: Delayed in gameplay actions, seems like its lag but its not
It sounds like it's probably packet loss. If the displayed ping is how long it takes a packet to get from point A to point B and back again, then packet loss is the packet not making it at all. It isn't reflected in your ping because the packet isn't there to tell you how long it took. Instead of things being delayed, packet loss will often result in things like jumps or choppy movements as things catch up past the lost packets. The tl;dr is, it's probably connection related and not client related, but where specifically the issue is can be difficult to track. Your best first step is going to be checking the service status of your ISP, they pretty much all have a page that will tell you of any service interruptions or maintenance going on that might be affecting your connection. Past that, Player Support can likely help you better than I can: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: Banned for using 3rd party programs!!!
Your first step is submitting a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new 3rd party bans are by far the most accurate bans so a false positive is extremely unlikely, however, there are a few scenarios in which the account may be recovered. To be clear, if you used any program on the account for any reason that gives an unfair advantage and/or interferes with the gameplay loop from pressing play to the end of the game, then you are responsible for this punishment, and it will not be revoked. If you used a program that was previously allowed, but with a recent update has changed that, then you *may* have an ignorance claim, depending on what it was, what proof you have of features used and such. This is something you will have to take up with Support and is entirely up to their discretion. Ultimately any third party program falls under a 'use at your own risk' policy. If you have shared your account with a friend or family member who used illicit programs on the account then, unfortunately, you are also responsible for that behaviour, and the punishment will not be revoked. Account sharing is also against the ToS, and while it isn't actively actioned unless it is being used maliciously or unfairly (boosting, that type of thing), sharing an account loses you quite a few of the protections that a fully secure account has. Again, it is a 'do so at your own risk' type deal. If your account was compromised, and someone broke into your account and proceeded to use illicit programs on your account, then barring any extenuating circumstances, you have a case for recovery. If this is the case, then given that you did not give access to your account away, and the programs were not used by you, often player support can restore the account once it is secure. This involves among other things, changing your passwords and going through the account recovery (ownership verification) process. Ultimately, the final decision is up to Player Support.
Vaann (OCE)
: RP not showing
Try restarting your client if you haven't already, often that's enough to force the update. Failing that, submit a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new It'll probably show up anyway in an hour or two, but doesn't hurt to have an active ticket in case it doesn't.
: Normal Draft Pick?
https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/OYQ9dMpV-queue-schedule-updated-nov-21-2018 As Istehz said: >Summoner's Rift Normal Draft: >Every Day: 11:00am-3:00am AEDT Any changes will be reflected on that post, so if you think something has changed, that's the place to check.
: pick ban colors
Are they not obvious already? I'm unsure exactly what you mean, but the whole lobby goes red when ban phase is up, and blue for pick phase. Adding side based colours would probably confuse things more than help.
: I hate that I can't see who has a toaster.
No toaster-ism allowed here sir. Really though, it's a lot easier to look at one bar/number than at 10 to work out roughly how long a load is going to be.
: If the person is abusing you in voice chat just mute them like you would if they were typing to you I think Voice Chat in league would be a great idea and a way to communicate when to come in and gank, Voice Chat would also give us a chance to feel like we're playing and communicating like the pros. since this game is heavily teambased idk why there isnt voice chat in the first place yeah sure you'll get the odd surrender at 15 this person is bad and all the sexism and racism and stuff etc etc but its like that in every game for example csgo and OW like u just mentioned hell even dota 2 has voice chat I think (I've never played the game before) and they're in the same Genre. Yeah it would be Difficult to track and punish people but overall I think voice chat would bring a much needed positive and social change to the game
The impact of voice chat is much higher. If you're having to mute someone, it means whatever would prompt you to mute them has already happened, and muting all at the start of games defeats the purpose. I'm not saying voice chat doesn't have big positives, I'm just saying the negatives are more substantial as well, and that has to be considered when implementing it.
