: Just because you think a game is unwinnable or not worth the effort doesn't mean the rest of your team does." No. what im saying is if 4/5 people want to surrender we should not get stuck in the game just because one guy wants to keep playing 4/5 not 3/5 4 players out of the 5 in the team want to end
Games at 15 minutes can turn around very quickly, which is why it has to be a 5/5 vote. If in five minutes the games is still completely unwinnable then so be it, but that 5 minutes can make a huge difference, *especially* in ranked when it is more than just a single game on the line. The 15 minutes surrender was introduced to help alleviate some of the pain of complete total stomps, it wasn't designed to let people run from games early because they aren't immediately going their way. It's an argument that has both sides. There are people who think that the 3/5 15min vote should be enough, but on the other extreme there are people who think surrenders should be removed as an option entirely, and of course every opinion in between. You literally cannot please everyone here. There will always be a significant chunk of people who think it's too harsh or not harsh enough. This is the best middle ground we are going to get that satisfies the most people. It'd be nice to everything the way *we* want it, but you have to be realistic here.
: Janna/Soraka/Lulu mains disgust me
: Post about surrenders at 14 and 20+ minutes
Just because you think a game is unwinnable or not worth the effort doesn't mean the rest of your team does. I agree that when people are purposely prolonging a game it can be frustrating, but maybe it's the last game they can play that day and they want to get the most out of it? There are plenty of reasons to deny a surrender vote that aren't in any way related to trolling or trying to piss of your teammates that do want to surrender, just as those that try to surrender as often as possible can be annoying but can have a valid reason for doing so. If they're obviously trolling then report them, but if they just want to have fun and play their game then they have a right to that choice same as you do. If the vote was 3/5 it'd be way to easy for trolls to lose people games, whereas there isn't really any harm in having to play for another few minutes.
: Laptops
BarryButcher gives good advice :) (I apologise if you know this already, but some people don't and I'd rather you have all the info than be confused) One more thing I would mention though is specifically looking for a laptop with a dedicated GPU (as opposed to the onboard motherboard one). Onboard GPUs are...not great. If you're shopping in a physical store the laptop will have either a Nvidia or AMD sticker below the keyboard/next to the trackpad somewhere. If you're shopping online then the specs will usually say "dedicated [brand][model] graphics card/GPU" In the end though, google is your friend. If you google the GPU and results come up saying how bad it is, avoid it, and do your best to be at least a little above the minimum specs so you're futureproofed.
Mr D (OCE)
: my paypal uses a separate email for security purposes. ive been looking at the account from the outside through OPGG and with this account and it has no activity on it whatsoever, no games have been played and the account never goes online, it could either be compromised and is being advertised for sale? (i actually scoured sites selling accounts to see if i can just buy it back lol, but i but found nothing) or riot just messed up somehow. http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/NA/119767 its last game is from the beginning of this month, the last time i was on the account. > For example maybe you remember buying Surprise Party Fiddlesticks within a day or two of it's release. Any information unique to your account but not visible on it is useful in verifying ownership. i dont mean to brag, but i was awarded that skin because i contributed to its creation lol http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=883477, this archived thread is the one that sparked its creation and you can see all the contributors, which riot eventually awarded when the skin came out, but it was under this account which i also created 8 years ago. the one i lost was created to snipe a name, but i ended up using it because i like the name so much. it later became somewhat rare because riot didnt permit people to use mild swears as names (the other accounts name is Fizzbitch lol), but i think they rescinded that later down the line.
I mean the point about paypal still stands. They don't know that you use a different email. This is about Riot verifying the account not you, since you obviously know who the owner is. That's hell cool about the Fiddle skin :) I'm sure an account like that has a lot of sentiment, so good luck getting it back. If you managed to answer or partially answer a decent number of the questions they gave you then I'm sure a few more pieces of info will be enough.
Mr D (OCE)
: Does riot support look at images sent to them?
If the intruder has access to your email (which is how a decent chunk of accounts get compromised) then a paypal receipt is something they would also have access too. This is why paypal receipts aren't enough on their own. They help your case certainly, but you need a good mix of things to verify ownership. You don't necessarily have to remember details from 8 years ago either, any information that isn't visible on the account works. The questions they give are a guideline and are sufficient for most players, but for some it isn't enough. You want to send them info like dates (even approximate) you purchased skins or champions, that aren't still or have recently been visible in your purchase history. For example maybe you remember buying Surprise Party Fiddlesticks within a day or two of it's release. Any information unique to your account but not visible on it is useful in verifying ownership.
Azury (OCE)
: I understand, looking back on it now I do feel pretty filthly for calling him at, as I know many people who have disabilites play games. Thanks for your comment in trying to help me reform.
It's definitely the worst part of your log, but it's not the only negative behaviour. It sucks having a bad player on your team, especially when they're just objectively bad, but what gives them any less right to play this game than you? You mention role calls, so presumably this is blind pick and not ranked, so why does it matter if he is bad? You can't win every game, what's the point in making yourself and your team miserable for it? Why should someone have to play their best champions/roles in normals just to appease you? Other than a few choice comments your chat isn't all that *severe* but it is *consistent*. It seems as if the Jhin may have been negative as well, but "two wrongs don't make a right" is a cliche for a reason. From this chat alone, I don't think a permanent suspension was warranted, but this chat alone does not account for your history, which the system does. Those with a history of negative behaviour get much less leniency than a player that has never been validly reported before, so if you've had a 14 day ban before, I can see why this was escalated to perma.
: I got a capsule that only had 100 essence or so and no champ shard. didn't know that was a thing.
Shouldn't be. You have no shards in your loot? I'd recommend submitting a ticket if that's all you got. Min roll is 720 or 810 depending on when you levelled.
SiriusBro (OCE)
: hit level 32 yesterday, was glad that i finally got a capsule thing. only opened it to then realised i low rolled as well. 2x 90 BE champions and 2x 270 BE champions ):
They are increasing (or have) the minimum to 810 up from 720. (I believe it's live now but not sure).
: wow your lucky im getting like 3-4 90 be champs
The minimum you should have earned is either 720 or 810 depending on when you levelled up. If you earned less than that it's a bug and you need to submit a ticket.
: i got about 1000 in 3 levels
If this is the case then it's a bug an you need to submit a ticket. The minimum you can earn is 720 or 810 depending on when you levelled.
Dagina (OCE)
: First level i got one shard worth 500 or 600, the second box i got 4 shards, all worth 90 BE each. so no, the 720 you can get minimum is a BE amount that NA Servers get. the NA servers get anywhere from 720 to 1180 BE AND champion shards, while OCE ONLY gets champion shards.
I've levelled up twice and got shards worth 960 BE bother times. Roomie got 960 and 1240. Friend got 720 and 810. I haven't seen anyone (with proof) that they earned less than the minimum. I've seen plenty of people complaining about how low the min is, but noone who's earned below it. If you warned below the minimum, it's a bug and you need to submit a ticket about it.
