: Resize-able Client window
some may find it an inconvenience but others may not, that's why it would be a user select "option" to go full screen
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: @LCU Designers: Clarity in the Client
i just feel the champion tiles colours are too dull when you are not hovering the mouse cursor over them, if they were as bright as the hover over but just without the border that would be much better
: Resize-able Client window
i agree, i was hoping for a full screen client (without changing my desktop res) even if i could just resize it to full screen
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> [{quoted}](name=FeeL The OutPIay,realm=OCE,application-id=pEj6Ee6n,discussion-id=4ncoJwGH,comment-id=000300010000,timestamp=2016-06-02T02:46:33.932+0000) > > Lol obviously you didnt read the last patch notes did u? They said they were going to let us buy champ shards with ip later in 6.10s notes. God dam idiot You could buy more chests with RP in the hope to land a champ shard if you'd like a shortcut.... TBH i think the shard/permanent/essence thing to get rank 6 and 7 is just ridiculous, it should be based on skill, you've already been dedicated enough to earn master 5 and score the required amount of S scores, also earning an S on the champ only get you the chest once a season, rather low odds to land a champ shard for every champ. and i think calling someone an idiot is rather harsh especially since my comment made rather a good point, it would be very poor business sense to allow you to shortcut your shard collection with freely earned currency now wouldn't it?. The first part of the patch notes where it mentioned the purchase of champ shards using IP was merely them giving an example of how you would show dedication to your champion, at the bottom of the patch notes they said they will add an item to the store to purchase with IP _**OR**_ RP (meaning: "we haven't decided yet") which will take place of the champion shard component, based on the low chance of you landing a shard for your specific champion, not the purchase of the shard itself, and i'm guessing it won't be cheap either, 6000 IP doesn't show much dedication, i'd be thinking more around the 12000+ IP mark maybe
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why would they let you purchase champ shards for IP?? you can buy the champ for IP, the whole point of the hextech crafting is to get you to buy chests.. and keys.... with RP
: Patch 6.11 notes
Nerf to movement speed again???, "Welcome to summoners rift, remember our golden rule, No running on the rift"
: give us some sort of reward for support players to promote the role, because lets face it, support is the least popular role, if i secondary support, 11 out of 10 times i will get support .....
say like an xp buff for placing wards using a support item or when you have the support item in your inventory, would also promote vision, or the buff lasts for 30 seconds after a ward you placed spots an enemy, this would promote good ward placement
: Dynamic queue and the future of League
give us some sort of reward for support players to promote the role, because lets face it, support is the least popular role, if i secondary support, 11 out of 10 times i will get support .....
: Server Lag
just joined a game, took 3-4 secs for each message to go through, and champ to select, game ping normal, no other users on my network
: Server Lag
i'm currently on my second bout of Queue dodge penalty because i was clicking a champ and it didn't register my selection, it's only happened today and my ping ingame has been normal
: I got false banned
"But i didn't cheat." - Every cheater ever. it is kinda hard to believe anyone based on this simple fact, cheat or not, no one ever admits to it.....
: I don't see why we wouldn't be :/ We have esport teams in League.
we have no team in the MSI
: Match history not updating, games missing holes here and there...
i've been having the same issue, also had a win in match history for a ranked but showed as a lose in my win/lose record
: who do you think is beter skt or fnatic
i think the better question would be, who will face skt in the finals, FNC or KT?


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