Olee (OCE)
: I can't get into a game, anyone else?
I also recently had a bugsplat that resulted in corrupted files, and the automatic repair the client attempts didn't work for me. I did a full repair of my installation and that solved my issues. If you want to try that then do the following: When you first open the League client you'll see a small question mark in the top right hand corner. Click that and then click repair and say yes. That may help you out!
: whats volis best skin
The Australian in me really wants a Bundaberg Rum skin :P
: Funny stories/ first time in league
In my early levels I remember many a time when playing with friends we'd go with 3 people in the bot lane for that "lane dominance" but then we'd never actually punish our opposing laners or take the tower and we'd all end up super behind :P
: Hey Riot, are there any more champs like Morderkaiser in the pipes?
Double bruiser bot lanes still work fairly well if you have a marksman in another lane or the jungle :) A particularly nasty (and classic) combo is J4 + Leona, the burst at level 2 is ridiculous.
6T9R (OCE)
: What do you think the acceptable punish is for this chat log?
Hey 6T9R, Throughout the text you seemed very short on patience and understanding and came across as quite rude to your team. I'd say this would have been the deciding factor in what caused you to be reported. Punishments can vary from 10 or 25 day chat restrictions, to a 2 week or permanent suspension of your account. The punishment will depend on how many strikes are already against your account.
: Ranked for the Cardboard Division
I know how you feel Covered, I've also recently had a string of ranked games where the negativity of the team was the deciding factor in who lost the game. Until things shake out a bit more in ranked I think people are going to be a bit more worked up than usual. There isn't a purgatory so the best thing to do is give a detailed report after the game! If they continue to be toxic they'll receive punishments such as chat restrictions or bans.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: What's your story?
I've had my fair share of struggles in life (they include depression, anxiety, and being a trans woman) so League has always been an escape for me. When everything seemed like it was crumbling around me League gave me something to focus on and it helped to block everything else out. That feeling of progression and improvement from day-to-day has been a huge motivation for me to get up every morning. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Support Union
Here's some tips: - You should be buying Sightstone in 100% of your support games - Damage isn't important for tank supports so try swapping out your Sunfire purchases with Randuins for the active - You should never get any AP items on Leona support. You want Health > CDR > Armor/MR
Olee (OCE)
: I just versed a triple Rageblade comp.
Rageblade takes time to ramp up so if you poke them from afar or burst them out you should be fine. If you're having an AA battle with them then yeah you're probably going to lose.
: How to get your number 1 role 100% of the time
The REAL way to get your role all the time is to main support like me {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Banned Time
The ban lock in is there so you have the chance to tell someone not to ban that champion. I don't agree with the lock in changes personally but I can see their reasoning behind them. It will get better with time as people remember to lock in.
: A small reminder from Support mains
If you use one at the very beginning of the lane phase then one should be up for when the first cannon minion arrives
: A small reminder from Support mains
It's best to use it on the cannon minion but sometimes you need the heal or are trying to push
: A small reminder from Support mains
It's also a waste when you're sitting on the full amount of stacks when one could be charging up
: Unlocked Camera
Try playing some mechanically easy champs like Garen while learning unlocked camera. Having to concentrate on mechanics less will make it easier to concentrate on camera control.
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rokkuran (OCE)
: Any news on Galio?
I think Galio is pretty decent at the moment. He has great base damages and a fantastic ult so you can be pretty flexible with his build. His ult isn't really about the damage, it's more about locking people down so the rest of your team can get into position and finish the fight.
: Full Health or Full Health Regen Runes Maths?
I don't think full HP/5 runes is good on anyone. I think you're better off going with just the HP/5 quints, and then armor and mr seals and glyphs respectively.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sailor Jupiter,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=ratvQB8J,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-01-19T13:11:57.320+0000) > > So pumped! I only started playing ranked again about 2-3 weeks ago (made it from Gold 3 to Plat 5 :D) so I'm excited to see how far I can make it this season! 2-3 weeks and in gold 3... Do you want people to hate you??
> [{quoted}](name=Awesomo2244,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=ratvQB8J,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2016-01-19T13:13:25.876+0000) > > 2-3 weeks and in gold 3... Do you want people to hate you?? It could all come tumbling down if I screw up my promos badly :P
: First discussion of 2016 ranked season
So pumped! I only started playing ranked again about 2-3 weeks ago (made it from Gold 3 to Plat 5 :D) so I'm excited to see how far I can make it this season!
: let's talk about it: nasus
I was playing AP MF top (before she was massively nerfed) and I was poking literally non-stop with autos and Make It Rain and Nasus was able to lifesteal through it all, it was so stupid.