Nikkip (OCE)
: Help Me Understand Earning Blue Essence
If you level up once a week the absolute minimum you can earn in a year is 47,970. That's not accounting for the extremely low probability of that, the average amount earned levelling once a week would be 59,840, and that's excluding any BE earned from hextech chests or honour capsules. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/Jh3Mtzu6-board-post-title-blue-essence-earn-rates-learning-the-numbers-with-carl-and-henrietta The higher end essence emporium items are designed to give the people who have played a long time and have more BE now than they know what to do with (own all champions, still have lots of BE) something to use it for. The higher stuff isn't designed for players still buying champions.
: you realise if someone only plays 2 games a day their percentages for getting "first win of the day" actually goes way down...even more so if they're only playing 1 game. truly boggling my mind that you're arguing that less games = more likely to get first win bonus and therefore will get BE faster. i try not to be rude but im sorry, that is just totally retarded. yes this was already the case with the first win Ip bonus. point is the first win thing isnt any better than before like they're desperately trying to make out it is.
Assuming a 50% winrate someone playing one game a day will get the first win bonus in 50% of their games. Someone playing 10 games a day will get it in 10% of their games...
: Warwick URF skin is 150k BE? Really? At the rate of obtaining BE, how tf are we supposed to earn it? And it’s skin ontop of that? Why can’t we just buy it with RP like everything else?? I’m like a hairline away from walking away from this game... sad life.
It's meant to be a reward for those who have been playing a lot for a really long time and have far more IP/BE than they know what to do with. It's a reward for their dedication. It's not meant to be something immediately obtainable, that would undermine the whole purpose.
Fitzky (OCE)
: The problem I have is that I don't want to have to play 10 games to level up ONCE then receive like 900 BE BUT its in champion shards. It's a complete dice roll on what champions you get and if you get 3 low cost champions it's jack shit. BE/IP wasn't just used on champions as well. Because I only have 3 RUNE PAGES I have to make new ones EVERY SINGLE CHAMP SELECT and I HATE IT. So now I have to save up BE to buy more rune pages which with the new system is gonna force me to play a shit ton of games for something that really isn't that much worth it in the end. Getting to 6300 BE off the bat from 0 is going to take so many fucking levels I don't want to even think about it. Considering it takes a good 10 games to get 1 SINGLE LEVEL. It's really just a shitty designed system, I don't want to earn in-game currency off milestone levels, it feels slow and boring. Look at the flood of posts that came through today and yesterday regarding how shit earning BE is and the amount of upvotes they got. It's quite obvious the majority of the playerbase fucking hates it so maybe Riot should listen and not continue to make their game worse, I'm about to stop playing if I have to force myself to use money to buy everything that exists in the store because I HAVE NO BE. If I don't see any change to earning BE in the next week I'm out. Oh and by the way my friend started playing a week before preseason started and when it hit he was level 14 and he didn't even have access to all the runes and rune tree's either. That is really great to hear because I'm fairly sure Riot said with the new runes YOU GET EVERYTHING FREE FROM LEVEL 1.
>We hear you, and it's something we're talking about internally. >We always knew shit was gonna be crazy during preseason, so right now we’re just reading all the feedback and taking note of the problems like this that folks are pointing out. If complaints about it are still popping up after people have had time to play with the nuances of the system, we’ve got a few changes in mind we could make to make things feel better. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7bp7ik/getting_no_reward_after_a_game_feels_pretty_bad/dpjwaki/ I doubt they'll change anything drastic straight away (bugs aside), but in a couple weeks I think we'll start to see things moving.
: Idm the blue essence....it’s the ORANGE ESSENCE!!!!! An epic skin for 270 orange essence!?!?!?? Riot wat were you thinking!?! It’s like you don’t even want the people that are poor in ro to have ANY free skin!!! 😡🤬😡
The orange essence change confused me a lot tbh. I don't know why they touched orange values when they didn't change anything.
: Give it a month or 2, once the Novelty is done, you'll find that it's the same shit, and that champions have one Mastery page with no real change.
They're planning to expand the new system, and I don't think it'll get stale nearly as quickly as you think. But yes, it's a wait and see.
: >you have bigger, clearer and more meaningful choices to make. Do we have clearer or more meaningful choices? Let's just check out a few of the potential choices for a minute. Sorcery Tree; Keystone: Arcane Comet: You have a stun for your first damage ability. Phase Rush: you liked Windspeakers and thought it should be easier to proc Aery: You like Arcane Comet, but you want it to hit your opponent without a stun, or have some sort of heal/shield I haven't made a choice yet in this tree FYI, i've just determined the champion i am. Nullifying orb: Hexdrinker? Manaflow Band: Meditate but buffed. The Ultimate Hat: Impactful ult? winning the game? here's a way to win more. I still really haven't made a choice, because ultimate hat is just too strong on anyone that can use their ult for snowballing (which is basically every champ using this page) Transcendence: 10% CDR at level 10 (The runes want their CDR per level back), or a bunch of AP/AD if you overdo CDR. Celerity: Rammus Absolute Focus: Execution got reworked to be based off your health Here's another of the Only a choice if your a certain champion, if your super long range, absolute focus, if your not rammus then don't pick celerity, and then take Transcendence. Scorch: Nerfed Brand Passive Waterwalking: Nerfed Fleet of foot/Quickness/Whatever else it's been called Gathering Storm: Oh so i see your a late game champion. Still not really a choice, am i a roamer, or am i a late game champion. And hey these are totally clear and don't require nearly as much thinking as the old runes.... oh wait... i could see all the old masteries without having to change pages? And i could also easily compare the options without hovering over them holding shift to get scalings? and the options weren't completely stupid and broken compared to utter shit? >Runes feel good now. *Masteries Feel good now. I refuse to call these runes, because they fucking aren't.
I think we'll have to agree to disagree here, I want discussion not argument. I like the new runes. I like the way they are laid out, I like the way the trees are guided by an overarching principle that makes it easy to choose a direction. I like that any tree can synergise with any other tree as a secondary. I like that I'm not limited to the same cookie cutter masteries for every AP mid laner or every heal/shield support. I like having options while keeping the intent and playstyle you choose clear. If I'm choosing comet it's because I have CC and want to build into burst, If I take Aery it's probably because I'm building Ardent or don't have reliable poke. If I'm playing Evelynn I can choose to focus on burst or I can focus on movespeed. I like that mages don't have to be blue, and that building them yellow or red still makes sense. I like that everyone can synergise with *their* playstyle, not just the playstyle of the champion. Do you play aggressive support? Great, pick aggressive runes. Defensive? Do the same. As a fighter do you want to push sustain or damage? Take your pick. As a mid do you want to poke or all in? Make a choice. They have given us interactivity, customisation and choice in a clear, easy to understand and relatively concise manner. Sure the old system might have been simpler, but it was also boring as all hell. Everyone played x champion with the same runes and masteries. There was no personality beyond aggressive or passive. Now you have to actively understand and play against a *player* instead of against a champion. The choices are clearer because they actually mean something. Before the choice between one mastery or another (keystones aside) was fairly inconsequential, now it actually matters. Clear doesn't mean they require less consideration, clear means it is easy to understand their impact. In my mind the old system was *simpler*, but the new system is better.
