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samuelror (OCE)
: Dia adc smurf b2 lf support to keep me company for free elo
ShikiRawR (OCE)
: Looking for a Support and Top For Ranked Flex Team
Intricat3 (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with late nights.
: Have you tried repairing since the hotfix was applied?
Yeah man, it's quite frustrating
: Hey there, Is this issue still ongoing?
Hey, after riot made the wee lil update it was working for a day or two and now it keeps crashing again
: Have you tried [reinstalling League of Legends](
Yes, Tried repairing tried everything i've come across, riot released something in the oce launch screen explaining it happening to people in this patch
: Hey there, Could you try [running a client repair]( for me, let me know if that helps.
Ive tried everything bro
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: Hey there, Are you still experiencing this issue?
No, But I am currently experiencing another problem with LoL
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: Hey there, Apologies for the delayed response. Could you make sure your game is patched to the correct region for me.
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