: I'm sure of all of seras' posts 85% are from shutting down arguments {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: My Ban Appeal
If you want community feedback on a punishment I'd strongly recommend posting your chat logs, as we can't tell you much beyond the generic without knowing what you were punished for. I will say though that you don't have to swear to be toxic, and swearing isn't inherently toxic. The money you've spent on the game also doesn't entitle you to special treatment. You are judged on your behaviour, not the size of your wallet. If you've been permabanned for chat you've had at least one previous suspension, with a 14 day ban in there somewhere. It says explicitly in the 14 day ban reform card that any further offences will result in a permanent ban, so you should have been aware that this was a possibility.
Krice (OCE)
: Hi there, I just wanted to confirm that my link is playable for you guys? When I initially uploaded it, it was set to private, and no one could get it to work. It works now as I've since set it to public. :)
If you're using youtube, the option you're looking for is unlisted. Basically Private is on the channel but visible only to you, unlisted is visible only with a link to the video, and Public is visible to anyone through searches or on your channel page etc.
: > Hey Stinky, you belong in the garbage! wait
: How it works: It checks this url here https://boards.{baseRegion}.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/{region}/{summonerName}?json_wrap=1&num_loaded=9999999 Neat-ish script I guess XD
As someone who knows basically 0 html it's a neat little slice of boards stuff :)
: How many Boards posts do you have?
>Hey Seras Dragon, you have a total of 3914 posts on the Oceania League of Legends Boards! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
NorthMate (OCE)
: That is true, however, it is stated that her position is revealed. And I am also pretty sure Oracles does not reveal Teemo, just shows his position, so the only major difference between Teemo stealth and Akali stealth is that she can stealth under tower.
As far as I know Oracle's does, but I don't play much ARAM so I couldn't say for sure, at any rate turrets do. Sweeper reveals his position but doesn't make him targetable. I *believe* from what I've seen of the Akali rework that the only thing that reveals her position is damage, in the same way that Teemo's model will flash if you hit him in invis. Basically as I understand it, Akali has that extra layer of protection against True Sight and Sweepers.
NorthMate (OCE)
: And if you disagree just test teemo's stealth with a friend. You cannot be targeted but can see your position WHEN YOU ARE MOVING.
The distinction is that true sight, like that of towers or Oracle's, will *not* reveal Akali, but it does Teemo. Hence the distinction between Obscured and Invisible (which along with Camouflage fall under the stealth umbrella).
Brilliant (OCE)
: https://ibb.co/b5LKOd This at 7pm at night. Peak time. Clearly caused by the system prioritizing queue times over team balance.
I;m not sure how that's particularly unbalanced. It's low plats into high golds, and everyone on the Blue team has a real high winrate (pushing their MMR up) while Red has rther average winrates (meaning their MMR has either plateaued or dropped). What I see there is a team very quickly pushing their way into low plat, and a team that basically belongs in low plat and is staying there. The only real outlier is the silver player but it looks like he's probably a smurf given his winrate despite being put into games that far above his rank. MMR found on sites like op.gg is at best a guideline. It's far from accurate. Riot's calculations are hidden, and intentionally so to prevent people abusing them.
: "wrong direction" In which case she doesn't do damage and loses out on the bonus damage from stealth. It's intended use is an execute and escape tool.
Depends how technical you wanna get :P But from a balance perspective, certainly it would be in rather rare circumstances you'd be using it as a gap closer, so it's not something you'd especially balance around, just one that might mean the difference between a gold and a plat Eve player or some such.
In addition to what QAPLA has suggested (which is all good advice), make sure your graphics card drivers are completely up to date as well, as outdated drivers can cause all sorts of weird conflicts. You can also check out this support article: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201761974-Bug-Splat-and-Game-Crashes It might have some helpful steps in it for you.
