: League Of Legends Copy Right concern
>1. What can I develop with Riot’s IP? >TL;DR - Cool free stuff for the community to enjoy, with some exceptions https://www.riotgames.com/en/legal Riot is pretty chill with their IPs, with logos being the exception. So long as whatever you use it for is free to access, you're unlikely to run into any drama. The legal page goes into detail, and of course, as HeartVine mentioned, if you are unsure about something specific, you can always ticket support.
: I also tried many times to appeal. But they don't listen to me, there is no way to unlock the account for me.
If your recovery appeal has been refused, either something has been missed, or there is a good reason for it. Given you say you have appealed many times, it sounds as if the case was reviewed by multiple agents and still denied, which would imply the latter. You can ask for the reason your appeal was denied, however, if they don't have sufficient evidence to prove the account is yours, or they have reason to believe that it isn't, they will not tell you *anything* about the account or the outcome of any investigations. Regardless, a replay to support is the only way to get more context.
: Suddenly high ping
So given this doesn't seem to be a widespread issue, chances are something is going on between you and the servers. This could be something in your end like a firewall or VPN interfering, I would recommend following the steps in this article to rule those out: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues It could also be something related to your ISPs connection. Generally, your ISP will have some sort of service status page where you can look up any outages or re-routed connections and why they are the way they are. They're also not generally the best at updating these for anything except the biggest issues, so giving them a ring or email may help in that regard. If you're still having trouble, I'd recommend submitting a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They'll probably ask for some logs or a tracert, but they'll be able to help you pinpoint the source of the lag and go from there.
BowWowzer (OCE)
: What about the people that AFK in ranked playlist, it punishes every player on their team, yet more than often that team will loose, still loose the same amount of points, mean while the person that left doesn't give a crap, he is just happy he doesn't have to deal with his teams bad draft, or someone giving him crap for not ganking. I was a toxic player, I have had a account perma-banned, this account has had a few chat bans. Whats happening in game the last year or two, is people understanding that they can get away with a few games in a row or just straight up game play sabotage. Riot are too afraid to get more strict with their punishments (banning from ranked play etc). chat bans do not do anything, if a player is punished for game play, the have instant access back to ranked playlists. if someone just got punished for something, that person will repeat again the first chance they get. It is part of the reason this game is so bad dealing with negative behaviour
I'm not saying I personally feel that LeaverBuster is enough, because depending on the circumstances, it would be a lie. However, the suggestions you present are ones that have been brought up a lot, and while they sound good in theory, you *always* have to consider the abuse cases. >yet more than often that team will loose, still loose the same amount of points Reduced LP losses for losing to an AFK? Sounds great! Until a losing team starts bullying the worst players into taking dives for the team so they lose less LP, or from people just doing that in general and skewing everyone's LP and ranking. Such a system also imbalances LP and MMR, which causes all sorts of backend drama that would throw matchmaking into inaccuracy chaos. >banning from ranked play They tried this, and the result was all the toxicity just got pushed into other game-modes instead. In other words, it had exactly 0 impact on toxicity, which is why there are just straight-up hard bans instead. >chat bans do not do anything They do, but it ultimately depends on the player. The vast majority of players reform after their first punishment (usually a chat restriction). Ultimately, it's in *Riot's* interest to be as efficient as possible in this (while still maintaining their policy of attempting reformation before removal). If the data didn't support the effectiveness of chat restrictions, they wouldn't use them. >if someone just got punished for something, that person will repeat again the first chance they get As I mentioned, usually that is not the case. However, accounts with recent punishments are generally under much closer scrutiny than accounts without.
: Ok. Is it "bad manners" as she calls it then. Should I be waiting for her? Thank you for the reply
Not at all lol. The carousel is the equaliser, the chance for those who are behind to catch up by getting the priority picks. If anything, it's bad manners for her to expect you to wait for her to get an item you need more, and that will probably get taken by someone else in the in-between if you don't take it anyway. You're *meant* to be taking other people's champions items from the carousel (assuming there isn't anything you want more) because it's a competitive game-mode that you are trying to win *individually*.
