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: from what I've observed farming S's recently for higher mastery and hextech, getting S's is easier in normals and is mostly decided by 3 factors, the % of the total kills on your team that you have, the number of deaths you have (try to keep this to at most 1) and your cs (especially if you are support for some reason). if you want S's my advice is to make sure you take all the kills you can unless you are sup with the changes (in which case just take 4+2*(#deaths) kills ) and at the very least have an assist for 3/4's of your teams kills. Also try to have at least 140cs in a 20min game, 180cs in a 30min and 200cs in a 40min. If you are sup have at least half this number too. This seems to be sufficient to get an S with basically any champion and basically involves alot of being a selfish asshole and not caring for your teammates. I'd advise you pair up with someone who is really low elo or unranked and enter normals as a duo though since this will make the enemies easy to wail on and it's not as bad to be selfish at this level since bad players expect this sort of stuff and probably won't report you for being selfish. Also at this level if you ks alot; so long as you carry hard (and seeing those scores I'd imagine you would) they won't begrudge you too much if you are friendly in chat.
Thanks a lot for this. I appreciate the help
: CS comes into calculation, aswell as the role you played that champ in. I assume you played bot with vayne when you scored those? If you got that score in mid, top or jg with vayne it would most likely have been a definite S or S+, I would imagine. Seems to me like they base your score off the generic meta for that specific champ. You play a champ where they are usually played, you gotta be perfect for a perfect score. You play a champ in an off role, it's seen as a harder feat therefore a decent score reflects the difficulty you should have had for that game. Side note, some good games you've had there. I could only dream of achieving 40 kills in a single game haha
Yeah I have been Vayne in the top lane alot recently. The game was weird their bot wasn't very good in learning from their mistakes..
: its not how much kills you get, its actually based on how you play the game, the move and combo that you use. i actually got s on yasuo 6/8/4 with the cs of 200+ in 30min.
League cannot calculate your combos, and moves within the game... and I seriously doubt you got a S with that score
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: Still No S
You think that's bad... I got a S- for going 40/2/5 as Vayne with a Pentakill in 25mins...
: Ziggs?? the beast is ziggs?
What!? It's obviously Tristana..
Atylia (OCE)
: fkn sign me up
I must find the person.
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: My snowdown shop is empty
Maybe you own every skin
: I'm using a 13' macbook air and can play smoothly without skipping or frame loss on normal - high quality. In fact, I haven't had any performance problems at all running league on it so as long as your internet is okay you should be fine.
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: Get a desktop bro way better
Ediwir (OCE)
: Having a macbook here, i have to agree. They are good computers and will definitely last you forever (mine is a 2010 and i basically never changed anything in it, still rocks), but if all you need is gaming you're better off with a cheapo that you can customise to your liking. Just stay away from Dell*. That said, if you get one you can expect a high variation of FPS depending on the desired graphic quality. On a 2010, i range from 30 (very high) to 70+ (mid-low), so i'd expect you'd be a tad above that. * *residual of a long, stressful conversation i had with them trough lawyer.*
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: unless you will actually need a macbook (unlikely) i wouldnt waste your money
I need a lightweight laptop.
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