: Honestly bro, I used to have exactly this attitude. I used to be super toxic and then brush it all off with "its just a game you pussy get over it". I wont go into too much detail, but I play with two twin brothers who's father died recently of a brain tumor at 55. We finished a game and the Yi in the post game lobby said "I hope your family dies", whilst this seems harmless and immature to 95% of people, and normally I wouldn't think twice about a comment like that, it was a great example of how powerful a petty comment such as that could be. Rest of the night was pretty awkward cause I could tell the comment has shaken my mates (their dad passed away only 2 or 3 years ago), and now I actually think twice about shit I say. I know I sound righteous and preachy, but "the ability to trash talk people" and "get in their heads" can have a serious and real impact on people. Rant over.
I've been told on countless occasions that my family should neck themselves, funny thing is. my father pretty much necked himself. but, again, it's a god damn comment, if you can't handle it, you can't handle world. Why's this generation gotta ask for so much, why can't you sit back and just "yeah nah do what you want, at the end of the day i haven't died nor have i been ultimately affected by a comment that can be made any other day" What're you gonna do when some big dude wishes death upon you? Call his mum and cry? Tell your mum? Tell the police someone said "go die" like, you can't do shit, nor should you even bother. so why do we have to ask riot for so much all the time? Leave it at "if you clearly harass someone for an extended amount of time with many derogatory terms that aren't simply just an over-layed description then you will be banned"
RageGrace (OCE)
: Riot, I hope this system will recognise that wishing someone/their family cancer is just as bad as a death threat. Until you are affected by this, children do not understand how hurtful it can be.
Jesus f**k, if this comes in to place, next thing you know someone saying "damn that's gay" is going to get banned. One person cries, they all cry. So thankyou, so god damn much, for starting the crying. I can't wait until I can no longer say jesus christ, or god damn, because I'm offending some Christians. People need to get to the point where they're not so insecure about themselves, and will understand that at the end of a day, after a comment like "Get cancer" you won't die, you WON'T just get cancer that day, life will continue. But instead you have a little boiling problem in your head asking for psychological awareness because you're too damn disappointed that people get cancer you can't deal. Everyone get's cancer, nearly EVERYONE has someone who is dead from cancer in their family. IT'S JUST A COMMENT GET THE F**K OVER IT OR WE WON'T BE ABLE TO SHOW ANY RECOGNITION TOWARDS FREE SPEECH. again, RageGrace, well done for starting a tribunal trend, you will be forever remembered in the archives.+
: ***
Great for him, I hope he does well on his path. I'll walk mine and not give a flying shit for temp name trolls.
: I look forward to watching :)
xo, Donger. I'll probably be streaming later tonight around 8-late. thanks
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