: >As for the new player experience, that sounds pretty shit. I ain't gonna sugarcoat it if they think that's the way to go for new players then I wholeheartedly disagree, but I won't speculate too much on what it's like until I actually try it out. First i'm going to go at this, PlayerExperience is my account, and i can tell you now, it feels like shit. Sure it only took 3 games to hit 3, but that doesn't change the fact that i now know damn well, i'm not getting anything soon. I haven't even played on the account again yet, because it feels even less motivating then the old smurfs did. >As for number of games to level, I had less games than most, but also longer games. Most of my games ran 40+ minutes, so I got more experience for them, + one win of the day left me 13 experience short of 31 at 6 games Now imagine that with BE, and knowing that your going to have to grind another level, your so close to that X champion you want so bad, but riot is dangling it just out of reach. >A big goal of the new system was to shift the slow (often barely noticeable) trickle of currency from individual games to larger Now they are just using hyperbole on their old system to make it sound bad, to make this system sound better, but it just comes off as fake. It wasn't "barely noticeable" it wasn't all that slow, you always knew roughly how many games you'd need for that new shiny champion, now it's a crap shoot, because it's all rolled into one, and that new champion is either 1 level or 2 away based on RNG. >You couldn't change runes in the old system so had to make do with basic pages, and masteries were convoluted and lacked clarity. You realize these new things are Masteries but MORE convoluted right? You have 5 trees instead of 3, you don't have 2 options instead of 3, you have to pick for the second tree 2 of the 3 sets of options. And it's one per champion, not per role, mid laners might be able to get off with just one page, but try to ADC all off the same page, lets put Kog and MF on Press the attack, and see how shit that mastery is for them (it's really not great) >but I feel way more comfortable changing my pages in select now than I did before Then you have forgotten how shit the client is my friend, i had multiple issues with the page closing out not saving, multiple pop-up's in my way while i try to close it out to pick a champion, Old masteries didn't take up the whole fucking screen so all i can see is the clock, now it does. Fact is these new changes just pushed you from having to buy runes (which just so we are clear, wasn't nearly hard at all, a pair of basic rune pages costed like a 6000IP), to having to buy rune pages.
>Now imagine that with BE, and knowing that your going to have to grind another level, your so close to that X champion you want so bad, but riot is dangling it just out of reach. I already said I feel that some kind of hybrid option is the way to go. I don't feel the system in it's current state satisfies as many players as it should, I just don't feel that completely backtracking is the way to go. >It wasn't "barely noticeable" it wasn't all that slow, you always knew roughly how many games you'd need for that new shiny champion, now it's a crap shoot, because it's all rolled into one, and that new champion is either 1 level or 2 away based on RNG. I think this is a perception thing. For me, long before I got all the champions I wanted, it was barely noticeable. If I didn't actually look at the number in post game I would have no idea how much IP i earned, and I wouldn't feel any closer to a champion. The difference between 1280 and 1380 was almost completely irrelevant unless I actually wanted a 1350 champ which was very rarely the case. IP felt like some side thing that wasn't important for weeks at a time, now at least there is something significant to feel accomplished about, even if it has some...hiccups. >You realize these new things are Masteries but MORE convoluted right? Masteries meant nothing to me in the old system. I hadn't changed my support mastery page the whole season. Now every rune has a very clear purpose. Instead of choosing between one tiny insignificant choice or another, you have bigger, clearer and more meaningful choices to make. They matter more because they influence how you play a given game, and that interactivity is a great thing as far as I'm concerned. I wasn't saying you have one page *that doesn't change* per role. You have one page per role that you tweak in select. It really doesn't take that long to change a page once you know what the runes do. It's a familiarity thing. >Then you have forgotten how shit the client is my friend Bugs are bugs. This is preseason after all, which is why they make big changes now. At least there isn't Zed getting every CS on the map or Jax crashing games. I haven't had any issues personally, though I do know people who've been unable to edit runes in select, but again, it's preseason. Runes taking up the whole screen hasn't been an issue for me, but making picks visible wouldn't be an unwelcome change. >Fact is these new changes just pushed you from having to buy runes (which just so we are clear, wasn't nearly hard at all, a pair of basic rune pages costed like a 6000IP), to having to buy rune pages. Buying runes was always a pain point for me, from when I started in S3 right up until the T2 runes dropped to 1IP. I could never afford quints because I wanted champions instead, so for the longest time I had the barest most basic rune page. I had one for support/mid and one for ADC. I later added one for jungle but I never completed it, it was filled with halves. I would much rather buy an extra rune page that I can use for *anything* over 2-3 quints that will only help me in *some* champions in *one* role. Buying runes was a frankly gross experience for me, and I'll take this over it any day. Runes feel good now. They are interactive and you feel like you actually have a choice. Before your *effectiveness in game* was limited by how many games you could grind out in a day, and that quite frankly is far more pay to win than anything they have now.
: >our goal with this update is to make the rewards feel awesome, or certainly more awesome than they were before. You wanted to make rewards feel more awesome, so you delayed the rewards and gave us a possibility to get less... Yeah no i don't believe that. This isn't structured to feel "awesome" this is structured to feel infuriating. EDIT: >Just so you understand where we are coming from, I mentioned several months ago that changing runes to be free is a potentially significant revenue hit for us (because it ultimately allows you all to acquire more champions without spending RP). Also just so we are clear, he says this without mentioning that your now basically forced to have more rune pages, this ISN'T A HIT FOR RIOT.
