: In my opinion I have to admit I preferred having harder leveling since it was more joyful leveling up. Now everyone one will level up much faster and not as much practice and patience would've gone into the game. This is just my opinion so please don't get offended.
People can always practice at level 30. Normals has its own MMR system (think of it as old ranked elo system but you can't see your elo). You can always practice in normals, and you should always be versing people around your skill level. I like the change, gives newbies the chance to get into ranked quicker and helps smurfs to not give up on leveling
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: Won't do anything to deter mid-laners from rushing {{item:3092}}.
I saw on PBE notes that it might be changed so minion kills disable passive. I'm wondering why that isn't being implemented instead of nerfing it's usefulness on supports
: Why is {{item:3092}} so popular for AP mids
What Mutley said and; The stats on it are well rounded, although early flat AP is better on most mids. However it allows you to get all of your following items significantly quicker. It's unbalanced on some champions, for example Ahri, that can survive early game easy and don't need flat damage to have an impact. It's similar to Avarice Blade (rip) in that the stats are pretty good but not amazing, but the gold income sets up your next items.


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