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: Hey Scarlet116, Have you already been in contact with Riot Support about your stolen account? If not then you need to get in touch now, they are your best shot at getting your account back. You can send in a Riot Support ticket [here]( Make sure you use the _"I need help recovering my account."_ category. Then explain what happened, and hopefully Riot can help you out! The $3,000 robbery is strictly a police matter, so there's unfortunately not much we can do there. Although I am surprised to hear the police can't take action on a $3,000 robbery. Maybe getting in touch with a lawyer is a good idea? Also just for future reference, NEVER disclose people's real names or locations on the boards. You probably didn't know this was a rule so there's no punishment this time, but please don't do it again :) Let me know if there's any issues with that support ticket and I'll do my best to help. Good luck :D
Thanks man ! Yeah I didn't know about the rule, thank you though :) <3
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