: Yes I would. Because that's what I was told as a kid, and that's what the vast majority of people I know were told as a kid, and we were all better for it because we grew up with thick skins and tough spines, not getting hurt at words that literally don't mean anything. Remember, words only have meaning that YOU give them. Offense is not given, it is taken, so it is not my fault that someone is hurt by the words I said, but it is in fact their fault. Further, the mute function already exists so bans make no sense when a mute from their end has literally the same effect.
So if a bully punches you, but you can take a hit, it's fine for him to do that because you weren't seriously hurt by it? If someone tries to run you over with their car but does a shit job of it and you aren't hurt does that mean it's okay? "It's just words" is an exceedingly naive and short-sighted excuse, and "This particular thing doesn't hurt *me*, therefore it's okay" is straight-up deflection of a very real problem and a *very* slippery slope. Knowing how to defend yourself from hurt, does not suddenly entitle others to hurl whatever they hell they like at you. Neutrality is not the *accomplishment*, it is the *expectation*. Muting does not stop toxicity in the same way that plastering over your walls doesn't stop rot festering behind it. Sure you don't have to look at it for a while, but the problem is getting a whole lot worse in the background and *it will spread*. If you have to mute someone, the damage is already done, and heaven forbid we take responsibility for our actions like the supposedly self-aware species that we are. Ultimately though, whether you agree with the rules themselves or not, you agreed to follow them in order to play this *online, multiplayer, M rated* game. Fail to do so, and you lose the right to play the game.
: I PAID but no RP
So sometimes it just takes a hot sec to update, particularly if you make purchases out of business hours because of things like any extra checks your bank tries to do that won't process straight away, etc. If it's been more than 24 hours and you've restarted your client at least once, then I'd recommend submitting a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They'll be able to track down the purchase and help you out.
: So what your saying is Person goes AFK, gets a Leaverbuster, waits 6 mins and starts a new queue. While the 4 people they have ditched have to play for another 10 - 20 mins. MMM Riot have to understand that their actions, or more properly lack of action are a BIG part of the problem. As Broken Scripts is pointing out, as well as gamers such as RATIRL, Riot has a problem with the AFK issue
Not at all. For one you can't start a new game until the current one ends, so they're waiting just like everyone else for that. If they're stacking LBs then chances are they have a 20-minute LPQ waiting for them after that, and will for the next 5 games they play. Then they still have to wait for the actual queue time, and if they cancel queue at any point during that or dodge a lobby, they have to wait the 20 minutes again.
Atrosoni (OCE)
: Stuck on loading screen to the point of a Remake happening without knowing
You didn't give too much info, so I'll go into this assuming you know the bare minimum. If some suggestions seem obvious then I apologise but I'm covering all bases here. You should be able to tell if you're loading screen has lagged/crashed/disconnected from the little circle in the corner that goes round and round. If it stalls for more than a few seconds, chances are something has gone wrong and you should try to restart. As for solving the issue, this kind of thing can have a lot of different sources so it can be tricky to nail down. So far as I can tell, this isn't a widespread problem with connection issues or the patch, so it's probably something local and/or specific to your setup. ___ **.1.** Alt-tabbing can greatly reduce stability in loading screen, particularly if you play in fullscreen. If this is an issue you experience a lot, it may be worth avoiding alt-tabbing in load, and/or switching to windowed fullscreen if you haven't already. Windowed fullscreen can either help and hurt performance depending on where the deficiency lies, but it generally increases stability when switching between programs. **.2. ** Check your task manager for any programs siphoning too many resources. Most things won't cause any grief in this department, but if you're running any other resource-heavy programs while you're trying to play League, they could be pulling too many resources and causing a failure. **.3.** [Check your connection](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues). There could be some drama happening between you and the server that is causing load to fail, so give the fixes in this article a go. **.4.** Run a client repair. his can be done through the little settings gear in the top right > "Run Full Repair". Could be your game didn't patch properly or some such, a client repair should catch most of those sort of things. **.5.** If all else fails, submit a ticket to [Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). They'll be able to walk you through step by step and can evaluate logs and such to give more specific advice.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=EInfRGNW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-14T08:45:50.147+0000) > > AFKs incur LeaverBuster punishments: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752714-LeaverBuster-FAQ > > There're no exceptions to LeaverBuster outside of the one or two free leaves you get every now and again, so chances are they've been put in low priority queue. I legit AFKed 17 games back-to-back and no punishment. LeaverBuster is a joke.
