DreamD7M (OCE)
: My Account has compromised by Pun
If your account has been compromised your first step if still possible is to change the password of the account and the associated email account. The second recommended step is to run an anti-virus scan on your computer (if you don't have an anti-virus, we recommend Malwarebytes). Third step is to submit an account recovery ticket to player support to verify ownership and finish securing the account: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: Trash NZ Esport Tournament
Given that the tourney is run by NZEsports and not Riot, I would recommend contacting them for more info: https://nzesports.com/contact-us/ There isn't really anything we can offer you here on boards.
: Game's fucked again.
As Wim Tinton mentioned it could be your anti-virus or your firewall. This sounds very much like something is stopping your game from patching/installing properly, most likely because a crucial file/files is/are being blocked. Have a look through your exceptions and make sure all League anythings are allowed through and then run another clean reinstall and you should be good to go. It may be worth disabling your anti-virus entirely for just the install period to ensure all goes well if you can't find the exact file(s) to allow through. If all else fails send a ticket to player support and they can usually point you in the right direction: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Smaze (OCE)
: But it says 19th 7:00pm AEDT in the patch note?
The client had the correct time of 11:59pm AEDT Nov 18th (and a countdown). I believe there was a mixup on the patch notes.
: Blind Pick games after 12 AM
Not a Rioter but I can shed some light on this. The bots you experience in those games aren't Riot made or sanctioned bots. They're illegal player bots made (generally) by account sellers. Because they are bots, naturally their MMR is awful, so you'll really only come across them in low MMR and/or low population (i.e late night) normals. Once your level gets a bit higher you'll pretty much never see them again. It's a form of cheating and should be reported as such. It's worth noting that bots aren't banned instantly, but are banned in waves to obscure detection methods and catch more bots overall. It's an imperfect compromise, but it's what we've got.
Rengorax (OCE)
: > Teams are a factor, yes, but you are the only common factor in all of your games, so over a large enough sample size, the team factor is practically speaking eliminated from the equation. I think Dragon's point is that over a huge amount of games, your individual level of play is what remains consistent. You will get carried some games, you will 1v9 other games, you might have the worst team imaginable in other games, but over a long period of time you will average out to your "true" rank. There is a reason why Grandmaster+ players play 8+ hours a day, and lower elos tend to play less, or play more norms.
Pretty much sums it up yes :) The *team* factor, not the *teamwork* factor.
: That's a valid point, for arguments sake lets say the 'disguised' is a form of stealth, then target would be revealed in their true form, but the wraiths are stated to have 3 effects: _'**Disguised**, **unselectable**, and **increased MS**.'_ Being seen doesn't remove ALL wraith bonuses, as we know the MS is still kept. Therefore the target in theory should be revealed and undisguised, but still unselectable. _**However**_, if we are to agree that 'hiding the identity of the champion' is considered 'stealth' then by definition true sight should also reveal Neeko in her passive. I'm not arguing what I think the ideal interaction is, I'm just saying what I interpret the tooltip to be indicating. The tooltips often tie themselves in knots, they really need more thought going into writing these things. In truth, personally I think that Senna has more than enough utility already, so the current interaction isn't a huge loss at all _(although in saying that, having a support that can offer some relative safety against Rengar would be nice too. But perhaps it'd be better on someone more specialised for that purpose.)_.
I would argue the unselectable is a result of the stealth and therefore it makes sense to be revealed by true-sight. As for Neeko's passive, given that you can technically still see her, I guess true sight doesn't interpret that as stealth, but the same could be said for Senna's wraiths (you can't tell who they are or what health they are on, but you still know their position. The only difference is the targeting). I understand why they interact the way they do though from a balance perspective. Perhaps instead of revealing a wraith completely they simply become targetable and their max health bars are revealed, but the actual identity of the champion and their current health remain obscured (much like Neeko).
: Actually I think OP has a point here. Rengar’s ult indeed grants true sight. But Senna’s official tooltip states: > Allies who enter the area are camouflaged **and also** appear as wraiths as the Mist shrouds them. Wraiths gain increased movement speed, are unselectable, and hide their identities. The wording here clearly indicates that while occurring simultaneously, the wraith state is a separate effect from the camouflage. The wraith effect itself is stated as: > Wraiths gain {{ totalms }} Movement Speed. They are unselectable and hide their identities as long as no enemy champions are nearby. So while true sight will give Rengar eyes on the champion through the camouflage. The ‘unselectable’ state is part of the wraith effect and thus separate from the camouflage. Meaning he still shouldn’t be able to click on them to jump to the wraithed champion even though he can see them. Either the current interaction is wrong, or the wording is. So OP’s point here is still valid even though Rengar has true sight. In my eyes at least.
The true sight effect is stated to "reveal all stealthed units", and whether you consider it separate or together with the camo, the wraith is still a form of stealth and thus would logically be revealed by a true sight effect within range. The *only* effect that overpowers true sight is nearsightedness (you still have true sight within the near-sight range, but not outside of it).
: Is the ranked season over or not?
Rewards are locked yes. We are in preseason now, through which your rank will persist and you have a chance to climb a little higher to make your start of next season journey a little less harsh on the reset, but any ranks earned in preseason will not count towards end of season rewards. As I understand it, ranked queues persist through pre-season partly to not overload the normal queue and partly because they remain the 'serious' queue.
Ąngel (OCE)
: There hasn't been a support champion victorious skin since Janna in 2012.. You might think Morgana was one but I believe she was predominantly played in midlane when that skin was released.
She was support then. She hasn't really been a mid main since a year or two before that. She's always been completely viable mid though for sure. She's more of a flex really.
Smiol Wee (OCE)
: Rengar vs Senna clash
> Rengar gains 40% movement speed and **true sight of the nearest enemy champion** (within 2500 range) for 12 seconds.
: Rank
It ends midnight server time (AEDT) tonight.
: Have you ever played league of legends? Just playing it gives people PTSD. There is no game out there more toxic and awful than League. just do away with banning people for speech. Its why we have mute buttons. Focus on banning people who actually ruin games.
Regularly. When I regularly played Overwatch it was just as bad, arguably worse because you could get blasted in voice chat too. Different negative experiences will affect different people to different degrees. As a whole, both negative chat *and* negative gameplay are harmful, so both are punished. You don't ignore one class of negative behaviour just because a different class has the potential to be more harmful to some people than the other one is. Especially when that factor is very much subjective to the individual.
: If thats the case how do i play with people that is so shitt and derank me further i have lost so many promotional games its not funny with 700 RANK GAMES may i ask you how the fuck do i deal with this shit its a team game GREAT but what do i do when somebody wants to feed intent may i say ff at 15 cause we are behind in a fucking rank game MMR decides the teams im with you say how can that be when im getting them all the fucking time an as i derank its get much worse and theres no way out it because it just continues to happening people make no fucking effort, i dont play for a few days come back on and it continues to FUCKEN HAPPEN IM SO SICK OF IT NOW ITS FUCKING BULLSHIT how can i play with people who know how to play the game its so fucken annoying playing with people who just came from there promotional games then just decide to feel ok lets feed or intent or much worse fucken AFK HOOWWWW????? im so fucking tilted i dont deserve this shit__
But have you actually de-ranked? So far as I can tell you're pretty consistently maintaining that Silver 1 rank. You're highest end of season rank is Gold 5, last season was Silver 2. The ranks shifted a bit with the addition of Iron but Gold mostly stayed where it was (intentionally). You haven't climbed, but you also haven't dropped. There will obviously be a degree of fluctuation if you continue to play games, but generally not more than a division or two. Believe me, I understand the frustration of people being toxic, or afking or saying bullshit like "sorry guys gotta go" 10 minutes into a *ranked game*. Especially this time of the season where the stakes are so much higher things tend to be exacerbated. The best advice I can offer you, is that letting the tilt get to you this much hurts you *far* more than it hurts the people who cause it. We just don't play as well when we are tilted. The short version I suppose is don't bring old beef and leftover tilt into the new game. Most of those people who are doing badly, aren't doing so on purpose, and aren't doing so because they don't belong in your game. Your own scores can attest to some pretty shocking stats when in an overall losing game, and they can also attest to some games just really not going your way. This applies to *everyone*. Me, you, Fred from down the road. Everyone experiences this, and to expect everyone else to play their perfect game every time when we ourselves cannot achieve (because it's impossible) that is only going to create grief for all involved. As far as afks, toxics, genuine intent feeders, etc, report them, know that in the substantial Silver population you aren't likely to see them again and move in. They're really not worth your effort. From an academic perspective, I would suggest you take a google on Negativity Bias. It's a powerful psychological quirk and it can really cost you some sanity if you aren't aware of it. From an emotional perspective, I would suggest that you take a step back and evaluate what it is you care about most in League. Ranked is hugely important to many players and with good reason, but at the end of the day this is still a game, and if your experience with it is more negative than positive, something isn't right.
