: Let me recap why you got banned incase the chat log baffle you. The fire got fan due to your constant attempt to aggitate the other person with "you mad, mad? mad? so mad?" and then for some reason you telling him he should'nt be ofended by a 12 year old child "am guesing you are telling him you're 12?". Afterward you claim that the other person is being indecisive, and therefor he is a girl? Also, you bring the name "corey" into the equation? what does that name has to do with anything? All this with an extra large serving of mad pour ontop; I'll say this again your banned is well desever. Dont call others people bad when you are bronze; At your tier, you're the running jokes of the league community.
You made good points there Demon, but you completely undermined them by calling this person bronze, you are using something, perhaps out of this persons control, against them and mocking them for it. You are holding something against them which they may not be able to change. If you are going to answer their question, keep it polite and straight forward, and do not bring your personal opinion or mind set into the answer, I am not trying to be a white knight here, just my opinion on your answer there mate. As to the actual question this ban was not deserved, a chat mute would have been better fitted as a punishment here, although in my opinion, you should not of been punished, others say worse things and get away with it, but in saying that, you were being obnoxious a large degree, so learn when to stop typing.
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: At least we CAN still reroll them... unlike champ shards... With riot having their heads this deep in the sand, we should be thankful for even this small luxury... I have honestly never seen a game go downhill as fast as League just has, even _For Honour_ didn't kill itself a single patch.
For Honor is given a bad name, its still a good game, just taken out of proportion by youtuber's trying to make a video.
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: Unfair System
Feels bad, sorry. But from bronze to plat in 1 season is impressive so gj on that front
: Her proportions look so weird because champions are designed to be looked at from a far-away, almost birdseye view. If her tongue was proportionally correct, then when the player uses her taunt, they wouldn't see anything. This goes for other champions as well :)
Besides the proportions (which I can understand where you are coming from) I still find this champion strange and to flashy for a basic skin
: I can easily agree with the Design issue, because she really does look like she shouldn't be on the Rift, but the personality i can actually see being on the Rift, simply because a champion like Jinx already exists. That being said, if this was the old lore, this champion wouldn't really ever fit. (and in saying that, i'm fairly sure Jinx didn't fit into the old lore either)
I believe with Jinx though, she may come off as funny, strange and "cute". But she is actually insane, she has a reason for these traits.
: So you think we can't have a bubble girl but we can have GREEN BLOBS
: That made me laugh out loud for a solid minute
Haha. Thanks
: League does have some very serious backstory and characters. But it also has champs like Lulu which have been around almost since the beginning. Not to mention the Star Guardian skin line is one of the most popular and they are not too far off the mark that Zoe is heading for visually. There is plenty of straight up silliness too, Definitely not Blitzcrank, Corporate Mundo, etc, even Ivern is a thing, _(he's a giant talking silly tree made of cupcakes? Even if Zoe was dressed as a clown and only spoke in made up languages she woudn't be able to match his wackiness)_. Even Veigar is more comedic relief than actual dangerous wizard, despite being the strongest mage on Runeterra _(he's supposedly stronger than Syndra and Xerath, yet he's a little fluffy thing whose main concern in this world is his height.)_ Zoe might quite possibly have a tragic as fuck backstory _(all the Targonians thus far have dark pasts or sad stories)_, or she might have a sadistic twist in her kit _(Annie is just a bratty little kid... until she throws a giant blood-hungry demon bear at you)_ I think partially what will make her interesting; is that she is just a kid! And thats the point, she's a kid who has stumbled onto the immense celestial power of an aspect of Targon, so she wields power almost on par with the god that created the stars, but shes a kid and has no use for it, so she uses it for pranks and fun. She's _supposed_ to be frustrating in that respect. Champions like Syndra or Karthus who sacrificed everything and spent their lives accumulating power, will be getting blitzed by this little kid who doesn't even have to try. Its part of her character to be frustrating, and thats what makes her interesting. _________ But of course it is an entirely personal thing, _(thats why they make champions so different, so theres something for everyone. So if sex offends you, you don't have to play Evelynn, or if you love cute cuddly things you can play Gnar etc.)_ For me, personally I couldn't stand to play a game where every single champion just says: _"Kill them!"_ _"Feel the darkness!"_ _"Your soul belongs to me!"_ _"I feed on death!"_ thats so overused it just become a cliche, and soooo many champs just say nothing but this stuff. Id much rather have the intelligent sass of Sol: _"[Sigh] I Tried to like you..."_ _"Of course I love Runeterra.. you have... buildings! and... more buildings?"_ _"A Sun is unimaginable celestial power, and thrilled mortals use theirs to coordinate this.. 'lunch time'."_ Or the soft-but-scary internal discussions of Kindred, to show not all 'reapers' need to be blood and darkness themed: _"Shine once more, before the end."_ _"We know your name child, woven across countless almost-lives."_ _"**How old are we Lamb?** Older than those whose footsteps are long vanished. **Many years.** I remember them all."_ and there are so many more interesting and unique personalities like Jhin or Rakan that just make playing more interesting _(for me at least)_. So that why I'm a fan of new and fresh ideas like Zoe. However we know so little about her, its hard to make too many judgements this yearly. I hope you don't find her as annoying as you think you will.
