: To be truthful, I'm pretty sure each set of skins e.g. surprise part, marauder, pentakill, etc all have 5 people in it max excpet for unique skins which only one champion will have. SO, basically Penatkill skins have 5 champions, Marauders have 4 and another will be released soon. I'm pretty sure surprise party already has: Soraka, Nami, Udyr, Amumu, Nasus. Fiddlesticks being a seperate one since it is not in the same splash art???
Soraka, Nami, Udry and Nasus don't have suprise party skins. Yes they are in the same splash art but their skins are under different names. There are a lot of similarities with Suprise party Fiddle and Amumu just like Definently not BLitz and Udry. Yet Udry and Amumu are in the same spash are for the skins. Also Soraka's and Nami's skin only apply too them due too meme's or popular things in the community. So they are both one of a kind skins. I think this splash art is just a one of a kind and only set that way because of their release dates.
: Chiefs make the Wildcard grand final in Day 2
: [Here](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-creations/nELO4QPg-surprise-party-rengar) is someone who has already recieved 247 views from the same idea. [Another one](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3661316) from the forums way back when. [Another](http://forums.oce.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=37434) with 33 upvotes from the forums. Great idea! Though, I suspect Riot wants AoE heavy champions to have the theme but I personally don't think it should be the case.
I didn't think about the AOE thing. That is a good point. Though I can't think of many people who have a AoE ability that would fit the surprise party theme
Légs (OCE)
: Could be a {{champion:7}} rework xD Nice though, sounds reaally fun !
I agree this sounds like an aweswome Lb rework. At the moment she is a burst assassin with a annoying passive. A rework similar too this would make her true master of Illusions.
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: Champion Idea - Nykien the Post Runner (Lore and skills)
I like the idea of a champ like this. The passive would be hard in implement because you could move attack move attack and so long as you do it faster then a second you would almost always have 10% damage reduction. Also lets say you have a 110 base damage (Which is pretty normal for a melee champ) and 500 movement speed, the sheen proc from triforce and your ult. You would be looking at 1k-1.5k damage. This also means you can build tank on them and still hurt like a truck. Maybe a little twicking on the numbers but a very very fun and thoughtful idea for a champ :D
: Gemini Lover is a spambot
Happened to me yesterday. Thanks riot :)
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: Looking for Duo Partner to Level 30
I am lvl 30 but still new to the game. I will gladly help you learn about the game. Feel free to message me when you want. Ask anything and I will most likely know the answer
: Ranked Team
As much as I would love to play with you I am a %%%%ty bronze player. Sorry guys
: > [{quoted}](name=Slim Chaedi,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=9FUaBjhv,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-01-24T09:48:28.359+0000) > > But then again... 10 Rek'Sais! You want to use a tunnel? %%%% you, its not your tunnel, its someone else's. Actually it may be entirely possible for two Rek'Sais on the same team to use each others tunnels. Jarvin had a similar interaction with his Demacian Standard where team mates were able to Dragon Strike to each others Demacian Standards. We just wont know until they bring back URF, which will happen at one point.
We will finally get too see 2 reksai head butt in the same tunnel
: bronze = games can be won without relying on teammates to be useful = elo heaven
Yes you can solo carry a team in bronze if you get mid and go a hyper carry like fizz or zed. Otherwise your in elo hell. On top of that if you are let's say Kat and bot and top have fed then your screwed anyway. It is literally elo hell. I don't play carry roles and I struggle in bronze because I rely on my team. Sorry it annoys me when people like you say it is so easy to 1v5
Dynamax (OCE)
Dog core item for my Diana build. No more assassin for her :( back too bruiser diana
: Bring back urf pls :'3
As broken as it was it was the most fun I have had in league
: if your getting zzrot and warmogs, you need thornmail. frozen heart is also good. because its on ENEMY hit lel. so sort of fits the theme of on hit. more on hitness, BORK or nashors. devo nashors wits frozenheart warmogs. once you start falling off, swap nashors for zzrot and boots for a thornmail and just tank it off.
I will try that next time I play Naut. Thanks man :)
Jonezy89 (OCE)
: looking for a team to join
Hey man. I have a ranked team I am making. Seems you could fit in nicely :D I'll find you in lol and message you anyway but thanks for posting on the boards :D
h4x (OCE)
: Creating ranked team
Sethane I was b1 but my mates say I should have been high silver but I didn't play ranked much s4. Time is an issue, I work early so I can't stay up late, other then that happy too join and help the team :D If you can find someone else with a better time frame that is fine but by the looks of it your not getting much notice on the boards :p In any case happy rifting :D Also I use Skype.
