Felicha (OCE)
: But why would they recover the account when only the original email was given in the account recovery support ticket ?
I think he probably just reset the password. If he submitted an account recovery at that time just the email isn't enough, they ask you a long list of questions unique to the account. A password reset as far as I know only requires access to the attached email address (at which point means your email is compromised as well if they were capable of receiving that).
: i bet you don't even play the game so you don't have no idea what it's like i read the forum on riot's staff you guys don't even play LOL cause you guys are so bad but you can judge me by looking at history not watching the match. lmao
I think you entirely missed the point. The point was, if you consider having 10+ deaths feeding, and that players who achieve those scores should be punished, then you too would fall into that category. Everyone has those games. To expect others to be perfect players, while you yourself aren't one (noone is), is entirely unreasonable. In your recent games you've had 7 games with more than 10 deaths, should you be punished for those games?
: Help
You're gonna have to be a little more specific. I assume you mean map skins though? In which case it's use at your own risk, and I wouldn't recommend it.
Felicha (OCE)
: Riots thorough investigation
Accounts that have been compromised multiple times or by multiple people (or both) obviously aren't secure, and oftentimes mean no effort has been made to actually secure the account. Mostly these cases involve some kind of account sharing, and in the event of compromise it makes it almost impossible to determine the original owner because the information needed to prove that is spread amongst different people. This is part of the reason account sharing is against the ToS. While non malicious account sharing isn't typically punished, it leaves you vulnerable in such circumstances. If Riot can't determine who the original owner of the account is, they can't return the account. Why would they give an account to someone they aren't sure was it's creator? That would be like playing stranger roulette with a wallet you picked up instead of just handing it in to lost and found.
Overburn (OCE)
: You mean the tickets that I already made?
Yeah, that or the summ name you made the tickets with since I'm not sure it's this account you're posting on that's been banned? Just makes it easier to find the tickets really. Ticket numbers would be best.
Overburn (OCE)
: You have no idea how thankful I am for you doing this, whether or not I get it back I'm just so so so grateful for your help. Will I be notified via email if I do get it back? Also, I have already begun changing passwords for accounts and enabling 2FA for the ones I can as well. Again, I am so so thankful for your help.
Ticket number would be helpful. Any response you'll get will be through those tickets I imagine.
Overburn (OCE)
: I downloaded MalwareBytes and I found out I had 3 Registry Key Viruses. Bingo. You found it for me, Is it too late for me to tell riot this? Or is there still a small chance I can get my account back
Sometimes support miss some particular evidence of compromise, or feel it falls under account sharing. In both cases the account stays banned, but for the former (or if the latter is misidentified) you *should* get it back assuming there's no info we're missing here on boards (like multiple compromises, more than one person with persistent access to the account etc). You've given me no particular reason to doubt what you've said, but I don't like to speak in absolutes because people *do* lie on boards. I've asked someone to take a second look for you but you'll have to hang tight :) Viruses, common passwords and hacked emails are (seemingly at least) the most often culprits for losing your login info to a malicious party, so they're definitely things to keep an eye on, especially when there is money involved. Just remember that this lesson doesn't only apply to your League account. If you suspect it was in fact a keylogger virus, now it's removed you should change any passwords that are important like bank passwords and the like. They can be a lot worse to lose than a League account.
Sn4ke (OCE)
: Akali On Free Rotation?
There's 140 champions they have to cycle through, changing 14 champs weekly that's 10 weeks or 2 and a half months gap for each champion. If you saw her on rotation in early March it's gonna be a while yet.
Overburn (OCE)
: Im gone, I cant express how dissapointed and how betrayed I feel, I am completeley innocent and I have lost a thousand dollars worth of items. I am truly saddened. If there is anything you can do please help. This has happened to me before and this time it has hit me worse as I know I have nothing wrong. This is a desperate call for help. Anyone. Riot. Please. https://imgur.com/a/PKB7FbQ
I'll see if I can ask around for you.
: Create a way to report players in the client and not only after games!