Assuming you aren't exaggerating, if you had a long history of not afking, then it wouldn't be impossible for that to occur. An account with a long history of good commitment is going to get a lot more leeway than a fresh account or one with a less than perfect record. But whatever you think of LB, what could possibly justify 17 games in a row??
Sped (OCE)
: So, I started a new account, fresh MMR, won 8/10 of my games and placed Bronze 3, ok thats fair.
It depends on which games you win an what you're versing in those games. If you're playing at weird times the MMR range will be wider, and if you win those games against people of higher MMR the gain will be greater than if you were versing an evenly matched team. The opposite is also true though. If you lose against a team of lower MMR, your losses will be much higher. Also, if you win your first game your minimum placement rank will generally be higher, so you're starting with an advantage on someone who loses that first game. The system is pretty good at determining roughly where you should be ranked in those 10 games, but it is still ultimately a tiny sample size, and visible stats won't truly start to settle until 100~ games. If you belong above where you were placed, you'll climb pretty quickly and visa versa.
Sped (OCE)
: Either I'm really bad at this game, where as this 29% win rate is in silver 4
So that player: 1. Hasn't played ranked in previous seasons. 2. Has only just finished placements. Both of which mean he has fresh MMR for the ranked queue which is around low Silver. And 3. that 29% is over 14 games, which is basically meaningless. Any sample size of under 100 isn't really going to tell you anything.
: AFKing ADCs are in overdrive this weekend, and i've managed to get them game and game again. I can say for sure nothings happening to them
LeaverBuster doesn't stop them from joining games, it makes them wait longer to do so.
AlicezRmJ (OCE)
: Intentional Rage Quit Afkers
AFKs incur LeaverBuster punishments: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752714-LeaverBuster-FAQ There're no exceptions to LeaverBuster outside of the one or two free leaves you get every now and again, so chances are they've been put in low priority queue.
: Im a degenerate and if its a champ, its a support lel. Play plenty of brand, morg, just playing raka since a lot of people forget shes an inbuilt heal machine. Used to play Leo heeeeeeaaaaaaaps, but theres not enough follow up from ADCs to be viable anymore. Used to play all the tanks heaps but gave up solely for that reason, no follow up. Makes laning near impossible.
Oh me too. New champ released? Oh it's a top laner? Sorry I'm playing it support. I do have a duo and I only do it in normals tho :P As much as it pains me personally to say because I absolutely despise versing him, Brand is a spicy one to pick, but he v squishy. I agree though, playing Soraka against people who don't know how to play against Soraka is a fun time. I would argue that Soraka struggles from lack of ADC presence as much as Leo, since she has even less kill potential. At best you kinda just survive your lane and then help whoever is strong in teamfights. It works, but not super fun in my opinion (even as someone who doesn't play support super aggressively. If you're worried about your laner, I would recommend taking a look at Nauti. I feel he has more kill potential than Leona (assuming you're versing a squishy lane) and gives your ADC a bit more time to react to your engages than Leo does. Personally, I would say Leo is generally the superior CC tank, but she struggles far more from lack of communication/synergy than Naut does.
: Almost Plat (Yay me)
In my experience, Soraka makes a tough comfort pick. Don't get me wrong, if you know how to play her well you can still succeed in most matchups, just like almost any other champ if you know them inside out, but the weaknesses she accepts for her strengths are glaring and very exploitable if you're versing a decent support or poke lane (think Ez/Lux). I'm not saying stop playing Soraka, not at all. Pretty much up to Diamond and then some the rule "comfort over counter" holds true basically always, but it may be wise to really pick up a tank support (looks like you play a pretty good Leo) or shield/cc enchanter (think Lulu, Morg) to supplement in matchups you know you struggle against with Soraka. You're reaching the point where people know that counters are a thing, and have broadened their champ selection enough (for the most part) to utilise them to some degree. You play some really good other picks, but not often. The tl;dr is basically, focus on learning your matchups and practice those other champs you enjoy and get more comfortable with them. If you can't name off the top of your head at least two champs you hate versing, and two you love to verse, then you're only playing your champ, and not the matchups. Having that information helps you improve those more specific skills. I made the mistake of climbing into plat with only one champion that I was properly *comfortable* on, with some others that I was semi-comfortable but nervous to play actual ranked with because I didn't know the matchups, and it cost me. But that's my personal advice. I'm not that much higher than you are so, grain of salt and all that.