Having a big noticeable payout vs a not noticeable tiny one is the idea. The execution might have fallen a bit flat but the idea itself holds water. The rune pages I touched on in my response to your comment so I won't repeat myself here :)
: I agree that the difference between owning a good chunk of champions and 'all' the champions isn't a big deal. And I 100% agree that youre better to pick a champ you're experienced with into a counter than a champion you've never played before, but if you have experience with that champ, then it's a boon for everyone on your team. And of course it isn't just about counter-picking, there is also the factor of what most benefits the team. You could have 1000+ hours on Teemo top, but thats not going to help you at all when you've got no tanks or hard CC on your team. Even as a mid laner _(someone you'd think should never have to pick tank)_ its amazing how often I am forced to pick up the slack. The number of times I've had to pick Galio into a full AD team, just so we have at least 1 tanky champ, is ridiculous.... So having a diverse pool of options is very important, _(provided of course, like you say, you actually have some experience with them)_. Im not a mathematically minded person, so I'm not sure what the situation is with getting more/less blue essence now. But from what Ive seen, it doesn't seem like a pay-to-win situation, if anything it looks like you probably get more champs now _(albeit ones that you may not necessarily want)_. But I will agree with what a lot of people say, that it feels very unsatisfying getting nothing but XP even for wins, and it must be really demotivating for people who cant play very much and so it takes them a week or more before the level up and actually see any rewards for their efforts. But again, I have all the champs and so I'm probably not the best person to make a comment on this and how it feels. The solution is of course, that riot gives us some blue essence after each game _(even if it comes out of the cost of the level up bonus)_, and if it truly isn't a pay-to-win situation, then riot aren't losing any money from this change. and if they don't want to make this change because they will lose too much money, then perhaps the claims of pay-to-win aren't too far from the mark. _(although 'pay-to-win' is a term I think is rather inaccurate for this situation)_ ________ Oh of course, I know mid laners aren't limited to sorcery, but it does have some rather amazing perks in its ranks that are a shame to miss out on just because you cant make use of the keystones. and atm I am playing with all options for Azir, my most recent page for him is Domination (electrocution) with precision as a secondary. But I will try all options before I settle on one to keep. The adaptive damage is a very clever way riot has done it, so that all trees are open to the vast majority of champions. I think the new runes will be a great system, but I do worry that the strong just get stronger. I agree with you about MR and AP burst champs, I mean even as Azir I can often 3-hit ADCs which shouldn't be a thing! and he's not even a bursty champ. I too think that more defensive MR items _(less of this Hexdrinker and edge of night crap, a defence item should be **defensive**)_ would be a big step in the right direction for build diversity in many champions, although I think a new armour/AP item would go a long way too, as Zhonays isnt for everyone, and atm it's the only build option mages have against AD teams. But yea atm this is all speculation, it'll be a few weeks before we have a proper grip on the scope of the new runes and the changes they do and don't cause. There could be a little more clarity regarding what counts for what runes. E.g. '3 Seperate attacks or abilities' Does Taliyah's Q count as 1 ability, or as 5? It launches 5 different projectiles each with a new instance of damage. But it is technically the same ability. Stuff like that could be a little clearer in the tooltip imo.
You make good points, and I think we've pretty much done the back and forth, but I will note on the pay to win bit. Ultimately, Riot does have to consider their revenue, yes their earnings have increased dramatically, but so have their expenses. They have to pay more people, and more skilled people (who are more expensive), they need better and bigger infrastructure, they need more and more support and esports is getting bigger and bigger. All of that costs money, and while their profit margins leave a little wiggle room to take steps like this, they can't afford to lose too much of those profits, because a significant chunk of those profits gets reinvested into the company so they can expand and make new, bigger and better things for us as players. For a free to play model they've done phenomenally, and I don't see them doing anything to risk that Ghostcrawler talked briefly about it here along with some other good points: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7bsx5e/riot_turned_the_rewards_down_from_good_to_bad/dpl1m9q/
: >because now you don't have to spend currency on Runes So just so we are clear, yes you don't have to spend money on Runes. BUT Now unless your wanting to make a new Rune page every game for those with less pages, your forced into buying rune pages, which ends up being the same issue (And good luck doing it every champion select, even once we get better at it, it still takes a long while, i tried making one on the fly for an autofill, took me ~1 min, 30 seconds, and i still fucked the page up, and was in a huge rush). As to my argument as to why BE is lessened not more, i'll just link to this which i posted in the other topic: https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-strategy/KsZvsY4T-revert-be-to-ip?comment=0000000000000000000000010000 If i wasn't a player with everything, i would feel screwed over, and i believe it is right for them to think so, gone are the days where having 2 rune pages is ok, now you need closer to 1 per champion you wish to play. Gone are the days where you could play a single game and get that 50 IP you are short of a champ, now have fun grinding another 6+ games. And for those who aren't paying keen attention. >Henrietta will Level to 31 after 9 games and 1 Win of the Day. >Carl will Level to 31 after 6 games and 3 Wins of the Day. People have been saying things like they get to 31 off 5 games, you have to be playing casually, and getting multiple first win's of the day, for anyone that wanted to just spend a day grinding out the BE, your going to have to spend longer. 9 games+ (remember experience required increases) to get to some BE is just terrible. EDIT: And as for the New Player Experience, it's not a shard, it's you now own the champion, no BE is allowed, the IP you originally got in the early levels is now being force fed into the "easy" champions.
RE Rune pages, if anything they're easier to change in champ select now. For some I'm sure it doesn't feel that way yet since everything is still new, but I feel way more comfortable changing my pages in select now than I did before, because there is an easy visual cue to tell you what each rune does, so once you know what they are it's a lot easier to pick and choose. You couldn't change runes in the old system so had to make do with basic pages, and masteries were convoluted and lacked clarity. I would sooner spend the time to open up something like champion.gg and follow that than just make one myself on the fly. More often than not I wouldn't try to change them at all and just make do. Now I feel like I have a lot more control over how I want to play in a given match. I have 10 pages because I bought the 6 page bundle with RP forever ago, but I find myself using one for each role, maybe two for support at most. Even then, my top and jungle page are similar enough it would take no time at all to adjust them, same goes for my mid and AP supp pages. 3-4 pages isn't going to take that long at all comparatively, especially when you don't have to worry about buying runes themselves. ___ I agree the experience for casual players who can only play 1-2 games a day isn't great, but I addressed that in the OP, I feel a hybrid approach is the way to go, and Riot seems to be considering something of the sort. >A big goal of the new system was to shift the slow (often barely noticeable) trickle of currency from individual games to larger, more noticeable chunks that come with a level increase. We still think that design makes sense. We do agree however that it can feel crappy in situations where maybe you only need 50-10 more blue essence to get something cool, but gaining another level feels days or weeks away. We might be able to make that feel better by adding a small amount of blue essence to first win of the day rewards or something similar. Again, this isn't an announced change - just the kind of thing we are discussing to help solve a problem that a lot of players are bringing up. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7bsx5e/riot_turned_the_rewards_down_from_good_to_bad/dpl1m9q/ ___ As for number of games to level, I had less games than most, but also longer games. Most of my games ran 40+ minutes, so I got more experience for them, + one win of the day left me 13 experience short of 31 at 6 games. Which was about as tiltworthy as getting 99 LP, but just as rare an occurrence I imagine. ___ As for the new player experience, that sounds pretty shit. I ain't gonna sugarcoat it if they think that's the way to go for new players then I wholeheartedly disagree, but I won't speculate too much on what it's like until I actually try it out.
Nightjar (OCE)
: she owned ashe though, so they were only worth 50 each from disenchant. Is singed shard really worth the remaining 620BE? I'd like to see a source for that 720BE. I mean skarner could be considered worth 900BE if you use the shard as a discount, but 3x 450champ shards is not worth 720BE.