While post game reporting is still the best option wherever possible, in the event it isn't you can submit reports via Player Support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Overburn (OCE)
: Permanently suspended for breaking ToS? Help me
You mentioned you ticketed support that your account was compromised? It sounds like it was probably a security ban. It's basically a permanent ban they put on the account when there is evidence of suspicious activity. Given you don't know how your login details were acquired in the first place, it's possible your account still isn't secure. First I'd recommend changing the password to any associated email addresses as well, then I'd recommend submitting a ticket to support again. They will most likely ask you to submit an account recovery from there. Assuming a security ban is the case they will unban the account once ownership has been proven.
: oh yeah and i cant bring it up in the store if i search for it. Its acting as if i both own and dont own it, either way i dont have access to use it.
If I am understanding correctly, you activated the shard as a rental, then purchased the skin with RP? Then when the shard was set to expire, you lost the skin as well yes? If that is the case you'll have to submit a ticket to Player Support and they should be able to help you out. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: Yea I know, But why even have the option to clean them out in the first place? No one sits there and thinks: "Oh shit, that ugly gemstone ruins the symmetry of my loot page aesthetic! I have to get rid of it ASAP!" I see no reason why if you do for some reason want to get rid of it, you shouldn't be able to trade it for something of moderately equivalent value? _(I mean, youve 'earned' it, why should you be short changed?)_ That goes for tokens and blue essence too. I bet you that there are people who traded their gemstones for chests either accidentally or because they didn't realise that gemstones had another purpose. Those people were essentially robbed. If a player who remains within the client _(i.e. doesn't look at the boards or reddit or anything)_ gets a gemstone, they look at the options they have when they click on it: Save up 10 to get a skin, a little less for a ward, or they can trade 1 for a chest. And because they haven't done the research, they assume that all the options are fair and the reward if equivalent to the number of gemstones paid _(i.e. they may wrongly assume that Soulstealer Vayne is worth 10 chests)_, and so becasue the task of saving up 10 seems daunting, they choose the chest option, not realising they're throwing vast sums of money out the window. If you really care about players, you wouldn't give them an option to waste it. ______________________ It's like the Maori of old in NZ, when the european colonists came, they traded a single rifle and a couple of blankets for hundreds and hundreds of acres of pristine farmable land. Was it a legal transaction that both parties agreed on? Yes. But today we see that as abhorrent, disgusting manipulation, daylight robbery. Why should gemstones be any different? You're trading something insanely valuable, for fish and chips. it's dishonest.
You underestimate the power of OCD, or any other similar compulsion. If you aren't saving them up for anything, then yes absolutely some people will feel "I *really* wish I could get this useless thing out of my loot it clutters it up". Personally I have to use up event tokens for that 15 BE, even though I know they'll expire I have to have that little number on 0 or it just bothers me. It's not really possible to know they don't have another purpose, since when you click on it the drop down tells you all the things you can redeem them for. I'll give you that people may assume that the loot exclusive skins are worth roughly 10 masterwork chests, but you could argue that they are worth less than that. The exclusive skins are mostly 975 tier, the value of which (either in orange essence of in skin shards) you would certainly receive in 10 masterwork chests. The only thing that makes them worth more is their rarity, which isn't really all that hard to establish given how rarely you get gemstones. You're hardly throwing vast sums of money out the window. If you're buying gemstone bundles it's because you want gemstones for something and therefore know their value to you, and if you're getting them for free...they're free. You could perhaps argue time, but you get them just for playing the game, so you'll either get another one eventually, or haven't invested enough in the game to care. If someone is converting their gemstones without even googling what the skins they list look like (at which point they'll inevitably turn up the "loot exclusive") then they obviously don't care all that much about the skins. There was also a notification in client for HT Annie, and SS Vayne, and LZ Hec and so on which say "Loot Exclusive". If you don't look at or read those notifications you clearly don't care about the skins or already knew. To you it may seem like a waste because the exclusivity of those skins has value to you, but to some people it just doesn't. I could care less about having Riot Squad Singed or PAX Jax because I don't like the skins and don't play the champions. If I got Black Alistar I'd be happy because it's a brutal skin, any exclusivity is a bonus sure, but it's *only* a bonus.
: So give them something worthwhile instead? A chest + key, basically = an Ashe champion shard. Hardly equivalent to a gemstone.
They now convert to a Masterwork chest + key (cosmetics only). It's not meant to be equivalent, it's the same deal as exchanging even tokens for 15 BE. It's more to clear them out of your loot if you don't want them.
