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: People crying about urf and people crying about people crying about urf, which one is worse ?
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
I got a splendid Idea, put Nemesis draft & All for one in, take out Poro King {{summoner:31}}
: Update on Rotating Game Modes and Twisted Treeline
I have a question about them all, in earlier statements about the rotating game modes it was posted as "Will change every Weekend AEST" Wouldn't that be more of a better option being you have a whole week to play the game mode to its fullest. Not just one day? Just a little thing I thought would be better for it seeing as changing it every day for 3 days would just be a little stupid in some cases & more Urf :^)
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
To be quite honestly, frankly this is dumb as fuck
: OCE is a unique situation, and we hear you guys. Unlike players from other regions who never experienced Dominion, we know that some of you guys came over from NA and may have played it there. We went the extra mile for you guys, digging into account history pre-transfer to **ensure** those of you who were hardcore Dominion players over on NA beforehand will still get the icon. <3 The icon is intended to represent the commitment those players with 100, 500, or even a 1000+ wins invested into the map. They spent their precious time playing it, and we want to recognise that. We appreciate that given the opportunity, players in Philippines, LATAM, OCE, or other servers without Dominion _might_ have played it a little bit (although performance in other regions is fairly telling), but today the icon is about reward and recognition for the people who _did_ invest their time, whatever server they may be on.
But seeing as the queue for Dominion isnt up for OCE, how can we invest our time? What precious time could we have used playing it if it wasn't up You'd want it to be fair for your region wouldnt you, saying if you weren't apart of RIOT. Thats what we want in this case.
: Pretend they didn't offer it then and get over it.......
It's just not fair, Arconic. Its like say if you're sibling got a new gaming console & you got a new pair of shoes, you're both the same age & all & he got something that costed a crap ton more, you'd feel ripped off & cheated. You'd want equality in this case thats what Rexpeita is trying for.
: Thanks Heaps Alice! We really did try. All of us :3
It is a very good Cross Gender Cosplay Tbh. {{champion:222}}
: An official memo from the Dean of the Academy
Lol, Professor {{champion:13}} Head Mistress {{champion:114}} & Now the Academy fam. {{champion:122}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:8}}


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