: People who vote no to obviously lsot games are worse than inters.
Personally, I'm a big believer in "we can still win this", but ultimately that relies on us having had *some* success. If we've won 1 fight in 3, there's still a chance, low it may be and I will probably deny that surrender. If we're losing every single fight, or someone has already given up and is just not playing with the team, or someone is afk, or there's just no synergy, then yeah, surrender that. If only for your own sanity. I can't really say I feel they're worse than inters, but it depends on why/how they are denying the surrender. On the flipside, one of the things that really grinds my gears is people who just completely give up after their 15/20 minute surrender vote fails. Like dude, it's a vote for a reason. Just because *you* think that game is over/don't want to play it anymore, doesn't mean you get to *make* it over. It'd be nice if everyone could just use it as intended.
: Just some more bs
~~Given buying the cosmetic content individually would cost 7980 (assuming I did my math right), I think something isn't right with the bundle. I'll see if I can find out some more info.~~ EDIT: The reason it's this price is because it comes with the loading screen borders as well. As for the low overall discount, it's because it's usually the champions and smaller content in the bundles that actually gets discounted. Seems the RP cost of the champions was most of the discount in this case.
: "As in, there is more to this, and we as random strangers on the internet don't have that information." No as in there isn't enough information provided in the logs. "The OPs entire chat log is negative. Do I think more context is necessary to recognise that and recognise it is problematic? No, which means the reform card has done its job." Might i just point out one thing. If this player legitmately thought they deserved the ban and needed to reform, would this post exist? "This is also where that vocal minority bias comes in. If a player is coming to boards, it's because they are seeking either context or validation in one form or another." So fuck the vocal minority right? Oh except the reporting public is also a vocal minority, but we have to listen to everything they say.
You seem to have the impression that a few posts here and there of people feeling a punishment was too severe or being confused as to why something was punished is indicative of a systemic problem when in reality it's far more likely they are the expected edge cases that would occur with *any* system, and there are support systems in place to handle those edge case like boards (community feedback) and player support (official feedback). As we have all said many times, if OP needs more context than what is beyond us with limited information, there are ways to get it that we have directed them to. This has gotten rather off-topic, so I'll stop digressing. We are not helping OP at this point so I won't go any further on this.
: The OP has stuff that looks like it's so deserving of a ban that one of you guys had this to say "Based on information provided, couldn't say I'm 100% confident that it's definitely deserved" Legitimately if you think this 100% deserves a ban, i really think you need to get checked. But assuming it is enough to deserve a ban, Riot's own systems flat out don't work. But hey he can really reform based off this considering his chat restriction has nothing to do with the logs he was shown. At least tribunal cards were forced to have relevant shit in them. Oh which speaking of. "It's background information that basically works like a character witness. You wouldn't be punished in court for being an asshole to your mate, but if you ever find yourself in court that information can be used in other ways." "You don't expel a kid from school for running in the hallways, but a kid who is constantly ignoring the warnings against running in the hallways may get less leeway upon doing something more serious, or may eventually face some form of punishment in the hopes of stopping the behaviour before they seriously injure themselves or someone else." If your explaining it as if it's a court case, that requires evidence (that would be shown to a plaintiff, they can't just be put in jail for no evidence, which is essentially what the current League system does) don't then try and use the same bs to compare it to a school expulsion.
**"Based on information provided"** As in, there is more to this, and we as random strangers on the internet don't have that information. Has OP had chat restrictions before? Even a ban maybe? Are they consistently low-tier negative or have they literally just come off a punishment? *We don't know*. Support does, hence the recommendation to ticket support. They can provide more context for cases that are less cut and dry. Sometimes we can offer that context, sometimes it requires a deeper understanding of the specific *personal* history that we just don't have access to. Sometimes it's as bit of both. The reform card shows the exact game(s) that triggered the system, and yes, in some cases it can be lacking context, but if the system were to provide every shred of context then 1. it would go the way of "Terms and conditions" and barely anyone would actually read it, 2. It makes it harder for players to understand what behaviour is the problem and needs changing, and what behaviour is just used contextually, and 3. It gives people a means to game the system. The OPs entire chat log is negative. Do I think more context is necessary to recognise that and recognise it is problematic? No, which means the reform card has done its job. Do I think there is more context that can be provided upon request? Absolutely, and it is there if OP asks for it. You give the *necessary* information first, and (ideally, repeat it last), because that is what will stick. The deeper essay length context is useful for some (i.e those that ask for it), but not for everyone, and there are those that will look at that wall and read none of it. This is also where that vocal minority bias comes in. If a player is coming to boards, it's because they are seeking either context or validation in one form or another. Players aren't going to come to boards to say "Hey, I got this punishment, I know exactly why and it was totally deserved" are they? There's no point.