: I bought a hecarim skin and it got deleted
Skin shards don't expire unless you activate them as a rental. If you don't activate them they just sit in your loot until you either upgrade, rental activate, or disenchant them. It sounds like you probably activated the shard as a rental? It doesn't cost any essence but you only get the skin for 7 days and it consumes the shard.
Gloric (OCE)
: Words that aren't pure and utter hate speech should never constitute a ban, it's a rubbish system, pure and simple.
I disagree, you don't need to use specific words to be an asshole, and you shouldn't get a free pass to be an asshole just because you're semi anonymous, same as you don't get to be an asshole to random strangers on the street. To me, that is the pure and simple. Riot will never please everyone, they have to find that middle ground that prevents the destruction of as many player experiences as possible. If someone started getting in your face and saying rude things about your skill at x thing irl I don't think they'd have anyone on their side saying "it's not hate speech get over it", more likely it'd be along the lines of "wow that guys an asshole we don't want him here".
: Hey there, I am little confused on the fact of weather you need a league champion in the piece work you send or weather you are free to do what you want within Ionian world, like a environment piece or some Ionian people. I am also Interested in if you can send whatever you want as long as its within the 5MB.
A League character has to be present in some way in the piece (can be a recognisable side character but that's tricky to judge) but they don't have to be the focus of the piece. This contest is also only open to OCE accounts (and in the case of physical prizes, addresses).
: About Lp Decay...
28 days in Plat and Diamond, less in Master and Challenger. On that 28 days you'll lose 35 LP and again every 7 days after that. If you fall to or below 0 as a result of decay you'll be demoted a division. So basically, play a game the day before you leave and you'll be fine :) https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/204010760-Ranked-Play-FAQ#h3q1
: sorry i might just be confused with your comment. do you think we should be able to read foreign characters or not?
I don't think it would really improve communication, I see no reason not to but also not much reason to do so. My comment was more disagreeing with MoonLord. I don't think anyone should be expected to learn a language to play a video game (with the exception of maybe pros) or even be expected to communicate in a particular language that may be difficult for them during their leisure time (though there isn't much reason to type at all if noone understands you). You can't copy paste in game chat anyway, and I wouldn't recommend alt tabbing even when you're dead, it's a bad habit to get into in normals and is a detriment in ranked. At the same time though I see no reason not to make it a possibility for those who can speak x language, I just don't see it ever being a priority.
: > [{quoted}](name=oOMoonLordOo,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Gohdn2MU,comment-id=000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-17T06:32:51.102+0000) > > WHY CANT YOU LEARN ENGLISH??? The point of communication is so every 1 can understand. Why do people talks in their own langue in a team game and then expect others to go the extra mile to stranlate it?? Huh!? explain that. Please, don't be ignorant. People should not be expected to learn a language to suit you. Why don't you learn Chinese, Korean, or whatever? You're in the OCE region, not the Australia and New Zealand region. There are countries in Oceania that don't speak English.
Not to mention Aus has a significant Mandarin speaking populace (and a whole bunch of different Europe), and NZ of course has Maori which a lot of kids at least learn in school for a little while. I might be able to speak German to a reasonable level but it's exhausting to do so. If I'm gonna sit down and take a break with a game of League, I'm not gonna want to sit there wracking my brain for translations. I never understood that kind of argument. Like ok so they can't chat with you in a video game, so what? You've still got pings why does it matter so much? I'm with you on this one.
Jaapi (OCE)
: But surely they can change the randomness of getting a full melee team vs a full ranged team 5 times in a row i mean might aswell surrender straight off go.. im not the best player out there but ive tried bloody hard but every time to no prevail?
But then it wouldn't be random. ARAM isn't an exact science, and if you make one small QoL change, why not make another, and another, until balance completely overrides the spirit of the gamemode because you have so many "it's random except when x" conditions that it's not really random at all. Even in normals, where balance is a priority, you can't win every game. You'll get unlucky sometimes, doubly so in a luck based gamemode. Sometimes you'll be extra unlucky and get unlucky a bunch of times in a row.
