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: Hey summoner, I think the best course of action here would be to contact [Riot Support]( and ask them which of these was your actual punishment. I think this was a bug with the 15 minute delay between punishments, but I'm not sure. Feel free to check back here if you run into any problems :D
Hey Tele, I submitted one a few hours ago and received an email saying there will be a delay in responding due to high number of tickets etc... I swear, the only reason I get pee'd off is because of trolls... fml
: I feel you man lol, try just muting them or just ignoring them next time not worth, Trust me i know from experience. The moment they say something negative ignore them and just put this face " : ^) " It will make you laugh then it will make you upset Someone says Troll: " Kys you cunt " You : " : ^) Same " xD
I always tell myself I'll turn off chat, but my issue is - I need to communicate with the team - especially players who actually want to win lol... I always fall into the trap of fighting with trolls. It's a stupid reporting system. If I get abused by 2 players, and I respond back with abuse defending myself - the two of the report me vs me reporting each of them once. FML... Please Riot - halp.
Rocka (OCE)
: maybe you got hit with 2 punishments at the same time and only 1 is showing?
Dunno man, I thought an actual ban or suspension would show up first :/ It's quite odd...
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