: should be front page, people shouldn't have to search to see my glory, lol
In my mind, it's kinda 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other type deal. On the one hand, it's historically been a ranked reward that people cared quite a bit about, but on the other, it doesn't really reflect any valuable information, it's just style points. From a logical perspective, I think the new way is better, but from a sentimental one, I'm not sure how to feel. I've always either maintained or raised my rank, so it doesn't affect me personally, but I can respect the diverse situations which would warrant a desire for better recognition of past achievements. I do seem to recall them mentioning something about adding all past season ranks to profile? Though I may be mixing memories there.
: Where is my silver border in the new loading screen?
Past season rank now shows on your banner instead of your border, so when you flip the loading screen tiles you'll see your banner with your past season rank, as well as those of your teammates (you can't see enemy ranks). It also still shows on your profile. So it does still show on the loading screen, just not 'front page'.
: A lot of the rage in League of Legends can be avoided with voice chat
Personally I've experienced *far* more abuse from voice chat in games like OW than I ever have in text chat in games like League. In League the insults usually aren't all that personal, the usual angry "you're bad" or "you suck", regardless of how you're actually playing. Voice chat opens up a whole new slew of possible *personal* insults. Stuff like "why aren't you playing support", and "haha you think girls can play video games", (in pregame) "Just surrender now we've got this deadweight of a [sexist expletive]" and "[insert sexist tirade here]. This was to the point where voice chat was either with friends, or was something I listened to without participating in, because it just wasn't worth the risk to so much as tell someone they were about to get jumped from behind. Text chat levels the playing field. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, there's no arguing that voice chat is a much more efficient means of communication (most of the time), but given that voice chat is *much* harder to track and punish, and pings make up for most of the shortcomings of text communication I can understand why Riot don't want to just slap voice chat in and call it a day.
: Basis and criteria for chat restriction / bans
In future, the Player Behaviour sub-board is more appropriate. As for the system, Riot has pioneered their automated learning system. Nobody can answer the question what *exactly* it looks for because that's not how it works. It's been taught via input what behaviours the community accepts as ok, and what ones it doesn't. The disadvantage is that niche (but still obviously negative to a person) behaviours will take a little longer to detect and action. The advantage is that there is no specific list of words or actions that can be avoided to dodge the system and be negative without consequences. There are some single words that would more often than not see you punished, but I can assure you they aren't "otherwise regular words". We're talking things like 'kys', racial slurs, hate speech. That type of deal, all of which is classed as no tolerance language, and will escalate straight to a 14-day ban for the first offence. It's severe behaviour, an pretty obviously not ok, so you only get the one warning before perma. Just because someone keeps playing, doesn't mean they weren't punished. The first two punishment tiers are chat restrictions, and while you can be escalated through them as mentioned above, that isn't always the case. There *is* technically a popup that informs you if a report has contributed to punishment, but it should really more be treated as a bonus confirmation that anything else. It's unreliable, and extremely limited in when it appears, so it's not something to stake claims on. Let me paint you a picture. >You're playing Pyke support. In a normal no less so you're using this opportunity to play something you don't normally, to practice and to have some fun with something new. Understandably, you aren't a god tier Pyke, you've only played him for a couple games, and the enemy support is frankly just better. You're getting zoned, you got picked a couple times and now the enemy ADC is much stronger than yours. >This game is hardly indicative of your overall skill since you're in an off role on a new champ, and a squishy one at that. Nevertheless, your ADC is mad that you're dying. Instead of asking you to play a bit safer and wait for the hooks, or wait for jungle pressure, they start abusing you. They're saying you don't deserve your rank, that you should uninstall the game because you're so bad. Is the ADC calling you out? Or are they being an asshat to someone who's having a bad game, as if they've never had one in their life? So yes, you were toxic. You don't have to swear to be toxic. You don't have to use any particular keywords to be toxic. It's pretty simple really. Is the intent to put down, hurt, or place unconditional blame on another person? If yes, you're being toxic. Is the intent to garner a negative reaction, or otherwise incite anger in another person? If yes, you're being toxic. Are you lashing out in aggression, and/or deflecting all personal responsibility for a loss (it's a team game people) onto another person, who may or may not have also contributed? If yes, you're being toxic. In short, don't be a jerk. The system validates claims essentially through past cases. If the community almost universally reports something like "kys", it's pretty obviously a behaviour the community doesn't want. If the community only reports the c-word when it's used in an insulting context, then that context is what the system uses to validate current reports. As for your rhetorical question, consider it a matter of perspective. Heaven forbid a supposedly intelligent race would have some respect for each other.
