: They're the independently owned teams that were already in the OCS. For the 14th slot, we're going to experiment with a new concept and will provide visibility into what this in Q1 2018.
thanks captain, you muh {{item:3026}}
: There's a few things to explain here. Firstly, entry into the OCS isn't something that's open to anyone. We'll have the 5 'independent' OCS team, plus the 8 OPL team owned OCS teams and one more which we'll announce at a later date. For the independents, if they win the promotion tournament they aren't automatically admitted or automatically denied entry. We'll asses their ability to operate a club at the OPL level and if they pass they're in, but if they don't pass we'll tender the slot and give them the proceeds.
Ohh, how are the five OCS teams chosen?
: The OPL is restructuring in 2018
> Q: What happens if an OCS team manages to promote into the OPL? > A: We hold our OPL teams to a high standard, which means that an independent OCS team that qualifies for the OPL will be vetted to ensure that they’ve done their due diligence and crafted a quality business plan. If they pass, they’ll promote into the OPL. If they fail, Riot will tender the slot and pay out the OCS team (minus any costs involved, like brokerage). Hey there, just trying to understand the changes here and correct me if I'm wrong please with the following statement: If a team of 5 soloq players group up and make a team for the OCS, and then proceed to qualify for the OPL but are unable to form a brand/organisation for the OPL, they will be denied entry into the OPL.
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: Keep on splashing!
Its old, but still makes me laugh to date {{champion:105}} What did the ocean say to the beach? {{champion:105}} Nothing! It just waved! {{champion:267}} I sea what you did there {{champion:105}} Gosh, don't gotta be a beach about it {{champion:267}} I whale if i want to {{champion:105}} Way to get dolphinsive about it
: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
Maybe he should use a {{item:2043}} to help find a friend :')


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