: Would i be correct to say she is league first marksman enchanter?
No-one else comes to mind. There are plenty of CC marksmen but no enchanters that I can think of.
axeI (OCE)
: > **Teams are a factor, yes, but you are the only common factor in all of your games, so over a large enough sample size, _the team factor is practically speaking eliminated from the equation._** That is nonsense. League of Legends is a team-oriented game. Your individual play and skill is not relative or a conversion for guaranteed wins. Over a large enough sample size of games, team factor IS and will ALWAYS practically be included in the equation on top of your own personal contribution. You also undervalue and not appreciate the fact that as LoL is heavily reliant on team work, the end-goal is to collectively **win with your team**. This also credits those who AFK, grief, intentionally feed or give up purposely in which **unfortunately affects the true individual player's skill in conjunction with MMR and winrate representation.** The system does not screen test player's IRL mentality, psychological/mental health and from that point their behaviour in which they portray in a ranked game. An individual could practically be a Plat 1 player however matchmaking is systematically flawed to skew better teams on the enemy side while you're held captive to deal with those on potential losing streaks and negative winrates coupled with behaviour that is common to that of rage and tilt. You also fail to acknowledge that you climb having built the confidence from your own skill that has improved while praying to the Riot RNG Gods that matchmaking is actually even and favoured your way in addition to having team mates with strong mental fortitude. Don't discount the fact that these are real factors, and while you're in control of your own gameplay, actions and effort - this does not sway your team member's behaviour and their ability to overwhelmingly surrender from 20 minutes onwards. Not even a high elo player who is smurfing can completely 1v9, given the circumstances described above. They hope that their team just feeds less and respond to pings so that they can be carried which unfortunately in most cases within low elo iron-gold (majority of the LoL community) listening and learning to be carried is somewhat challenging for those individuals to grasp. This is why I do not feel sorry for those in low elo. I also do not feel sorry for those who choose to climb higher knowing the stress that comes with the grind in solo queue. We've all been there once and it can be frustrating however the competitive edge in this game makes it that personal rank is bragging rights for many. You may be an Emissary that cheerleads for Riot however your statement on this matter doesn't countenance additional subjective factors on how ranked actually rounds off functioning.
I never said that teamwork as a skill is not relevant or will be cancelled out. What I said was the bad/good/average *teammates* will all balance out over time. The "team factor" I was referring to was the team factor that the OP was talking about, not teamwork as a skill. As far as AFKs and the like, it's a valid point but it doesn't affect MMR, because MMR is a *relative* representation of skill. That is it only has value when compared to the MMR of others, the number itself is meaningless. Everyone else experiences all tose same hiccups so it all equalises. It doesn't screen mentality because it doesn't have to. The system is designed to represent your average skill as the best representation of where you sit. You aren't going to be judged by your worst or your best games, but the average of all your best, worst, and everything in-between games. Someone who regularly plays with a bad mental state will only punish themselves in the long run.
: 6 paragraph down yes to all of them and modified them but still yes You didnt actually reply to anything i said with the pyke bit I completely disagree there i think she is easy to learn and easy to master most of her skill cap is other team members learning to play around her abilities. I think her entire skill cap is low. You still haven't Said why she has a 3 ultimate kit. And i dont just dont want to play her i never want to see that thing in my game. I dont want to waste time banning that thing because it isnt a champion but i have to now because i will not have it in my games it is a spit in the fac of everyone
To the Pyke bit, I'd say they learned and will be able to tweak much faster if they have to. The problem with Pyke (and what will potentially be a problem with Senna) is maintaining their balance in support without blowing up their power elsewhere and ideally without restricting them to a single role (the philosophy being that flex is good). It's a time will tell type thing because at this stage it's too early to know how much of her strength is because she's too strong and how much is unfamiliarity. As for why she has a 3 'ultimate' kit, because they aren't ultimate tier abilities in her kit. If you take Varus' ult, reduce the travel speed/detonation range substantially and gut the damage is it really worthy to be his ultimate? No. Her ult? Because they're weaker. The shield is *maybe* half the strength of a Lulu E and the damage is way less than half a Lux ult. It heavily trades-off potency to get the exxtra effect. Not sure what the third ult she has was meant to be. If it was Soraka's, I addressed that in my initial comment, it's not a heal, it's a shield. Shields are a much cheaper balance cost than heals because they are temporary.
Buck3tt (NA)
: Deny and priority
If you want to offer feedback on Legends of Runeterra you can do so through discord here: discord.gg/legendsofruneterra
Goldman77 (OCE)
: Account Hacked and Banned, attempt to prove it was
If still possible and you haven't already, change the password for the account *and* it's associated email address **now**. After that, submit an Account Recovery ticket to Player Support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new You will have to be logged out to do this. The purpose of this process is to both verify you are the original owner of the account and to ensure it is fully secure. You will be asked a bunch of questions, and you don't have to answer all of them, but you do have to answer most. If you feel you can't answer a lot of the questions, then any information that is unique to the account but not visible on the account (either through client or on third party websites) is helpful here. Once ownership and security is verified, you can open the conversation about having the punishment issued as a result of the compromise revoked. Please be aware that there are some things that can prevent the account from being recovered. This includes (but is not limited to) things like having previously shared the account, having been compromised many times in the past, the compromise originating from someone with physical access to your account rather than digital (as in, they logged in from your computer) etc.
: howcome making multiple threads is allowed but refreshing dead ones that have relevant links and info isn't?
Because this one was borderline where the content was similar but not the same so we erred on the side of not deleting. As far as refreshing posts goes, we don't stop people from posting new threads with old content (even if you were to link to that old post and quote the relevant info you want to discuss), but we lock those threads because more often than not the OP and most of the commenters are no longer active or have already had the discussion. Where there is value in starting a new discussion with new people, reviving old threads often results in one or two comments and the thread itself stays dead, hence why we lock them. Also worth noting that neither of these (unless the spam is especailyl egregious) results in any form of punishment, it's only a simple deletion.
: So what happens if im losing then do i get put with better people or people worse then especially since im getting put with bronze people and im s1 ive had 700 games ive seen the same trend and its fucking not fare and the sad thing is i get put with BOTS explain whats the cause of this ?
