: guys...is it me or TFT is so luck based?
I'm confused too. The game mode is boring AF. What is rito smoking?
: I have toyed with the idea of bonus LP for suppor or fill. There are a TON of problems that go woith it though. I think you should be limited to how many bonus LP support games you can have per day, otherwise everyone is just going to play support. The other issue is trading roles, somone ques up as a sup, then gets into select and trades off with someone else.
"Or everyone is going to play support"... what a terrible problem to have! Simple fact is as a support you can get a game within a few seconds in queue. Can take 5min+ for any other role. This shows how many more players are searching non-supp roles. Trading roles is a non-issue since the person who queues as support will get the bonus, and only if they win. Of course all of this tapers off in higher ranks as support is viewed as a key role rather than a burden on the team.
: If you want to fix Supports then you need to focus on one phrase "You're the support" Everytime I hear that in a game, it reminds me that as a support main, I am not there to play the game, only to help other people play. Getting behind as a support is painfull. Not only do you have to find some way to get xp and gold to be useful, but you almost always have to do it away from your AD, who is likley the reason you are behind in the first place (usualy because they have no respect for your cooldowns). The itemization is really boring, there are very few support items that I look forward to getting in game, and some that I actively hate having to build, just because the game neccesitates it. I hate doing 90% of the work towards a kill or a teamfight to not only have my team not recognize me, but to have the game itself not appreciate my contribution. Esepcialy when my job is to be bait, or a distraction so my team can get objectives. Fix gold and exp sharing, make the support items share rewards better on kill or assist (do it on the rank 2 items so otherlanes don't try to co-opt supports and ruin everthing like they always do). Give the support items some decent stats, so I don't feel like I'm buying items for someone else on the team. Remember that I am playing. I am one of the five people on this team. I'm not just here for everyone else, I wan't to be involved, I wan't to contribute and I don't want to be told "you're just the support" anymore.
Great post. As a support main, here are a few other suggestions: - If support gets a kill, rest of the team also gets bonus gold; thus supports can potentially be PRAISED for getting a kill instead of "WTF U STOLE MY KILL FU USELESS SUPPORT!!!!" - All players receive bonus gold (1/gs), if all players on team have active wards on the map; to encourage everyone to ward and work as a team - Support wins should be worth more LP than non-support roles, especially in bronze/silver/gold, where being a support is seen as a burden on other players. This makes winning games, or at least influencing the outcome MUCH MORE DIFFICULT than in higher ranks where players understand that supports can provide more utility and control over a game. - In general, I find supports have more map awareness. Perhaps make supports 'team captains' (special icon in chat?), where their text stands out slightly more for players on their team. This will help when someone is trying to take the lead in where to position/lane to push/strategy etc. With a few minor tweaks, I think support will be the desired champion role and not one that people never want to play. As the poster above says - "you're just the support" (and similar negative tones) are what I consider to be the #1 toxic comment you can make to a support player.
: And those players who rose by sheer luck that matchmaking didn't screw them will naturally fall to where they belong. And if we're taking a utilitarian approach here, are we just assuming that enough players benefited from bad matchmaking unfairly to justify sending the vast majority of the player base into elo hell? I was consistently silver 1/Gold 5 last season, and the season before that. Then I play one game and now I'm Bronze 3. That's nearly 2 full divisions of loss, you suggesting I've been carried literally every game of the last two seasons and that's the reason I wasn't in Bronze to begin with?
I'm in a similar boat. I think the data science and matchmaking design team at Riot are not on the same page. There appears to be bias on certain play styles and behaviours, strongly favouring carry-like-positions and individual actions. Teamwork, and supports in lower ranks are not rewarded to the same degree. With a bit more data I could model this to prove my point.
Gehirn (OCE)
: RANKED - Corrections to placement results and ranks
Finished season at Silver after playing 10 flex placements was put into Bronze 1 (6w, 4L). Won my next 11 games (100% of games since) and back in Silver. Played the "1 extra placement game", and put into Bronze 2. WTF? So now my stats are 17W, 4L - and firmly in bronze. All my games are "S", or "A+". The data science team needs to work with program design, because this is seriously flawed.
: Support main playing "flex queue"
Totally agree. Riot needs to put bias on support roles in lower MMR as the chances of having an affect on your team is lower than at ~high gold/low plat. I can have real impact on the game and win a lot easier in Plat that at the lower end because as you say - players have a clue and support is taken seriously by the team. This flex thing is totally messed up. I got placed into bronze (down from plat), then proceed to win 16 straight games to move back into Silver. Now I have this bullshit "1 more game to get real rank", and I win it and "You are now Bronze 2". Seriously? I got penalised......FOR PLAYING WELL... AS SUPPORT! The data science team needs to work with program design - because the system is TOTALLY FLAWED.
: Ui Feedback
UI feedback: - Feels too flat, nothing looks clickable, but rather the entire interface feels like drawings on paper - RP and XP don't immediately pop out. As a game which relies on virtual currency, you'd think this would be a priority focus point - Generally feels lackluster and not satisfying to navigate around The old client isn't perfect, but at least feels like a gaming UX/UI designed it to the degree all the right things are in the right places.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
URF on twisted treeline with 20 players please.
: Retiring Dominion
Clearly the data scientists failed. It's not big on OCE for 2 reasons. 1) It's not available through standard games 2) the % of players who play custom games, even on other servers - is LOW I would take dominion over ranked games any day if the option were presented - but it's NOT. Riot, there is a strong following and even with their own rules. Remember how Blizzard didn't innovate to do something about DOTA and a game called LOL came along?
: Free transfers from NA to OCE
What about players in Asia that are affected just the same as OCE players with the move. My NA account now has 250-300 ping but moving to OCE is a massive downgrade (restricted maps, less ranked play time because of timezone au/asia). Can't move to Taiwan or China server as both in Chinese. Only speak english... what to do? I feel we getting screwed :(


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