: I sometimes have to believe that the judicial system put in place does not actually go through all cases properly. Having recently been banned for 14 days for ‘speculated’ negativity in games I can rest assured that 3 times I was reported wasn’t actually negative behaviour BUT purely because I was reported several times they have just put a ban on my account. They say you need something like 10 points that lead to a ban but after this happening I have to actually wonder how far into these ‘tickets’ do they investigate as for one of the reports that a chat log has come back saying in that game my team reported the person and I feel that person didn’t get banned yet I was because in the same time line, with the new meta I tried Zoe in the not lane and was reported for it - so all in all there’s 2 reports, not for negative behaviour but because I basically defended myself without being rude... so I dunno. There are so many more important issues that need to be investigated such as afk’s or intentional feedings rather than the feelings of people getting hurt - that’s what the mute button is for. Personally I think a person saying ‘gg ez’ is rather offensive if someone had a bad game you don’t wanna read that, but should I report that?? How’s about looking into the real reports of afk and intentional feeding rather than some words people let have power over them. Have I been a bad sport in some games, sure, but where’s a three warning notice before a ban?? I never got one, something to consider before banning an account, or perhaps letting a player defend himself before a judicial memeber before the ban. It’s already become an unfair game with the meta now played, do you have to add this on top? Ok rant done. Cheers.
I think you misunderstood my comments on your thread. This isn't that thread so I won't go into it, but you weren't punished for "speculated" negativity, **we here on boards** can only speculate on the deeper context of your punishment. If you want more context, take it up with support. False reports mean nothing, and only one report is required to initiate a review. You could have a premade of 100 players report you and it would mean absolutely nothing if you didn't do anything wrong. Reported is also not the same as punished. You could be reported 50 times and never see a punishment, or see a punishment after just one or two reports (typically for things like hate speech). The 10 point thing was as I explicitly stated, a *gross oversimplification*. It was a metaphor designed to help put consistent but minor offences and infrequent but severe offences in a context that would hopefully be easier to understand. You would not receive a punishment for playing Zoe in bot, no matter how many times you were reported. AFKs are already consistently punished under the LeaverBuster system. Intent feeding is also punished but it's slower, because saying "kys" in chat is pretty unambiguous (and easily identified and overturned in the case of a false positive), but a 0/10 score is not. The system needs more confidence that someone is actually *intentionally* feeding before it issues a punishment, where chat is more often than not pretty cut and dry. If people saying 'gg ez' harms your experience, then yes, report it, plenty of people do though it's considered a minor offence. That is the whole point of player reports, to gauge what behaviours harm the player experience (of the majority, they can't cater to individuals) and to punish accordingly. Yes we have some power over how words affect us, but just because I can mute it, or just because my skin isn't dark, doesn't mean we should let people run around with the n word now does it? As for your three warning notice, either your chat logs were heavily edited, your punishment was a result of a bizarrely false positive, or you've had at least *one* warning in the form of a chat log. These punishments *are* your warnings. First is 10 game chat restriction, then 25 game, then 14 day ban. Those are your warnings before permanent suspension, though some severe behaviours will escalate you straight to 14 day. You've been informed multiple times by multiple people, but if you wish to appeal a punishment, or as you say it "defend yourself before a judicial member", submit a ticket to player support. Your comment is also entirely off topic from the thread, so I would encourage you to continue this discussion in your own thread so we don't derail this one.
: >RADKUS July 13th 2018, 8:16:15 pm Hey man, >Radkus here from the Tech Team @ Player Support taking over. >So, I'm going to be honest, you have a really good build and the first glance, this doesn't look like something hardware related. :) >Now about your questions, the game supports up to 240Hz (capping your framerate is dependent on the frequency of your monitor) but to be honest, it's a bit of an overkill, especially on League. I use the 240 FPS cap only on FPS games or racing games and for League I run it stable with 144 with G-Sync off (to reduce input lag). >In your case, frame instability might be caused by conflicts between OS apps and our game or some specific settings so I need some info from you to look into this and find just the right settings. ^_^ >For that, please send me the logs my colleague TeliaKalisto asked for and we'll find it together. >Thanks! >Radkus Tech Support Specialist "Who needs a map?" Well they say "the game supports up to 240 FPS" however from all the guides riot wrote up about this topic, they suggest 60 FPS so I would conclude that riot has only optimized the game for 60 FPS. So the game can support 240 FPS but is not optimized for up to 240 FPS. So I still stand by what I have said and that is riot need to optimize their game-client for greater then 60 FPS. Be it from working with Nvidia & AMD/Rad to release drivers out that are optimize for league up to 240 FPS or by riot themselves.
I have a reasonably less powerful rig than you and never see any significant (more than 10) framerate instability in League unless I have something else running draining resources. My partner who has a much older and less powerful rig than mine also experiences the same though his frames are capped at 120 for league. League isn't exactly a resource intensive game, so if you're experiencing framerate drops with a rig like that I think the agent is probably spot on with there being some sort of conflict.
