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: LF a duo partner to rank with. I am a Gold 4 supp main
Sylvèon (OCE)
: Looking for a ADC duo partner! ^.^
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Ćolossus (OCE)
: I was Support for my previous team and still love being a support but I'm actually an ADC main. I think this gives me a edge with synergy and understanding wave management and timing down in the botlaneĆolossus Took a break for a year from my old team and league in general but still came back and got placed mid gold from my previous plat 3 Not a lot of champs i cant play
: Spicy schnitzel supp main, 1 million points alistar
: HWÆ NAN IN SANG, support. last season gold and this season 1 win away from gold.
: any role Big Moorditj :)
Lightt (OCE)
: Pref top and 2nd prefer mid
: royale fade sup pref
: ign Soom mid pref
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FlukeAu (OCE)
: G3 Mid LF Ranked 5's pst FlukeAu
i am looking for a full time mid for team serenity if you are interested
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AzeK (OCE)
Team Serenity are looking for a jg, add me to have a chat
Syncro (OCE)
: Plat 2 Mid/ADC LF Friends (all ranks, serious or casual)
Hey man, my team Serenity are looking for an ADC atm, add me to have a bit of a chat about it :)
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: LFT I am Silver 3
hey mate add me on league to talk about joining my team, Seniaz
Nity (OCE)
: Clash Team - LF Support (Silver - Plat elo)
Hey mate, i am a support main looking for a team, add me on league if you would like to discuss :) Seniaz


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