Knuuckles (OCE)
: Custom games are still there I tried one out yesterday I think to adjust some settings
i havnt worked out how to put bots in them yet, have had to use the old client for that
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: Can't dynamic queue
sounds like the same as i am getting.
: Anyone Agree?
no i cant say that i do. i primarily only play summoners rift. I think if URF was made available 24/7, i think it would get pretty boring pretty quick. let it remain as the april fools prank as it was originally intended.
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choms (OCE)
: Hey so did anyone else notice?...
I always thought it was based on the number of people online
: Why is Dragon called Dazza?
: Harsh nerf on Tristana
to be honest i think her new e out weighs all the nerfs {{champion:18}} got. if all else it almost seems like a bit much. Imagine {{champion:18}} with {{champion:26}} support. Basically you got two time bombs, + a revive after {{champion:26}} reaches lvl 6 for more time bombs. 60 Damage is a fair bit of poke damage in my opinion. and she would probably get a shot off as well. so that 75 + 0.5AD+0.5AP poke damage. not to mention the damage you take from the passive on her e as you try to hide behind minions while you farm Add this to her gap closure / escape which resets on any kill or Assist, granted her early game isn't as strong as her late game, but its stronger than before IMO
: OCE gotta be the worst server ever
These are the wrong reasons for saying OCE is the worst. Personally for me its the attitude of players who need to self validate their ability to play a computer game. I mute these people and enjoy the rest of the game :)
Waceded (OCE)
: This is a great message to get out to the community. Watch the whole video, rather than from 2:53 and I'm sure you will agree.
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Niji (OCE)
: Even if you're depressed enough to be contemplating suicide I don't think anyone playing this game would be tipped over the edge by some random on their team telling them to "kill themselves", if your playing this game then you should have thick enough skin to handle insults from randoms. If you don't have thick enough skin chances are you don't play LoL to begin with. When some random tells me to kill myself on this game it doesn't change anything about how I feel towards the matter because some randoms opinion is irrelevant to my life.
That is a very short sighted and opinionated answer. People have very different reactions. It is true, that LoL is not the cause of suicides, but Suicides are not cause because people want to die. It is a cry for help. Putting fuel on the flame should not be an encourage behavior. Now i know this isn't going to stop people from berating each other but people should be mind full of the language they use on people they know nothing about. Telling people to go kill them self is not an acceptable comment anywhere in this game. IMO
: Getting 20 minute banns for the next 5 games because i dodged a couple of games from trolls
I think this is a completely mixed back of apples when it comes down to it. If you know someone is going to be a troll and grief for no good reason, The whole team which the troll is on gets penalized. 1. Its no fun for the team. 2. If playing ranked the whole loose LP (possibly get demoted or a failed promotion) Just today i had a guy in ranked who said if he didn't get mid he would feed. Someone else chose mid, but then for the benefit of the team he went support. The guy who wanted mid got mid but decided to feed anyway, needless the say the game was not fun. I get a lot of this kind of stuff. (probably because i am stuck in bronze because of this kinda stuff). We don't see the outcome of reporting, because we continue to see this crap happen, and instead of 1 player being punished, 5 players get punished in some form. The current system doesn't work. It doesn't deter bad behavior at all, so something has to change.


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