Laverix (OCE)
: Sylas is overpowered
I thought he was weak. lol
: (unpopular opinion) a rant on urf
I too, disagree. The cannon is a fun addition. Just use it properly. No more waiting 60 seconds for tp to come up. I do think they should bring back old Urf though, but it doesn't ruin the experience that we have long awaited...
: Well clearly Riot don't make sense cause it still ain't out
I have a feeling it will be around 8pm (WA time) tonight, as they usually release skins and champions in the store around then.
: This is false though. The new mages riot is releasing have mechanics that make no sense and are really unfun to play against and just like Zoe neeko is another example, however unlike Zoe neeko can be tweaked.. My main issues with her are: -why does she have low cd Q that clears waves quite easy but at the same time have an on-hit mechanic on her W?~ -why does she need a root that's a skillshot but can go through minions and get an increase in time if it hits minions (not to mention the time is just dumb at level one you can rooted for almost 2 seconds). -Plus right now the ult gives way to much for the cost, it has a really small CD, gives a shield, a stun and has a 1.3 AP ratio like what? I can understand the ult can be a bit hard to land or to set up properly but this is too much. Incrise the CD on the ult or drastically reduce the ult dmg so she actually has to use her combo and not 1 shot you with just a spell (which most of the times will be cast in FoW and boom there goes ur entire team.
Your issues have no construction. You're basically asking why the champion even exists. Her Q and E work well as a combo and if she didn't have the empowered auto on her W, she would be extremely inefficient as a pick. It's like saying removing Lux's passive; can you imagine Lux without it? They are tweaking the ultimate as patches go by, but her "mechanics" that make "no sense" are unique and fun. It provides real mind game plays that not many other champions (excluding Shaco and Leblanc) can provide. Her ultimate damage is fine because of how it roots her in place when used. They have also removed the slow, which makes it fairly easy to dodge. Again, you just need to learn how to counter-pick and play against her.
NanoGod (OCE)
: Riot was on drugs when they made neeko or its a marketing scheme to make you buy her
It kind of tilts me when someone is so upset with riot for releasing an "OP champion". Maybe it's just the fact you don't know how to counter her or pick her off? In my experience, she has many weaknesses, such as low immobility and not a high amount of survivability (especially when picked off when sending off clone). The only unbalanced ability at the moment would be her ultimate with the shield being kind of ridiculous. Other than that, her kit seems to be quite balanced. She is a spell caster; she is supposed to one shot people with her kit.
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: Reported for Playing Ivern....
Ivern is useless man, you just have to play him right. That is the exact reason why they think he is useless, because they can't play him. Play whoever you are good at man, and have fun! Don't let bronze 5 noobs tell you what to do!
: Why not run around as red mega man????
It's not a bad Idea, as long as they don't actually change the design. The thing about chroma's is that they only recolour a champion, meaning the abilities stay the same. I just don't see the point really.
: Exactly thats it! Its so bland and adds nothin extra to the ezreal experience.
Rubbish. I absolutely love PF Ezreal. I've played so many games with it and it is by far my favourite ultimate skin (I have all 3). Sure, it could use a bit of an update on the actual model, but I don't think they need to change it completely. Does arcade Ezreal look like megaman? I don't think so... {{champion:81}}
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
I called Poro king... knew they weren't gonna give us 3 weeks of goodness in a row... #RIPUrf {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
: ^ pretty much this
I read something about a "Dreamtime Maokai" ultimate skin (or something along those lines). Therefore it hinted me towards Maokai , but like I said, he is getting the Victorius skin.
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: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Far out... I missed urf last time due to the crappy Telstra outage one my internet, and now I'm going to miss out again because I'm going on holiday on that weekend... I'm really hating this rotating game mode rioto, all I wanna play is urf and you make it the least chosen. You promised that you will make up for it for no April fools, but you are no where near it.
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: Could we possibly see Black Market Brawlers as a game mode for the rotation queue sometime soon?
No! That mode is as bad as definitely not dominion...
Bunny (OCE)
: Is it possible to be any unluckier
Unlucky! I actually got super lucky with mine... I got 70% off project Lucian and 60% off Cosmic Kass, inwhich I bought both of them, so thanks riot! I also got... Pool party Ziggs for 20% off Dragonslayer Braum for 40% off Project Fiora for 50% off and Steel Legion lux for 50% off... Not so bad eh?
