squishy2 (OCE)
: Will the rewards be distributed onto our accounts if we are playing?
Rewards will be given out over the next 7 days. You'll notice it when you exit a game or log in for the first time after it happens.
Redeem (OCE)
: Anyone got their Rewards yet? Or is it exactly 12 hours after this post?
It will happen over the course of the next 7 days.
Numemon (OCE)
: Over the next twelve hours or so we'll start distributing the rewards you earned Over the next twelve hours or so we'll start distributing the rewards you earned Over the next twelve hours or so we'll start distributing the rewards you earned Over the next twelve hours or so we'll start distributing the rewards you earned
The post was actually incorrect - rewards will be handed out over the next 7 days.
uchi1223 (OCE)
: Keep in mind that they will only "start" distributing the rewards.
It will happen over the course of the 7 days - the 'twelve hours' thing was wrong.
Aretrix (OCE)
: when do we receive our rewards?
Rewards will be handed out over the course of the next 7 days. It takes a while for them all to get out there. You will get them if you earned them =)
: Rioters vs OCE Community 5v5?
Community would win every time :D
: Oh sweet, some prizes would be awesome. I'm reading the link as I'm typing: Into: Who is it for- My club members form Helping Others Improve! Its just something fun for them to be apart of, that and testing my abilities as a commentator. Achieving- For the members to gain experience in team work, and what its like being apart of something like a tournament. Time- So far, Sunday Afternoon. In 6 days. Why?- Got the idea after "Worlds" ended. Me and the other club members were talking and watching it at the same time. And thought, "huh, this is the best pros VS even more best Pros. I wonder what it would be like if non-pros low silver/bronze summoners did this?" Had the idea of it being the complete opposite of worlds. calling it "The UnderWorlds". So far its only two teams, I don't have many club members its a very short tourney I guess. Unless I decide to add in Solo 1 V 1's. When- Sunday(Ish) Who- Team A Captain - Fitzky Team B Captain - Yasho Members participating. Jonius7 MECHANICS Negasonic Eleftheria Miicka Visuals -MAYBE NOT CONFIRMED Chobi Qube CHEESYLEEKS (If some members don't want to participate) Other members who have not said anything: Hornetnest R0rscharch XxdatpoisenxX Tomorrow sometime, Fitz and Yasho will start picking members for there team. They will then have about 4-5 days to practice. Casters/Helpers Myslef- Yasei Doubursu RonyStark- Additional helper / coach for the club Gordons Coming - He's the one going to stream it all. (Not sure tho atm) Could use help on that. Rules: Draft Mode- They will get bans and Picks. 5 v 5 on Summoners Rift. This will be done online, as I'm sure no one in the club can afford a trip. (I certainly can't) -------------------- Hopefully Gordon's going to be streaming it live. I'll do recordings on my end, I'll try and get Stark to do the same to have different perspectives. I'm sure Fitz will record his side too. Anything you can do to help Marauder will be great. So far the only prize is $10 RP each (50 in total) But hay, if you can help with second prizes 'N stuff that would be awesome.
You need to submit your event information (I recommend checking out the FAQ first) through the events tool. It can be found here: http://events.oce.leagueoflegends.com/content/faq Sounds like a cool thing you are creating :)
Tobenai (OCE)
: Do we get a gift bag? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
The ticket comes with a 3 Day IP Boost, there's no showbag.
: will there be any merch ??
: > [{quoted}](name=Sephyre,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=qJgEEB1v,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-10-27T01:16:17.605+0000) > > This thread is going places. Neither is Could 9 <3 dont ban me pls
Actually a TSM fan. Wearing a Cloud 9 icon because I lost a bet :/
Rocka (OCE)
: Looking for friends in sydney
This thread is going places.
Hey Shadowdaze13, The ticket comes with a 3 DAY IP Boost and reserved seating. You can see more details about it here: http://promo.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/hoyts-viewing-parties/
WoLF42 (OCE)
: Kinda expected {{summoner:4}} What about summoner spell stats?
Here's one specifically about Flash that you mentioned: http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/keybind-wars-which-key-best-flash
M4TrixZ (OCE)
: PAX Aus 2016
Hey, This year we're focusing on the panels and how we can share them for people that can't make it to Melbourne. Some of the panels will be streamed live, others will be available after the event as VODs. You can check out the schedule here: http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/community-events/riot-panels-coming-pax-australia There will not be a booth on the main floor like there was a few years ago.
