: Backgrounds
This would be a cool idea. However, the ultimate skins are so expensive so them adding this to ALL skins would just not be fair on the players with ultimate skins. Maybe if it was for legendary skins I could see that but so many skins I doubt this would happen
: Hextech Tab Location?
unfortunately no the Alpha client is just the skeleton so far. All these things will be added at a much later date
: Cannot click launch button it says its unavailable Why ?
No problem :) yeah the whole server goes down, since it's a whole server maintenance
: Cannot click launch button it says its unavailable Why ?
Servers are down for maintenance as you can see here http://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_AU#oce
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: Need some help on S rankings
I find playing the rotating game mode to be the easiest had about 5 S games on URF as Fiora {{champion:114}} top. So if you want just the rank/ hextech chest i recommend doing this :) hope this helps {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: When is URF (ultra rapid fire) out?
A few weeks ago they said there will not be urf this year since they are adding a new gamemode thing and that will have urf,all for one and a few other gamemodes rotate each week
: I don't really comment but it really bothers me that some people have this sense of entitlement, like riot has an obligation to give them a free skin just because other servers did receive free skins. League of legends is a free to play, fun game. What more could you ask for? And the skins that the other servers got for free is not comparable to how awesome this Kassadin skin is. Besides, the money you pay for this skin goes to charity. Is getting a free skin that important to people? smh
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: /ALL Chat | URFtacular!
not fair he should have made it into the league :D


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