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: why the new client is so buggy
New client is 'slow' takes a bit more time to load etc, but it is not the issue if you are getting dc'd out. That is your own connection. You should probably upgrade your internet connection (if you are downloading more than you can access aka you might have 300 gigs peak and have used it), also if you have anyone else in the household (sisters, brothers, parents etcs), using their Iphones or android phones, they will be hogging alot of bandwidth. Also other laptops or computers. Since these all take alot of your download, but the Iphones and android phones to some extent HOG upload to the point that even if you have 2meg (2000+ kbps download), if you only have a .25/.75 meg or mbit upload, your came is compromised. Australian internet is horrible, and during the 5pm to 11pm timeslot, pretty much all the major companies ISP'S reduce the bandwidth, and netflix has been a big BIG problem in australia also. So call your ISP and don't jump onto the OCE boards and blame those that have nothing to do with your bad internet. Go talk to your family at the house and ask the to turn of their phones wifi, or access your modem and disable it. Also, read up how your internet provider is ranked, specially during time slots and location. I know for a fact since netflix came out, I have changed 3 different providers and all reduce the speed for download and upload around 5-6pm to 11pm +.
: New LCU needs to be faster
I fear you may just need to do that 'upgrade' thing. A desktop will be cheaper and if you are dedicating to league you can buy a pretty decent setup for around 800 AUD. (Mind you the graphics card will set you back another 500+ AUD). I got an I5, not sure the specs etc for $711AUD + shipping postage etc, but the graphics card alone cost me $500 bucks. The thing is, are you using this laptop for school or work? If that is the case, but you still want to have a laptop and play league you are going to unfortunately upgrade to a better one, and laptops are alot more expensive due to how they are perceived. They are versatile, easy to transport and you can use them on the go. But they will never be able to compete with a desktop since they have only so much space to fit in the graphics card, memory etc. The client (new client) is very slow and personally its just horrible. I downloaded the new client but can't stand it. Not sure if your issue is with the actual client or the ingame client, but either way an I3 is obviously not going to preform as good as a more expensive I5 I7 etc processor even in a laptop. Not sure if this helps, but if you want to play league as it is currently, and they will update and implement more cpu memory hogging aspects since the game IS the highest rating game of its genre type, you will unfortuantly have to buy/upgrade and there is limitations with laptops and also older desktop pcs.
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Anominity (OCE)
: Ping consistently above 300+, Hong Kong player
Mate, This is OCE. We have the cruddiest internet in the world. There are third world countries with better internet than us (and cheaper). Our NBN is costing us so much and they are still doing the rural areas, not the cities or major areas that actually need it. If I am on NA I use to get 180 ping, now its around 300. Until our over the price internet companies and politicians all pull their socks up, we are going to have overpriced crud internet here. Sorry to hear you xferred. I bet Riot won't even allow you a free xfer back. Money motivates Money
: League tournaments come to high schools
Yay, They can fail another subject with all the stress levels rising and bullying. They can fail Riot LoL subject. Personally I think high schoolers have enough on their plates, than being pushed and forced to compete vs other class mates or other schools. I think education and Gaming companies are not a good mix. It reminds me of McDonalds sponsoring athletes. EDIT: P.s Do they need to purchase riot points?
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: I personally only play ARAM games, mainly due to limited time. Can I still earn shards/chests in ARAM, or do I have to play Summoners Rift?
Yeah same, i ONLY play Arams... I will be forced to play normals and feed and get banned.. Because i have 3000 ARAM wins (not including deaths) and I have no concept of how to play NORMALS
: Hextech Crafting is now live in Oceania!
Remember, Members get TWO FREE SPINS...
: Retiring Dominion
Absolutely disgusting and narrow minded of RIOT OCE. Before I transferred to OCE I had 1184 DOMINION WINS (that doesnt include loss/defeat). On my ult I have around 100+. Seriously who is in charge at RIOT. Dominons were out before ARAMS, yet we have to endure ARAMS, 3v3 Twisted tree line (which no one plays as could be seen by the OCEAN WEEK event). How can you retire a game mode that alot of the OCE community have been asking for since OCE release which you never implemented INTO our server. Seriously RIOT oce are a joke. All they care about is trying to assimilate OCE to E-Sports, Thats where the money is. Its not about actually having fun playing the game to them, its PURE business, and they don't even listen to what the community want. Ranks are NOT fun anymore with the level of toxicity we have to endure, ARAMS are so boring and OP specially with the PORO MARK which they refuse to remove which means any tanky bruiser can just kill anyone (Blitz, garen, etc). There is no challenge. The community has been pleading for Dominions and after 2+ years since the OCE server came out, and NEVER having an option to que up for them, you want to retire it and give an ICON?? Pathetic. Listen to the players, not the wallet full of cash.. Let us decide
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Donaghy (OCE)
: Limited time Dominion queue?
I have over 1k dominion wins, They were the best game mode for me. Most fun, and a good break from normals/rank. Hardly any toxicity etc. Its been over 2 years since I xferred. Would love this game mode implemented, even it its one or two days a week.
: Remember to lock in!
Just wondering if there are any plans for Dominions, Played over 1500 of them aand then xferred to oce when it came out and would really love to even have them one or two afternoons during. Would be great
Zapperza (OCE)
: End of 2015, still no Yorick Rework {{champion:83}} {{item:3070}}
Yorick doesn't need a rework. He is damn good and op as he is. People like you ruined my AP tristania, made me hate playing Gankplank and have me annoyed their are AP miss fortunes all over the planet... SOrry but enough remakes reworks!
Not sure about you all, but Im OCE in Melb Australia. Ain't no snow here... its 36 degrees and gonna be 40 degrees tomorrow. Please RIOT, stop putting us into NA gimmicks etc. We are in summer, not winter.. Thanks I have been regionally insulted enough (Cosmic Kassadin wtf lol)
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: There seems to be a lot of people who miss dominion...
Dominons should have already been implemented into the game options we can choose. It was out WAY before ARAMS. Biggest thing I miss from transferring from NA server to OCE was not being able to play Dominions. Arams are good, but not being able to choose your champion (while not having to do a normal or ranked to do this) is a pain. Dominions, (and I played over 1000 of them on NA) were fun, and even though enemies could choose whatever champs they wanted, it was a good learning curve to try to counter them. Specially bot lane. I did 50 jayce games in a row and always had teemos at bot. but learn't to counter. Bring the Dominons back please, So much fun. But I am up for the custom game idea. Only problem is hard to get people to join
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