Visible rank and MMR won't always match because MMR catches up to true skill quickly (to maintain matchmaking integrity) and visible rank catches up slowly (to create the progression and encourage consistency to maintain a rank). If you're getting matched with/against visible Bronze, then it's because either their MMR is higher than their rank or yours is lower than your rank (or some combination of the two). Basically, for whichever reason, your MMR matches theirs and so you are placed in their games. If you are at a maintained rank and start losing, you'll start getting placed with and against lower MMR people. If you are where you are meant to be then the system expects you to start winning these games to maintain your rank. If you start losing them, then it stands to reason the MMR you reached was too high for you to maintain and so you will slowly drop. If you win them as the system expects then great, you have maintained your rank. Again, the reverse is also true. There is a decent amount of short-term wiggle room to account for the general discrepancy in skill that a human will experience. Maybe you were cold when you played a game and your physical reaction time I slower. Maybe you're distracted and you aren't as present. Maybe you're super focused and are hyper-aware. There are hundreds of factors that go into a player's skill and the only way to equalise all of them is time and large sample sizes. Visible rank is something that becomes more accurate over time, so the less games played, the less accurate visible rank will be since that player could well be halfway through a climb or fall. As for bots, there are practically speaking no bots in ranked. Only a tiny percentage of bots even make it to level 30. This is why you see them in co-op vs AI and low level+MMR ARAMs (and the rare normal) and nowhere else, and the only reason some of them make it that far is because bots are banned in waves to obscure detection methods, not instantaneously upon detection. Looking at your recent games, it's pretty clear you've hit your plateau. For every loss streak, you pretty much have a matching win streak. Your overall win-rate would indicate that you're either pretty much spot on where you should be, or just a touch above it. The hurdle from Silver to Gold is also bigger than the hurdle from Bronze to Silver (and this trend continues into the upper ranks). ___ If you want my (basic) advice, read on, if not, just ignore this last part. Consistency is key. Most of your wins you perform consistently well, but in losses your scores drop very quickly. Some of this is unavoidable by the nature of a losing game, but learning how to play from behind is an important skill that will carry you far. Warding. A super important skill for everyone but especially so for Jungle and Support. Supports have access to free wards but jungles only have their trinkets (and often Red trinket is the way to go). This means there is a massive extra interest in Red wards for junglers to control vision, and many games you are forgetting to buy any (I'm guilty of this too). Top lane also has limited wards and no Support presence on their side of the map, so again vision control becomes very important. Your CS is impressive (even in your losses) so kudos for that one! There's always room for improvement of course, but you're pretty consistently above the average for your rank. On the flip side, generally speaking your kill participation is quite low. Some games you do really well but again see that consistency note. Of course, this is a trickier one to nail down because there are a wide variety of reasons for low KP and some of them are unavoidable. Most of them ultimately come down to macro though. Knowing when to rotate, when to engage with your team and when to hold off, when to start stuff on your own or move to group etc etc. Take all that with a grain of salt though. I didn't watch replays, simply made suggestions based on the average of various stats. Some points will be more relevant than others and how to tailor it all to your playstyle depends largely on you.
: When you give Anivia ephemeral and kill her (without the ephemeral effect) Eggnivia doesn't get the ephemeral keyword. Why its a problem? because there is a card that copies an ally and gives it ephemeral (name of the card is splinter soul) {{champion:34}}
Eggnivia is essentially a new card that is spawned when an Anivia dies, so there is no reason for it to gain the Ephemeral keyword. As far as I know, this is working as intended. Given you can only have one Anivia on your board normally, and you would have to both draw and be able to play both of those cards at the same time, it's about as powerful as any other rare combo. If you want to submit feedback for Legends of Runeterra (as opposed to just discussing), you can do so through discord here: discord.gg/legendsofruneterra
xPeasant (OCE)
: Permanent Ban Appeal
Unfortunately, a punishment will not be removed or reduced unless it was made in error. There were tests run that allowed players to retrieve permanently banned accounts after a period of good behaviour, however they resulted in almost universal relapse rates. The cost to the general population was far too high for the benefit it offered the tiny percentage (that reformed) of a tiny percentage (that were perma-banned to begin with). Credit to you for making the effort to reform, it takes work and persistence! I wish I could give you the answer you want.
: Fucking losing more rank games then winning
Rank is ultimately in the long-term a visual representation of relative skill. When your visible rank matches your relative skill, you will stop climbing and plateau. At this point where rank matches skill, the skill has to improve for the rank to. For example, you play a game versing people evenly matched with you and win. Great! You were better than those people so the system is going to assume some improvement. You then verse people slightly higher than those last ones and you lose, ok you must be a touch lower than them. Rinse and repeat. Playing against people of your accurate rank your win-rate will sit at 50%, because that's how the system is designed. You don't climb by playing games, you climb by improving, otherwise, the people in Challenger would be the people who play the most games per day, not the people who have the highest skill on the server. Teams are a factor, yes, but you are the only common factor in all of your games, so over a large enough sample size, the team factor is practically speaking eliminated from the equation.
cznii (OCE)
: The owner of our club is gone
Submit a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new If anyone can help you, they can.
: Yes and that is extremely over powered. Hmm i can walk up without orarcle shoot q twice into my adc and be assured there are no shrooms in the path. And she can accidentally clear any shroom or ward just to firing it. Also tower damage that is extremely op so she can stand outside of tower range and spam q to destroy towers that is plain toxic. I am always worried about where the rest of the team is thats why i have begun to climb game knowledge and amount of games played. Either way her ability to launch ghouls is toxic. If it is given a speed buff it needs to be limited to only her. And counter play should never be limited to you must run if she uses this move that is extremely toxic. No her stun wont have the same impact in a 1v1 but a stronger impact in teamfights as she can cloak it it releases faster than his r so the team stun is more likely to happen. Taking damage away doesn't change the move. Akalis shroud is easy to deal with and except that akali is strong as it is massively weaker than sennas. She has one unique ability thats her auto she is not her own champion she is a thief that stole from other champions. Actually in using that would make her more unique than she currently is. Pyke has reasons and uses to not use support items and we all saw the hell that came from that the massive mistake it was and it has finally settled down after all the nerfs and swaps on his kit. That actually shows how bad a release senna is. No being able to flex her in other lanes does not discount her ability to play support. I said she isn't a support she is a top mid adc with the capability to support. Oh sorry i must have misread when said gnars q to mundo ok yeah mundo q is close to mega gnars q but again is munda q his r no, no its not its his q. And yes like olafs q very close to like a weaker versions with slight differences i will say that definitely. My comparison with sennas abilities were well said and shown you gaviw bad examples and a few great ones. Unfortunately only proving how toxic senna is by doing so. Gnar has stole basic abilities senna has stole ultimate moves. Gnars is a high skill cap champion senna is not. 1. And untrue i welcome this as you have shown tiny peices of senna and what she could have been. Unfortunately that did not happen and we received this thing. I am glad you pointed out Stuff like her basic attacks it shows the things she should keep. But again scrap the entire kit otherwise. Keep her auto attack her passive and if the rest of her kits is removed then keep her q. Scrap her w e r and change them entirely or even scrap her w e and make moves there that would be fair chance for her to become a champion
You can't Q twice in succession it's a 10~ second CD. She also has to have a target to fire the Q so the chances of accidentally finding something are slim. Unless she's fed the tower damage is barely more than an auto and it's on a long CD so it's not like she going to be taking turrets with it. She can also only hit the turret from out of its range if she has something else to target through like a minion. She can't just walk up to any tower and touch it. There is no spamming the Q. Why? There are plenty of abilities and items that give team-wide speed buffs. Righteous glory or Shurelya's are often bought early in the game, should they be nerfed too? The counter-play is vision, which is a basic staple of the game. The *backup* counter-play is avoiding it if you aren't with your team. The counter-play for most assassins is to shut them down early, and if that fails, the counter-play is avoiding them *permanently*, not just while they're using one long CD ability. Should we just remove all assassins? The projectile is so much slower than Varus' R. Like legitimately half the travel speed. The initial root is also slower than Varus' ult which is instant. The secondary (i.e hitting other people) root is a bit faster, but it's also a tiny range and you have much more reaction time + the reaction time fo the person that got hit to dodge it. Akali's shroud is not easy to deal with if you don't have AoE or wide skill-shots. Even Red Trinket won't reveal her in it so unless you can predict or chance a hit on her in it you have *no idea* where she is. Senna's position, on the other hand, is completely visible, the ability only camouflages so if you or someone on your team (like your frontline) gets close to her or a wraith they are completely visible. She is also revealed by red wards and red trinket (unlike Akali). She is only as much a thief as any other champion. Did Ivern Steal Annie's Ult? Sion's shield? Did Neeko steal Zyra's E? Did Zed steal Leblanc's W? Lulu's Q? Pyke hasn't had any swaps to his kit? He doesn't build support items because he isn't a traditional support. That doesn't mean he isn't a support, just that he isn't following the same strict mould of Enchanter/CC tank/Kill Mage. Senna is the same. High skill cap is kind of irrelevant. Annie is low skill cap while Qiyana is high skill cap, and they both exist and continue to exist for a reason. You have to have both ends of the spectrum. Senna is somewhere in the middle. She's easy to learn but decently difficult to master. There is room for skill to shine through without it being an almost unreachable goal for a lot of people like Azir or Aurelion, and being hard doesn't make a champion good. They are not mutually inclusive. At the end of the day though. If you don't like her, *don't play her*.