: Release Taliyah.
Sol was amazing and so was jhin... Just because people suck at both of them doesn't mean they're bad... Taliyah is the first new champ release that I haven't actually been interested in tbh. She looks boring and weak. Her concept is cool though :/
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Woot! More URF! I was really missing urf after Monday, but seeing this put a smile on my face! Also, I'm actually excited for ascension. It was the first time I played it and I really enjoyed it! One for all is Bae doe...
: Trundle and Cait are the strongest atm imo. But i'd wait for this Mage update next patch. Ziggs might be the go after the changes.
What about swain? I'm sold on him ATM...
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Tomo7182 (OCE)
: Riot have explained everything out on the forums yet everyone is just pissed because they took the rotating gamemodes as a joke and just asumed urf would return despite the announcement. "How often will we see modes repeat? This will depend on how many modes fall into the stable rotation. Modes will likely repeat every 1.5~2 months. Again, once we get started and see what modes come and go from the rotation, this could shift a little bit" **THIS IS ALOT OF MATH:** So working with **1.5** urfs every **2 months **would make urf come **9** times a year, which makes **18** days. why the fuck are people complaining? its **4 days MORE **than normal and its split within the year to add a new feel towards it. Also asuming your in nz and schooling is still going on then you would miss out on **9 hours **(7am-4pm) of urf to school and buses, then go to bed around 10, you would also take an **hour break for dinner and another hour for homework**, and also your **sleeping for 8** of those hours (10pm-6am) this makes about **4-5 hours of urf in a weekday**, say if urf ran for friday april 1st to 15th you would only **get 4 weekends (sat,sun)** of full playing in urf and **10 days of schooldays **you would only get **50 hours of urf out of 2 weeks in weekdays only** Weekend: you'd probably be sleeping (10pm-7am) for 9 hours of the weekend, 3 hours having breakfast,lunch and dinner you would only get 11 hours (on average) of a weekend day, which means 11x4 (hours times weekend days) =44 which makes 94 hours of urf if they run it for 14 days straight. **it would be 336 hours overall if you no lifed to the extreme, so if your in school your loosing almost 2/3 of urf time to school ** If riot moved it to 18 days on weekends only you would on average have (18 days x 11 hours), 198 hours of urf doubling it if it was for weekends only. so student players what sounds more appealing? 94 hours of urf in 14 days or 198 (average without going into town or such) hours of urf in 18 days.... I'd expect you'd like the 198 hours rather than the 94, the weekend queues idea is built around busy weekday people, riot have made a very good call to players of all ages. So stop giving riot shit, the math has been done, its more effeicent for weekend gamemodes than running for 2 weeks straight (this may not apply to you non student players but still its a valid point that most people have to respect this)
Mind you, you do realise that all school students (Aus and NZ) are on holiday ATM? So it really isn't based around more time over the weekend (for students), as we would actually get more hours over the two weeks during the holidays. Just sayin...
: I've already addressed this point in another thread ([here's the link]( .) as Riot seem to be intending to not put every featured game mode in the queue. Not to mention, they've specifically stated that it is likely to repeat every 1.5-2 months, which is something I actually specifically mentioned in the comment you replied to, *thanks for reading*. Next time you decide to reply to something, maybe you sure properly read and understand what is being stated. Didn't think I had to be clearer than "this is what Riot has told us" but apparently I do have to be clearer, for your sake.
Mate, are you calling me dumb? Yes I read your comment, yes I understood it, but they said that they will be adding game modes to the rotation from time to time. So for now we will get urf every 1-2 months, but in the future, we will get less urf. Like I said before, there are 11 game modes. They will probably start with 5-6 modes (Urf, legend of the poro King, Ascension, one for all and black market brawlers) and, like I said before, add on to that.