: But saying KYS is undeniable toxic, but also so bad that it requires an instant 14 day ban (when it works) But this isn't just used as an indicator of a shift in behaviour, this is now considered to be they are so toxic that saying it once (hell even repeating it) can get someone banned. Fact is the ban system lacks consistency in itself. But again, the issue is that the reform cards don't actually show what actually got someone banned/chat restricted in the grand scheme of things, which again MAKES IT ALL USELESS FOR REFORM. This obviously assuming that Riot still wants to base this all on trying to get people to reform.
I have to admit, you lost me here. In that scenario, the "kys" game would trigger a punishment, in which case that game would appear in the reform card, i.e the reform card is showing you what behaviour triggered the punishment. I'm really not sure what inconsistency you are referring to. The whole point of having a learning system that doesn't function on keywords (other than the impossibility of that feat), is so there can be some degree of tailoring to encourage reform. You don't achieve reformation by punishing to the utmost the slightest infractions. You understand that people aren't perfect, and aren't expected to be, but demonstrate boundaries when a behaviour crosses the line. You don't expel a kid from school for running in the hallways, but a kid who is constantly ignoring the warnings against running in the hallways may get less leeway upon doing something more serious, or may eventually face some form of punishment in the hopes of stopping the behaviour before they seriously injure themselves or someone else. The reform card shows what ultimately triggered the punishment because that is what is relevant to the punishment, and to the actions the player in question has to take (or not take) to improve their behaviour and avoid further punishment.
: So what your saying is Riot's whole "we want you to reform, so we ban(/chat restrict) you instantly when the bad behaviour happens, and give you those logs so you can reflect on your actions" Means nothing. Since what your saying implies the above system that Riot has said is the way it's working for years isn't how it works. So the instant feedback system is useless, and can't provide a way to reform, because you literally don't actually see the bad behaviour that leads to the ban.
That's not what I said at all.... E.G. You get frustrated in a game and tell someone "go f yourself". It's undeniably toxic, but also really not that bad and not worth a punishment on its own. What it can be is an indicator of a shift in behaviour, but for *the vast majority* of the population, it's a one-game here and there type deal and the behaviour will not be repeated with any sort of consistency. It's background information that basically works like a character witness. You wouldn't be punished in court for being an asshole to your mate, but if you ever find yourself in court that information can be used in other ways.
Saifury (OCE)
: still a 0% chance at 5, he got it from the new 'mystery box system'.
There's a 5% chance to roll a purple at level 5 (used to be 3%). As I understand it though, it could have also dropped from the boxes.
: "but there could be games that haven't shown up with the reform card" Almost like this has been an issue for years upon years, and hasn't been fixed for some reason. "but it is not your place to retaliate or issue punishment to them, and doing so often puts you in a bad place." Yeah doing so almost always gets you banned, even though they tend to avoid bans while doing this stuff for long periods of time.
You can play a game and be reported + flagged for negative activity, but not trigger the system (minor negativity, first instance of bad behaviour, etc). These games contribute to negative history but not always directly to a particular punishment, in much the same way as a prior punishment will impact how the system reacts to your subsequent behaviour. You could consider such games as little red flags. Games that wouldn't trigger a punishment and aren't really worth a warning, but demonstrate behaviour that can become problematic if it continues and/or escalates. Including such games in the reform cards would imply that those games were what triggered the punishment when they aren't. The negative history prompts the system to look closer at a given player, and shortens the leeway allowed. In essence, it can impact *when* a punishment happens, but does not impact the punishment itself.
paled (OCE)
: how is it that some dude from my last game got a bloody jinx in the bloody minion rounds
If he power-levelled to 5 then he has a small chance.