Gattaca5 (OCE)
: My problem with the Ranked system
It can seem unfair but you'll find that when you win you'll get a large amount of LP, and when you lose you won't lose as much. So even if you're maintaining a 50% win rate you should still climb eventually.
: can we bring back ahris old charm passive?
Ahri has a great laning phase, she can do well against most anyone. She has good wave clear with a bit of AP, great burst, fantastic mobility with her ult and Q to help escape from ganks or chase someone down, and she has sustain on top of all that.
: Again, just skirting the problem...
Give it some time, the patch just hit and it will take a while for everyone to feel out the changes to the masteries.
: Becoming a mod
Thanks guys, wanted to ask because I was unsure whether it was like some other forums where staff would reach out to regulars who had a history of being positive/helpful.
: If I get to platinum 5 before next season, will I get the plat banner? Currently Gold 1.
No, you only get the reward if you reach it before pre-season.
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Pixie (OCE)
: How come the OCE eSports site is separate from the LoL eSports site?
Yeah it'd be great if it there was a link on the main website. The reason I haven't been watching OPL much is because until now I didn't know there was a separate website for it and relied on the main LoL eSports site for information :')
: Doing a giveaway :)
Some tips! First off using demo software to record is a big nono. If you can afford to do a giveaway you should be able to afford the small price for a program like Dxtory or Fraps. Second, to become a popular League channel most people are either very entertaining or very good at the game. If you're going down the entertainment route then I'd highly suggest recording your voice while playing. Another thing, you should never upload videos that are glitched out like the 'Outrunning Vi's Ult' video which has become off-centered at some point. Good luck getting the channel going!
: How is this worth a perm ban?
With your attitude your new account will end up permabanned as well. You're wasting your own time and energy (and money if you buy skins) by being so toxic so why do you continue?
Fallion (OCE)
: As a main Support player what item should i build first? sight stone ? (Sona, Nami, Janna, karma)
It varies depending on how the lane is going and if there's jungle pressure. If the enemy team has something like a Warwick jungle I know I don't really have to worry about ganks, so vision control in the river is less important. In this situation I'd buy the upgraded support item first, then boots, then a Sightstone. If there is going to be jungle pressure in your lane then a Sightstone is a much more important first item buy. Another thing to consider is if you are poking a lot in lane and making full use of the gold gen on Spellthief's. If so upgrading it can be a boon. If you're trading health in lane more, then maybe the extra health from a Sightstone would be more use to help you outlast your opponents. This was maybe too convoluted an answer, but I hope it helped you think about it in a way you wouldn't have otherwise :)
Dr Minge (OCE)
: Best Keyboard?
I've got the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition, it's a very nice mechanical keyboard for the cheap price (if you don't need the numpad) :)
: > [{quoted}](name=C0ntract,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=8Fb3sIAF,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2015-05-17T06:03:51.311+0000) > > I had debated whether or not to share if I was female or not, because I don't want any special favours. My reason for pointing out that I am female was to say that I like that I can usually remain gender neutral on here. I didn't mean for it to come across that I wanted favours. Anyone *smart* would keep it to themselves, same with age etc. its unwanted, tho im not hating
When you don't state your gender you're assumed to be male by most, and a lot of people don't like to be assumed as male (myself included). I find a lot of the time it's not people stating it out of the blue its when someone will say something like "good job man" and you correct them, which is hardly attention seeking.
: Because trolls are expected, this just feeds them. And seriously, does it matter what Gender identity someone has? You shouldn't be looking for some race/gender/other modifier, you should be looking for decent people.
I'm not going to avoid posting because trolls may find some entertainment in replying to it. I'm not at fault here. I'm happy to add and play with people of any gender identity if they're nice, but as a trans person I know how great it can be to be friends with people who understand what you're going through, so I created this discussion as a means to reach out to others.
: ***
Trans is short for Transgender. It means someone that was assigned a certain gender at birth, but now lives as a different one. For me it means I was assigned male at birth but I identify as female.
: Why would you put this on boards?
For the reasons I stated in the post. Why ask me this and not the trolls?
: Honestly you aren't going to get much in the way of positive responses here. The OCE forums are rarely open minded and anyone claiming to be a girl (let alone anything outside the "normal") gets abused quite a fair bit. Not to mention most transgirls (at least the ones I've been friends with or dated) are rather introverted and hide. I've only known one transgirl who has been outspoken about who she is, and that's because her sheer size is intimidating for anyone under 6'7" height.
I did expect hostility, but figured I'd make the post anyway in case there are any people that wanted to reply seriously. I'd never find out if I didn't ask, right? :)
: add me :) finally someone out there who can relate :). how big is your dong?
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