: Account Hacked
While the lack of two factor authentication isn't great, ultimately players have a degree of responsibility to keep their accounts secure as well. The usual stuff like not using the same passwords/usernames for things and so on (in saying that I'd recommend you change the password of your attached email account as well, since you presumably don't know how someone got a hold of your account in the first place). You can submit a ticket to player support and they might be able to help you with your shards/RP and maybe your friends list as well (they can't help with rank) but that depends on a lot of things like the amount of time it's been, how the account was compromised etc. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Cortez (OCE)
: Merch?????
You can paste the link just as text in the main body as well. It can take a day or two for tracking on a package to be available, so if you ordering in the last 48 hours I wouldn't be worried. If it's been longer than that I still wouldn't get too worried, but you can submit a ticket to player support and they should be able to help you. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Jaapi (OCE)
: ARAM balance
ARAM isn't really meant to be balanced, that's the whole point of random and the fun of the gamemode.
: Ban appeal
You're a classic :P
: if you played for 3 seasons but dont own all champs, somethings wrong with you
I've played for 5 seasons and don't own all champs. Though not because I could afford them but because I didn't want them all. Maybe he didn't play all that often early on, you never know.
Felicha (OCE)
: This is the first time its been compromised, at first it was a security ban and now its a perma ban My friend was able to recover the account first by just giving the original email to them(Its still perma banned just saying how it recovered first). Wtf is riot support doing ?
Your friend wouldn't have been able to do an account recovery with just the original email (they ask you a whole long list of questions), so I'm not sure what he did through support but an account recovery wasn't it.. Have you submitted a ticket to player support yourself?
Felicha (OCE)
: Is it still possible to get the account back if they say its been permanently suspended and its final ?
If it's a security ban or a ban for actions made under compromise (assuming this isn't like the 7th time it's been compromised or something) then yes. That said, if it's a friend doing to compromising, often it comes under the account sharing umbrella (obviously not intentional, but Riot can't exactly determine that) and will remain banned. That said again though, they already unbanned it once, so I don't see why they wouldn't be able to again. If you have trouble you can post the support tickets here (remove any identifying info) and I might be able to help a bit more (more context the better an all that).
Felicha (OCE)
: They said my account is now permantely banned and yes you are understanding correctly. After I got it recovered I changed the email and cleared it up with them but I still got banned
Assuming there isn't more to the story, it could have been a misban (an agent who didn't realise it had been cleared up so security banned it) or it could be there is still suspicious activity on the account and so it was security banned again. Either way, an account recovery ticket through support should get it cleared up.
: I swear this same thread was posted two days ago.
You mean I'm not just going insane? Or at least, not this time?
Felicha (OCE)
: Banned after recovery ended up to perma ban
Sounds like it was a security ban to me (a ban issued to prevent any further activity on the account until the original owner can recover it). If I'm understanding correctly, your account was stolen, recovered through Riot, then later security banned and when you submitted a ticket they asked you to recover the account again? It wouldn't have been just IP addresses that triggered such a thing. Frankly yes, they think that your account is vulnerable, since it has been in the past and they have no reason to believe it isn't now. If the account was banned for irregular activity it means it wasn't fully secured when you last did the recovery. I'd recommend changing the passwords to any emails associated with the account as well and then going through the account recovery process once again.
absof (OCE)
: Reporting someone outside of the game/automated system
We have a "No Reporting Other Players" rule here on boards (aka no naming and shaming) so I removed the summoner names from your post. If you wish to submit a report outside of post game because you were unable to then, you can submit it through support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Support can't tell you anything about any action taken on someone else's account (privacy policy), so you'll get a generic "thanks for your report, keep using post game reporting where at all possible" type response.
OCE has a much smaller server population than most, so queue times are longer, especially at unusual hours when most people are sleeping or working (2am-8am AEDT). 30 minutes is still unusual, though not unheard of. If you playing gamemode like ARAM or TT then queue times will of course be longer still.