Source for the 720 was here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/Jh3Mtzu6-board-post-title-blue-essence-earn-rates-learning-the-numbers-with-carl-and-henrietta > A Leveling Capsule contains champ shards with a BE value of either 720, 900, 960, or 1,240. (The average value is 910 based on drop rates) In my experience this has held true, but I've only levelled twice so far. I got Akali and Raka first which amounted to 900 and something and Trundle which disenchanted for 960. Here's a couple other comments you might be interested in: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7bp7ik/getting_no_reward_after_a_game_feels_pretty_bad/dpjwaki/ https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7bsx5e/riot_turned_the_rewards_down_from_good_to_bad/dpl1m9q/
: Dammm alright well I had this 14 days bann but it wasn't at the end of season but that must be why :(
> Players issued a ban of seven days or more after 22/8/2017 will be ineligible for rewards. https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/2017-ranked-season-ends-november-7
: >Seems like your first two levels got you below the average which kinda sucks Someone is always going to get below average mate, that's how averages work.
I wasn't implying it was unusual, I was just saying it sucked that he's 2 for 2 so far.
: For level 32 I got Warwick, Master Yi and Anivia. I think it was 90BE 90BE and 630BE, I worked out on my other post that is was around 1200BE for playing 10 games a day + First win bonus. I took my around 10 games to level up. For level 31 I got Master Yi and Karma. 90BE and 630BE (from memory). I just do not like that the amount of BE you get is based on luck when I play the same amount of hours as others yet they get more :/
Hmm the RNG can be a little frustrating for sure, I don't think their intention was to compare your BE gains to other people, since it will be either good or bad from day to day, but more compared to what you were getting previously. Seems like your first two levels got you below the average which kinda sucks, but maybe give it a few more levels before passing judgement? RNG often isn't the best experience but we should at least give it a chance right?
Nightjar (OCE)
: I got a skarner shard for lvl31 capsule. My sister just hit lvl31 this morning and got a singed shard and 2 ashe shards for lvl31 capsule. Skarner shard is worth around 900BE if you use it, and I remember reading somewhere 500BE was a bare minimum. My sister already owned ashe, so she had no choice but do disenchant for 50BE so I guess the extra shards beyond the first might be repeats. So in the end she got a singed shard and 100BE and asked me if I could share her some of my BE (which I can't and probably wouldn't because I'm selfish). I think the system is supposed to have a minimum value of approximately 500BE if you use all the shards, and upto a maximum of a 6300 shard, which is worth around 1300 BE. So you get between 500-1300 BE with each capsule, assuming you don't get repeats. On average, nice value, you get alot more per game than before, but in practice sometimes unfair.
The min is 720 BE, the max is 1240 and the average is 910. She got Ashe shards essentially to make up the rest of the BE for whatever tier she rolled with the RNG. Most shards that are making up extra are going to be small ones, like when I got the raka shard.
Nightjar (OCE)
: One of my more recent capsule drops was skarner, an above average drop, activating it saved me around 900BE. This was decent value, but to get this, I had to spend 3900BE. The transaction to unlock an earned reward is a very unsatisfying process in the majority of cases. I didn't feel great about getting skarner, because I wasn't saving for skarner... but the disenchant for 500BE made me feel bad. 500vs900, and so I felt coorced into purchasing skarner. >An analogy would be going to the supermarket to buy bread. You spend some time looking for the best loaf of bread and take it to the counter, the clerk takes the bread, puts it under the counter and offers you a discount on milk. You insist you wanted to buy bread, but all you can buy is milk. The milk IS at a discount, but you wanted bread. Does this encounter make you happy? You spent your day looking for bread and returned having spent your money on milk. The store gave you a discount, but would you ever return there? Anyway back to Skarner; was I cheated in anyway, at any stage here? No, but I did feel like I was railroaded into how I spent my IP/BE. You could argue that the new system is more interactive, but in reality I just had to make a feels bad choice, and I wasn't given the freedom of how to choose to spend what I earnt. I want to like the new system, but it misses alot of the basics of the consumer satisfaction paradigm, which has been cause for the difficult reception it has so far received.
You make strong points, I really can't disagree. For me, I have all the champs I want, so shards don't have any value beyond their disenchant value (or their mastery upgrade value) so I never really considered that side of it. For me it isn't a 500vs900 value, it's just a 500 value, so it doesn't feel bad to just disenchant it. That said, you should have gotten at least 720 BE value from a level capsule, did you get something else with the Skarner shard? I realise you might just be demonstrating your point with the Skarner shard, but bugs are a concern too :)
: Wish the majority of people understood this, Instead of thinking that riot is gonna save their accounts when preseason comes.
It's unfortunate, but ultimately it's going to cost them a lot more than it does you.
: Preseason Ranked and MMR.
Preseason doesn't change too much, but trolling is still not on. Vast majority of players will drop at least a division or two next season, but yes, raising or lowering your MMR significantly can have a decent impact on that.
Ayeika (NA)
: Ah, but for someone like me, I didn't have to make that choice. I had the runes and multiple pages. I made the choice a LONG time ago, that I wanted the options of customization and so purchased all the tier 3s. But think of what you said "I am not the target market because I am casual." I didn't used to be. Before I was pregnant I was very active and played a lot. I brought friends to the game! I helped increase their player base. BUT, do you really think all "new players" are serious? Most new players are casual until they get hooked. So, with that logic, they NEED the casuals to try to captivate them and encourage them to stick around. I have a college degree in business, that does NOT make me better or anything, I will only point out that ALL businesses HAVE to focus on the foot traffic that just walks in and buys nothing. If you don't, they will never come back. I have bought RP because I feel Riot deserved my money due to all they gave for free. All the work they put into their product, I felt they deserved payment for a job well done. The problem is, they have built a community on a "free model" and they are trying to take the Netzero route and turn it around. Netzero failed to do so and is out of business. If you build off a free model and try to convert it, it typically fails. But not focusing on all your customers including "the casuals" is the hugest mistake a company can make. Marketing is valuable, marketing is important, how a product "feels" to the customer is far more important then reality. THAT is why so many commercials tell you what to think of their product. Shampoo doesn't need to foam, a foaming agent is added to give you the "feel" of clean. Toothpaste doesn't "need" to tingle, they add to it to make it feel that way. It's about how people feel about what they invest in, if not money, but time. The new update feels clunky and unfriendly. I am not a doom and gloomer, I am not going to sit here and say "Riot go to hell, hope you fail!" NO! I want them to succeed, they have pushed eSports farther and faster then any company. THAT is why I came to the forums, because they need real and honest feedback. I am a business woman who works on deals that are from $100 to literally $500k new build outs. I see doctors "it's my industry" fail, not due to poor skill, but poor business decisions. Not saying this update is a poor decision, I am saying, Riot needs to look at the dissatisfaction and get to the root of it. They keep focusing the numbers and saying "look there is no problem!" But that's not how I see it, myself, or on the forums. My simple option :-D