: That's just this year though, and the queue hasn't been active yet. There have already been several months without the queue active, so of course we're not going to get it as much this year as in the future. Doing the calculations based on L4t3ncy's estimation that URF will appear once every 1.5-2 months (as stated in the [official announcement thread]( .) that works out to 24-32 days of the year where URF will be available, based on the stated Friday through Monday run of the queue. That's pretty much twice what we've got in previous years. Even if they didn't start the queue until the end of June we'd still match previous years, *at least*, and I'm pretty sure they've stated they're trying for a may release, giving us an estimated 4-8 days more than last year for URF.
This is false, apparently there are 11 game modes, so that's urf once every 3-4 months
MadLife (EUW)
: Have a deep think urself 2 times urf equals 4 days meamwhile last year equal 14 days
Exactly this ^^^ We need too make a riot against riot... GIVE US URF
MadLife (EUW)
: "atleast twice times urf in a year" rito pls?????
Exactly this, people who are supporting riot keep saying that we will get more urf time. We won't, we will only get 2 days of it spread through out the year, and that is why people are pissed at riot ATM... I'm sick of those stop talking shit about urf, we will get more urf posts, because they aren't doing anything but making people even more salty towards riot.
Clizz (OCE)
: Draven Mode down?
Woot! Urf hype!
: @everyone that's asking where urf is
Are you serious? Of course we can FKING read it man. It's just that we won't get urf if they don't release it now. We will only get 6-8 days of urf with this new rotation. That is why everyone is pissed, don't you get that? And too people who thinks urf gets boring, go die... Just jks, but still, pull your head in, it doesn't get boring! XD
Windrenz (OCE)
: URF discussion, please support with your opinion
I honestly can't stand this draven stuff... I mean, it was funny at first, but now it's just stupid. The rotating game mode thing is a good idea, but it just simply means we get less Urf time, which is really upsetting. Please riot, if you want to make us happy this April, please release the manatee... I wanna play urf in my holidays!
DipperOCE (OCE)
: Read the site, it says Draven is throwing a party on April 4th 16:59. Same time heads are removed.
No, it says draven party is NOW! That is what this whole draven thing is mate... April 1st till April 4th
DipperOCE (OCE)
: Pretty dog **** of them, but I'm hoping Draven's party on the 4th won't be a bust. You gotta understand that OCEANIC Riot anyway doesn't care about their players, especially personal emotions. If you are really going off and joining the army, I don't really know how to convey my respect over an online forum. But it feels bad already knowing I'm not getting URF, let alone thinking that you get all hyped up for it, then Riot reveals it's not coming this years, and you know you have to go out to the army at the end of the month. I can imagine it's pretty disappointing. When I saw and heard the login screen and Tahm's skin, I legit thought URF was here. Then I logged in, and my facial expression was probably the most shocked in disappointment I have ever been, because I was just rocking out a minute ago. And thinking if I knew they I had to leave and not come back for a LONG time at the end of the month, a tear would probably fall to my eye. But only because I'm such a League addict. {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}}
It's not the 4th, it's the 1st... 1/4/16
Gesteppie (OCE)
: Omg don't you dare compare U.R.F to dominion. Rito made an honest statement that the reason why people got bored of it and stopped playing was because the DID NOT support it as a game mode. "We haven’t been supporting Dominion, and we’ve trapped ourselves in a vicious cycle where the queue isn’t large enough to warrant major attention, but falls prey to bugs and periods of imbalance from the introduction of new champs and items (which then drives down the size of the queue, and so on)." The community is SCREAMING out for U.R.F and naturally Rito will support it, as it is a game mode that doesn't require harsh balancing or the introduction of anything that summoners rift doesn't already have, it is just completely absurd and fun! Like playing an Aram after having a massive losing streak on norms. U.R.F simply isn't made to get "boring", because its a new way to play champions.
Exactly this ^^^
warzolo99 (OCE)
: i am sorry to say but they did say that URF wasn't coming back this april cause they are making rotation queue and we are meant to be happy with that...... and the bobble head draven shit that has caused me to stop playing league until its f-ing gone
Same, I'm not playing league till urf is released, because this is just unfair...
Eliea (OCE)
: Still no reason to get mad bro. This means 1 of 2 things. 1. U.R.F. is going to be on the rotating list, meaning it will be around once every so often (6-8 weeks depending on how many game modes there are) 2. U.R.F. Is going to be active 2 times this year for a week at a time or longer.
