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: [COMPLETE] - OCE - Clash tournaments cancelled for the rest of this weekend
that's a stupid SYSTEM should be FAIR for everyone its not tough luck if u lost or whatever that makes no logic you pay FOR A PRODUCT and TIME wasted .............................................. so for a system issue players loose out that's a pretty f*** up league system... maybe you and Telstra should work together
: [COMPLETE] - OCE - Clash tournaments cancelled for the rest of this weekend
So riot can u pull a finger out and actually do something right ?
: its honestly just ridiculous the most recent player was on a loss streak if you're at a point where you say you're going to int feed the enemy its time to jump off and go cool down or go play a less serious mode where you can have fun
I think sometimes they forget its a COMPETITIVE game esp in Ranked. I ve had a lot of people say its just ranked, when Zoe came out I had people pick Zoe and feed mid lane. it just has no logic to me what so ever my logic would so go practice on bots or even just in norms not in ranked. but again 99 percent of the worlds population is dumb as.
: Ikr. Riot dosent gives a shit. I am surprised all the people who i banned and reported for seriously bad behaviours still get into my game and somehow manage their mmr even thouhg their behaviour or skill is not improved at all. The system itself sucks and apprently they do not give a f. The best things you can do are 1. Stop playing if someone tilts you 2. Dodge whenever necessary 3. Make sure to block idiots to know how to dodge next time 4. Get to know a single position and a with couple of ezy champs 5. Constantly look at minimap and react to help ping faster than enemy laner (low elos , they love fight) 6. Know your limit. Do not play yasuo, vayne , etc. after watching montages. 7. Mute all and dont tell shit to feeders cuz it dosent help at all 8. Play adc so you will remove one potential forever-adolescent madafker made in China , hk ot taiwan island. 9. To know that this game is all about getting towers and you win if u desteoy enemy nexus 10. Baron worths 5 kills, exp and grants your team stat boosts and health regen. 11. To know ur jgler is supposed to snowball those who are ahead and/or to gank those set up vision for him. 12. Learn to tIlt poor malphite vsing against you in top lane. 13. Sion top is currently op.
: Players trolling in queue
its annoying I understand trust me, had a guy say he was before a game once just thought he was kidding he fed mid lane 12 deaths... wish there was something they could do to refund LP or review the game footage.
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