When I said target market, I also said "of that particular aspect" referring tot he uncapped levelling, not anything else. For hardcore players having some kind of progression is valuable, otherwise all those who have all the champs they want have nothing to show for their dedication. I don't know what the new player experience is like, I was a new player back in S3 and haven't properly levelled a new account back then, but from what I've seen, the new player experience has improved dramatically. I didn't have anyone to teach me, and runes and masteries were terribly confusing and *expensive*. What hooked me was the gameplay, and these changes reduce a lot of the extraneous details and make it easier to get straight into that gameplay. It seems like a positive to me there. You don't want new players progressing too fast or they get overloaded with information. I don't believe they are in any way trying to convert their model. It's still completely free to play, and while it may not feel as satisfying to some, you are earning champions faster in this system, so if anything it's going in the opposite direction from pay to win, and still the only thing you can only get with real money is cosmetics. I don't think casuals are intentionally neglected with this change. Do I think their experience has suffered a bit? Perhaps, though I would have thought most of it would be alleviated by the first win bonus, but while I am not a hardcore player, I'm also not super casual, so I only have limited perspective on that experience. Clearly you feel it isn't satisfying enough, and that's something that should be addressed if many causal players feel that way. We can't expect Riot to please everyone though, and certainly not immediately. To your shampoo example, if I recall correctly it was something they sort of stumbled on. The lathering agent was originally added to get even coverage, but it got to a point where not having it didn't feel right because perception had changed after the fact. Like how people weren't all that bothered by 'bad' breath until a certain company coined the term "halitosis" and called it an illness to sell floor cleaner as mouth wash. My point is, perception is important, but there isn't some magic formula to make people love your thing. Riot is taking the route of "create something players want" over "make people like the thing we have even though it's not great" and I respect that. As far as business is concerned, I only did a year of it in high school, so even saying I know the basics is a bit of a stretch. I agree that feedback is very important, and Riot seems to be doing a good job of listening so far. I would simply advise to, yes give feedback, but to also keep an open mind while things settle down. There aren't all that many players on PBE, and live testing is a wholly different beast. This is the first time these changes have been exposed to the wider community, so there's always going to be hiccups, especially at this scale. If anything, I'd say it's a good business choice in that case to have a preseason, where they get to live test these big changes while impacting players as little as possible. Overwatch has no preseason, and when they make big changes, ranked shifts so much and it's a giant mess (at least when I've played). So long as they work hard to get everything in an acceptable state before the new season starts, I'd say they've done a good job. I don't necessarily feel that Riot are trying to cover up player dissatisfaction with numbers, though I agree it sounds a bit that way, communication has always been a bit of a weak point of theirs as far as I'm concerned. I think they are genuinely listening, but it is just their way of justifying, of trying to say "this is why we did what we did, but we hear you". At any rate, I appreciate you taking the effort to offer your perspective and feedback, especially on such a tight schedule. This is the kind of discussion I was hoping for, instead of a thoughtless blame game, so thanks! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Great post! Its nice to see the majority of everyone's concerns talked about and addressed coherently in one post. I will refrain from too much comment on the BE situation atm, as I haven't had enough experience with it yet. Its hard to see it objectively when you already own all the champs. I just want to bring up a couple of things. > owning every champion doesn't give you an advantage, because a jack of all trades is a master of none In my own experience, this is incorrect. 1. Obviously you can still own all the champs and only play a few, so its always advantageous to keep your options open. 2. The LAST thing we want for both game health and champion variety, is to encourage the 1-trick pony attitude. 3. Owning all the champs _(and being able to at least competently play a fair few)_ gives you an edge in draft counter-picking. For example I think I'm rather proficient with Azir/Sol/Taliyah and have put significant time and practice into all 3 _(so I'm hardly a 'jack-of-all-trades')_, but because I own and can competently play all mid laners, if they pick a champ like Fizz who goes well into all 3 of my mains, Im at least I have the option to not pick Aurelion Sol into that counter, I could go Vlad or Galio or someone who is less likely to make me slam my face into the side of the desk. 4. This is perhaps the thing that has helped me most about owning everyone. Having experience with a playing a champ is absolutely invaluable when it comes to learning to play against them. If I'm having trouble fighting Udyr, I bang out 20 or so games as the spirit guide, and when you play them you become aware of weaknesses that are much harder to see when playing against them. And who knows when the specific champ you are having problems with will pop up in the free rotation, so having them available for you to play at any time is so incredibly helpful. The other thing: > I doesn't seem like anyone really dislikes the new rune system I think its too early to properly tell with this kind of thing. It's certainly more entertaining and engaging in the short term, but so are the class reworks, and even riot has finally admitted that those weren't a great idea. Ive seen plenty of imbalance with the rune system, for example, none of the sorcery runes go particularly well with champs like Azir or Karthus, yet go AMAZINGLY on other champs like Annie with the meteor rune. Azir doesn't particularly value speed so the MS one isn't ideal, he can't shield allies so the pet one isn't optimised, and he pokes from a distance far enough away that it gives the enemy more than enough time to avoid the meteor _(which travels from Azir himself rather than his attacks)_, meanwhile Annie has her stun up every few seconds, and if she uses her targeted nuke of a Q it stuns you for more than enough time for the meteor to hit you every single time, _(which is annoying seeming the whole counterplay of that rune is that it does lots of damage, but its a risk as it is dodge-able. It completely removes the risk for her, making her lane phase even more ruthless)_ Not to mention something about the whole rune system has basically turned fighters into straight up assassins. So unlike the old rune system, the new system strongly benefits some champs over others. So while its great and exciting in the short term, It could be very problematic to balance long term _(I mean just remember how long it took them to finally get thunderlords to an acceptable spot, and that was just 1 mastery)_. But I think its probably too early to tell what the true scope of the rune changes will yield yet. Plus I think everyone is too caught up on the BE problem to worry about runes just yet _(Free Shit > balance)_.
