: League client update alpha sign-ups now open
When will the alpha client be launched?
: holyy... i literally just bough galatic azir... fml
Rest in peace my friend, rest in peace.{{champion:268}}
: Champion Insights: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
When poppy ults you so hard you end up in My Space
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Olee (OCE)
: It's a mad skill matchup between the two. In the lane, Ahri can control the lane hard, but Fizz wins the all in. If we're talking about overall champion quality, Ahri is probably the most versatile Mid laner there is. She can play as an assassin or a battle mage. She has huge mobility, good range and also unmissable close range abilities, has good cc, can kite like a mofo, can roam extremely well, has true damage, has good aoe, can siege and sick waveclear.
thank you for your response, and i have in fact bought ahri!
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: Team Up & Pool Party
i almost feel like we wont hit the 55 mil mark it seems like a lot


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