: Wasn't the whole reason for removing Dominion because no one played it? if so, then why keep pushing Dominion/Ascension, from what I see no one really wants/likes these modes. I don't really like urf much at all, but I'd prefer that over these modes, not to mention people are essentially begging for Doom Bots. Crystal Scar is a terrible map with only terrible game modes, I think it's time to erase the Dominion code Riot, or at least archive it forever. I'm loving the rotating queue, and I hope it never goes away, but I don't think many would complain or even notice if you never used Crystal Scar game modes again.
As a dominion-only player, wait no I'll continue to be unlike the rest of OCE and keep my toxic thoughts to myself.
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: I just want queues for all game modes (Twisted Treeline, Dominion) like other regions.. Now they won't even give us our OCE themed skin for free.
Me too! I was a Dominion player so I'm mostly salty that there has been zero support or interest shown by the reds to get it going. If there has been an attempt I missed it because I gave up trying a long time ago.. but this OCE skin business is really just an intolerable addition to the list of penalties we get for using this server instead of another..
: Let’s talk about the Server Skin
What a load of bs. Rito failing to deliver on promises yet again but what's new. OCE has been a disaster from the start.
: SR Summoner Icon promotion ending soon!
yeah i cbf sitting in team builder for an hour waiting to get into a match so ill just not~


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