Tibb (OCE)
: Ornn Icon
There is not, that would defeat the purpose of legacy. However I do believe *most* legacy icons are available as Mystery Icons in the BE store (Essence Emporium) when it comes around.
: The behavior of riot support
>In the cases of toxicity in chats it's all out in the open and easy to investigate and take action on! With the other types of incidents, it takes a bit more time for the system to kick in because we want to afford players the benefit of the doubt. A screenshot doesn't necessarily mean anything. Even a player threatening to feed won't necessarily, so chat admissions have to be taken with a grain of salt, and just being 0/10 also doesn't automatically equal *intentional* feeding. This is ultimately the point the agent is trying to make. You also have to remember that support can't and won't give you any information regarding another player's account, so anything regarding their punishment or any evidence for or against one isn't something available to you. For this reason support can only give you generic answers to these reports, because they aren't even allowed to *imply* that a player was punished or not. Telling someone "kys" is pretty cut and dry, and in the rare case it results in a false positive (repeating something someone else said etc) it is easy to identify and overturn. A 0/10, or even 0/20 score on the other hand isn't. It *could* be intentional feeding, or it could just be a bad day versing a snowball lane with jungler support. Hence the delay in gameplay offences. >We cannot often take action through the reports that we receive when a player writes a ticket. You seem like an upstanding player that wants to improve the community and for that my friend, I commend you. Now I don't know all the specifics, but as I understand it, what this agent is saying is probably "we only action ticket reports if the automated system isn't picking up the behaviour". Ideally support would only be handling niche cases that the IFS can't identify and it seems they've likely taken that route exactly to prevent support being overwhelmed and to encourage the IFS to learn and get faster/better.
: I can post on NA but not EUW. We should reciprocate the region ban on those that ban us, at least. The people posting from EUW and NA on OCE boards are those that are banned from their own regions boards. Forum bans should be global. Just my opinion.
Ban evading in that manner is disallowed, though we do have to action it manually. We don't always ask the NA/EU peeps but if we suspect they're posting on OCE for that reason we do. Typically though people post on OCE with NA/EU accounts just because they don't realise what region they're on :/ Often because of a google search. If they aren't necroing with a comment, often they'll just click "Create a Discussion" from an old thread.
: Block EU and NA Posters
The EU rules have always been a bit weird. I was under the impression they'd fixed that so we could post on their English boards but I also never actually tried it. I guess my question would be, do you think stuff like gameplay discussion (which is universal) should also be prevented, or just stuff like "I got banned" or other PB stuff that they should really be using their own boards/community for?
: No no. See when you hand out a punishment and yes this is as far as I’m aware of the second time I’ve had a report on 5 years cause I’ve only had a warning the first time a few years back, but when it comes up telling me I’ve been banned with this chat log where I can’t see what was a bannable offence then it’s not my fault that the judiciary ban me for this chat log - if there was something more offensive then give me that chat log. This is not a bannable offence and it’s wrong.
Like I said, your case isn't as cut and dry as some, so much of what we can tell you as players (I am a volunteer, the only benefit I have is the coloured name, I don't have access to anything an actual Rioter does) is speculation based on cases we've seen before. I can speculate that your punishment resulted from more than just this one log, but that the automated system will only show you the most recent. I can also speculate that to be punished for this you likely get reported a lot, or that it was a false positive. Unfortunately that's all it is in the end: speculation. If you want more context you'll have to take it to support. HeartVine covered the rest.
