: KDA Ichikaken Add me :)
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: the demon emperor, i didn't have to time stamp what date/time the exact games have to be legit, for you to even say something is not valid is redundant. don't come here saying something is BS your legit just a troll on any board post SO ANY COMMENT FROM YOU IS PRETTY MUCH not worth.......... cheers thank you next.
Legit not giving air to you man. Keep calling out shit. I am not putting fuel to your fire i ve seen your posts on others πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ legit nup.
: > i had a twisted fate **just then** 1/11 look at my match history and see how is he gold ? I saw 2 TF in your games, 20-21 hours ago according to your time stamp. One is 7/8/4 the last one is. 13/6/7 This was between 20-21 hours ago. Why do you come here to BS?? 1/11 TF? where?? https://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=+SeibaPendragon You thought people cant fact check these claims?? There goes all your credential down the drain.
the demon emperor, i didn't have to time stamp what date/time the exact games have to be legit, for you to even say something is not valid is redundant. don't come here saying something is BS your legit just a troll on any board post SO ANY COMMENT FROM YOU IS PRETTY MUCH not worth.......... cheers thank you next.
: >People call out toxicity attitude and behaviours on boards >Threads get deleted >Is toxic in game >Nothing occurs (even when reported) Source: Actually playing the game
.................. great a small indie company that cares about there players
: "they only punish "toxic" players." Not quite true. So many trash toxic players are still allowed to play because, and I quote from someone ive been back-and-forth-ing "we punich toxicity in game by punishing the people calling out it in forums" (makes no sense to me why they use this method, but you know)
yeah i have lost every ranked game for the last WEEK BECAUSE of other lanes i had a twisted fate just then 1/11 look at my match history and see how is he gold ? he said its just a game LOL LOL LOL LOL HOW DOES NOT THAT TILT SOMEONE legit. come on this game is longer fun pushing me to uninstall it
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NKDSniper (OCE)
: Looking for team to flex with
> [{quoted}](name=NKDSniper,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=WAY0j4g5,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-10T08:48:13.917+0000) > > I am a top/supp main looking for a team to flex with. Siebapendragon i am gold support main in solo duo in flex handed bronze ! Just troll team mates legit more then 80 percent of games gives u a shit ranked thanks riot πŸ‘Œ for your β€œ balanced ranking sustem” where you let people buy accounts online πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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: Worlds ORBS problems OCE recent patch i cant open up the ORBS you purchase anyone else having issues
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Nightjar (OCE)
: an important thing to remember, is what made you gold in the first place. Was it onetricking a champion that clicked with you, was it studying jungle rotations and understanding lane push patterns, was it csing and controlling minion waves, was it knowing exactly how to win lane matchups and snowball, was it vision/map awareness and shotcalling. If you did it once, you can do it again, and regardless of the monkeys on your team, you need to focus on yourself, because in the end both sides will get monkeys sometimes, did you watch the map, did you play the matchups right, did you make the right calls, were you capitalizing on vision information, did you make the right picks, did you choose the right rotations. Play it right and at worst you can have upto 4 monkeys on your team, whereas the enemy team can have upto 5. Climbing is about yourself and beating the averages.
lol yeah just keep getting that yasuo top lane pick silver 2 that has a match history higher deaths then kills and dies 10 times and leaves game saying job is done.
: Are you guys so delusional you think the enemy team dont have the same problem you do? Everyones are put in the same battle ground and all the mess that come with it; **The difference is, ability**. The ones that are bellow the average, and have too big of an ego to admit the skills different, tend to point finger away from their own ability.
majority of the time they are winning, and If the enemy team has the same problem as a afk it is reported but its 1 percent chance compared to when you play and get a troll mid laner annie die 10 times and laugh say its only a game and is gold 3 #rankedisjustforfun to annnie
Bookbash (OCE)
: Everyone under diamond 2 in oce is a monkey.