: Honor progress S9
Honour is meant to be a season long achievement so it's a long process. It takes the average player (or at least it did last season) 3-4 weeks per checkpoint, so it's not unusual to have not seen any progress yet. As for starting at checkpoint 2, that's because you finished last season at Honour 4. H2 reset to H2, H3 to H2-1, and so on.
Hyunmee (OCE)
: Two questions if I may ask :D 1. Can I enter if I play OCE, live in Aus, but am not yet a citizen? I'm married to an Australian, but my citizenship application won't finish for another year or so :(. 2. Is there a penalty for entering closer to the end of the contest? (eg. we don't get as many views or comments)? I'm a slow writer ;; Thank you!!
1. The Master Rules only specify legal *resident*, and we're not actually sending out physical prizes so~~ I can't see this being an issue, but I'll double check with the crew just to be sure and get back to you.~~ you're all good to submit! 2. No, it's an internal panel for judging this time around, so comments/votes/views on the actual post won't matter :)
Asowa (EUNE)
: Why contests are only for OCE? For example, in EUNE is no contest,, why?
Because it's run by OCE players and prized by Riot OCE. If you want similar contests over on EUNE, talk to your boards volunteers about it :)
StabbedYa (OCE)
: What does this mean is it an error
Probs a bugged popup. Submit a bug report and move on :)
: Not Perma Ban
You get *one* warning for hate speech/suicide encouragement/other such bullshit. That warning is in the form of a 14 day suspension.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=2mwLVvlk,comment-id=000a00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-07T08:32:14.484+0000) > > Yes to what?? To poems? I already said yes to that :P Are we able to use a quote or a passage in our story which one of the champions say even though the quote was written and/or said by an IRL person? (to this xD sorry it might not have sent) {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
I just responded to your comment above! I view boards in discussion format not chronological, so I imagine that's where some confusion happened sorry!
: Are we able to use a quote or a passage in our story which one of the champions say even though the quote was written and/or said by an IRL person? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
If it's just a quote or two here and there, yes. If you're ripping whole dialog/speeches that's obviously a problem :P If it's a quote from an irl person, I'd recommend crediting the quote at the end (it won't count to your word limit), if it's just a champion quote or some such there's no need to.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=2mwLVvlk,comment-id=000a000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-07T08:16:08.076+0000) > > Can't wait to see it! is that a yes xD {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Yes to what?? To poems? I already said yes to that :P
: are bots the only ones that read reports?
No, though the automated system does cover the vast majority. Simply from a scale-ability perspective, majority manual review isn't feasible. However, it's important to note that while using post game reporting is and always will be the most effective method for reporting (because it flags the game, allows you to leave permanent comments attached to that player's history, and teaches the automated system), reports sent through tickets will always be manually reviewed. They won't necessarily be manually actioned. If the automated system is already onto the reported player they're unlikely to mess with that process, because they're close to action anyway and the more the automated system is allowed to learn on it's own terms, the better and the more efficient it is in future. There's also a whole slew of other reasons manual action might not be taken, but that's the one most relevant to the automated side of things. Gameplay offences are in a bit of a tricky spot, in that they're harder for a machine to recognise (takes a lot more teaching for a machine to learn to recognise intent in action than in basic text), and far more time consuming for manual reviews to identify (watching a 40 minute game is harder than reading a chat log). That's not to say gameplay offences don't get punished, because they do. They are usually just slower to be issued. Blatant gameplay offences often get caught first or second game, there's even been a few recent posts about it. As for that popup, don't rely on it, *at all*. Treat it as a bonus, not as a source of information, because that's not what it is. If you get the message it means someone's been punished, but the reverse is not true. Even if your report directly contributed to a punishment for that game, you aren't guaranteed to get the popup. It's unreliable, and very limited in when it appears.