: Im usually a fan of the _'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'_ mentality, and the oid version wasn't broken. Most people don't like change, so its always a risk. But in saying that, at the time I didn't see any problems with the old forums, and was opposed to the change the 'new' boards brought. But that turned out to be a positive one. Sooooo ill keep an open mind with this one. As a graphic designer, I tend to agree in part with Broken Scripts, there is a lot of blue, and it doesn't always help. And while blue is good _(hella better than red)_ there isn't enough contrast between the blue and the background banner _(the Jhin artworks of Garen/Sona etc_). I think the colour in that top banner needs to be more vivid in order to make enough contrast to justify this many shades of blue. _(like why is the post button blue now instead of brown? its just unnecessary, and makes it feel like its greyed out)._ Also a lot of the text _(and other artefacts)_ are now WAYYYY too close to the borders of their respective boxes. Most notable here: https://imgur.com/a/5hX4V The words are too close to the sides of the box and make it look unprofessional and cluttered. https://imgur.com/a/1SL8H Again here, there isn't enough room around all the artefacts in the box, you can see the images almost touching the borders of the allocated space. And why is there more room between the picture and the top of the border, than there is between the pic and the bottom? Not good. Not good at all. On a positive note, it is very clean and modern, the old design for the boards, while functional, looked dated before it even went live. ______________ #**ALSO MAJOR PROBLEM!!!** The stickers are too small to be as sarcastic as they need to be!!!! There was nothing better than a giant pantheon thumbs up to show how much you disapproved. Now they are too small to convey much emotion at all, sarcastic or otherwise.
Blasphemy! Red is obviously the best colour >:( (Though admittedly red in themes on webpages tends to look very overdone, use in moderation and all that). That said, while I wasn't too deep in the details of this change, I do believe that a significant reason for moving forward with the stuff was the same reason we got a client update for League itself. Namely it'll make it a lot easier to add other features (like theme selection and other customisation) in the future. It's also got the whole "marking anew age of boards" schtick going on. The obvious advantage of course being that community feedback is a thing that can actually be considered and/or implemented, as opposed to just being something we had no power over. I agree on the post button especially though. The background banner is designed to be interchangeable, or rather the image will change every few months or so. I believe the Jhin one is somewhat of a placeholder and there is a different image that's getting put in soon. On the text and their boxes, I agree the universal rules could probably use a tweak, just not sure how would look best. Make it any smaller and it's not obvious enough, move "rules" down a line and you have a real short second line. Remove "boards" and people won't know what it is (probs will think it's game rules or something). As for the thumbnails, I have no particular problem with them other than the symmetry. There's more space at the top than there is at the bottom and that kinda pisses me off. The amount of space there is doesn't particularly bother me. I think it's enough that there's separation and not so much that the images drown in space. More feedback the better, keep it coming :)
Munien (OCE)
: [Windows 10] Extreme lag of some sort (Not ping)
It sounds like some pretty bad packet loss. Ping is how long the packet takes to get from you to the server and back again, but it can't reflect packet loss Those packets can't be timed because they never actually make it. If you're using a wireless connection, try switching to a wired one. You can also give Lag Report a sus to see if it might be an ISP issue or something on your end. https://lagreport.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/ You can also give some of the other fixes here a go: https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-oce/LbPY3Rpr-experiencing-a-tech-problem-find-the-common-fixes-here#connection
: Connection/lag issues getting me leavebuster
At a point you have to consider how you are affecting other players. Shit happens of course, and everyone is going to dc for one reason or another once in awhile, but once in a while won't get you LeaverBusters. If you're getting LBs it means this is happening pretty consistently, and Riot can't just consider whether you did it on purpose, they also have to consider the 4-9 other players who have had their experience ruined because you couldn't play out a game. So the question is then what kind of problems are you having? Sometimes all it takes is a call to your ISP threatening to leave them to get shit fixed. Sometimes it's as simple as switching to a wired connection. If it's an issue you really can't do anything about, like dodgy cables in a country area or something, then you'll have to accept the consequences of playing an online team based game with a compromised connection.
: You're right it is a grey box in mobile too. I just didnt notice it at all 😂
Still an argument for making it more obvious :P I'll make sure Wuks sees it.
: Another thing. When the thread owner used to reply to a comment in their own thread their named used to be highlighted. I liked that they were noticeably different from everyone else in their thread. Whould you look a re implementing this feature?
There is a highlight on desktop though its just a grey box and not anywhere near as obvious, do you get that on mobile or nothing at all?