: her q does clear teemo shrooms through. I saw one q a minion took out 2 of my shrooms but at same time her w is a lot stronger than varus's she can come in with and entire team with her under shroud and hide her w . she also has very close to the same power as varus so she would kill just as fast if she hits it right found shrouds 100 times worse than akalis because of the ghouls affect and she can laugh her tanks at you with her shrouds while cloaking who they are and there ability's animations. making it 10 times worse than both but in a smaller area true her r is slightly weak in kill protentional than luxs ult. but 1000 times stronger in situational use and its amount of uses I don't care for her strength at all really. she isn't a champion as far as I am concerned, also I find it easy to fight her because how I play. this doesn't change the fact she should not have been released at all if she wasn't a champion with her own kit I wouldn't want her nerf. I want her actually to be made. be just copy pasted senna has no new dynamics for support because she cant currently scale with support items. next year maybe she might with new support items. but currently calling her a support is a lie. she isn't even used in the support roal at all. who would wasted her on that role when she is very obviously not a support. her only reason for wanting to be bot lane is to increase her scalling with souls collected. we jhave an assassin support now and a lie that we were getting a marksman support. but either way there are a lot more champions that can of meta support that are marksman and ten times better. ash is a support incase everyone forgot that. she is a marksman support. senna is not the first that is a straight our lie from riot. oh well in that case the point is she wasn't designed for support either. oh and she never had value as a support for that to be erased as far as I have seen ok I see there that is true about the uniqueness about her shrouds capabilities. unfortunately it has an ultimate attached to it so I still find it toxic. but you have a slight point that is literally her only unique quality. yes a new global ult would have been great with the one they have released they have so many opitions to go with and ways to make it unique unfortunately this was the opposite of what they did with her. just copy pasting over champions ults and saying jobs well done wait ok that is interesting. ok scrap her entire kit except her autos and passive and rebuild the rest don't say she has a unique identity that is lieing man. the story of the game has zero affect on how she is not a champion that is unique. yeah they made a good story for her. no they didn't do any work on her kit. I would argue she is the worst release riot has ever made. she makes yummi and other champions like gragus first realse sound like great champions. that is how bad she was done. gnars passive is unqiue in many ways and was a bad choice. if you wanted to go that you should have said elise and jayce. and is so far from shyvannas ult you couldn't even compare them. except that they transform I can see the sivir bit but it is nothing like mundos q and that was a horrid comparison. and with sivirs q yes that is an interesting thought there. but look at gnar and his many unique qualities he actualy has an identity. I would have gone with taric stun as is it nothing like Leona stun. but even with taris stun it is completely different due to his kit and how it is made. but I see the small things that are close. yeah you should have left the others out they were terrible examples are you trying to be broad and just include anything. if so then gnars w is sejs ult sejs q sejs e and so on. then needs similarities not just it stuns therefor its the same. true as is every leap mechanic I agree this is something that is the same unfortunately it is impossible to give movement abilities without using that extremely basic definition I do like how you choice gnar because he is my main to try take a shot at me. I have obviously annoyed you a bit by pointing out how worthless senna is. unfortunately gnar is actually a champion that has many unique properties and was a terrible choice. please try use a better example no well actually in using gnar as a point of context you have shown how massively unique other champions are compared to senna and have only shown how she has nothing unique except her auto (which you brought up I find very interesting) so please I do welcome anther go as you did put a lot of effort into this I like how you did
Her Q counts as a basic attack in all respects (will hit towers, wards, etc) so it could damage shrooms yes, but only in the way that autos can. The shroud is very small, and given that it's the shroud's primary mechanic, would you not be wary of her team if you can't see them elsewhere? Like it is for many things, vision or just avoiding it is the clear counter-play here. Varus has burst while Senna doesn't really, and the W does tiny damage compared to Varus' ult too. Her W isn't going to have a bigger impact than a Varus ult in a 1v1, and her ult takes a long time to fire for basically an auto's worth of damage and a small shield where all of Varus' abilities are immediately useful. If you see a wraith running at you, you either know who it is because you saw them go into the shroud, or you assume it's their strongest player and play around that. It only cloaks the windup animation, as soon as the ability fires they become visible, which barely reduces the time you have to react to most abilities. It also has a substantial delay to re-enter the shroud, where Akali's is instant, most of her abilities are instant, you can't touch or see her even if you're standing on her, and it lasts longer. She *is* her own champion. Her abilities, animations and thematic all fit her perfectly. Like I mentioned, you could say *anyone* is a copy-paste if you try for it. She is as much a copy-paste as Gnar is. Support items are kind of irrelevant though? Support items exist to keep champions relevant in the support role, not as items that supports *have* to take (other than Sightstone). She doesn't need them, so she doesn't take them. Pyke doesn't take support items either, does that mean he's not allowed to support? She works great as a support, I should know, I've been playing her as one. Can she be stronger in solo lanes? Yes, but so can Lux, so can Morgana, so can Nautilus or Tahm or even *Bard*. Being able to flex to other lanes does not discount her value or validity as a support. She is arguably more of a support than Pyke is, since Pyke is basically a kill lane like Brand where Senna has Enchanter elements as well. Mega Gnar Q is straight-up Mundo Q lol. It's a projectile that slows. I suppose you could say Olaf instead since it has a reset. But it's literally the same mechanic reskinned. The others have as much wriggle room as the comparisons you made to Senna's abilities. This is going to have to be an agreement to hard disagree.
Hóbbit (OCE)
: True Damage Borders Through Shop?
"Border Set". All those bundles come with the borders included (as pictured). Those bundles do also expire though.
