds for an instant escalation to a 14 day ban (please be aware this puts you one step away from permanent suspension). It's treated very seriously and is vehemently *not allowed* for what should be obvious reasons. What you say among your friends/family etc is your own business, but as soon as you drag that onto a public forum like League of Legends game you are subject to the standards of the wider community and of the age rating of this game. You are not given anyone else's chat logs because you are being judged on your behaviour, just as they will be judged on theirs if you reported them. There is no point punishing you if you then just justify your behaviour with "but they said this". The point is to reflect on *your* behaviour. How much money you have spent means nothing when it comes to punishments. Every player is treated equally when being judged on their behaviour. Spending lots of money doesn't somehow give you the right to say *something that iDubbz says a lot*. Just because you got punished, doesn't mean the other guy didn't. If he was reported, his logs and behaviour will be reviewed,
Point out something that is breaking the EULA apart from the racism.
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: Kill Stealing in Game
That's a pretty silly implication. Not many people mean to KS, and the people who do are just toxic. Maybe the idea of the person who did the most damage gets the kill is a better idea. But the announcer saying KS and stuff is silly.
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