: Dear Fellow GDers
I would give it a try and see if you like the experience. You might find you are into it now :)
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
: WTF Where are the pub parties!!! worlds 2014 was amazing at the pub in perth!
If you mean community-run viewing parties they are still happening. This post is just for the HOYTS ones.
: Cant it be at every hoyts? :/
The HOYTS needs to be able to take a satellite feed to run the broadcast, which is a limited number of cinemas. It may be expanded to other locations in the future.
Briolu (OCE)
: Will there be showbags again at these viewings?
There won't be showbags, but there will be a 3-Day IP boost included with each ticket.
: Viewing parties in OCE are a joke. There isn't one in the CAPITAL of Australia.
Hey, I totally understand the frustration. The locations are based on where there are cinemas that can take direct satellite feeds. It's something that may be expanded to other cinemas in the future.
Urgot to be kidding, you couldn't come up with Annie more?
: Where are the questions where you can get a mystery skin for the past few last hits. BibleThump
Appreciate the feedback that you miss having it. That was something we ran for a few weeks to get things started. Now the comments are for natural discussion not just 'what i have to post about to win' type stuff.
Sorry about that one! Has been fixed.
: New Zealand Sylvia Park, Wellington BUT THAT'S IN AUCKLAND....sigh{{item:3070}}{{item:3070}}{{item:3070}}
Thanks for that - have updated it.
Briolu (OCE)
: Does everyone who attends the HOYTS viewing also the showbags for free or at additional cost?
Everyone who attends a Hoyts viewing party will receive the Hoyts showbag - it's included in the price of the ticket.
: Nami loves you! My boards sticker improved (greatly) by Seras Dragon (OCE), come check it out!
Tele (OCE)
: For anyone wondering, looks like only the times for NA have been confirmed ATM. Even EUW still has the NA schedule. **Riot** should update us on the OCE schedule sometime during this patch.
There was a mistake in the title bar. Thanks for flagging that. The times listed above are for OCE. It's 8pm - 11:59pm AEST weekdays and 6pm - 11:59pm AEST weekends.
Ketz (OCE)
: Is soulstealer vayne out now? or will it be added when nami comes out?
Soulstealer Vayne will be added to Hextech Crafting during this patch. There will be a separate announcement article when it's pushed live so keep an eye out for that one.
Mudpaw (OCE)
: It's funny how counterstrike, overwatch and dota2 have voice comms, and hear we are getting the salt response from riot about negative behaviour, what the fuc
Hey Mudpaw, I think you are reading the part where it says that was the stance in the past, which has been reconsidered and may be followed up on. EG: > We'll probably begin deeper investigations once the League Client update is in a stable release so we don't have to build the feature twice, but hopefully this is a clear update on our philosophy and where we stand. We'll also give you further updates when the time comes.
: Wheres my DoomBots And Black Market Brawlers
Hey Doctor McSalt, You can submit a question to Ask Riot here: https://ask.leagueoflegends.com/hc/en-au/requests/new or the button in the article.
wakiZashi (OCE)
: Rito, I'm almost to 1000 wins! (is this the right place?)
: It is really unfortunate that the actions and attitudes of a few people have ruined the future of division 2 for the masses. Division 2 makes up over 90% of ranked players and now only these players have no way to compete with equally skilled teams from other Universities, or at least not on the same scale as OUC. I think the decision to completely cut division 2 now is unfair to most players and if there are plans to work out a different format for this tier we should have started working on it earlier so it would still be possible to run it alongside or a part of Uni Games. Just my two cents.
I understand the frustration and I agree with you that there are a lot of passionate university players that want to compete in tournaments that aren't at the pointy end of the rankings. This is definitely something we want to do more of and there were a lot of positives that came from last semester's tournament. There is a lot of potential for more inter-university competition at all levels. The next step to explore more of this for us is to work directly with the clubs to come up with a way to ensure a great experience for every player. We'll provide more updates as that progresses.
Staldy (OCE)
: Return of the legatree
They're going to leaf their enemies behind?
  Rioter Comments
: I've finally got Fibre!
Officially jealous :/
abnormalx (OCE)
: riot pls, this is diamond elo and this shit happens
It sux that you had to go through that. Please make sure you report them in the end of game screen. I edited out the screenshot as boards is not the place to report other players. Can you send it through to player support?
fum422 (OCE)
: toxic players
Welcome back :)
NEverwaRD (OCE)
: script using player found, please investigate
Hey iRejiax, I edited out the Summoner names/screenshots with summoner names. Boards isn't the place to report players. You can open a support ticket to send through the screenshots and the report on what happened.