: Can this laptop run League of Legends
>Intel® UHD Graphics 620 This is probably going to be your biggest barrier. Look for a laptop that has discrete graphics (not build into the motherboard) and you're basically guaranteed in the range you want. Discrete graphics will also mostly solve your heat problems. Finding one that is also a 2-in-1 is going to be the tricky part since the features are designed (and therefore implemented for) very different uses. You likely also don't have to spend anywhere close to $1600 depending on what features you want/need. League isn't a super-intensive game, and if you're happy not having everything else on super-duper ultra, then half that will generally be plenty. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/acer-aspire-5-a515-51g-15-6-hd-laptop This one, for example, would run games just fine and League on full, but it's not a 2-in-1 (which you may want/require for school) and doesn't have an SSD (will load slower in general and is more at risk of damage if you drop it or move it around a lot while it's on). It comes down to what features you are prioritising. There are a decent chunk of on-board graphics that will run League just fine, but if you're getting into more intensive territory like the Witcher, Call of Duty, etc. you will run into trouble fast. My recommendations: [Best Price](https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/acer-aspire-5-a515-51g-15-6-hd-laptop) (At the cost of 2-in-1 features) [Best 2-in-1 Price](https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/lenovo-yoga-720-13-3-2-in-1-laptop-platinum) (At the cost of gaming) [Best of Both](https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/acer-spin-5-sp515-51gn-87y0-15-6-2-in-1-laptop-i7) (At the cost of money)
: new champion copy paste has been released
Her Q is like Lucians intentionally, they used many of the same skills 'before'. Mechanically speaking, it has a heal and is wider/longer, but it's also substantially slower, has a longer cooldown, and doesn't trigger a directly damaging passive. Her W's initial range is longer, but the trigger range is *much* shorter than a Varus ult. Coupled with it's slower movement and the fact that its 1v1 potential is much lower (because Senna isn't Varus) makes it quite a different ability in the context of her kit. The MS on her E is a similar duration, but also substantially less than Sivir's ult, affects champions in a comparatively *tiny* range, and allies lose the effect if they attack anything. The shroud and the wraith effect are camouflage only, unlike Akali's true invisibility. Her R is not a heal, it is a really-not-that-substantial shield that doesn't scale with her primary build stat and that doesn't last very long. It also does less damage than a Lux ult even when building full AD, is wider yes but much slower to fire (easier to dodge), and can't trigger a damaging passive like Lux's can. ___ She feels a little strong at the moment, yes, but almost all new champions do. To be honest I would say it's almost entirely because people haven't learnt to play against her yet rather than her numbers actually being all that over-tuned. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't receive a nerf at all, or if it's only a small one. ___ As for what she brings to League, for one an entirely new way to play support. Pyke did it once, Senna has done it again. For the longest time your options for support (unless you were going wildly off-meta) were Tank, Enchanter, or kill-lane (read: not all that support-y) mage. Now we have an Assassin and a Marksman *tailored for the support role* to go with that. If they flex elsewhere then sure, there are usually more efficient picks so 'what's the point?'. The point is they aren't designed for other lanes, and if they can flex there it's because players are doing interesting things with them, it doesn't erase their value to the support role. Diversity is never a bad thing. Mechanically speaking her shroud and the wraiths it creates is an entirely new form of obfuscation, and very interesting to play with/around. Like Neeko's passive, it's not something central (i..e couldn't do without) to their mechanical kit, but it's central to their identity, and both create very interesting ways to play the game. We haven't had a new global ult since Jinx (*October of 2013*) so that opportunity is a very exciting thing. She is also so far as I can pull from the top of my head the only ranged champion (other than maybe Thresh and Rakan who are only technically ranged) that can fire through Yasuo's wind wall since her autos are a tether and release and not a projectile. This makes for some very interesting interactions. ___ She's a champion with a very strong and unique identity, she's interesting to play but has clear and executable counter-play, she advances the lore and story fo the world of League and she has a unique dual aesthetic that works together very well. Does that mean she's for everyone? Of course not, but personally I would argue she's one of the best and most cohesively designed champions we have. ___ As a quick side experiment, League has a lot of champions, so you can take pretty much anyone and compare their abilities to other champs to label them as lacking uniqueness. * Gnar's passive is basically any free transforming champion's ult + Shyvana ult. * Mini Gnar's Q is basically just a worse Sivir Q with a reset. Mega Gnar's Q is basically a slower, longer Mundo Q. * Mini Gnar's W is basically any other 3-stack auto-empowering passive in the game. Mega Gnar's W is basically an AoE Leona Q, or a faster Taric E, or an AoE Udyr bear auto, or a shorter and AoE Xerath E etc. * Gnar's E is a short Tristana E with a conditional bounce, or an Ezreal E that has to travel, or a Shen E without the taunt, etc. * Gnar's Ult is basically a Malphite Ult, or an Ori Ult, or a Shyvana Ult (activation) with a stun, etc. And yet, it's easily argued that Gnar is a unique champion with his own identity because when it all comes together it doesn't make Elise, or Shyvana, or Orianna. It makes Gnar. You get the idea. Point being, a single ability doesn't define a champion, you have to look at the whole.
: Not receiving chests for S- and above results even though I have chests available?
Have you already received chests on the champions you are playing? You can only earn one chest per champ per season.
ˉxˉ (OCE)
: Something about summoner' ID
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752814-Summoner-Name-FAQ#h1q9 >We can swap Summoner Names between accounts manually, but only if you have the required 1300 RP or 13,900 BE in your main account to pay for the transfer. Please note that you can only swap Summoner Names that are on the same server. >If you would like to swap your Summoner name from one of your accounts to another, please [submit a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) with the subject "Summoner Name Swap" and send us the following information for both of your accounts: >SUBJECT: Summoner Name Swap >ACCOUNT ONE * Your account name (What you log in to the game with) * Your Summoner name (What other players see in game) * Which server you play on (NA, EU West, or EU Nordic & East) * Email used to register the account: >ACCOUNT TWO * Your account name (What you log in to the game with) * Your Summoner name (What other players see in game) * Which server you play on (NA, EU West, or EU Nordic & East) * Email used to register the account:
Tamudoque (OCE)
: Account Transfer is down?
OCE transfers have been a bit of a minefield for the last two years, but currently it's the scheduled downtime (happens every year) for the close of the ranked season. I believe they are meant to go back up sometime in mid-preseason or at start of the new season but last year there were significant delays to that and it's not necessarily unlikely for that to happen again.
RonyStark (OCE)
: what if they dont say anything like that, but their clubname is inappropriate? does Riot system also punish people with inappropriate club name?
It does. Depending on the circumstances it may only be with a club disband or forced name change, but it can result in harsher punishments (though typically only for the club creator if I recall correctly).
Eaux (OCE)
: Honour Level Reset?
Honour will reset once the new season starts yes. It seems that this year the only difference in rewards between Honour 4 and 5 (other than the incremental rewards you receive as you level up) is the Honour emote. https://news-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/articles/2019/october/RankedEOSRewards/Honor-Emotes_v1.jpg If it follows the pattern of last year, then H5 will get all 3 emotes and H4 will only get the first two, but it's also possible you will simply get the emote for your relevant level.
: if only there where printed comic book versions
There probably will be. As far as I know, they did trade paperbacks of both Lux and Ashe's comics.
Bookbash (OCE)
: **Picture 1 of your "OCE Matchmaking 2":** you wrote "RED: Over this many games win-rate is not an accurate indicator of true average skill. There just isn't enough data there for a single number to accurately represent anything. These kind of numbers only become something resembling accurate after 100+ games." And that's exactly my point. How on earth is that matchmaking remotely accurate? Btw saying that "Trist is now gold" is not a logical argument about the matchmaking at the time. At that moment in time who knows what their skill level was. The LEONA on the other hand has played a reasonable sample size to tank from their account starting mmr (which people say is in silver) and should be placed in lower category games. I have no problem with the blue team, just the completely randomness of the red team. **Picture 2 of your "OCE Matchmaking 2":** My point was that the Lee Sin's mmr at the time would have no bearing on why there is a an Iron 1 in the game. Like you say, they have the standard pre-placement silver mmr. But the Iron 1 should simply just not be in the game, considering that they had played a number of games to establish their level. You cannot compare the Iron 1 with the Vayne over the course of the rest of the season to logically argue that they should have been paired in this game. **Picture 3 of your "OCE Matchmaking 2":** I understand that Solo and Flex mmr are not the game. But in pairing players for their first Flex ranked games, why doesn't Riot take into account the soloqueue mmr, instead of starting them off fresh with a pre-placement silver mmr. It would certainly help to avoid these sorts of shellackings. Another thing that Riot could do is balance the TEAMS better using some soloqueue mmr weightings until players have established their Flex queue ranks over