Able (OCE)
: Account hacked and banned
In case you aren't aware, you can usually recover such an account (and have any actions like purchases taken under compromise reset) by following through the account recovery process with support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new As a side note, there are a few things that can make account recovery impossible or unlikely, like if you have a history of sharing your account.
One of *the* key skills in League is adaptability. Also, knowing your enemy is a big part of pro tournaments, which is ultimately the experience that Clash is trying to deliver to the lay-player. If you just want to play teams without the tournament element, that's what flex queue is for.
: If that's the case, speaking in anything but English should be an instant 14-day ban. Simply because they could be using any kind of racial slurs and we wouldn't know.
Ich verstehe nicht. You don't arrest everyone you see on the street because they *could* be a thief.
OCEshots (OCE)
: ahhh right, because they will reform when unpunished due to not being able to air someones bullshit behavior. might as well do that to pedophiles, murderers and any other persons that do something that effects the general public of the related issue. Riot and yourself should get together and become law makers. How easy would illegal activities be then :D
I think you've missed my point a bit. I didn't say that not naming and shaming them would magically make them reform, I said being named and shamed *discourages* reform. Behaviour is not black and white, there is no magic reform button. You can create a combination of factors that gives players seeking reform the most chance of success and the most reason to try, but if they aren't willing to change they won't, simple as that. The behaviours you describe are on an *entirely* different scale. Consider instead a thief, or someone who has been to jail for a non-violent drug crime. They could be perfectly willing and able to reform, maybe they already have, but now they can't get a job because applications require you to state you have been convicted of a felony, without giving you the opportunity to explain your situation/how long ago it was/the severity. They can't get a job to pay the bills/feed their family so they fall back into the (illegal) means they have of surviving. Some will still persevere in reformation because it's better in the long run, but it's a struggle and everyone will be against you along the way. It's *better* in the long run to reform, but *easier* in the short run not to. To encourage reform, you have to make it as easy as possible in the short term.
OCEshots (OCE)
: you have implied it many times.
? No I haven't. "Just because someone else is being an ass, doesn't mean you get to add to it" Is not the same as: "They're allowed to be an ass and you aren't".
Lairdeth (OCE)
: ---- Sorry, I don't come onto the boards often. When I say bought, I mean I paid with the Event Tokens. Now the same thing has happened with Project Jinx. I bought the Skin/Icon combo (300 tokens) and I have the icon (which is a black circle when I try use it) and the Project Jinx Chroma is not showing up in my list of skins. So I'm now down Vice Garen and Project Jinx chroma skins... :( I'll do a ticket, just not sure which ticket to lodge it as. --- [EDIT] Ignore previous, after some googling and some searching, I found a separate area in "My Collection" where the Event Chroma's are tucked away. They don't show up in the Skins section, they are in a different area listed as "Chromas" and are not counted as 'acquired skins' My ignorance strikes again.
Chromas (which are what you can purchase for 300 tokens) and skins aren't the same. Skins are alternate looks for the champion (so they require the champion to use). Chromas are an alternate colour palette for skins (so they require the skin to use). The only skins you can buy for tokens are the Prestige Edition skins. They are similar to chromas, but they go beyond simple colour changes (they also change models and particles/VFX), so they are their own entity. As for the icons not working, it can take them a sec to refresh, but if they don't work after some time or a client restart, it's possible you had a bad patch and your client is missing some assets. If that's the case you should run a client repair.
: if u see a player feed what can u do
The first response should always be to report them in post-game. If you can't report them in post-game for whatever reason (it doesn't load, you skip it, etc) you can report them for a manual review through player support, but it's a much slower process so post-game should always be the go-to: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new It's also worth clarifying that *intentionally* feeding is punishable, while having a bad game is not. As for what you can say, if they're just having a bad game, a little encouragement goes a long way. If they're intentionally feeding, they're either frustrated to the point where almost any reaction from you will fuel the fire, or they've gone into the game looking for a reaction and you responding negatively is what they want.
: So the system doesn't work therefore i have to literally go out of my way to make a ticket. On a word that should be tracked essentially server wide and shouldn't even need reporting. Good to know that my report weight compared to yours (A riot member of some extent) are so vastly different that they don't even scan for a hard-line phrase when i report.