I can understand the whole lore side of league, I have read 98% of all champions law and know a fair amount of what is going on. From what I have seen in the teaser, they seem like a 5 year old that just runs around screaming for attention. The whole silliness of it really does frustrate me in the fact of when I am trying to concentrate that there is going to be a pest always there, Much like a Annie that spams taunt or a riven spamming laugh. As you said there can be more language then just "Die" is completely understandable and I am behind you 100% in this aspect. The champions design though bugs me immensely. It does not fit in with any of the other character designs at all, I assume that she is meant to be human, but ingame she looks closer to an anime character (and no I don't have anything against anime) than a person. You could argue the fact that she is not entirely, but I believe it is what the champion is meant to be close to human if not a human body. proportions are wrong, and just looks like a lizard person trying to blend into society. Spamming mastery after a kill is tilting, recently we have been able to mute this. But the thought of a little kid spamming these obnoxious things just makes my blood boil, (The whole little kid thing is referring to the champion and player btw) no one likes to die, but this is going to take it to another level of tilt. The aesthetics are going to give me a headache every time. Thus the banning in every game. I believe there are some champion designs which are not amazing to look at, old Yorick, Dread Nova Darius (This skin was a huge disappointment) and old Galio. I just feel this is a step in the wrong direction in the case of designs for me.
slxw (OCE)
: Are you saying its a bit "league of Disney legend" or that if you want to play kingdom hearts 3, you would buy kingdom hearts 3 ? Don't fret when the hipster #Zoe skin drops we may open a fresh bag of Himalayan pink salt rocks. Also crushing noobs on a rookie rift champ should be a bit of compo. Who will get the 1st live kill?
: It's not "Zoe......"; you're saying it wrong. It's "Zoe ❤ ❤ ❤" :D {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Let me try again "Ahh my eyes are bleeding!" Did I get it?
: I get what you're saying, but its hell of a lot better than yet another typical red and black "Darkness reaper" like Zed or Kayne or Aatrox or Varus etc and the trillion of other mind-numingly identical characters and skins in every game ever made! So im glad there is something refreshing and different coming in! I for one am really looking forward to her _(but that could be the mid laner in me talking)_ I do like the contrast between her and Aurelion Sol, both are very strong and different personalities, it'll be interesting dynamic considering their close proximity as celestial beings. But I will withhold proper judgement _(either good or bad)_ until she comes out.
I always saw the league as a serious thing with the back story, of course there are other characters which are not as serious. Zac, Jinx. These characters however can be seen as a Biological weapon and a anarchist mass murder. Zoe for me is just a kid, the whole childish acting and design (I cannot stress how much I hate the champions design and aesthetics) just makes me cringe. I may not be of a large number of people that think this. But I know I am going to be tilted when this person is in the game, regardless of which team they are on.
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Fitzky (OCE)
: Let's talk about pantheon again
Git gud{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Well I'm sorry to hear that you are not in a positive financial state maybe you should focus on that instead of investing time in video games they are a luxury not a necessity.
Money should not be an obstacle when trying to enjoy a game that you could play before. By requiring the players to spend more money to play the exact same game is not fair. So you cannot bring the argument of "spend less time on games" when the previous client worked before to suit the needs of players computers. I honestly liked the old client more, simpler, faster and less ping. I understand why Riot decided to force the upgrade, running two clients would require much more energy. But when it stops a large amount of people from playing the game, it is not fair to those who cannot afford to upgrade, whether it be for reasons in our out of there control. These are just my thoughts on the matter, feel free to comment back and I will give my view again.
: Who tied Ahri's hair?
: Support, the most blames role.
Hello, I have actually played with you before, thought I would say hi. This comment has nothing to do with the discussion so... carry on
: Hi, I'm WeirdyBeardy, Creative & Esports Publishing Lead at Riot OCE - Ask Me Anything!
Hello friend, I am a filthy Darius main and asking a question about the upcoming Darius skin. I realise this may not be your area of expertise but I believe I thought I should ask. Is the skin scheduled to come out soon? Or in the next patch? Thanks!
: Generally, it will release on the patch following it's addition to the PBE, unless unforeseen complications arrive or if it's event related (event related items might go onto the PBE 2-3 patches prior to their live release). It's likely the skin you are waiting on will come out with the next patch, which is likely to be in 2 weeks time (19th/20th April).
What if the skin was in the patch notes and did not come out? Just asking because I am waiting for one of the skins
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: I like the switch from battle to basketball
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