I agree that we don't want to encourage one trick pony status, but I didn't mean to imply that not having more than a few champions was a fine experience, I only meant that owning ALL champions isn't the biggest deal. You get the status of saying you own all the champions, but I doubt the majority of players than own all play all, so you have a (easy) choice to make between champions and cosmetics, things that don't affect gameplay at all. The argument here was more against those claiming it is becoming pay to win. Owning every champion doesn't win you games. As for counter picking, I agree that having a diverse roster is an advantage, but however much x champion might counter say, Darius inherently, if I've never played x champion before the Darius is going to win every time, so simply owning the champion isn't any help. I'd be better off playing y champion that I have 200 hours on even if Darius is a counter. Having champions to pick that counter your mains counters (now that's a mouthful) is a good idea, but you should be expanding that slowly anyway. Start with getting a champion you want to main and practice with them. By the time you are proficient in them you'll have enough currency to buy a counter counter and practice with them and so on and so forth. Expanding too quickly just means you only half learn a champion before moving on to the next. For your Udyr example, yes. The fastest way to learn how to play against a certain role/champion is to play some of that champion/role to learn the basics of how they work, think and function throughout the game. But remember that the free to play rotation still exists. It won't always cover what you want to learn straight away, but those that are dedicated enough to play something in order to learn how to verse it, surely are dedicated enough to play a few games with each champ they don't know on the ftp rotation as a substitute until they can afford to spend currency on that. I would think that getting champions you want to play is a priority over getting champs you want to know how to verse. And remember that for 1000 games or so we will be getting MORE currency and therefore more champions than we would in the old system. Again, that argument was against the pay to win argument more than anything else. ___ I still think the class reworks were necessary in some for, though I do agree that some of them missed the mark and they could have been done...more effectively. I believe the rune rework is just as necessary, and I think at least at this point it has been successful. There are hiccups of course, but this is preseason so it's expected. So far the feedback RE runes has been pretty dang positive, which is a great start, especially for changes as big as these. This post was more about the issues people had with BE anyway which is why I only touched briefly on the rune discussion. RE champs like Azir or Karthus, the names can be a little misleading for sure, but mid laners aren't limited to the Sorcery tree at all, that's what's so great about the new system. As a mage support, I can find success with INSP, SORC, RES and DOM as primary, and any tree as secondary. They all have different playstyles, but all have different perks to support each champion. Azir for example might be better off taking PREC as a primary tree for Lethal Tempo or Press the Attack, or INSP for Glacial Augment (assuming his soldiers attacks count as autos) or even Kleptomancy. I haven't had your experience with Fighters, but we are at different levels of play so that could well be a factor. I have found that AP burst champs are I think a little too strong at the moment, and I think base MR stats or MR items could use some buffs (or maybe some new MR items to give us more options). The thing I like about the new rune system is that you can choose which part of a champion you want to emphasise. For example I've just started playing Eve, and I had a choice of pushing her burst damage directly, or pushing her move speed. In the end I pushed her Movespeed and took Celerity in SORC to convert some of that MS into damage. The result is a little less burst damage, but much more reliable ganks and chases/escapes. I think as far as balance goes they will tweak the runes if they are too strong across the board, but tweak individual champions if they are synergising with a particular rune too well. As you say though, really too soon to tell.
Ayeika (NA)
: So valid points for those who sit and analyze the update intricately. However, the vast majority of players, will not sit and do math to establish their earnings and give a meaning behind their satisfaction. Most "people" want an instant gratification and EXP is not it. Any solo or MMO you play, you don't care about experience, you want items, you want drops. How often have you been in lane and missed 6 minions in a row and said, "Oh it's ok, I got the EXP, who needs the gold." LOL is all about collecting the gold, farming early game and buying what you want. In the client, it's a grind of RNG! RNG is only satisfying if it's in your favor. No one goes to a casino and loses all their money and say, "Well, that random slot machine that never paid was super fun, I'm going back tomorrow!" Due to my work schedule, I can only play a few matches in the morning before my child wakes up. After that It's making breakfast and work and then home to spend all the time I can with my child! Even if I earn "more" BE then IP before, it doesn't feel like that. It feels like a massive game grind with little to show but a little bar around my name in hopes I get a good drop at the end. If not, I'm left going "Wow ... a weeks of play ... for this?" Before I got to see my IP raise and say "Sweet, in 2 days, I get to buy X." THAT was satisfying. Some times appearance is much more important then reality. I'm simply saying, I'm the type of player who likes grey items. "Sweet, this one is worth 2 gold!" Runes, I get it, it is nice to have a simple, yet complex system that allows a lot of customization. I'm just saying it feels very dissatisfying when I play well, get an awesome 3 player Gnar ult, die and my watch my team clean up with a 1 to 5 and see my screen go from grey to bright colors of victory.... just to get the the lobby and see .... XP. Look, when I reached level 30, it felt good. Now ... there is no end. There is literally no difference between level 30 to level 300, EXP simply translates into ... BE. Yay, I have level 31, still can't play the new champion that came out, because I have to choose how to use my BE and portion it out between ... well ... everything!
With regards to those who aren't going to sit and do the math, that's the point of discussions like these, to enlighten players and highlight pain points for a wide variety of different players. Those who do the math and those that don't are going to have different qualms with the system, just as a Bronze and a Challenger will have different problems with something like balance. I agree with the "instant gratification" versus "not-so-instant big payout" argument, and I think there needs to be an in between. As you say, levels don't mean anything if there isn't a payout when you get there. I think the point of uncapped levels is similar to the point of visible rank. It's a medium for those who don't play ranked (or who simply want more) to show their dedication to a game they love. Of course the result is that it doesn't mean much to casual players, or those like yourself who are limited by time, but you aren't the target audience for that particular aspect I don't think. I'm not to sure what the solution to player satisfaction is, but I don't think completely backtracking is easier. For a player like myself, earning IP after every game was almost completely meaningless. I never noticed it, and it never felt like a bonus, it was just there, whereas having a visual progression towards something is gratifying, even if it is just towards a relatively meaningless number. For a player like you the experience is almost the complete opposite, hence why I feel the need for some sort of middle option. Sure, in a way level 30 is no different than level 300, but in the same way Mastery 5 isn't all that different from Mastery 7, and it's a sometimes frustrating grind for something pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but Mastery 7 is still coveted, because it's essentially bragging rights. Yes Mastery has an end, but then you can get M7 on another champ, and so on and so forth, so it's still pretty endless. You always had to portion out IP anyway. You had to choose, do I get that Quint I desperately need or do I buy a new champion? Now there is only one gameplay related choice for your BE, the rest is cosmetic (mastery, chromas, ward skins etc) so those who desperately want to expand their champion pool, don't have to make such a hard choice, because it's not a toss up of effectiveness vs variety, it's only a toss up of variety or style points. But you make good points. I agree that for more limited players there are some big pain points in the satisfaction department, but Riot is obviously listening very closely, and I'll withhold my harsher judgement until they choose how to address those I think.
: rune blue essence quest
You receive the reward as loot orbs in lots of 10k essence :) Head to your loot tab to open them up.
KillaByte (OCE)
: Please Riot
If they do it for you, what about everyone else who was a day late? If they do it for someone a day over, what about the people a day and a second over? It sucks to miss out by so little, but making exceptions like that is a slippery slope that benefits noone in the long run.
Requinox (OCE)
: be that as it may it put me off levelling or playing
Which is good feedback :) If the dissatisfied players communicate that they think the EXP:Game Time curve is too steep, instead of just saying "Riot we hate this new stuff" with not much constructive like they do every preseason (a generalisation I know) then they'll look into it. Personally I haven't felt the EXP gains are all that bad, but I've also been having 30-40 minute games most times so my experience is different. Every year without fail people say they hate all the new stuff and they won't keep playing unless it's reverted, but inevitably in a month or two when things have been patched/fixed/tweaked and settle down, those players discover that the new stuff isn't really all that bad. All I'm saying is, give it time. Preseason is always both painful and exciting because of the sheer scale of the changes that happen this time of year, and it always turns out alright in the end :)
Morrigan7 (OCE)
: I agree 100% with your opinion on the cost for mastery levels. That was what upset me the most. the day the update happened i got my last token for lulu but I wasn't expecting the cost to be so high so I spent most of my blue essence prior left with not nearly enough. I would be a lot happier with it if it went back to the way it used to be in that regard.
