: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14B notes
Can you please talk to the people who can do something about this and get them to cap the amount of damage you can do at the end of a round down to 20 because it feels really bad to be at 29 hp and then someone comes along and just takes you out of the game. You should be safe for atleast one round at anything above 20 hp.
: Sorry guys, I know the late start is rough. The problem with a 6pm AEDT start is that means it will be 3pm in Western Australia (rough for those on the other side of OCE – especially when Fridays start back up due to a clash with work/school). At the moment start is 4pm in WA, 7pm for Eastern Australia and 9pm for NZ. It's not ideal – but at least this way there's a fighting chance all OCE legends have a chance to play! What we REALLY need is that jerk Zilean to lend us some of his time nonsense, that would solve everything.
all in good time, the way is always the same
: Nexus Blitz patch notes
I am a zil main and I have an issue with the blessing of zil reward. When playing zil and I ult while I have the blessing of zil on me it uses the blessing and not my ult and my ult gets waisted. As the blessing of zil has a longer time to be around for and is harder to get can you please reverse that stacking and make me be able to use my ult without having to wait for the buff to end.
: Nexus Blitz patch notes
what are these things? NEW EVENTS Paranoia Royale, Loot Veigar NEW REWARD Blessing of Caitlyn I like being prepared before heading into a game, please give me the ability to be prepared. also where can I go to give my thoughts and ideas on nexus blitz? sorry if that is a dumb question
: Idea for the next experimental mode: Hide and Seek on Dominion! Do it Rito! Don't let your dreams be dreams! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
yes, a million times yes, it was the most fun I have had in league. Community driven game modes are super fun and should be encouraged. Bringing it back as a league of legends game mode would kinda ruin it because there would be to many rules, but better then nothing. Just give us back dominion and take away the rule that says we cant leave a game if not everyone says to leave and let the fun happen. Rules are already in place and there is already a community for it. To quote a motivational masterpiece, "just do it"
Achenar (OCE)
: Music Cover Contest - Vote Now!
sorry didn't know this was happening, is there a place I can go to find the complete list of submissions? Even if they didn't get shortlisted I still want to support creativity by at least listening to what they spent hours creating
: and they still was able too squeeze beemo into the pick gj riot {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
gotta admit, thought you were lying and trolling me but he is there. Love it
Achenar (OCE)
: Music Cover Contest - Sponsored by Logitech!
rip just sold my mac, anyone know of a good free music making program for windows?
Coen101 (OCE)
: thanks heaps I have emailed it to u now ;)
damn bro, you are gonna miss out on all the early voters witch sucks a bit :/ best of luck
Achenar (OCE)
: Oceanic Artathon Round Three - Vote Now!
is it bad that almost all of them have a green tick? so many talented people in the community
: Why? Does Trynd ship with crit as one of his base stats? Coz last I checked 2x0, still 0
xD you need to learn the game a bit more before commenting so confidently
Achenar (OCE)
: Hey Six! You're not ineligible for the competition but the final top 10 will be determined by the aggregate highest-voted across all three. So for example if you smash round 2 and 3 out of the park, you could definitely still be up there - but your 'score' to reach that final top 10 will be competing with artists who entered all three rounds. Hope this makes sense - let me know if not! I'd definitely love to see your work. :D
yep def going to put forward art for the next 2, but because its a small chance of winning just going to do it for fun, maby you will get better art because of that. You wont because I do most my art in vector because I like the challenge but MAYBE
: Midseason Essence Emporium opening soon
: Ocean Week Update
thx rito, sad to see this go nothing quite like it to bring the comunity together with both art and gameplay. Even if it does not give anything that other quests give it was still fun to compete with my sibling about who had the more hours played and contributed the most to defeating the ocean week. Sad to see it go and I hope you have plans for a similar program in the future, even without rewards it was still fun to do
Talon12 (OCE)
: Yes just imagine it, the yasuos walking into lane at 10 minutes with a full item.
i believe there will be alot of people droping from the game when this change comes
Finny3 (OCE)
: They've already said that there is going to be some sort of compensation for the runes you lose. They obviously aren't going to give you the ip value of the runes back because that would be ridiculous. We just have to wait and see what they come up with
yea im currently sitting on 11k ip, dont really need any more and dont want to spend it on runes since they are being taken away.
: Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle
please dont limit our choice, this game was fun for me because i could experiment with runes, grinding ip for runes gave me a reason to play the game, take that away and there will be no reason to play at all and i will just turn into that person who plays once a month when new champs come out. we need a reason to play the game. So please if you take away runes give us something else we can spend ip on, don't make your in-game currency useless. also i better be able to get 20% crit and 41.4% attack speed starting the game with this new system as i can with the system now.