: Game 1 Pre-Game Khalista Drogo: lol Khalista Drogo: ok then Khalista Drogo: sup it is Khalista Drogo: want me to take heal? Khalista Drogo: veigar supp? In-Game Khalista Drogo: lol, well this sucks Khalista Drogo: your three teamates were out team mates last games Khalista Drogo: :) Khalista Drogo: i know i meant to be as well but he scares me Khalista Drogo: if i had the shield i woulda put it on you Khalista Drogo: omg Khalista Drogo: can you Khalista Drogo: stop tyelling me what to do Khalista Drogo: i know Khalista Drogo: though you should see my lulu Khalista Drogo: mate your not a good adc, i havent said shit Khalista Drogo: who takes quinn bot lane now a days Khalista Drogo: so shhh Khalista Drogo: omfg Khalista Drogo: are you still talking? Khalista Drogo: i never said that Khalista Drogo: you pinged me Khalista Drogo: told me to let them push Khalista Drogo: even though they were attacvking the turret Khalista Drogo: so stfu Khalista Drogo: you are stupid Khalista Drogo: i did as my adc told me to Khalista Drogo: even though it was a stupid call Khalista Drogo: muting your tilting as fuck Khalista Drogo: oh i muted it Post-Game Khalista Drogo: report quinn Khalista Drogo: naw Khalista Drogo: sweetie Khalista Drogo: look at my match history Khalista Drogo: lol Khalista Drogo: by you Khalista Drogo: the rest rest of the team reported you I found the log.. of course only shows what I said, but I don't find this banable fo defending myself against the other player. But hey if riot think I should be banned for defending myself then so be it ill move to another moba
I'll start by saying that only your logs are shown because it's your behaviour that you are responsible for. As for the log itself. There's nothing overly dramatic in there, but there's a few things that could be happening. Assuming the log is unedited, there's no way this would have warranted an instant escalation to a 14 day ban, so you've had at least one chat restriction (but more likely two) prior to this punishment. Basically this means you have significant negative history, and will be treated less leniently than a first time offender. My best guess as to the cause of this punishment is cumulative history. There are some cases where a player gets reported a lot, but for relatively minor offences that eventually results in a punishment, as opposed to a few reports for severe offences. That log, and what I know of the systems in place tell me that this is likely the case. Unfortunately this means that regular players like us on boards can't give you much more than generic context, since the specifics of your punishment are deeper than just the one log you have received in the reform card. I can only point you in the direction of Player Support for more context. False positives (or exaggerated positives) aren't unheard of, but they're hardly common either, so I'm not going to make any judgements either way. Support can provide you with older logs (the reform card logs are selected automatically from your most recent games, not necessarily from the best examples in cases like this) that may give you a better idea of why you are facing this. Some important things to note: Punishments follow a 4 tier progression **based on continued violations, rather than increase in severity** (with some exceptions like hate speech). It doesn't matter if what netted you the 25 game chat restriction was worse (only a hypothetical, it comes up a lot), what matters is that you offended again. **Negative history counts for a lot.** To grossly oversimplify, assume you need 10 points to be punished. Hate speech or something like "kys" is far more often than not an instant 10. Your behaviour may be only a 1, but 10 games of that still results in the 10 points you need. Having previous punishments might drop the requirement to 8, because you've already been warned that the behaviour you are demonstrating isn't ok, and you have used up your "everyone gets mad and frustrated sometimes" leniency. **Support are *busy***. If you want specific or in depth answers, you will have to ask specific and in depth questions. If you ask a yes or no question you will get a yes or no answer. Don't just ask why you were punished, ask for examples from your recent logs, in particular, ask for report comments if there are any (and if support is willing to provide that), as they often offer valuable insight into just how your behaviour has affected other players.
: I’d love to do post the chat log but it comes back telling me that player can’t be found. Just figured with my name being shown someone on the board would be able to see what the chat was to be banned for.
Noone on boards has access to your logs, only Riot (and even then only some Rioters) have access to that information. Given you've since posted your logs I can only assume you found them.
: 14 day unfair ban
If you want community feedback on a punishment then I'd recommend posting your chat logs. There isn't much we can tell you without knowing what you were actually punished for.
: fucking oce server.
Submit a support ticket. Funnily enough Riot won't let you change the password of an account they aren't sure is yours, which is why a secure email address is a requirement. If you explain in the ticket you no longer have access to that email they can take you through the recovery process. I would advise you to be a little more polite in your ticket than you were here. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: i agree. this fking oce riot doesnt work hard.
Aside from the fact that issues like these are usually caused by local (on the player's end) factors, the OCE Riot teams have nothing to do with the client development, only the localisation. I also have on good authority that they regularly and voluntarily work overtime to fix things/keep things running smoothly/get things done faster/whatever else needs to be done. Frankly saying that Riot OCE doesn't work hard is a gross misrepresentation and really not fair or warranted in the slightest given the context of the thread.
: I Unlocked an emote on hextech crafting but it doesn't appear in my collection ?