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=J1rRohqW,comment-id=00020000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-11T11:49:55.441+0000) > > I was responding to your comment "So aslong as am bad, i dont need to improve because whoever tell me that, they get ban". Intentional trolling is a whole other discussion and entirely besides the point because we were never talking about gameplay offences. > > I get the feeling we have very different ideas of justified. I don't expect people not to get angry at random assholes on the internet, I never said "don't get angry" I said "don't abuse them back". **_I_** get angry at random strangers on the internet, but I don't tell them to play in traffic because they were an asshole online. I ignore them, or rant at my screen, or on occasion might even get frustrated with them and type when it just fuels the fire, but there is **still** a big difference between getting frustrated and abusing someone. I would just like to know, was I really that abusive? I didn't swear, I didn't tell them to injure themselves, I thought I was quite restrained. It's a shame you can't see Vaynes chat.
I wasn't referring to your chat log in particular, I was speaking more generally there since it was a rather different discussion. As HeartVine says, you don't have to swear to be toxic. "Wow you can't hit anything you should really just uninstall you're so bad at this game" is pretty much the same as "you f**king suck". Like I said in my original comments regarding your punishment, yours was a permanent suspension because you ignored the warning of your 14 day. You were warned, upon receiving your 14 day suspension that continuing your negative behaviour would result in a permanent suspension (because in such a case the 14 day ban clearly was not enough of a hint that your behaviour was not appropriate). You weren't given a permanent ban because this log on it's own was worth one. You were given a permanent ban because despite three prior and escalating warnings you still refused to do anything about your behaviour. At a point, Riot can no longer consider the possibility of reform, and have to consider how you are negatively affecting other players. If you refuse to improve your behaviour, then that's on you, Riot can only move to protect those other players.
: THE KEY WORD IS INTENTIONAL. The kind that after a death hear some 1 say wtf are u doing. Go on feed mode to get even. Or the kind that come in game deciding to have "fun" and do whatever the fk doesnt care about winning. The kind that straight up trolling. Yes they dont type anything so they cant get ban. When the insult is justify, it justify. Do you think people just get angry over nothing? No! they get angry because of the action of others. You keep talking about having a bad game and such. But fk me. When some 1 is actually bad VS intentionally trolling, and dont want to win BS. Ever played with a boosted fk? legit like 20-29% win rate in rank?? The actual bad players are no where close in population COMPARE TO THE REST of the mentioned one.
I was responding to your comment "So aslong as am bad, i dont need to improve because whoever tell me that, they get ban". Intentional trolling is a whole other discussion and entirely besides the point because we were never talking about gameplay offences. I get the feeling we have very different ideas of justified. I don't expect people not to get angry at random assholes on the internet, I never said "don't get angry" I said "don't abuse them back". **_I_** get angry at random strangers on the internet, but I don't tell them to play in traffic because they were an asshole online. I ignore them, or rant at my screen, or on occasion might even get frustrated with them and type when it just fuels the fire, but there is **still** a big difference between getting frustrated and abusing someone.
Scottez (OCE)
: Yeh it seems to be the trend for riot responses.....
Scripting bans are done in waves, so they aren't instant punishments. Support also won't tell you about any action taken on someone else's account (privacy policy and all that) and post game reporting is the best method, so yes, you will get a generic "thanks for your report, keep using post game reporting" type response. There isn't any other info they can give you.
: You just described Korean solo Q. And look at how high lv their solo Q players are. Not some kindergarden tone down BS you feed people and give them the mind set it ok to do badly intentionally, we will punish those speak against them. So aslong as am bad, i dont need to improve because whoever tell me that, they get ban for hurting my feeling. By your logic there is no different between ingame bashing and suicide encouragement. Is that how you wanna spin it?
How is KR in any way relevant? This isn't KR, this is OCE. Vastly different cultures for one, just as OCE is more lenient than NA, OCE and KR have significant differences. Being good at something is also entirely irrelevant. What does it matter if you are Bronze or DIamond? if you're being an asshole, you're being an asshole. Bad is relative, Bronze is bad to Golds and Gold is bad to Diamonds. If you think you get the right to _abuse _ someone because they're bad at the game relative to your perception (and fyi, you're in their game for a reason), then yes, you're going to be punished for it, because that's called being an asshole.