: Which icon would Oceania receive? Or are we not included in the regions available?
Do you mean based on who wins? We did not qualify for MSI (lost at Wildcards) so you can't get the gilded regional Summoner Icon for 1 IP. You can however get the gilded regional Summoner Icon for 250 RP. To use an example, if Korea wins MSI then players on the Korean server will get the gilded regional Summoner Icon for 1 IP. Every other region can purchase it for 250 RP. You can also get the MSI 2016 Summoner Icon in the store right now for 1 IP. The other region ones cost 250 RP.
: Why is there an hourly restriction in the first place? If you are only leaving them up for 3 days, why tell people who work from 11 to 10 on the weekends they might get 5 hours to play them?
Hey, I am assuming you play on NA as your account is tagged there. We have less players in Oceania than in North America. That means that we haven't yet grown to the point of being able to have all queues on all the time. We have set enable times to make sure that there is a healthy matchmaking experience during that window of availability. These are all specific to the Oceania server, not North America. Just like the times listed in the main post are for the Oceanic server.
Ivywings (NA)
: URF hasn't yet been enabled on NA server, is this just for a specific server or is the enabling just behind?
This is the Oceanic server so all times are for OCE so in Australian Eastern Standard Time. For instance you will note that usually we have a restricted window for rotating game modes of between 11:00AM AEST and 3:00 AM AEST that you do not have on NA. Notifications on the OCE boards are for the OCE server.
: Does the 11:00 AM AEST stand for 11:00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time or 11:00 AM American Eastern Standard Time?
This is the Oceanic server so all times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time.
: >24/7 this weekend. That good sir, is not how 24/7 works, that is like 24/3
You are correct good sir, thank you for pointing out said error. It has been remedied!
  Rioter Comments
: "They were denied a trip to Wildcard back in 2014 Legacy and..." Let's add a by in there lads!
Lalna (OCE)
: Qld div 2 is still pointing to VIC
Should be fixed now - sorry about that!
: The link for the bracket for QLD Div 2 is wrong! It takes you to the Div 2 Bracket for VIC instead! (And the link for Div 2 bracket VIC actually shows you Div 1, plus is titled as NZ!) :O
Nice catch! Updated.
: I can't find my name on the 2015 list even though I earned well over 3 points for it during ocean week 2015 and playing only ocean week champions and not to mention that I specifically remember that last time the list was released, I checked and my name was on the previous list sent out for the Nautilus statue some time back. Seems many people here have the same concern or are sharing similar complaints. Take a close look at the 2015 list. It only goes up to GAV-GET summoner names. I am pretty sure the page is bugged because it is very likely that people whose summoner name past the letter G also contributed to ocean week 2015. But alas, instead of an intelligent employee replying back to us, we get an automated message that treats us like idiots that goes along the lines of: "You earned X points during Ocean Week 2015 (last year) which is why your name is not on the reef. You did earn Y points during Ocean Week 2016 (this year). That means you will get your name on the Ocean Week Community Wall which is currently in progress." I am pretty sure I earned more than three points that week. I have the icon and everything and I played League non-stop during ocean week spamming Fizz and Nami. I am also pretty sure that summoner names H-Z should be on there. Stinks the list cuts off almost right before my name. Riot, please fix the name list page so we can finally rest in peace.
What browser are you viewing the site in? I searched on the site for your name - it's there.
Iuvo (OCE)
: Would it be appropriate for myself to ask the same question? I've checked and double-checked but my name is not there, just wondering if its the same issue?
Hi Conspiire, Yeah it's the same thing. You did not earn any points during Ocean Week 2015 (last year) which is why you are not on the reef. You did earn 14 points during Ocean Week 2016 (this year) so your name will be on the Ocean Week Wall.
: I actually no-lifed the 2015 Ocean Week.
Hi A Blue Quaker, You did earn enough points during Ocean Week 2015 (last year). You actually had a different summoner name at the time which is on the reef on this list: http://promo.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/oceanweek-reef/index.html#find The summoner name you had at the end of the challenge phase last year (when the reef was unlocked) is what appears on the reef. If you can't remember what your summoner name was before you changed it, and you want me to, I can post it here for you.
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