Try relogging, if that doesn't fix it, wait a day (sometimes the emote stuff is a bit slow). If the emote still isn't there submit a support ticket :) https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Árdent (OCE)
: Just a little unclear as to what classifies as a cover, do you want the same music (score) as the original or the same lyrics or both?
They're looking for original recordings (hence why sheet music and instrumentals aren't provided). You can remix the lyrics however you want, and use whatever style you want, it just basically has to still be recognisable as one of those three songs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=6K29OT8q,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-07-13T10:10:22.650+0000) > There is a notification that will sometimes appear when your report has contributed to a punishment, but it is extremely limited in when it appears, and not a reliable measure of whether someone has received a punishment. I have seen that once or twice over the years, but it's basically a myth.
I've seen it a decent number myself, but it's far from every punishment issued. It's got some really specific limitations on it such that you basically have to be the last person to report them before punishment and (seemingly) if the punishment takes longer than the normal 15 minutes it doesn't show at all. Some of the specific limitations are officially out there in red posts and such but it's honestly so unreliable.
: 30 minute queue dodge timer after dodging thanks to trolls in champ select
You pretty much get 1 semi-free dodge (6 minutes and -3lp for ranked) a day. If dodging was free or cheap no-one would ever get into a game, especially in ranked. Dodges are a strategic tool but Riot also have to prevent overuse and abuse of them to maintain queue and game health.
: Riot Client is shit
If you're having problems this regularly it is more than likely an issue with your install, your setup, or your connectio. For install issues, run a client repair, and if that doesn't work run a clean reinstall with the Hextech Repair Tool: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367 If your playing on a low-spec machine I'd recommend turning on low-spec mode and "close client while in game" in your client settings. For connection issues, run through some of the steps in this article: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues I'd also recommend updating your graphics card drivers if they aren't already up to date as old dirvers can cause all sorts of issues.
666Storm (EUNE)
: Permanent ban appeal
Your 14 day ban *was* your last chance. It is explicitly stated in the 14 day ban reform card that any further violations will result in permanent suspension of the account. You say that one more chance will really change you as a person, but why didn't the 14 day ban if you truly realised how bad your behaviour was? You have to understand that Riot have absolutely no reason to give you the benefit of the doubt here. Not only did you apparently ignore the warning of your 14 day ban, your logs include pretty much every kind (and the worst kinds) of chat toxicity there is. You're looking at suicide encouragement, ableism, homophobia, spam and giving up the game all in that one short log. Consider RIot's perspective, and the perspective of the players on the other side of that log, and ask yourself then if you really deserve that one more chance. You are of course more than welcome to create a new account, and use it as an opportunity to turn your behaviour around, but there is no chance that you will be getting this account back.
: Ban the right people
Chat offences will usually result in chat restrictions before bans, so you wouldn't have anyway of knowing whether or not they were punished. This is largely intentional, it prevents witch hunting, misrepresentation and dwelling on people you shouldn't be giving the time of day to. There is a notification that will sometimes appear when your report has contributed to a punishment, but it is extremely limited in when it appears, and not a reliable measure of whether someone has received a punishment.
Huebo (OCE)
: Yep, confirmed by support ticket, why weren't we told about this? "all owned champions will be playable"
They've been disabled on and off since before it had the AR, I suppose it's expected that people will know that by now and/or that they won't care because it's random anyway. It is rather strange it isn't explicitly stated anywhere, but they also don't have any FAQ or support pages dedicated to the limited gamemodes, so I imagine that's an oversight on their part.
Blinded (OCE)
: Leveling up in league is pointless
Such is the purpose of the Essence Emporium: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115014872088-The-Essence-Emporium-FAQ They'll be doing the special BE shops once or twice a year for all those people who have way more blue essence than champs to spend it on. It's a chance to get RP content for BE, and also a big thing to save up for if you want something like URFwick or gemstones.
Huebo (OCE)
: Ryze has never appeared in any of my games out of around 80, this is a champion that almost everyone owns. He is quite clearly weighted differently (if not just flat out disabled)
Ryze and Sona are disabled. There may be one or two others. They're basically game breaking for one reason or another.
: Champ Select assigned Top Lane twice [bug?]
I've seen it happen before with premade 5s that all queue with the same role selection, I can only assume they were premade with the same role pref and instead of picking it left them to decide between themselves.
: Bug in the new VS event
Should all be fixed up now, there was a global issue with the extended deadline.
: I could choose my side again?