: Yep, they'll be cohesive. I'm going to have a poem for each champion with a skin and have it be about their experience during a lunar new year festival. :)
oOSoftOo (NA)
: Banned for "botting"
Submit a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They'll be able to offer you more details on the punishment, and if the punishment was a result of compromise, start you on the account recovery process.
: I've been having the exact same problem :/ this isnt fun, especially when its my ranked games. It's also the first time ive been getting this sort of thing for a long time. I've been doing a full repair everytime is happens, but nothing seems to fix.
It was a known issue and the fix rolled out last night so everything should be good now (though still test in a custom first).
: Can I do a collection of poems as long as it's within the word limit?
I'd probably recommend them having some links between them, simply cause with a contest like this a semi cohesive collection will have more meaning than a random collection, but you certainly won't be disqualified for the format :)
: Wait so how do I set up a support ticket
Sorry I assumed that was how you got the info you had. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: My account got deleted
The only way (that I know of) accounts get deleted is when it is specifically requested by the owner. If you know the summoner name of the account you might be able to put through an account recovery ticket with support, though you will need to remember details unique to the account to do this. It's possible the account was compromised, honestly not sure what to tell you other than support is your best bet for more info here.
Charken (OCE)
: are we able to say that the evils of the world such as the lunar wraiths have been bound and sealed away?
If you'd like, there no limitations on timeframe/era.
: What do you mean by Lunar Revel Universe? I have been to the universe site and I don't believe there is an alternate Lunar Revel universe. Do you just mean the story has to be set during the lunar revel and have characters in their skins?
Each skin is set in it's own alternate universe. Project skins are an AU, Star Guardian is another, Winter Wonder/Snowstorm/Winter skins are another and so on and so forth. In essence, so long as you are showcasing at least one Lunar Revel skin that would pretty much qualify, since there isn't much official canon built into the AU. Ideally you would draw from the real world inspiration (Lunar New Year) for your world building, since the AU is basically an in game reflection of the real world customs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AOIe001U,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-05T04:35:14.441+0000) > > It's both. It's a punishment for the immediate behaviour and a warning of the permanent consequences of continuing. That's like shooting someone and being like, "This is a warning!" Not how it works.
It's more like giving someone community service for a first time offence before sticking them straight in jail.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AOIe001U,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-02-05T02:46:52.631+0000) > > Depends how long ago it was, the system changed drastically around the time OCE started, and quite significantly again a year or two after that. > > As for warnings, the chat restrictions/14 days *are* the warnings. Maybe. That is not how warnings work, mate. That is a punishment, not a warning.
It's both. It's a punishment for the immediate behaviour and a warning of the permanent consequences of continuing.
Nightjar (OCE)
: here's an idea, what about 1 every 100 account levels, instead of 3 per account lifetime. So for most people, that'd be 2-3, for some hardcore players, that'd be like 5, and for some super maniacs, I think they truly deserve their 15 refunds, because they've honestly been playing more than anybody else. https://lolnames.gg/en/highscores/
I don't think anyone would particularly object to that, but there's also the priority factor. I can't imagine revamping refunds would place higher than things like honour improvements, ranked systems etc. So long as those teams are working on new things for ranked, behaviour, all that big stuff, refunds probably aren't going to see any love.
: > [{quoted}](name=HeartVine,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=2mwLVvlk,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-02-02T06:16:32.987+0000) > > There's not a whole lot in regards to the lore for the Lunar Revel Alternate Universe, so you'll likely need to take a lot of "creative license" to fill in any gaps. You can refer to the Lunar Revel page on the LoL Wiki to see all the relevant lore in a single location: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Lunar_Revel_skins#General Imagine making a contest designed around the lore of a universe that hardly exists. What a great idea.
That's kind of the point. It's a creative contest, and having less established canon gives people more freedom to play with ideas. Having well established lore makes it easier to focus on characters, but having less established lore allows writers to bring in their own world building elements as well. Just as writing within very strict limitations has it's pros and cons, so does having almost complete freedom. It's about variety and appealing to a wide range of artists. Some will find strict limitations more of a challenge, others find it helpful and visa versa for less limits. That's the beauty of creativity, there is no *right* way.