not most of the time its bronze people that have brought accounts I know a mate that has 6 accounts he just keeps getting banned he is just terrible I have told him he is lol he just doesn't listen he ended up buying a challenge account for $150 online in OCE soooooo that explains why u got monkeys in diamond people just buy accounts online lol
Bookbash (OCE)
: Over a sample size of a bunch of games this is true, however for a run of games you can be placed with the monkey teams one day, and then versus the monkeys the next day. People don't lose 10 games in a row one day and then win 10 games in a row the next just because their skill level changed dramatically over those 2 days. I find that in low elo, a few things are prevalent: 1) Players have no balls, they can't control their emotions. This makes them less objective in game. For example one game i went 2/10/10 as a rammus jungle. The game was totally winnable, despite the team flaming me for "feeding". But their attitude was simply to meme and flame, they didn't wanna win the game. For example, three enemies showed in the bot lane at their tier 2 tower, including their jungler. Many times I pinged baron and said "let's go!" and the team refused to come, even though they were close by. They would rather say "noob feeder!" than win the game. Need I mention that the whole enemy team was AD? :) They put weight on your KDA score as to if you can shotcall. Rather than the objectiveness of the call, its all about reputation, which is stupid. Like WHO CARES WHO IS FEEDING, DO YOU WANT TO WIN THE GAME OR BE A MEME-ING DICKHEAD? 2) Players in low elo have no idea what their champions do for their team. They can play their champions and push buttons, but they don't know where to be, where to position, when to fight, how to fight, or what to build for games. Mid lane mages especially. Players only know how to ram into other champions and coinflip fights. And that's why you hear the classic oce low elo call in champ select "pick a tank!" "we have no tanks" "we need a tank" as they proceed to lock in some squishy jungler or top laner. "support, can you pick a tank?". LUL. 3) Players in low elo have very poor grasp of the **timing of the game**. An example is point #1 above. One of my teammates said "sure, we will do baron and they will take our bot lane tower!". Despite the fact that it would take the enemies 30 seconds to push to the bot lane inhibitor tower, and we have empowered recall from Baron buff, they refused to do it. Or the classic ping spam ??????????????? like "where were you?" when some idiot got caught out of position. "You could have helped me!" ahhh, no, it takes me 30 seconds to walk there. Or the classic (and this happens in all elos below about diamond 2 - i watch high elo games) a top laner is split pushing just past the halfway point of the river in one of the side lanes. His teammates are grouped in the middle of the map. Four enemies collapse on the split pusher, who is a fed champion. The splitpusher goes 1 for 1. Their teammates flame them for getting "caught out". The real issue with this is not what the splitpusher is doing, but WHAT ARE THEIR TEAM DOING WHILE THEY ARE DYING? They could have been doing baron, they could have pushed a tower. Most of the time you will see a bunch of monkeys rush to the splitpushers lane and try to collapse on the fight. And they get there 10 seconds later when the enemies have left. Another example on this is **recall timings**. In gold and platinum games are thrown away because players greeded for one inhibitor, or tower, got aced, and the enemies ran it mid and ended. Or.... tried to, when they greeded for the last nexus tower, and got aced themselves, and the first team ended the game after all. So I can understand the OP's frustration, its the end of the season, and there are winning streaks as well as losing streaks. There are monkeys, boosted monkeys, and smurfs. And there is matchmaking which cannot handle it all.
thanks I know, its good to see its not just me but others who get this also.
: Just don't play ranked at all, it's as simple as that. It's boring because you do get idiots in your team and everyone flames your teammates if they do something wrong. People who play normal games are more competent than people who play ranked. I've vsed Diamond and Plats in ranked, all of them are the same. You won't see it any different in any other elo, that's just how this game is.
then ranked is not a thing they should have honestly. just norms get rid of ranked cause its unrealistic elo ranking. trust me i ve seen diamond and plat plays there are shocking ..............
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Sketchyy (OCE)
: Looking for subs for tournament tomorrow (Saturday) Gold/Plat
I was gold now silver check my stats on op.gg main support
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Mindstar (OCE)
: [COMPLETE] - OCE - Clash tournaments cancelled for the rest of this weekend
that's a stupid SYSTEM should be FAIR for everyone its not tough luck if u lost or whatever that makes no logic you pay FOR A PRODUCT and TIME wasted .............................................. so for a system issue players loose out that's a pretty f*** up league system... maybe you and Telstra should work together
Mindstar (OCE)
: [COMPLETE] - OCE - Clash tournaments cancelled for the rest of this weekend
So riot can u pull a finger out and actually do something right ?
: its honestly just ridiculous the most recent player was on a loss streak if you're at a point where you say you're going to int feed the enemy its time to jump off and go cool down or go play a less serious mode where you can have fun
I think sometimes they forget its a COMPETITIVE game esp in Ranked. I ve had a lot of people say its just ranked, when Zoe came out I had people pick Zoe and feed mid lane. it just has no logic to me what so ever my logic would so go practice on bots or even just in norms not in ranked. but again 99 percent of the worlds population is dumb as.
: Ikr. Riot dosent gives a shit. I am surprised all the people who i banned and reported for seriously bad behaviours still get into my game and somehow manage their mmr even thouhg their behaviour or skill is not improved at all. The system itself sucks and apprently they do not give a f. The best things you can do are 1. Stop playing if someone tilts you 2. Dodge whenever necessary 3. Make sure to block idiots to know how to dodge next time 4. Get to know a single position and a with couple of ezy champs 5. Constantly look at minimap and react to help ping faster than enemy laner (low elos , they love fight) 6. Know your limit. Do not play yasuo, vayne , etc. after watching montages. 7. Mute all and dont tell shit to feeders cuz it dosent help at all 8. Play adc so you will remove one potential forever-adolescent madafker made in China , hk ot taiwan island. 9. To know that this game is all about getting towers and you win if u desteoy enemy nexus 10. Baron worths 5 kills, exp and grants your team stat boosts and health regen. 11. To know ur jgler is supposed to snowball those who are ahead and/or to gank those set up vision for him. 12. Learn to tIlt poor malphite vsing against you in top lane. 13. Sion top is currently op.
: Players trolling in queue
its annoying I understand trust me, had a guy say he was before a game once just thought he was kidding he fed mid lane 12 deaths... wish there was something they could do to refund LP or review the game footage.
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