Iannimon (OCE)
: Amber Seed Team - Looking for Mid Laner
Dm me in discord I can’t access form on mobile its cut off #SOOM5216
: Ridiculous shipping prices for Riot merch
I’ll share the response i got. Hey there, It's me Hidden Ki from the Merch Team! To give you a bit of extra context, our original goal was to ship items to everyone with a single, low flat fare. Unfortunately it got pretty expensive shipping items like the the Ziggs statue to certain countries. That said, rather than pull the item from the store in those regions, we thought it would be better to leave the item available and increase the shipping rate to those regions. The countries that are subject to these costs are: Canada Mexico Chile Korea Taiwan Singapore Australia New Zealand I hope this clarifies the cost of the order. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Hidden Ki Billing and Account Support
: Custom games that you can actually customise.
Unfortunately the amount of extra coding is not really possible right now for riot. You are proposing basically game modes to be enabled in custom. They have stated before that the reason they can’t do custom games for game modes like urf or one for all is that the logistics are out of scope in the current client. Same reason we haven’t seen hexakill as it was coded for the old client.
: You seem to have the impression that a few posts here and there of people feeling a punishment was too severe or being confused as to why something was punished is indicative of a systemic problem when in reality it's far more likely they are the expected edge cases that would occur with *any* system, and there are support systems in place to handle those edge case like boards (community feedback) and player support (official feedback). As we have all said many times, if OP needs more context than what is beyond us with limited information, there are ways to get it that we have directed them to. This has gotten rather off-topic, so I'll stop digressing. We are not helping OP at this point so I won't go any further on this.
Ya need to stop bothering Seras Dragon they are in completely denial seen this too many times. No matter how hard you push the hard facts into them they will continue to argue what they think and how you are wrong.
All (OCE)
: Really a 10 game chat restriction for this?
toxic boy, don’t type if you don’t have nice things to say. Keep our community clean and kind! Take your punishment and become a better person from it
: [NAME REMOVED] is this guy for real?
Ready for the [Name removed]
: Can I do anything with my chroma without buying the skin?
Choopi (OCE)
: Unban. 11/6/2017
Yeah they don’t unban people for “being reformed” and don’t bring up the tyler1 example, he was unbanned for reforming to be able to stream, during his “ban” he was still playing league on other accounts. Best thing for you to do is make new account and don’t make same mistakes.
: how is it unbalanced if everyone can do it? there's nothing stopping everyone on the map from having many synergies going so that becomes the aim of the game and that one guy who got a guinsoo's rageblade after the first minion round now only has a slight advantage because the item has less overall impact in the face of the synergies that take over the game.
what’s the point of items then... your logic is just to buff everything but that’s gonna make some classes wayyyyyy too strong and some classes really weak.. Riot designed this game THIS way and I think it’s pretty darn good and they have addressed the luck based facade of the game in a red post. There is an element of skill and experience which will draw apart bad players from good players imo although luck plays a role in this game, luck is not the winning factor for an experienced player
WiFilter (OCE)
: Shit matchmaking
Think about it for a second, if you want solos to get matched with other solos, how on earth are 4 man premades supposed to have teams of 5! {{champion:35}}
: suggestion to make tft less luck based
: It's nearly impossible to get to that stage, unless one of your other lanes wins hard, Kayle has no late game to get to, it's easy to just have the jgl camp top, force Kayle under tower then diive, even with her ult. Kayle is in the worst possible state she could be in, needs a buff to her early, and a nerf to her late.
that’s the purpose of the champion... to be the worst early game and best late game champ in the game
: TFT Tactics/PBE Queues are getting ridiculous....
it’s the Public testing grounds, either get in when they reset the PBE every day to avoid queue or once you get in never log off. They have addressed these issues on twitter and reddit and even boards pbe. Keep in mind they will NOT be uping the pbe capacity so if you don’t like waiting then you can be a little patient and wait for it to come to live servers this week!
: Riot doesn't want its players to climb. It's busted from Gold I and down so that you are unable to climb. They can cry opposing that all they like, but it's fact. And there is enough evidence to back that up. Brought up similar things before just to get a "working as intended"
where the evidence then?
Seniaz (OCE)
: Team Serenity looking for Mid, Top, Adc, Sup
KieshwaV (OCE)
: Done with league for good
: But why
so the bronze doesn’t get rekt and matchmaking is fair
Newsonts (OCE)
: lol
ItsHavoc (OCE)
: Behold Esports recruiting players for Iron to Gold tourney rosters
Wouldn’t recommend this org for anyone that’s looking, dodgy and toxic
: Hello Mystic are you able to access the website now?