: > Behavioural offences (gameplay, chat, griefing etc) will _never_ result in a perma ban for first offence, there will always be at least a 14 day ban as a warning first. Even no tolerance language like hate speech and suicide encouragement gets that one warning. I call bull on that because I have been permed straight off the bat for my very first offence. Granted, I did say that Hitler the right idea and that gays and Jews should be killed off, but case in point. This was a while ago, though. May have changed. Of course, I have never gotten a warning, either. First punishment is normally always a chat restriction or a fourteen-day ban.
Depends how long ago it was, the system changed drastically around the time OCE started, and quite significantly again a year or two after that. As for warnings, the chat restrictions/14 days *are* the warnings.
TF Blade (OCE)
: Is there a way to see what my account standing is? I was banned about 8 months ago for 2 weeks and I've no idea what my account standing is
No, and this is by design. When given a specific timeframe for reform, there is a percentage of players that will clean up their act until their punishment tier drops, and then go right back to negative behaviour. Those that have truly reformed will get there anyway, and those that haven't can't game the system to avoid risking their account. It is also personalised, and progress is based on what type of behaviour you are demonstrating, in much the same way as honour does. Honour in fact can be a good indicator of progress. If your Honour progress is slow, your progress down a punishment tier is going to be slow as well. In short, positive behaviour will get you there faster, neutral behaviour eventually, and negative behaviour (even if it doesn't or wouldn't result in a punishment) will not get you any progress at all.
Strip (OCE)
: New ranked placements is actually fake.... What is going on Riot?
>Look at the images above I've removed the images, because of our [rules against reporting other players](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/BjArMH2B-boards-universal-rules) here on boards. The exception is made *only* for confirmed bots, no matter the offence. >the ashe just hit level 30 Level, doesn't really mean all that much. It could easily be a smurf account, or someone with at the very least, prior MOBA experience. While placements can be a bit off at times because everyone's MMR is still settling, ultimately you were matched with them for a reason. >she sold her items and bought new support items So she was probably trolling, regrettably, there will always be people like that, and the best thing you can do, is report, move on, and not let them affect any more of your games. The system will pick up that kind of behaviour quickly. >I was told this season everyone starts 'iron' I'm not sure where you heard this, but as far as I know it's inaccurate. To the best of my knowledge the new account MMR is roughly high Bronze this season, though if they are losing all their games their MMR will quickly adjust, and their provisional rank will be lower than that. >i understand the trouble with match making in 3v3 flexed that it's not based on solo queue The biggest problem with matchmaking in 3v3 isn't MMR accuracy, but population. Not many people play TT, so matchmaking will be skewed. Your LP gains/losses will reflect this though, earning lots/losing less for harder games, and visa versa for easy games. >my mmr was silver based on op.gg Especially in early games (<50) MMR found on op.gg is a guide at best. It's an estimate, and doesn't use Riot's actual calculations (which are hidden). It can be a decent enough measure of relative skill compared to other individuals, but using it to compare to whole ranks, or to say "op.gg tells me I should be gold" is not a good way to use it, because it just isn't accurate enough for that. >can we please, please, please, fix this? The only surefire way to fix it is to get more people playing TT. Reducing the queue up time is one way to do that, but then you also deny many players the chance at all. The current schedule is the most viable from the data, but it's far from perfect. It more than likely never will be with the population we've got.
ghost42 (OCE)
: Perma banned with no warning
There are very few things that will net you an instant perma ban. Things that do, are things like cheating, illicit 3rd party program use, chargebacks (which are reversible upon settlement), security/compromise bans (which are reversed upon the account being secured), that type of thing. Behavioural offences (gameplay, chat, griefing etc) will _never_ result in a perma ban for first offence, there will always be at least a 14 day ban as a warning first. Even no tolerance language like hate speech and suicide encouragement gets that one warning. Your reform card (the popup you see when you login) will tell you what you were banned for, or at the very least point you to support to get the full story. You can also submit a ticket directly to player support (https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and they will be able to tell you what you were punished for, and often offer more context.