Should all be fixed up now, there was a global issue with the extended deadline :) If you still have to choose again make sure you choose the same path or it may not preserve your mission progress.
: I got to choose a side again, so i picked garen. Now i have icons from both sides? Is this intended?
Should all be fixed up now, there was a global issue with the extended deadline :) Dunno if you'll get to keep the extra icon but if you do lucky you!
: Same here. And i only had one mission left :(
Should all be fixed up now, there was a global issue with the extended deadline :)
: Fuck this shit
The short answer is, there were issues with the extended deadline. Everything should all be fixed up now, you might have to re-choose your path, but so long as you choose the same path your progress will be preserved. It was a global issue, but hopefully it's all worked out for you now?
badboy503 (OCE)
: Chat Mutes
>I don't know what i'm chat muted for this time If you didn't save your logs when the reform card popped up you can send a ticket to Player Support and they can provide you with those logs. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new >How am i supposed to type anything to my team...? You aren't outside of the limited lines it gives you. The whole point of a chat restriction is that you've proved you can't be trusted with that freedom to not ruin other player's experiences, so you are given the bare minimum you need for vital communication. >Just because there is a few autistic people that get so triggered. This being your attitude even just in a boards post doesn't exactly make anyone inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt as to you being an innocent victim. >Can't people that don't want to hear me just mute me and be done with me? Because generally speaking if you have to mute someone the damage is already done. If a player is making the decision to mute you then it is because you have already negatively affected their experience. Muting is a good bandaid, but it doesn't actually solve any problems. > there is a chat filter for people who don't want to see swear words You don't have to swear to be toxic. I could tell someone that they are a "worthless piece of human garbage" and it's undeniably toxic and involves no swear words at all. Again the chat filter is only a bandaid , it isn't (and shouldn't be) the only defence. >no other game chat mutes people in a competitive setting. Plenty of games do (Overwatch, DotA, HotS to name a few), and plenty more games will simply put you on a short ban for such behaviour. Chat toxicity hardly goes unpunished in other games. >because they know with enough reports they can get people chat banned They can *know* that all they want, it doesn't make it true. Only **one** report is necessary to trigger a review, anymore than that are entirely irrelevant except in the context of manual reviews of accounts that get reported a buttload and don't get picked up for anything by the other systems in place. If you hadn't said anything worthy of a restriction, chance are you wouldn't have been restricted. There are of cours with anything a few false positives, but given the content of your post I find that unlikely. >I have literally never reported someone unless they give up or throw a game on PURPOSE And that is *your* definition of punishment worthy behaviour, but it isn't the community's. Riot have to cater to the wider community, not to individuals (even if that were possible). While there are players like you that feel no words that could ever be typed will affect you more negatively than gameplay offences, that just isn't true of everyone else. Riot, and consequently their punishments systems have to be as much in the middle ground as possible. It's also worth remembering that this game is rated 13+. ___ You can read more about the punishment systems here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286-Instant-Feedback-System-FAQ- The Summoner's Code (the standard all players are held to) here: https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/get-started/summoners-code/ And more about chat restrictions here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752984
: > [{quoted}](name=Volcanuz,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=VQfR7nAn,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-07-05T23:31:27.811+0000) > > To be honest i find most of the toxic ones are players from KR or chinese servers who come to OCE to troll or think they are good. Most don't communicate well and lose their cool over small things like warding on top of their ward by accident and the like. I once had an ADC leave because he placed his ward on my ward when i went to ward river, he spammed in chat a little in English then spammed in his own language then left. > > The rest who are aussies tend to be just trolls who act out and be twats on chat because they are trying to impress their duo partner they know from school "oh look how cool i am i am talking crap to people in game hurrrrrrrrrr". I've personally never seen "Korean" trolls, in fact I have almost never seen a player tying Korean, let alone their trolls. I've personally seen more French speakers than Korean. And a lot of the "Chinese" trolls are in reality just Aussie trolls who are also bad in English for whatever reason. The reason for that is because they don't actually know what the meaning of the whatever they say is, if you are bothered enough to quiz them on it (for instance, I've got 3 people spamming "sb" in my match today, and none of them actually really know what "sb" or "shabi" are despite their frequent spamming of the terms, when I quizzed them in the post-game lobby. They thought it is a load-word meant to be "so bad", when in reality the term means "idiot"); they seem to just be copy-pasting, which also unintentionally or intentionally forward this stereotype. Maybe Ranked has more of the actually toxic Chinese players, and if they come in premades (but then again, most premades are toxic to begin with, for 1 reason or the other), but in solo Normals I'd find most of them are not speakers of the language but English trolls who use copy-pasta as feints. OCE is toxic, thats for sure tho.