The only thing that reduced report weight was spam false reports, but they've since removed that. I suppose it's possible they've reimplemented it if it was causing problems. There have been no official changes that I've heard of though.
: "Saying "kys" is clear cut," So question, is saying kys still an instant 14 day ban, or is it chat restrictions or what? Had someone tell me to kys yesterday, still unbanned today, adding them to try and ask them if they got a chat restriction right now, but i doubt it tbh.
It should be a 14-day ban. I've almost always seen the popup and not even had to check history so I'm not sure why it would get missed if they just straight up said it. It's one to ticket.
: Accidentally disenchanted my skin HELP
Submit a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They may or may not be able to help you, and it's up to their discretion even if they can. If it's happened before they likely won't.
: Losing In Ranked
Play normals for a bit, lower the stakes. Try a different role or a champion you don't normally play. Personally, I find when I'm in such ruts that I'm playing purely reactively rather than actively. basically playing on auto-pilot. Playing a different role or champion helps to get me out of that auto-pilot mode and back to actively participating. Losing on your main can also bad real bad for morale cause you feel like you should be better, where losing on an off role/champ is just a learning experience, so I find switching things up helps with that aspect too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=9O0cAAdb,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-29T12:56:36.018+0000) > > It's in Riot's *financial* interest to police the community. They lose money by allowing toxicity, so even for the most selfish reason, they do care. I find this hard to believe. It would be quite easy to have a tribunal of sorts or even paid job to police toxicity. But in their opinion that would not be financially viable, is what I'm thinking.
They had a tribunal of players, and it required almost universal oversight because it was punishing as harshly as possible for the smallest things. If all tribunal decisions had to be reviewed, it sort of defeats the purpose of a tribunal. As for paid positions, there is still manual oversight of the system. Ticket appeals/reports are manually reviewed, but it's a much slower process than what the IFS can do. The reason they don't manually review everything is partly the time factor (a punishment is a lot more effective if handed out immediately after the offence, rather than days or more later) and also the scale-ability (think about how many reports get submitted every single game, *worldwide*. There aren't that many people to hire, even if they could afford it).
: Tell that to nintendo.
Nintendo is generally taking down videos on a copyright basis. It's not really the same thing.
: Yeah and people get shamed in youtube videos (rightfully so in my opinion), so why wouldn't that be an issue with youtube videos? Especially since it's a RIOT rule as you said. Just this hasn't been done in the past as far as i'm aware, and i'm kinda curious why this is a thing now.
Because it isn't in Youtube/Google's interest to moderate content they have no financial interest in? Videos like this have always been removed from baords (at least as long as I've been part of the program), but they also don't get posted all that often. There was a time we didn't have the means to remove linked content in posts so such posts would simply get deleted entirely which rather added to the obscurity. I'm not saying I don't see your side, because I do. When someone is being an asshole the desire to call them on it is natural, but it is also basically never helpful, and is much more likely to have negative results. A player is not going to change their behaviour or their mindset because a random anonymous and faceless stranger told them to. Would you? Even if a player *is* undeniably guilty, for a player that is working on reformation, having one's dirty laundry aired does not encourage that path. For a player that does not care to reform, naming and shaming serves no function at all. If they don't care about the personal impact of losing their account, why would they care about the completely detached impact of what an internet stranger thinks?
DaAlb (OCE)
: can't buy rune page for days
Submit a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new If it's a widespread issue that doesn't yet have a fix, they'll be able to tell you and possibly manually process the transaction. If it's an issue they're unaware of it will help them track it. They may also just be able to give you a straight-up solution. As a side note, have you tried running a client repair? If not, do so.