Benno07 (OCE)
: Why am I banned from playing the game instead of just chat restricted?
Suicide encouragement (along with things like hate speech) are classed as no tolerance language, so you only get the one warning for your behaviour. You can return your account to good standing with a significant enough period (both time and activity) of good (or at least neutral) behaviour. If you struggle that much drag your chat off screen and skip through post game without reading the chat. No-one is responsible for you telling someone to kill themselves except you, so own it, accept to not do it again or face permanent suspension, and move on.
: wait did you get charged international fees though?
No. Still not entirely sure it what circumstance you'd ever be charged fees, but I haven't heard of it happening to anyone. Perhaps if there was currency conversion involved, or if you were using a weird bank/account that only does stuff in-country (which would be none that I've heard of).
LGC Elam (OCE)
: Boards Community Lunar Revel Fanfiction Contest!
Hey folks! Just letting you know that we've added in a rule we forgot: "No inappropriate summoner names". As with previous contests, we won't be showcasing anything under an inappropriate name so if you want to submit with one you'll have to do so under another account or after a name change.
: i have already submitted a ticket, given league logs etc, i have been playing league since 2013, never had this issue or any issues until the recent patches, ive had this problem since the latest patch before posting it here. i have AMD graphics but they arent integrated graphics, Radeon dual graphics is in play, despite either enabling them or disabling the dual graphics it makes no difference. AMD Radeon HD 8650G i have clean booted my pc, used hextech re install to clean install league, that should fix all problems as nothing else is running on my computer besides league, which rules out it being an "overlay" program or anything like that, im struggling to see why anything on my computer can be conflicting gameplay even when clean boot is used, it has to be the league client itself? thanks.
It's not on your computer, it appears to be more widespread than that, but it seemed that many of those affected were on integrated AMD graphics, hence the question. Unfortunately this might end up being a wait and see type thing on your end. I'd certainly recommend avoiding ranked at least until we hear more.
: Hey! This contest allows the usage of other Universes of League of Legends too, right? As in we don't need to focus solely on the Lunar Revel Universe, but need to include it?
Yes, though ideally the LR universe would be the focus, or at least the starting point given that it is a Lunar Revel contest. You don't have to focus solely on the one universe, but ultimately you may lose "theme" points if the LR universe isn't a key factor. Fair warning that the 1500 word limit is pretty harsh for things like crossovers, especially when working with universes without much established lore (since you have to establish the important bits yourself).
Submit a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new If nothing else, it helps them track issues like this and to better understand who is affected and why, even if they can't get an immediate fix for you. Are you using AMD integrated graphics? There is a possibility this is the source of the issue, so what GPU you are using is worth mentioning in the ticket.
: System Error
Submit a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new If nothing else, it helps them track issues like this and to better understand who is affected and why, even if they can't get an immediate fix for you. Are you using AMD integrated graphics? There is a possibility this is the source of the issue, so what GPU you are using is worth mentioning in the ticket.
Seungsoo (OCE)
: Third party software causing game to crash?
There was a configuration issue that caused this some time ago (a couple weeks?) but I was under the impression that had been fixed. I'd recommend submitting a ticket to player support detailing the issue for now: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: They should at least ask for my location and IP address to compare to the IP address used to login when the offenses were happening. Not once did the Riot support staff tell me that my account had been compromised before or multiple times, they have just stuck to their guns saying the suspension was not unjust. I haven't received a single email from Riot since 2013, so I wouldn't be notified of anything happening to my account. Riot knows that somebody was using my account without permission since they were purchasing items with their own credit card, which they removed those items from my account. These purchases were being made since November 2018 until the end of December 2018, with games being played from that date until the suspension was handed out on 15.1.19 So Riot is aware my account was compromised, they are aware someone was accessing it without permission and buying items and playing games during that period. But it's my fault for not receiving emails from Riot about this activity?