I think in almost 6 years I can recall maybe 3 games where there was something obviously Korean, and none of it struck me as toxic, by action, context or otherwise. For the longest time though I did think sb was 'so bad' in the way of lol and afk etc. Contextually it made sense and I had no evidence to the contrary, nor am I the type to say it with either meaning. I wouldn't be at all surprised if sb is misunderstood by a significant chunk of people, nor would I use it as any accurate gauge of ethnicity. And even if they _are _ Chinese, a troll is a troll, doesn't matter where they come from right? I'm of the mindset that we only notice the foreign ones more because it's different, rather than there actually being more of them.
Huebo (OCE)
: ok never mind this isn't true, the same champions continue to appear in every game. This isn't truly random like ARAMS are, what's going on?
If you flip a coin twice you could easily get heads twice even though it's an even 50% chance. The thing about randomness is that it's random. In the same way that some people will never see the same champion twice (statistically unlikely, but not impossible), the same is true for people who see the same champions a lot.
: Old player, new to boards, can't post
Posting in H and S should sync your level (it is meant to be the same as in game). Try again now you've posted here and see if it's fixed. Boards will soon be automatically syncing players regularly, reducing the confusion behind a lot of these errors :) Sorry for the inconvenience!
: Why hasnt riot changed the rp bundles yet?
I dunno about anyone else but I would rather spend a clean amount of money (easier to budget and manage) and get an awkward amount of RP (since the leftover doesn't go anywhere and you can use it later or on a key or something), than spend an awkward amount of money (more annoying to account for) and get a clean amount of RP.
: I have just a little under 12TB free, but that doesn't mean anything. Most people run an SSD for their main drive with games on it, then HDD's for extra storage. SSD's don't come in those kind of sizes so a 5.5gb reduction still makes a big difference. Unless you're running your main drive on a HDD, which is nothing to be bragging about
SSDs have gotten a lot cheaper since I built my PC but certainly those kind of sizes are rather out of my price range for an SSD :P I have a 256 and a 480GB SSD in my RIG, the rest on HDD so I manage to fit all my games on the SSDs well enough, though I do have to clear out the bigger ones once I'm done with them since a lot of those AAA titles will run 30+ GBs, and some like ESO are almost 70.
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: Dude, I have over 7.5TB of unused space. Not an issue for me.
Holy mother of harddrives that's a lot of space. I have 4 and half a TB spare and thought that was heaps :O
: Scripters that don't get banned are in Arams and urf. It's fast xp so they can level the accounts to sell on ebay. It's mostly younger kids that buy accounts, it's also mostly younger kids that buy skins and emotes. Riot allow the scripting to go on because in the end they make money from it. I've also got lists of players I used to bump into in a lot of aram games, Riot know who they are and the accounts are still unbanned and still powerleveling. But in ranked every time I've seen a scripter, which is very very rare, they're banned instantly. I've seen maybe 5 scripters in ranked games playing the game since it was beta, they were all banned
People are far less likely to play (nevermind spend money on) a game they feel is unfair. What would be the point? If scripters went free their numbers would explode to the point that no regular players would stick around. Doesn't exactly seem like a sound business practice to me. Scripting only helps the scripters, and hurts literally everyone else. The people who pay for the service in whatever form (whose accounts then get banned), the people who have to play with the scripts, and Riot (because negative experience *hurts* profit). Happy people are happier to spend money. I play URF, I play ARAM, and I don't see scripters. Sometimes, players are just better than you. Not to mention that if you're going to power level then botting carries pretty much the same risk to the account, is way more efficient and is a lot less involved. Scripting is usually used for boosting services, not powerlevelling, so the idea of you seeing the scripters in ARAM, nevermind the same scripters repeatedly is more than a little doubtful.
: Yeah nah that was the last straw. Like I said this isn't a one off or anything, this happens during the day as well. And only just an hour ago i waited 11 minutes for a game. So yeah it's kinda bullshit
Playing normals - particularly draft pick - while ARURF is active on a weekday is also going to make queues longer.
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