a specified number of games. **Picture 4 of your "OCE Matchmaking 2":** The Miss Fortune in this game has stopped playing Flex queue after completing their placements with a result of 4W 6L Iron 2 placement. By using the idea specified in the previous paragraph, Riot would get more accurate Flex Queue ranks and avoid some players simply giving up because their placements were lopsided. **Picture 5 of your "OCE Matchmaking 2":** Then information given was that this player (name withheld because I was afraid of the name/shame board rules police) was placed into my silver promo game. Considering that they were not a duo player, the questions are how and why? Consider the mmr, not the rank: mmr needs to be made simpler, like I said in my point 1. A 21% winrate player after 38 games is not even a high bronze level player, so you cannot even consider that argument that high bronze and low silver are not so far apart because in reality they are not high bronze level, unless of course mmr tanks very slowly. I would think that losing 22 out of your 30 games would tank mmr pretty quickly, but maybe this is not so. But it needs to be. **Picture 6 of your "OCE Matchmaking 2":** The cs numbers point was made to show the drop in skill level of players over the seasons and also because Riot invented the new Iron tier, this exaggerates it even more so. But 5 minutes into a game a Darius has 8 cs vs an Urgot, something does not seem right. Perhaps they are having a bad game, its true. I remember that when I first got placed into Bronze 3 at the start of season 5, back in the day when everyone had to play every role, players were getting between 5-7 cs per minute in the opening 15 minutes of the games consistently. The point is, resetting the ladder will make the cream rise to the top once again, and those players that are out of position will be put back much faster. **Picture 7 of your "OCE Matchmaking 2":** Perhaps the word 'caned' is not the correct term. Maybe "jipped", or "ripped off" would be better terms, considering that they have to face someone a whole tier above them, without any compensating factors on the teams. Silver 4 vs an established Gold 4 player at the time (over 600 games played with 49% winrate) is not fair matchmaking. **Picture 8 of your "OCE Matchmaking 2":** You wrote "Twitch did the worst in the game, is probably a second account yes, but if it is they are either intentionally losing (report) or are certainly not Master/Diamond. Also, 27 games is again, nothing. The Jhin had barely played any games (and still hasn't), and also outperformed this supposed Master tier Twitch so he must be doing something right. Bronze 1 rank also doesn't mean he has Bronze 1 MMR. With a WR like that he almost certainly doesn't." My point here, is that 27 games with a 78% winrate should be enough to kick start the twitch's MMR into higher placements. Why are they being placed into a game with an mmr level around his own rank?? Jhin did not outperform the twitch by himself because the twitch was inting and running it down after some disagreements on strategy in game (check the build for example to confirm). I'm not interested in what happened in the game, only the matchmaking. According to the screenshot, the Jhin had a 42% winrate, was in Iron 1 at the time after 57 games. This would suggest to me that they are nowhere near high bronze, low silver mmr. Consider this situation. 10 players. Team A has MMR: Top 2500, Jungle 2200, Mid 2500, Bot 2500, Support 2800. Vs Team B with MMR: Top 2500, Jungle 2800, Mid 2500, Bot 2500, Support 2200. Using this example because it is from high elo, the game MASSIVELY favours Team B. Why? Because Jungle at this time has way more influence on the game in the early stages than support. This is an example of lopsided matchmaking. With the idea to give players the option to sit in queue for a little bit longer, this is can be greatly eradicated. I hope you see the point here. HOWEVER in the Twitch/Jhin game, these players ARE ON OPPOSITE TEAMS. Which makes the matchmaking STUPID to say the least. **Picture 9 of your "OCE Matchmaking 2":** The 24% winrate Yi situation I've already discussed in point 1 in previous post. But just to reiterate. A player that starts on a new account, that is not duo-queueing and has the standard silver mmr, but then only wins 24% of their games over a reasonable enough sample size (enough to change mmr) should not be placed in silver games. **Picture 10 of your "OCE Matchmaking 2":** I don't see how you can use **subsequent results** to justify the placing of players in games at a certain snapshot in time. it doesn't wash with me. If the Vladimir has just finished placements and is coming out of a loss streak, why should I be placed in the same game when I'm a whole tier higher ranked? Again, by giving the matchmaking algorithim more time to find players (i.e. supports, which might have been harder to find at the time), this thing can be avoided. **The Last Picture of your "OCE Matchmaking 2":** (the high level game with Eyla). You are right here, the Qiyana wasn't gold last season. I was swayed by what someone said on the stream at the time, and didn't check it. But yes, they were autofilled and had a horrible game. At the higher ends of the spectrum there are many discrepancies that need to be fixed by resetting the ladder. For example at least 3 of the players in this game were no higher than Diamond 2 last season, and by maintaining a 50% winrate are somehow in games with the top 5 players on the server. This is a frustrating skill gap in these games, and its a major reason why pros are simply not playing many soloqueue games throughout the season, when they need their practice the most. (Some of them are playing now, to reach challenger at the end of the season). This happened because of the balls-up in matchmaking at the start of the season, combined with the introduction of the new tiers. Ok, I hope you understand my points more now, and why I've selected the ideas to help remedy the situation at hand. Cheers.
> Picture 1 Because there is a lot more that goes into MMR calculations than binary win/loss. The average MMR of an unranked account is mid-low Silver, and it is set there for a reason. Namely, that is the average skill (as far as I know a little lower under the same principle as the soft reset they do every year) of the player-base, and thus the most likely skill bracket they will fall into. It is essentially another compromise. Where data is lacking you use *all* the data you have to make the best-educated guess you can and go from there. It isn't perfect, and this means that mid-low Silver will always have a few outliers, but new players have to start *somewhere*, and this method results in the most accurate results possible. The point of including some blue data was to point out there really wasn't a significant imbalance, because while red looked overall 'worse', when you really dig into it they were basically even. The point of mentioning that Trist is now Gold was to point out that a winrate over 10 games is beyond meaningless and using it as the sole indicator is misleading *at best*. The Leona has still played <30 so not much can be said. > Picture 2 I mentioned the Lee Sin simply because they didn't have a visible rank and it was to put the whole into perspective. The Vel had and still has played barely any games. Not anywhere near enough for their visible rank to catch up to their hidden MMR. I mentioned their performance because their visible rank is Iron 1, but they are in a mid-Silver MMR range game and performed well, which would imply that their MMR is mid-Silver, and also likely climbing from there. This comes down to MMR and visible rank not matching while people are climbing. MMR catches up to true skill much faster than visible rank does because it isn't impeded by divisions, placements, dodges, remakes, etc. Take my own climb as an example, in previous Gold-ranked seasons I would persistently be matched against Plat+, i.e I had a Plat~ range MMR, but I also never played enough games for my rank to catch up to my MMR. Now I have played those games and my visible rank has caught up to my MMR, and I've hit the plateau where I am no longer climbing ranks simply by playing. > Picture 3 Because Flex is a substantially different environment. Teamwork is a key skill when it comes to League, and the way that skill is executed differs wildly between Flex and Solo/Duo. In the same way that TT utilises all the same skills, but in different ways and to different depths as SR does, Flex vs Solo/Duo is much the same. People also treat Flex differently. For a player like myself, the ranks should be fairly similar because roles, champions and pre-mades are pretty consistent between the two, but for some players the difference is enormous. For example, a solo Mid main in S/D may play ADC with their Support mate in Flex, a role they don't normally play with a different lane dynamic because of the extra person, so relative skill and rank will differ greatly. Some people also don't take Flex as seriously and will play off-roles or champions, which puts their effective Flex rank lower because they have less skill with that given role/champ/playstyle. When dynamic queue was split back into Solo/Duo and Flex both queues used cues from the same MMR rankings. The reason they don't continue to do this for new Flex players is for the same reason they don't use normal MMR to indicate for new S/D players. The modes are different enough to cause more inaccuracy using that method than simply using the existing ranked player base to determine their MMR. > Picture 4 The accuracy of ranks is irrelevant to matchmaking health. Rank is purely an individual indicator of progression. So long as the hidden MMR is placing them in the appropriate games, which given they were in a premade and their solo rank reflects a similar skill level seems like it was, then matchmaking is essentially healthy because they are versing and playing with people of similar skill. Premades will always account for a degree of inaccuracy here. > Picture 5 21% over 38 games tells you barely anything. When were the losses? (Were they early in placements before their MMR could catch up?) How did they perform in those losses? (Losing a game doesn't mean you personally lost the game for the team) Have they been getting filled/second pref roles? (Maybe they play a role that wasn't popular last season but is this one and so are being forced into their worse roles a lot) Do they play at weird times and so they are versing wider ranges of MMR resulting in odd visible results but perfectly accurate hidden metrics? 