Yeah I got my final M6 token for Veigar and was a little shocked at the cost :( Half a champions worth of essence for a skill based icon.
: Don't get me wrong I _**love**_ the update and the new runes but the only problem I have is the 'Luck' factor with the shards. The leveling is a fun/great way for those who put serious hours into the game to show it off and keep on working towards milestones but the luck part of BE is what gets me down. Having to basically gamble for how much BE you get is a very weird system to go on. I have been what people have called 'unlucky' with my last two levels earning around 400BE off what the old system would have delivered. The fact that I put the _same_ amount of hours into the game as others yet have been getting less BE is very, very sad :'( Otherwise, thanks for posting this and clearing most things up {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hmm, even if you got *really* unlucky I wouldn't have thought you'd get that much below. I suppose the new system doesn't reward those who play *lots* of games a day as much as the old system did since the first win bonus is so big, maybe that's why? Do you remember what shards you got by chance?
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
360! Two nice numbers in a row, yay!
Requinox (OCE)
: Completely Agree! I only earn small amounts of XP as shown below. https://imgur.com/a/4njbA As you can see, I only earned 140 XP after 20 mins. It's horrible.
The curve was designed with a 30 minute average in mind, so if you're playing a lot of 20 minute games levelling is going to feel slow for sure. Avg game time will go up over the next few weeks, but if it stays too painful I imagine Riot will tweak the curve a little.
Nightjar (OCE)
: the level up champion fragments don't feel very nice. If you use the fragment, you get a decent amount of 'value' out of it, but if you don't want that champion specifically, or it's not the one you've been desperate to own next... then it's very disappointing, since you lose alot of theoretical BE value from dusting it. It's also inconsistent, and makes you sad when you roll say a garen fragment, because nobody really gets excited at the prospect of getting garen, most people already own him (even new players), and he's worth squat in terms of BE, and there's no way to reroll. The current lvl up and BE system is a system that feels very uncomfortable for the player. It feels like you don't get as much **choice** as you did with the previous IP system, and the increasing lvlup xp requirements make it harder to earn more capsules as you level up further. At lvl30 you get around the same BE per game (if you aren't unlucky), but considering xp requirement for level up increases, this eventually won't hold true, and even if this wouldn't matter or scale as badly as we think it might, the prospect of running out of BE scares the player base. Anyways that's how I see it. It's not an inherently bad system, nor is it as unfair as many suggest, but in design, it feels very constricting and unsatisfying for a player. Also round levels are satisfying for some of the more OCD players in the community. Lvl30 feels like you hit a benchmark, lvl31 looks ugly.
Hmm, losing out on theoretical value is something I didn't consider, and i can definitely see how that is hurting some players' perception. Maybe if we got a shard and some flat essence for each level up instead of just shards? ___ It is RNG, but if you get a Garen shard, you're also going to get something else. The minimum value you can get is 720, so if you get a small value shard you're going to get something else as well. For example I got a Soraka shard but an Akali shard with it. RNG can feel dissatisfying, but the average BE is still higher than what we got in the old system, and the lowest value is on par, so I don't feel that aspect of the RNG should really bother people all that much. However it might be nice to have a higher chance of getting shard for champions like those you already play (or of those you already play) to help keep this satisfying for players and to alleviate some of the cost of mastery upgrades. That way you are more likely to get a shard for a champ you actually want to play, or one that might be otherwise useful to you. ___ If anything I feel you get more choice, since there are more ways to spend the combined currency than there were for either or before, but I can understand how getting that currency in the form of shards makes it not feel like it. ___ As for the EXP increase in levels and how it affects BE, I can't find the comment I read, but there was a Rioter comment that said something to the effect of it will be a nerf over the old system in later levels, but a buff for the first 1000 wins or so which should get people most of the champions they immediately want. ___ You make some very good points about constrictions and pain points overall, not totally sure what the best way to address them would be, but I don't believe switching completely back to the old way is the way to go. ___ On a side not, as a somewhat OCD player myself, 31 just means motivation to get to 35 :P
: Thank you, you are right with that first paragraph i tots agree i shouldve reported back but i didnt think it was that serious! i dont recall where i got homophobic?? i just pointed out that they were boyfriends but i didnt say anything abusive about bein gay? so? but anyways i dont think i deserved this 10 day ban i was far from being abusive i was defending myself in a comedic way and trying to not get bothered by what they were saying about me. all im trying to say is whoever was incharge with reading the chatlog shouldve read everyones chat log and judged on that, i feel like they didnt look into this deep enough to see i am not deserving of this ban. :( please remove this ban </3
You are judged on your own behaviour not the behaviour of others. You'd also normally get more than one games worth of logs for a punishment like this so maybe take a look? If you want to appeal the restriction you can submit a ticket to player support, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: What about me? because I was in plat5 last season and I didn't get anything like I used to have silver boarder but now silver boarder is gone like I didn't get anything ...
I responded in your other post. The other possibility is that you had a recent ban or active punishment at the end of season, which result in you getting no rewards regardless of rank.
: where is my season end rewards?
Reward distribution can take up to a month after the end of season. Just be patient :)
Rioter Comments
Sparz001 (NA)
: I can only play 1-2 games a day and some times even less. Atleast before I could slowly accumulate IP to get the champs i wanted. Now its just gonna be impossible to get anything in a reasonable amount of time Feelbadman
Especially as a casual player you'll get more BE per game played. Since you're only playing one game per day, you're going to be getting the first win bonus a lot more often (percentage wise) than other players, so you'll level up in less games, which gets you capsules and consequently BE faster. You get a *minimum* of 720 BE per level (and they're looking at bumping that up to 810), so let's start by saying you play 4 games to level. In the old system, if you won all 4 games you'd be looking at about 1000 IP (cause first win) but let's be honest you aren't going to win them all. So let's say you win 2 and lose 2, you'd be looking at around 700-750 IP on average, whereas now you get an average of 910 BE for those four games. And that is not accounting for the fact that EXP per game is not as hindered by win/loss, but depends more on the length of the game, so even if you lose all four of those games, you're still probably going to level in the same amount of time as you won if not a fraction more, whereas if you lost all 4 int he old system you really wouldn't get much IP at all.
: Quick question tho, what am i supposed to do if i didn't even receive a mission which gives me the BE ORB, all my friends got it and they said they got like 15-20k out of it and didn't even get the mission?!?!?!? is riot still working on that or i just don't get one :/
When did you buy your runes for the old system? That mission was for the rune refund, basically you got a percentage of IP (now BE) that you spent on runes and pages back, HOWEVER, if you bought the runes this year (after they went on discount) they did not count for that refund.
Xadouz (EUW)
: skins
http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/11/116-pbe-update.html#tab Soon (TM) But for now, as BlueFox suggested, they should show up in Purchase History.
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
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