It seems likely that there was some form of account sharing involved. Whether that was someone you shared the account with, or a sibling or friend who knew your password, or someone that a person you shared the account with in the past shared it on to. For them to give you that sort of answer from the info you have given, tells me there was probably evidence of account sharing somewhere along the line, even if the recent activity wasn't strictly with your permission. When an account is shared it drastically reduces the steps Riot can take to protect it. I agree that we need 2FA yesterday, but sharing accounts makes things real tricky. The sharing itself isn't actively punished, even if it's technically against the ToS, but it opens a lot of vulnerabilities and opportunities for harm.
: They never provided any evidence, I asked them to check IP logins/locations but they ignored this request. They basically just blamed me as being responsible for the suspension which is untrue since I haven't had access for over a year. Yet the person that was accessing my account had purchased items/chests and playing games months before and leading up to the very day the 14 day suspension being handed out, yet they removed the items but not the suspension & honour level lock. Where is the logic in that? Below are some of the ticket responses, as you can see they are not consistent in terms of what happened to my account, e.g they blame me as being the person responsible for earning the suspension but it's the same time as all the RP purchases on my account that they removed: REPTYLER January 20th 2019, 12:15:40 am Greetings, After reviewing your information, it appears that there is a harmful program on your computer that may be allowing unauthorized access to your information. I urge you to scan your computer with anti-virus and anti-malware software to remove the program. After you have scanned your computer, please change the password for your e-mail account as well as your League of Legends account. We recommend that you use a strong, unique password that you don't share with anyone. For more information on protecting your account, please check out the following Knowledge Base article and let me know if you have any questions: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751664 Do take the time to perform the asked steps as it is imperative to ensure the account protection. Will be waiting for your reply. "It's bananas!" Reptyler Player Support Specialist ---------------------- January 20th 2019, 10:45:15 pm Hey there, my friend! Thank you for reaching out in regards to this. I went ahead and checked and it seems that this part has not been mentioned in the ticket where this matter has been taken care of, so I will clarify this for you here. Account repair in means of items and such, are done due to having an impact on you - the owner of the account - alone. However, in means of punishments, since these are based on the behavior that has been displayed on the account in question, it's a matter that's affecting others, and this cannot be ignored. Thus, I'm afraid that even if someone else played on your account when the suspension has been placed, it was the account that was at fault for the discomfort of others, so the suspension will not be removed. Please keep in mind that the security of your account and all actions taken on it are your responsibility. Also, as a friendly note, please also keep in mind that after a Two Week Suspension, the system becomes far more sensitive to your in-game behavior and use of language, and even the tiniest display of negativity can lead to a permaban. Worry not, for players who report you have no effect upon this, as we do not punish players who did nothing wrong. However, any negativity display is to be avoided in order to not get the account permanently banned, so please be careful, ok? I'll be rooting for you and hope for this to not happen. May your nerves be of steel and may the mute button be abused in case someone is triggering you. I understand that this might be an unpleasant situation for your, but I also wish to mention that there are 9 more days to wait until you can get back on the Rift. So I hope that these days will pass swiftly for you, my friend. Thank you for understanding and for your patience. If you have any other concerns, let me know. Kindest regards, ☽ RaynnTheDruid ☾ Player Support Specialist --------------------------------------- KARATHEEM January 21st 2019, 3:34:20 am Hey buddy. Prior to my colleague reaching out to you in regards to this we investigated the matter and checked to see what exactly happened the account. Our Player Behavior team was in charge of this, and unfortunately they were unable to find any signs of the account being compromised in such a manner that would lead us to believe that the suspension was unjustly placed. I know this probably isn't the answer you were looking forward to hear, however I'm afraid that we won't be able to alter or lift the ban. Should there be anything else we can help out with though that is unrelated to this matter, feel free to let us know. Karatheem Player Support Specialist "If you're too big to be criticized, you're too small to be praised." ----------------------------------- HARVESTEROFSOULS January 30th 2019, 10:20:43 pm Hey there, Harvester here. Terribly sorry for the delay - we've been dealing with a lot of tickets as of late. But I'm here now! Indeed, some repairs have been performed, returning the account to its original state - but worry not, none of your content has been removed. Hope that helped clear things up. ^^ That said, if there's anything else I can do for you, do let me know. Wish you a great Wednesday! HarvesterOfSouls, Player Support Specialist "I like my weapons how I like my music... heavy and metal!"
