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: Hey there, Unfortunately, unless you have refund tokens there is no way to refund purchases, please see the [Content Refund FAQ]( for more information. > **I PURCHASED SOMETHING WITH THE WRONG CURRENCY (RP/IP)! CAN YOU CHANGE IT?** > In order to swap the currency, you will need to use a token to refund the content and purchase it again with the desired currency. One of the reasons why we implemented the token system is to allow players with exceptions to our no-refund policy in case any accidents occur. We will not provide a free refund or swap the currency manually. > > > > When completing a purchase, please be absolutely sure that you are clicking the correct currency.
it didnt ask me to confirm my purchase is the thing
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: Destroyer of Worlds--- Demon King (Champion Concept)
so if you buy a dorans blade or long sword have ad runes and have about 80 ad at start of game, you can do about 340 poke damage with your q if you get all 3 seconds. then hit level 2 block a spell become tanky asf for level 2 then deal 148 average damage while slowing them by 99% which almost guarantees your q channel to hit and dead. THis is what would happen and in my opinion even though he only has channels he is stupidly over powered like wow
my mate claims he won 8 out of 10 games was in b5 last season and is back in it i call bs
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: well u have a good point i guess....
or olaf with his w when he takes increased healing from all sources
: Idea for a new AFK system
so 9 people go for a 20 min game or more get nothing out of it and try again. Atleast 1 in 4-5 games has an afk so you the whole of the people playing in this game would get nothing? When you say the game doesnt count what happens to the other team?
: Lots of new items
jesus christ that orb of life on tahm or mundo
Xuven (OCE)
: Warwick Gank Fix - Make him viable!
i like an idea for a new e or w maybe that for ww next 2 basic attacks he gains increased damage and attack speed but dont apply on hit effects, then instead of a third attack ww has the ability to jump a short distance to the target, the jump ability would stay there for say 10-15 seconds to make it a good engage for a gank.
: Data and Champion Balance – Part 1
i wonder if rito have noticed the "balanced reworked juggernauts" im not a fan off when seeing garen in the loading screen wanting to ff at 20 because he is such a fkn stupid champ
: lol its spike from crash of the titans :)
ye thats what i based the champ off
: Jack of the Spring Heel
what are the ability buffs for leveling up? Do they just stay like that and theres no point in levelling them up/ ?
: I'm probably not going to do the invis and i was questioning making the abilities cost 10 stealth, maybe low cooldown abilities or a higher stealth usage per ability?
: I like the idea, although it's still a little impractical. They'd have to use 10 abilities in order to get their stealth to start regening to full for movement speed boost and the invisibility. I'm not trying to diss your idea, it just seems a little unrealistic to have to use 10 abilities before they can get the bonus speed and invisibility unless their cooldowns are ridiculously short. What kind of champion are we talking about also? Support? jungler? Mid lane? Adc? top? And how would stealth tie in with their abilities? Maybe consider also giving bonus effects to the other abilities based on the stealth spent? Have the abilities cost stealth instead of mana maybe? Just throwing out some more ideas for ya. Although the abilities being free while stealth is regening has some merit. I forgot to comment on that..... Sorry if I seem to be nit picking.....
I'm probably not going to do the invis and i was questioning making the abilities cost 10 stealth, maybe low cooldown abilities or a higher stealth usage per ability?
: Champion Idea :D Cerva the Spike Spitter
BTW i seriously couldn't think of a name this name mightn't be permanent
: Question, what does actually using the stealth actually do? You mentioned that it costs 10 stealth per ability. Does it put your champ in stealth for a few seconds similar to Vayne's tumble during ult? If you could clarify that I might be able to actually contribute more to the conversation.
i could update this stealth so that when stealth is at 100 the next ability used will turn this champ invisible for 3-4 seconds? otherwise with full stealth this champ will gain +30 MS
: Ballerina Orianna skin idea!
i think it looks to much like other oriana skins like the showdown one except pink i think if riot wanna make another oriana skin they need to think out of the box, think off something very different
: Don't you think that Barbarian Zed would make more sense?
i would say maybe reaper zed? or something like that
: lol doesnt like skeletons due to chinese beliefs (eg. karth skull face, sions arm) so not anytime soon probably.
Skin Name: Rebellious Zed
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: Deep Depths Fizz
this is so sick rito plz PLZ


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