: Any champ can get you out of Silver/Gold. Honestly, just pick your favourite champion. It could be a specific mechanic you like, or their lore, or simply because they're super adorably cute. Honestly, it doesn't matter. Heck, there were Korean Challengers who one-tricked pre-rework Aatrox, or Diamond I's who main AD Soraka Top. If you want a strong Jungler... Graves or Rengar. Both really strong atm. But if you want to transition more to Mid lane, there are several good picks. Annie, for starters. Orianna is a champion that is always in the meta, and requires little laning skill as she is a very safe champion who excels in teamfights. Aurelian Sol is a champion that, when mastered, can easily carry you to Diamond if you play properly. If you're willing to put in the time and effort (like a lot of it!), then Katarina is fun. Good Kats are honestly amazing. Your name has Zed. What about him? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But to reiterate my point... It doesn't matter which champion you pick. Just as long as you enjoy them (otherwise those 100s or 1,000s of games will be a nightmare).
Thanks heaps for the advice! i really appreciate it and it changes my aspect of the game alot, your very right. I did 1 trick zed got him to level 7 200k mastery but i found him to be not very useful at carrying late game team fights, which is why i moved to the jungle role because i can make a bigger impact on the game , i also main rengar atm level 6 i love him and he can carry, he is high on my list but i just wanted to expand my champion pool alittle more
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: Dude, it's really bad nowadays. OP.GG me. I've not had a single lane win/go even for the past 10 games.
Im done with the game honestly, i just had another game ontop of that and my adc was a heim 0/8? what do i do.
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: Sounds odd. Does your system meet at the very least the minimum required specs to play the game? Have you made any recent changes to your system that may be related to this issue in any way?
It only started happening when i got a new modem, i just dont know where the issue is any ideas? and yes its not FPS lagg its MS
: Hey there, Does this occur at all when you're not playing league? Does your system "lock up" at the same time as you lose connection? Could you try switching to a wired connection for me, does this resolve your issue?
No it doesnt happen when im not playing leauge at all it only happends when playing leauge it is not a wifi fault i have also tryed using an ethernet cable and no it does not work.
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