It says it runs for every weekend mate, not every week. So in total, we will only get urf 6-8 days this year, which Is a nerf. From going to 18 days of urf to 6-8, how can you not be made? Need I also remind you that 2 months is a long time...
warzolo99 (OCE)
: yeah its what we all want right..... i love these Draven bobble heads...... as fucking if. i am gonna be seriously pissed if they dont have something big planned for the next couple of days cause if not i'm done. why would you take something everyone wants and give them a retarded fucking bobble head that is always looking at you.....
Agreed... Riot has defiantely got something up there sleeves...
Eliea (OCE)
: Where does it say that U.R.F. is only going to be around for 2 days at a time? I didn't see anything like that.
It says weekends... Weekends = sat n sunday = 2 days...
Eliea (OCE)
: Due to the fact that they are testing the rotating game modes on the PBE, U.R.F. isn't going to be released on April first. There is no real date to when the U.R.F. game mode is going to be out, but here is some information that people may have missed. > We’re announcing it now is because two years in a row, we delivered the Ultra Rapid Fire game mode in increasingly absurd ways. While we’re pretty sure you aren’t going to believe us anyway, we’re telling you right now that URF will not return on the first of April. > We are ready to share that Ultra Rapid Fire will appear at least twice in 2016. If you want to read up on the full post, [Click Here](
Honestly, this is just unfair. Why would riot think that this was a good idea? We are getting it twice a year for 2 days each... 2 DAYS! That is so unfair. They are giving us less urf and are spreading it out during the year which is even more annoying. It's not what we asked for riot, what we asked for was to get 2 Urf times per year that each go for 2 weeks. You can't say that it gets boring after awhile because it purely doesn't. I played urf none stop from the day it started, to the day it finished, and man oh man was it weird playin ranked after that...
Brucey (OCE)
: Would you prefer 2 and a half weeks of each game mode meaning less time and becoming very boring very quickly or every weekend on different game mode so it will never get boring and more exciting to get the week over with to come back to the weekend of game mode fun. (Jk i secretly want urf for 2 weeks too but nothing is going to happen)
I dunno, riot knew that people would get upset with the less URF thing... I smell a plan up there sleeves...
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Mindstar (OCE)
: [COMPLETE] Live Network Maintenance - 1am AEDT, 2nd April
DipperOCE (OCE)
: Can you URF fanboys step aside and admire Draven's special day? All jokes aside, something is catFISHY here. Tahm Kench has a skin for Draven Day, and the skin is called Urf Kench, and it looks a lot like the original urf model. This is very obvious, obviously, but why would they release an Urf skin on April Fools if Urf isn't coming out? I sense something been planned by Draven for April 4th evening...
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Bluxar (OCE)
: Ultra Rapid Fire
Nope, not coming out at all... Did you not read the rotating game mode page?
Mar3thyu (OCE)
: if you read we will get urf twice this year though
Yeah, but only for 2 days each time... Usually we would get a good 2 and a half weeks of urf, now we are only getting 4-6 days of it... Riot thought this was a good idea how?
: Why do i have 4 chest and 1 key shard
How did you get four chests? I thought you could only one every week?
Bytez (OCE)
: Free Hextech Chest
Lollipoppy... LOLIPOPPY {{champion:78}}
RonyStark (OCE)
: @Saythes: You seem like decent jhin for that elo. Add me. I can help you climb and also giving you some hints to play better and deal with bronzes (not sarcasm)
Thanks bro! Would love a game sometime!
Saythes (OCE)
: I'm sick of this riot...
Sorry didn't realize guys! I've removed them.
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Crunch (OCE)
: Definitely Not Udyr is an AMAZING skin. Spirit Guard is very nice too, but it depends on you! If you like all of the intricate things within the skin such as the emotes and quotes along with the particle/aesthetic look then I'd say go for it! If you haven't seen all the details check out this [Skin Spotlight!]( (You can also search for any other skin you're considering here for a full look at it!) If you're more in the mood for a gimicky and funny skin to play around with I'd recommend the Definitely not Udyr! Nothing like running round in various onesies bear slapping the hell outta people! [(Skin Spotlight for DNU)](
Actually forgot to mention, I own defiantly not udyr... XD Got from a mystery gift
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