38 games just isn't enough data to answer any of those questions which is precisely my point. Win-rate can only be used as any sort of accurate indicator past 100 games. Using win-rate or visible rank before that is only going to cause you grief by misleading yourself. > Picture 6 That 3-4/min number hasn't really changed all that much over the seasons in my experience, but also consider that the pace of the game has changed. First 15 minutes used to a lot more just farming up, where now there's a lot more fighting and trading. Naturally that impacts CS. The game has trended to a more aggressive and less passive pattern over time. The introduction of Iron only exaggerates the perceived lowering of skill because it has pushed the ranks up. People are still in the same *relative* skill bracket that they were, but the true visible rank of that skill bracket has changed for many players. Gold remained about the same, but that means that anyone in Silver and Bronze essentially has their true rank dropped a div or two to compensate for the extra ranks. So Silver 4 of this season was the equivalent of Silver 2-3 last year at a conservative estimate. A full reset will result in exactly the phenomenon that you were criticising in Flex rank. You can't have both a full reset and take cues from past or other rankings. They directly contradict each other. > Picture 7 Trying to base anything off of 3 minutes of a game and flat data is not a good way to come to a solid conclusion. You seem to be of the mindset that win-rate (regardless of games played) is the only factor in determining the outcome of a game. I highly doubt that is the case but it is the impression you give. We don't now know the exact circumstances of the Ryze nor the Yasuo. The system *has* all that background and in-depth data. > Picture 8 Not necessarily, because again, which games is he winning/losing? Is he winning until the system puts him into Gold MMR games and then losing until he drops back into low Silver? Would that not indicate to the system that he belongs somewhere above where he is but below Gold? Well ok let's put him in mid-silver games and ramp it up slower this time until he starts losing again and then we'll even it out. His match history would indicate that he *was* getting ramped real fast and that he was hitting the slow down point. Given that he's now Silver 3 with a substantially dropped 65% win-rate (and not a huge amount more games) it would seem to indicate that his true rank lies in the high Silver-low-Gold range, which is about right for the games that he was in with you (a mid Silver game). You should be interested in what happened in that game because it's first-hand experience and can help guide the conclusions you draw from other insufficient data. The fact that the Jhin (who had an *apparently* low MMR) outperformed the Twitch (who had an *apparently* higher MMR) means that more than likely there is far more behind the scenes that is indicated in their win-rates and visible ranks. Someone who's true rank is lower than Iron 1 (if we base it solely off his negative WR) is only going to outperform someone who is supposedly high Silver-low Gold (again basing it solely off of visible WR) under exceptional circumstances, and yet both their performances were consistent across the match and ross subsequent matches. Given that, clearly there is more to the story than what is shown in visible rank and WR, which is basically my entire running point. > Picture 9 Perhaps they won the first 10 and got catapulted into low Gold MMR and the system is now dragging them back down to where they belong (and consequently dragging their early WR down too). There is simply not enough visible data to make those kind of conclusions. > Picture 10 Because MMR and visible rank does not match until a player plateaus (i.e reaches their true skill and MMR, ceases climbing and is just breaking even). *Subsequent* results give you a strong idea of where their MMR was trending before their visible rank had caught up. Given the Vlad's subsequent climb the system clearly knew he was meant to be higher than his visible rank indicated and got him there, giving you a good idea of why a visibly Bronze 4 player was in a mid SIlver game. *Because his MMR at the time was mid Silver and trending upwards*. > The Last Picture. This comes down to population. Queue times in this MMR range are already excruciatingly long, and there just aren't enough people to get matchmaking of the quality that most people would like. The system accounts for this by adjusting MMR and LP gains and losses based on whether you are "expected" by the metrics of the system to win or lose the match (Expected to lose and lose? Lose less LP/MMR. Expected to win but lose? Lose more MMR/LP. Expected to lose but win? Big gains.). The alternative is that these players either have limited queue times, which has its own caveats of some players simply not being available at any of those times, or never getting a game at all. The current system is the compromise of wider matchmaking ranges to allow for games to actually exist, with adjusted gains to compensate for the imbalances that will inevitably occur. There is no perfect solution, the scale simply makes that impossible.
Bookbash (OCE)
: Hi Seras, I'm not going to spend too long on this, because it takes time out of my day. But I will address points 1-4 and then move to the pictures later. 1: The system does not do this satisfactory enough. Earlier in the season I was dodging many of these sort of players that have been placed into the wrong level of skill, but when you have to dodge more than once in a row, it is very time consuming. So by having a button that players themselves can choose or not to, is quite beneficial. Consider that not everyone has time to play league all day and only play 1-3 games at a time. I would rather wait an extra 10 minutes in queue for every game to be matched fairly, than to be waiting in a dodge queue for 1 game for 30 minutes. 2: It's been tested. E.g. NEACE the streamer came back to play league after 1 year away. And even though he knew nothing about the new champs etc, he was placed into his old level of games (d1+). I gave an arbitrary number. Use whatever number is needed to stop player that have been out of the game for a long time, coming back and ruining the experience for others. They need to get to grips with the meta, etc etc. BTW Neace dodged the game after testing, because he knew he was not at the level at the time. This idea also will kill off a lot of account sharing, smurfing, selling, and boosting. 3: You say it will tank the MMR real fast. But 30 games is not fast enough according that example given (the YI in the pictures). When you have 24% winratio, you are clearly out of your league, or trolling. Generally when its below 40% winrate after quite a number of games, you know that player is out of their league, or a griefer, wintrader etc. 4: I understand that it would be "painful" for some players. But competitive integrity and skill matter more. I can understand why Riot will not do this, because they are afraid of losing their playerbase. But think about those players at the start of this season when the ladder wasn't reset. They were in the same position. A compromise would be to reset players to their season 8 mmr.
1: You will increase wait times even with an option, because even if only 10% of people choosing that option, the pool for players that don't is still smaller, and so the wait time longer. Increased wait times means less players that can or want to wait that long for a game which means less population which means longer queue times which means etc etc etc. Once the population gets too small, matchmaking health goes out the window almost entirely (see TT and it's Challenger v Gold games on the regular, hence it's retirement). It's the kind of thing that sounds great in theory but isn't scaleable in practice. Remember that a change of any sort to matchmaking can't be relevant to a few games, it has to be relevant to *every* game at *every* level *all* the time. By virtue of the same, compromise is a thing that has to exist. No matchmaking system of this size can be perfect. 2: I wouldn't be against something like this, the idea has merit, I just don't know how it would pan out in practice. Already visible rank has to catch up (or down) to hidden MMR when there is any period of change (climbing, reset, etc). This would create more times when MMR is not reflected by visible rank. 3: MMR and visible rank are not always equivalent, there's more to it. The Yi most likely was playing in games *above* your MMR, and has now dropped into your MMR range. If he performed poorly in your bracket he will drop further. 4: Does true rank Golds with a visible rank and MMR of Diamond sound like good competitive integrity? The only way for a reset liek this to work as intended is to systematically match every player against every other individual player rather than being randomly matched into games (which is impossible). The system wouldn't have any idea what rank a person should be, so when they win or lose a game it doesn't know what kind of gains to give them, and the whole thing goes out of whack. It's just big ol' dominoes. Why is season 8 MMR any more relevant than s9? By your own words you believe an MMR decay system would be a good idea, how is using 2-year-old ranked data better than using data from the previour year with a soft reset?
DizzyJaiX (OCE)
: Can you still get end of season rewards?
Ranked season ends Nov 18th 11:59pm AEDT (Don't forget to check your timezone!). Any ranks earned after this time will not count for season rewards.
Bookbash (OCE)
: Riot thinks their matchmaking is fine. I've had enough of poor matchmaking, it happens all too often. However there are the skeptics and forum nannies that try to despute these things so I've been gathering evidence over the past few months. Now it's time to show it. Before you consider the pictures, note that for all Ranked "Soloqueue" games displayed, they were checked for players in duo, and there were none. So for those who actually care about the issue, [here is the evidence.](https://imgur.com/a/r8shadT) Now, for some solutions, they would be quite easy. 1. Wait longer to pair players of equal strength. Even have an option for players to say "wait longer for me" or they can keep it the same as it is now, if they are happy with it. 2. Make MMR decay after 6 months for all players. 3. Don't make the pairing algorithm complicated. If you see a 24% winrate player over more than 30 games, they are not at their normal mmr. Adjust accordingly. 4. Reset the ladder fully at the start of season 10. This will clear out the monkeys and make a level playing field again. Its frustrating to see pro players having to cope with idiots time and time again. The cream will rise to the top eventually, just do it.