: Ocean Week Community Goal
Steak Tasmanian Devil Steak
: Hello
darkness my old friend{{champion:56}}
Shoxi (OCE)
: its out
YOU'RE OUT (rekt him)
: The Homeguards are victorious!
I got 43 points, how many did you all get?
: The Homeguards are victorious!
Sombra hacked in and informed you all BOOP.
: I wonder what the prize will be.
Probs a donation to a charity of our choosing (via vote)
Capa (OCE)
: {{champion:50}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:37}}
you forgot the last E
: Hextech Loot Unlocked!
I have 26 points, trying to beat my last years score of 75, whats you guys goal?
: Ocean Week Art Contest
Is there a way to resubmit my art if i accidentally upload the wrong image?
: Ocean Week Selfie Contest
is movie world (theme parks in general) considered landmarks?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: picture of friends playing together works too!
but is it an equal chance, or just will land marks get a higher chance of wining then disadvantaged players (i say disadvantaged knowing that rito has no obligation to give out free stuff and so they can do what they want, just asking the questions here)
MPking (OCE)
: {{champion:120}}{{champion:28}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:61}} Hello^^
{{champion:74}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:2}}
: Inside Warwick development
is there a 'to long didn't listen' version?
: Hey can anyone tell me who the blue haired girl is? my mates and i have been trying to figure it out for a while but have no idea.
lel these guys, its 100% sona
Ìtâchi (OCE)
: Its Not dude
: Snowdown Ending Soon
I admit i enjoy playing poro king, im an ARAM main so getting to choose the op champs is good, but 3 week in a row is a little bit extreme. I love how you gave us poro king over christmas like you have every christmas but it is no longer christmas.
: A Sunny Snowdown Summer
Welcome to Christmas in Australia, thought if Graves was on the howling abiss he would be glad for the layers since it is always cold in Frejoid(get your heads out your a5535 and stop correcting my spelling, its Christmas so who gives a cr@p about spelling)
Tharna (OCE)
: like, the club chatbox covers up the goddamn confirm button when I go to start a game. at least make it movable.
yea I would also like this to happen
: Client Open Beta Update #1
Are item sets not game changing things? i put a lot of time into creating the best build for a situation and I was happy when they got transferred when i joined alpha, however any changes i make on legacy does not come over to beta
: Champ Insights: Camille, the Steel Shadow
looking good, cant wait to see how fast she destroys herself to 7 thornmails
: ***
ehh we all knew what they were talking about
xPekkU (OCE)
: Lin isn't from the last airbender. Im almost certain you just wrote this because you saw a meme about it, but didnt really watch either of the shows
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
yay glad you are keeping with the snowdown tradition, but can you do what you do every other year and have poro king permanent all week. You did it for doom bots can you do it for this too please.
: Some thoughts on Support
Can I make a suggestion and ask you to create a keystone that gives 1 more ward to the starting trinket, or maby give 30% cooldown to starting trinket. I love playing support but am always downed by the choice of frostqueens or warding, if you increment this keystone then we supports can both frostqueen and ward(thought the wards would not last as long)
: Thank You, Alpha Testers! Sign-Ups Now Closed
Can we Alpha testers get an icon that has an construction site hat on it please, PLEEEEEEEEASE
: TURBO MODE: The Data Behind Your Spell Spamming
So basically this was an information drop on what people do not a golden ratio on how to play better :(. Also just before people point out that the golden ratio is different i do know what it is but it has gold in the name and it sounded cool in the sentience. in addition to this you would not have even noticed the word if i hadn't given an explanation on what it is there for. Furthermore i have spent more words explaining my sentience then were in the sentience thus you can observe that this person does, in-fact, go to university and type out essays.
Llmas (OCE)
: building {{item:3087}} on yas LOL
i got runes that give me 40% crit on yas without any items
: {{champion:103}} Ahri Should Have A Star Guardian Skin
nah that is too close to arcade with bright lights. I did want to see a star guardian Soraka though, on the other hand she might be a bit old.
Mortis Ex (OCE)
: Oh yeah coz they donate lots to NPOs like when they donated money from the nurse Akali and then... ummm... well they donated some money from nurse Akali OK?
how about when oce skin came out(southern star kas) and they donated 50% of that to some charity that we chose
: Ask Riot about patches, scripting, and rotations
please add a blank/none rule to your link I didn't want to leave this page for the freebies :(
: Thank You
must admit i was surprised when i was going through the comments to fine not one bad comment, its like the community decided that they don't need to be salty all the time. It gives me hope that one league will be great again #makeleaguegreatagain
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