: A tiring respond would be "Fuck you suck". Do you think most people would put in efforts to ask the obvious; To a dude that've been dying and creating problem ingame untill boiling point?? Do you know what your system is advocating? **People who feed and be a burden, and aslong as they keep their mouth in check it is ok**. Those who respond negatively to it, get the short end of the stick. So what do you have in the end? The troll, the feeders and others ingame Bull shits; Get benefited when they piss others off. ASLONG AS THEY STICK TO YOUR RULES. SAY NOTHING or TYPE SOME fake nice chat ingame to play pretend. Your system is not Creating winners.
Allowing verbal toxicity because "someone else started it" hardly creates winners either. It creates people who think that as long as someone else is an asshole first, they're allowed to be as well, and that self control is meaningless and shouldn't be something to strive for. How is that a good thing? The gameplay systems aren't perfect but that doesn't mean we should be ignoring chat just because they aren't up to par. By your logic it's fine to say "kys" so long as someone intent fed first because "they started it and it was just an emotional response".
: Oh please. This idealogy is rather robotic in nature. How many people that are meet with unpleasant dissing gonna held their tongue? when people are offending you, would you say nothing? Stand up for yourself man! Insults is meet with insults. This is pretty normal in these sort of "competitive" environment. If you gonna punish 1, then might aswell punish the other person that started it aswell. I feel that you just pick the most neutral answer that you can just so you can be on the fence. is that who you are as a person? Too bad not everyone can be the middle guy.
Standing up for yourself isn't the same as firing back. If someone says "why are you feeding", there's a big difference between "I'm behind an have had no pressure" and "f**k you". It's not the other guys punishment that is in question. If the other guy said the things claimed, then it's likely he either got punished or got negative history marked on his account, but it's irrelevant because we're talking about the OPs punishment here.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=J1rRohqW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-11T06:50:07.345+0000) > > I'd say it's a punishment worthy log, whether it's perma worthy depends on if you've have previous punishments. If you've previously had a 14 day ban, then perma is the next punishment tier. Assuming this is the case it would have been made very clear to you in your last reform card. > > You're taking shots at the Vayne right from line 1. Noone wants to play with that kind of consistent negativity whether they're the target or not. It should be mentioned the Vayne was firing shots at me first. If you could see the whole log, including what Vayne was saying, it would be much clearer. Vayne was swearing a hell of a lot. Dropping the C word every second chat. And yes this was my second game coming off a 14 day suspension, but no where was it mentioned the next action was a perma ban.
You aren't responsible for the Vayne's actions, you're responsible for your own. Instead of just muting the guy and moving on (or just ignoring him) you started abusing him back. It's not a fun time for the rest of your team. Your 14 day reform card would have looked something like this: https://i.imgur.com/U4XhEGo.png The key sentence being: "If this behaviour continues, your account will be permanently suspended."
: Account perma banned why?
I'd say it's a punishment worthy log, whether it's perma worthy depends on if you've have previous punishments. If you've previously had a 14 day ban, then perma is the next punishment tier. Assuming this is the case it would have been made very clear to you in your last reform card. You're taking shots at the Vayne right from line 1. Noone wants to play with that kind of consistent negativity whether they're the target or not.
: Censors mention of name in post, fails to realise the ign in op.gg link... rofl jesus christ Riot
Yeah honestly, these moderators am I right?
: The best Lulu skin
Star Guardian, followed closely by Winter Wonder. I honestly don't like Pool Party that much, I like the VFX but not the model especially. To each their own though. :)
: Nvm I just leveled up it takes a while..
Posting in Help and Support (which doesn't have a level limit) updates your level on boards :) I think up voting a post also does it but I'm not totally sure on that one.
Scottez (OCE)
: Bro i had a perfect game 2 days ago for the first time in a very long time. Every team member had at least 4 kills (except supp) and we got all towers, inhibs, drags and rift scuttler and i think the highest kills was on the mid that had 9 kills. Enemy didn't kill one person and didn't get one tower. Everyone fed on the enemy team so consider yourself lucky only two did in your game, but shit stomps happen. I had my one and only chance to fight seras dragon in league and our team just got completely rolled on, disappointing but it happens man.
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