I'll preface this by saying I know full well you aren't going to like what I have to say, and will more than likely vehemently disagree, but I would like to encourage discussion on the topic. I'll go through your solutions first. ___ .1. The system essentially already does this, it's why queue times are a thing at all instead of just matching us with/against the first people who's roles match. You also have to consider that people aren't machines, and their performance will differ based on a million different variables like the amount of sleep they've had, how long they've been up, general awareness, hundreds of other biochemical factors, etc. At that point, the specific timing comes down to compromise. If you were to wait for the perfect match, you'd literally be waiting forever. How long is too long for people to wait? That's rather subjective, but getting people into *a* game that has slightly worse matchmaking is better than them literally never being able to play at all. Also consider that this phenomenon is accounted for in LP gains/losses. If you lose against a team with higher MMR than you, then you will lose less LP and visa versa. (Bearing in mind that this isn't the only factor that goes into LP calculations) ___ .2. Not a bad idea, we don't necessarily know that it doesn't though, and even if it doesn't, the soft reset at new season start effectively has the same effect. There is an argument for making it sooner, but it may cause more harm than good for such a thing to happen in the middle of the season. ___ .3. Again, it already does this, loss streaks (or near streaks) will tank your MMR real fast. That said, 30 games really isn't a lot to be basing any sort of concrete conclusions off of. ___ .4. In theory, it sounds great. Except consider the unlucky player who's true rank is Plat~ but who has been versing mostly true ranked Diamond+ and has now tanked from the placement rank of mid silver down into low Bronze. Consider the opposite as well. If the average rank is Silver, then many in true Gold+ are going to be catapulted past their true rank just by virtue of population dynamics, and then will have to face the demoralising loss streak to drop back to where they belong. Things will settle eventually, but it would probably take more than a year, and it would be a *very* painful experience for all involved in the mean-time. ___ As for your images, I'll address those in images because this is getting long. https://imgur.com/a/W8YSUuj
: Ah Okay I might have used the Words "kiss me you f****t" towards my friend who understands the joke but it was in all chat, would that of been the cause? and if so and I'm just gonna have to cop it for making a joke with a friend? I'd like to point out that its not homophobic as I'm bisexual and it was not intended that way, text not being able to give sarcastic context. Is there anything I can do? I'm really surprised i got banned for joking with my mate
So this is the kind of stuff that used consistently can result in punishment: >[All]SirKaioken: very ez game [All]SirKaioken: lol u mad ... >[All]SirKaioken: lol you cant read [All]SirKaioken: lol [All]SirKaioken: u dumb [All]SirKaioken: gtfo trash ... >[All]SirKaioken: sb ... >[All]SirKaioken: yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes [All]SirKaioken: 4/10 yies [All]SirKaioken: yikes [All]SirKaioken: ggez ... >SirKaioken: fiora mad cos bad SirKaioken: 4/10 dont play ranked To be clear, single instances of this kind of behaviour is basically never going to end in any sort of punishment, but persistence and/or consistency will push it over. Given that this was a game 1 type situation, this game probably put you right on the edge of punishment (though not an escalated one), and then game 2 pushed you over. This is where it gets a bit trickier because most of it is clearly directed at a premade, however, there are some things that premade banter can't excuse. Primarily: >SirKaioken: smelly kely imma put my seed in ur belly ... >SirKaioken: did someone just smell that? SirKaioken: jesus SirKaioken: nah kelly opened her mouth SirKaioken: thought an animal had died SirKaioken: who's sobs you smelly nelly SirKaioken: kelly did your daddy love you? SirKaioken: cause you got issues girl SirKaioken: %%%%%%%%%%% %%%got ... >SirKaioken: u wish you had me inside you SirKaioken: only person i call daddy is kelly's dad SirKaioken: gives it raw SirKaioken: kelly just mad her dad hits it from the back SirKaioken: suck me off at the next station kelly SirKaioken: cnm? nah imma give you ptsd SirKaioken: pretty thick and strong fick Two main things to consider here: 1. it sounds like you weren't a premade of 5, which means 1-3 other people have to sit through this, and joke or nay, it's rather unpleasant to read. That alone probably wouldn't result in punishment on its own (though do bear in mind my comment about the first game), however: 2. Mature content. This game is rated M (or about 13+). In other words, it is rated in essence as suitable for children and constant explicit sexual content is *not okay* in that public setting. ___ Now, having considered all of this, you *might* have a case for *reduction*. I would say given what was said, some form of punishment standing is basically guaranteed, but there may be a possibility of a switch to a chat restriction. This depends almost entirely on what triggered the escalation. Under normal circumstances, I would say that it was likely the use of homophobic slurs is what resulted in escalation to a 14-day ban, however, the presence of explicit, detailed, and prevalent mature content may also warrant that escalation. It's not something that comes up often, so not something I have a huge amount of experience with. Mature content isn't on the list of "things that typically cause escalation", but that doesn't mean it doesn't fall into the category of "things that *can* escalate". ___ My advice: 1. Ticket player support and request a reduction under the understanding that a chat restriction is probably warranted but the escalation was a bit of a grey area. Accept that the answer may still be no. 2. Understand that this game is not rated MA or higher, and if you wouldn't say it in front of a room full of pre-teens, don't say it in-game. 3. Respect that in-game chat isn't just talking to your mate, and that it is essentially a public space. Keep the private or more inside joke stuff to voice chat or whispers.
StabbedYa (OCE)
: didn't work. i tryed that and played another game. next day loggon still no capsule
Submit a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They'll be able to track down exactly when you ~~redeemed~~ earned the capsule and match it to what you have in your hextech atm.
: Banned for 14 days without even the warning of a chat ban
Without the specifics of the punishment I can only give general info, but basically there are some behaviours that can escalate punishments (skip chat restrict tiers). These behaviours include (but are not limited to): - Gameplay offences (intent feeding, griefing, etc) - Hate speech (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc) - Suicide encouragement ("kys", etc) - Threats If you feel that none of those apply, then you can probably appeal to support for a reduction in punishment, but the result is up to their discretion. There are other factors that could contribute to an escalation. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new If you want specific feedback on your individual case, then your best bet is to post the chat logs and any other relevant info (like punishment history). The more info you give, the more personalised information/review we can offer.
: Can say that im mostly certain that its a TPG issue as LoL isnt the only game thats gotten shafted. It seems a good chunk of my have been, with the exception being APEX for now. Ill see where I can get to with the tracert though
I'd be inclined to agree with the TPG assessment even if it was only League, but the tracert should be useful for them too.
InstaLife (OCE)
: Ahhh all chill. Is it still possible to purchase championship zed? Thank you!
Not this year certainly, possibly not ever. The Championship skins are legacy, and more restricted than many other legacy event skins. This year was Ryze, and they re-released Ashe and Kha'Zix alongside him (2017 and 18 respectively), but Championship Zed was released 2016. It seems likely he's in the vault to stay as there don't appear to be any current plans for re-releasing the older Championship skins. That said, most of them (CS Zed included) are loot eligible. That is you can earn their shards from hextech chests. So it's not impossible to *get* the skin, you just can't buy it directly.
StabbedYa (OCE)
: didnt get capsule for lvl up
Restart your client and/or wait a few hours. Sometimes hextech loot is just a touch delayed.
: Please help me!!!!
Other than playing games, the only other way to get tokens is to purchase them in bundles in the shop. 1 True Damage Orb + 16 Tokens = 250RP 10 Orbs + 160 Tokens = 2500RP 30 Orbs + 480 Tokens = 7500RP
: got banned for 14 days for chat misconduct 1st offence in years
Without the specifics of the punishment I can only give general info, but basically there are some behaviours that can escalate punishments (skip chat restrict tiers). These behaviours include (but are not limited to): - Gameplay offences (intent feeding, griefing, etc) - Hate speech (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc) - Suicide encouragement ("kys", etc) - Threats If you feel that none of those apply, then you can probably appeal to support for a reduction in punishment, but the result is up to their discretion. There are other factors that could contribute to an escalation. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: REALLY heavy lag
Sounds like since your route has changed there's some drama along the way. Talking to TPG is probably your best bet, though Player Support can probably point you to the correct trace route to run to narrow down where the ping is happening. I had a record somewhere but I can't for the life of me find it. EDIT: Pretty sure this is the correct traceroute, so in cmd put "tracert". It will reach a point where it will time out, this is intended because the servers themselves don't respond to ping requests, only the hop before them does. If the name of the hop(s) causing drama isn't something obvious, then either TPG or player support can usually point you in the right direction.
InstaLife (OCE)
: Bought Championship Zed
The Championship Zed content you can purchase for 300 tokens in a golden chroma only. You need to have the base skin to be able to use chromas. https://i.imgur.com/KDVBshk.png To put it in perspective, the cost of an actual skin in tokens would be closer to the prestige edition skins (2000).
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