Chilly123 (OCE)
: Permabanned (Hacked)
Did you mention that you had been compromised in the ticket or did you just contest the ban? If you just contested the ban they probably would have checked that 3rd party cheats were used, and when the answer was yes that's what they told you since cheating bans are serious business. At any rate: 1. Change the password on your account. 2. Change the password of the email attached to the account. 3. Change the password for any accounts that used the same password as your League one. 4. Run an anti-virus scan, ideally one that will detect keyloggers (like Malwarebytes). 5. Reply to the ticket: Link the match history of the game in question and explain that you didn't play it. They will usually prompt you to log out of support and submit an account recovery ticket to verify ownership. You'll get asked a bunch of questions. You don't have to answer all, but you do have to answer most. If you feel you're missing a lot of answers, any information that is unique to the account but not visible on the account is helpful. (E.G "I bought x skin the day after it's release" is helpful, while "I have this skin on my account" is not.) Once ownership of the account and the compromise is verified, you will usually have the account restored, however, there are scenarios that will result in you not getting the account back. Riot can only protect you from *external* compromise. If you have a room-mate or sibling who played on the account from your computer/location, they have no way of verifying that it wasn't you playing and so the punishment will stick. If you have ever willingly shared your account, you lose a lot of the protections and verification means that a fully secure account has, and so the punishment may stick. It's worth noting that account sharing itself is against the ToS and can result in loss of the account, but it isn't typically punished unless it is being used maliciously or unfairly.
: So all youtube videos should be removed by Riot then, since most contain the names of players and could cause witch hunts. And you should also force all streamers to turn off names, since witch hunts. Hell the game in general should not show names since again, it might cause a witch hunt to start.
It's a Riot/Boards rule, not a Twitch or Youtube rule. Also, naming isn't the issue, it's the naming *and shaming* that is against the rules.
: Cannot start League of Legends
Your best bet is going to be submitting a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new It would also be worthwhile to include much more info in your ticket. The issue itself: 1. When and how does it happen (does it start to do something but then fail? Does nothing happen at all? Does it give you any error messages?) 1. Does it happen every single time? Most? 1. When did the issue start? (Was it after a patch or an OS update? Just a random day? After a restart?) Your setup: 1. Windows or Mac? 2. What version OS? 1. Do you have the normal login or the new one that is being rolled out to some people? 3. Have you had any issues with any other programs in this time? Fixes you've tried already: 1. Did you clean reinstall through the Hextech Repair Tool, was it a regular old add/remove programs uninstall, or did you just delete your game folder? 2. While it seems safe to assume you mean GPU drivers, in case it wasn't, have you updated those? You should include the answers to all of that in your ticket since it will save them and you the time of them having to write back and ask.
: Seras has said multiple times its okay to ruin the game but not call out the people ruining it, my dude. I'd just give up, lord knows I have.
I would challenge you to find the post where I say that and quote it because I have literally never said such a thing.
OCEshots (OCE)
: between Riot and no one that actually plays the game. should the names be known? yes! why? so i dont waste 15-24LP and 15-35 minutes of my life because your little Rules chose so
My rules?? I agree with rules but I didn't make them. Sure revenge feels nice and all but it's not very productive. There are ways to report people that don't resort to witch-hunting.
OCEshots (OCE)
: because in 2019 we can't know the truth about specific players 0.o makes sense.
There are a wide number of reasons why naming and shaming isn't allowed. The discussion has been had many times.
OCEshots (OCE)
: can't have a video link anymore? cool
It was removed because it showed summoner names.
: Third Rune Page Deleted
I believe it is essentially a syncing issue. They usually come back eventually, but in the meantime, I'd submit a ticket to player support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They may be able to track down why this is happening to you specifically and give you a possible fix.
Purpul (OCE)
: Low FPS high end pc
To be clear here, you are saying that 140fps is low? Most games won't support framerates higher than 144, and our physical eyes can't really see past 150~ anyway. League also isn't a game where motion blur is really at all relevant (which is, as I understand it, why mainstream shooters tend to have the 240 option) so there isn't really going to be any benefit to you squeezing out those extra frames. That aside, League is designed to be an accessible game, which means there is more focus on the super low-end than on the super high-end. The effort:impact ratio for optimising for such framerates just isn't favourable.
KieshwaV (OCE)
: Honor and Bans
It is linked. Any punishment will result in a drop in Honour tier. Down to Honour 1 for a chat restriction, down to Honour 0 for bans (and chat restrictions received at Honour 1). Realistically, that first chat restriction *is* the warning that behaviour is sliding, which is why the Honour drop doesn't happen until an actual punishment is triggered. In addition to that, negativity in games that isn't enough to trigger a punishment will still prevent you from earning Honour for that game, so the visible progress is that there is no progress. If it's one off game you likely won't notice, but if it's a consistent thing you will start falling behind the average and positive players quite quickly.
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