Support will rarely share such specific info with you, simply because if someone else (given your account was compromised) sees those tickets then they would have things like location info which is hardly what you want, it's also to prevent the same happening if the person submitting the ticket is not the original account owner and so on and so forth. Still lacking context given we don't know what questions you asked, but from those tickets it looks like these are the conclusions they've come to: * You had a malicious program that may have exposed sensitive information and possibly resulted in compromise (for the record, this means League isn't the only thing that might have been compromised, time to change *all* your important passwords) * You needed to secure your account, probably because there was evidence of people other than you being on the account, if not necessarily evidence of compromise (If you haven't yet done this, do it ASAP) * The account had punishments issued against it because it was negatively affecting *other* players. It was the kind of punishment that would typically be removed in compromise scenarios, but there are exceptions which I'll talk about in a sec. * The evidence that the behaviour that resulted in punishment was done under compromise was not complete, in other words, there was doubt that that behaviour was undertaken by someone accessing your account without permission. * "Repairs" were made to the account, I'm really not sure what such things would entail, you'd be better off asking for details. So the exceptions. Typically, if an account is found to be cheating, being toxic, etc while under compromise, those punishments will be reversed once the account is secured, however in some cases such is not appropriate. Such cases include (but are not limited to) things like: * Your account has been compromised multiple times, and you haven't made the effort to secure it. * You have shared your account. * Your account has been compromised multiple times, and you have actively given out access again. * The account was not originally yours (belonged to a friend, sibling, was bought etc) * The compromise was done by someone who cannot be accurately distinguished from you, or proven to be accessing the account without your permission (i.e friend, sibling, etc) Obviously only player support has the whole story here, since we can't see all the backend stuff as players on boards, and it sounds like they've probably made their final decision, but there's no harm in asking for more context.
: Account suspended and skins returned
Punishments issued as a result of compromise will generally be removed once you have verified account ownership, though some low tier punishments like LPQs or chat restrictions will remain, it's possible they have bumped 14 days into this category as well, so basically anything that isn't permanent, but I couldn't say for sure. Without seeing the ticket I'm not exactly sure what part of the process you are in, but it sounds like you've been asked all the account recovery questions. It is also possible they have evidence that you may have been the one to take those actions resulting in or in part resulting in the 14 day suspension even if they account was under compromise. Evidently they have proved the purchases were made under compromise, hence the rollback there. Without the actual ticket we're lacking a lot of context, but the easiest way to find out what's going on, is just to ask them.
: > Your entry must be appropriate for League’s M rating, so nothing too violent or risque. (Evelynn’s and Sion’s lore are good guides for the limits of this) Why do I have the feeling that my entry last time was what necessitated this clarification :P
Really it was just a frequently asked question. More often than not we'd get at least one comment asking about the limits.
: idk what this means but I want the new sylas skin come on Rito gift me the new sylas skin im poor :( {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Well if you write a story that places 1st, 2nd or 3rd then you'll win enough RP to buy it ;)
: I think the thing that makes me sceptical about towers and his passive, is that unlike Nasus etc, his looks and feels like an AoE ability, that happens around him rather than an on hit one. But I guess if Twisted Fate's red card works on towers then Sylas' isn't too abstract. Agreed though, if it's problematic, they'll stop it. I definitely haven't noticed it being a problem (like I said, I didn't even notice it at all at first). _(I want Azir's W tower damage back... whyyyy remove cool mechanics D,:)_
Rek'Sai's is much the same which is why I mentioned her. It's one of those things that's like, do you pick clarity or visuals. Cause logically, an empowered basic attack is going to work on a tower, because fundamentally basic attacks are what you use on towers. Disqualifying some but not others creates awkward edge cases. While it looks weird, let's be honest, minions don't really stand that close to the tower, so mechanically speaking it doesn't really make any difference than anyone else with a single target empowered auto.
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