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: Vi Jungle Is Really Pissing Me Off. Always Lose To Her as a Jungler
I agree with Trumbe on the cc beats vi. Something like a full on 'screw you vi' like {{champion:89}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:25}} champs that have stupid cc and can catch her once she ults. But she isn't weak early/mid. Vi is a rare champ that is strong all game. Her weakest point is 1-5 after that she is stupid strong. If you want to beat her counter jg unbelievable hard. The new jg is amazingly good at dragging the jger down if they get behind. If you start to fall behind it is hard too catch up till about 30 mins in. At which point she is op anyway. Another tip vi is an amazing duelist and assassin. But she falls off in team fights kind of. If you can get a team fight comp or a champ that will stop her ulting you team effectively {{champion:9}} fear I have found is annoying if your jg {{champion:40}} ult is very annoying if you are support {{champion:54}} if your top or jg. His ult once she ults our team should be enough to focus her fast. These are just some tips. They don't ways work and I completely agree she is op at the moment. Hopefully a nerf is incoming for vi, till then these tips should help you have some sought of fun before she hits late game and destroys everything in her way. :)
: Rokhan, The Valiant Guard
I personally don't like this idea and I can see why riot hasn't done a champ like this yet. If you look all the champs in the game can't go full tank and still deal tones of damage. This hero can. Rokhan can get like 300+ armour and 200+ magic resist and destroy teams as fast as {{champion:421}} can and we all know how broken he is. All the tanks in the game have ad and ap scaling damage abilities do this doesn't happen. In saying this their are some awesome ideas in this champ. Like the lower his health is the more tenacity he has. That is a cool idea. And his healing is great. So the champ in a whole is stupidly broken, none the less some awesome idea's mate :D
: When are Liss and Gnar getting nerfed?
It is hard too fight a gnar top. Very hard. But normally you can avoid his poke so long as your smart and just back off or be mobile while he is in mega form early. Late game gnar when he builds full tank yea just gg. As for Lisandra I doubt she will ever be nerfed. She has damage and cc but isn't broken. Like you said just annoying
Moose (OCE)
: death recap
It is broken and 90%of the time just look at what they are building and work off that. Normally you know who you want to build too counter just off score then know what to build by looking at their items.
: If this is your play style then why not simply take an ADC top lane? Its fine lots of people do it. Vayne, Quinn, Corki, Ezreal and now Graves and Lucian are getting more solo lane play time. I agree with you. There are instances when you are in a game and no one knows what "peel" means, so you insta die in teamfights, so you think, well whats the point of me teamfighting if I just die instantly anyway. If you insta die but your team cleans up, then keep doing it. Obviously there is an assassin or someone who uses all their cooldowns on you so that your team can kill them later. If your team is losing the fights, then try to analyse why and explain how to win, or in some cases yes, split push. Tell the team never to group and ward up. Catch people in rotations. Its an effective strategy to never group sometimes. As long as you have the vision for it. Still wouldn't take TP though... Heal just gives you a lot more baiting/outplay potential.
The whole point is that I am stuck with bot lane. We already have someone top. But I understand where your coming from. I will try analysing team fights rather then ditching them to split push
: If you find Teleport fits your style more I can't see why you won't pick it. However endless split push doesn't work well in bot lane as junglers will frequent roam there for many reasons, either it's you or the dragon/crab control etc. So I don't see it working particularly well most of the time, but you're welcome to try. The mindset of "I have found the only way too be useful in your team is too ditch them and split push.", it's not exact right tbh.
It's not just not. Normally I don't start split pushing till after 20 mins and normally its top. On top of that I can't help the team I find. When ever I do the enemy team dives on me 'squishy adc' and Insta kills me or I escape on next too no health and too low too make a real difference. Hence the split pushing. Again this is just something I have found that works for me and I am offering this idea to others that maybe finding the same problem. :) thanks though for the constructive feed back.
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: Abdul'Hakim - The Dimensional Walker.
Personally I like the idea for this champ. Though lacking in cc he seems more like a tank more then anything. And a tank without cc is like a full tank build shyv. If he doesn't build tank he will be like swain without the insane ultimate finish his combo. Like I said I like the idea but I still think he needs some changes.
: Jungle Help
I tell people every game leash or ganks because I will be too far behind. And honestly you are too far behind too gank effectively. The only other ways I use too catch up is smite every jungle monster you can for the exp bonus or counter jg and drag their jger down so you don't look as bad XD
: Heimers turrets see whats not there?
I know that they can't hit akali while she is stealthed. I use akali against me friend that uses heim. So I know that for sure. But I want too test this kha issue now. Maybe it was just a 1 time thing?
: My ADC issue
Most adcs don't jave a jump they can engage on like tris can. But I do recommend some of the adc's no one plays if you want too learn adc. Sivir is simple and can survive ganks with her spellsheild and ulti movement. On top of that she can farm and split push better then tris and be useful in teamfights due too the aoe speed boost. I also recommend Quinn if you want more mobility. BEFORE YOU RAGE AT ME I have my reasons. She can survive most ganks with a support that has a ranged stun. Also Quinn can win most 1v1 duels, high mobility and because no one plays her no one really knows how too play against her. Hope this helps :)
: Nocturne Mid?
I play Irelia mid who has no poke and little sustain and I beat most poke lanes. I say why not? He has everything you could want in mid. Just remember he is ad and if you have ad everywhere else he will be useless due too the armour the enemy will hopefully build too counter your team
Meddler (NA)
: Meddler, Lead Champion Designer Q&A
Hey, I'm a random on your OCE server asking a question my gf won't. Unfortunately the only champ she knows well and plays often is Teemo. I am curious as to what your original idea for Teemo was? Like a Rambo with a blowdart or a sneaky ninja that would pick his fights? I am still struggling with the idea of a regular Teemo on my team. Just wondering what he can actually contribute too the team other then blinds every so often. Thanks :D Love all the hard work going into the champs for this game. All so unique and creative. Keep up the great work everyone on the dev team :D


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