Nah Not Found The requested URL /ocsrecruitment/ was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
: Emprox Oceanic Challenger Series 2019 Recruitment is now underway!
: You're still here dude? Please unblock me lmao we on good terms
Why would I we ended on bad terms....
HeartVine (OCE)
: I contacted the Rioters earlier to inform them of the situation when the issue presented and have now got confirmation from Riot Gehirn that they are aware of the issue and working towards a fix.
Thanks HeartVine, all fixed now
Martzy (OCE)
: It is working for me now, hopefully it will stay this way.
Really? still not working here
  Rioter Comments
  Rioter Comments
: Perma banned? for saying this? Are you kidding me
Well you must have been on your last life. You must have gotten a 14 day suspension in past
mfis (OCE)
: ***
But that has nothing to do with anything, I smurf in gold was all I was saying so I wanted to smurf with this dude but my smurf probably too high so can’t :( No need to be rude bud
Broshi (OCE)
: LF someone to smurf with
But ur main is gold 3. This is like level of my smurf feels bad I do this all the time so fun.
00shots00 (OCE)
: [Ban Dispute - Title Edited]
Thank you for giving me the best read of my life. I praise you. Screw all the softies
: diamond 5 league of legends oce is really like low gold/high silver in other games
Shovel (OCE)
: Help with permanent ban.
: So, are we like, not getting a patch this week?
They made it a 3 week rotation this patch due to balancing out at end of year
: Way to bite off more than you can chew.... let's be realistic and focus on Turkey and Brazil at worlds first. Chiefs have to be the team to get there, and when they do I look forward to seeing them progress past the group stage. When Oceania has secured that round 2 start at worlds by constantly dominating in Rift, the other minors (and maybe NA) at MSI AND their stage 2 rivals, THEN you can THINK about starting to talk like that, but I still wouldn't.
Way to take a joke buddy
: Oceania make history at Rift Rivals
Well done Oceana. We are best region now, bring it on korea we will smash you!
: Honor level locked
You do the crime, you do the time
fi zzoh (EUW)
: How to make league more fun
Are you by any chance an assassin main :)
: SO MILLIONS OF PLAYERS ARE QUITTING LEAGUE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqem7TI0XR4
I see no evidence. It's just as valid as me saying. "Millions of people are joining LOL !!! OMG LOL BECOMING EVEN MORE POPULAR."
: My proposal to fix balance changes in league of legends
Or you could state it here so boards dwellers can eat you alive on how bad they are. Cause no one gonna dm u :)
: Just havin' a giggle mate.
I like having the wait because it means when urf isn’t there everyone is excited for its return and when It comes back it has all the hype still. Keeping it there just gonna make people get bored of it.
: Hmm.. Riot apparently doesn't want me to show my evidence proving you wrong. > Hey Transcender, > > We've recently removed your post for violating the golden rule on the Boards: "Don't be a Jerk" I guess what I was replying to was a compliment? THANKS MYSTICLLAMAZ
: Why do we not have a dont put this person on my team list
Because at high elo everyone keeps vs each other so you could just put all them on the list for elo
: Get emote from loot but still don't have it in collection
Go to loot and unlock it then need orange essence
: Yeah, would be really nice if riot lifted those rank restrictions, but alas, they still want people to think their ranks mean something so they will continue to grind those die. It is sad that I find it more challenging to play against silver players than I do against diamonds.
: Player [removed]
Lol he player name gonna get removed
Cookie (OCE)
: Its an extremely common occurrence in late night ranked games on OCE, there was a ton of complaining before, and there is evidence of this behaviour in other regions as well
Sorry can you link me to some posts complaining?
Cookie (OCE)
: Do something riot
Again, just wondering how do you know he got away with it? Do you have access to his account or something? I know you said it’s not a racist thread... but mate this is racist. You can’t say stuff like “Asians are so bad” then say “It’s not a racist comment.” Just cause you say it isn’t racist doesn’t mean it’s not and in this case quite racist. I don’t know if what you’re saying is true cause you have provided no proof what so ever except one personal experience which might not have even been from China.
: It definitely will now that I'm given an exemption from playing this dying game which I have futilely wasted countless hours on.
Good brah we don’t want your kind here good luck brudda
: My grandma?? Where did my grandma come from - I'm talking to nerds like you like that you sad nerd
I’m just saying how crude and rude you are towards people. Dw dude life will get better I believe!!
Aneirin (OCE)
: No. You *sometimes* get a comment, but most of the time you don't. This doesn't seem to be very well known unfortunately - it'd save a lot of angst and misunderstandings if Riot could make this more widely known.
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