: Good Top Laner
im guessing darius is always banned. I would recommend: Tryndamere (has potential to win basically anyone) Renekton (good tank, good top) Irelia (best team fights) Gnar (broken) I wouldn't recommend the likes of Jax, even though his awesome, I dunno, never see him win top, even likes of trynd, and just sucks in team fights, good pusher however.
GigaPube (OCE)
: she'd still die to dueling a sated yi and ww imo lol
obviously, shed die to a riven as well. she cant duel for shit when a champ does a lot of INSTANT damage, as for yi and ww being instant, thats coming from a point of just how fast they auto attack.
Maxlife (OCE)
: New Darius FeedBack
Darius's new attack speed is the biggest nerf i have ever witnessed in my entire life in playing lol since season 1. He has 0.66 attack speed basically all game, tried top twice with him, never ended up getting 5 stacks on a champ that was melee, forget about range harass champions.
: still more useful than garen
in which world is darius more useful than garen? Garens late game literally shits on darius's, tank wise, damage wise by FAR and actual has use with his silence and ult. Yeah darius has a ult but he will never get it off with his new attack speed.
: I don't like new garen. cause. Im forced to build damage now.
your not forced to do anything, garen does more damage than before, so why would you need to build damage now.
: mordekaiser now the slowest champion?
i dont get why they made him a bot laner, all i wanted was a good top laner and he was good at that, dont get why they made a change, no like he got a new dash or something.
Guidance (OCE)
: New Fiora Passive is a LITTLE unbalanced
Honestly i think shes the new tank destroyer, i was thinking who could possible take down these annoying tanks such as Malphite and Shen, she has the potential. I honestly think she could be the best duelist, She can easily take on Nasus with hydra, Lw and full tank. Just those two items, and her ult she could take nasus on pretty dam easily, especially if his splitting between buying armor and magic resistence
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IdaMayn (OCE)
: Any teachers out there?
strategic advantages: Top: Malphite, Teemo, Vayne, Maokai, Shen Mid: Galio Bot: Cait, Thresh, Leona Jungle: Shyvana, Yi
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: What champs aren't tank/support and need little CS?
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: Too much armour pen/reduction
how are there a lot of armor piercing items, there's a total of 3 if you even include 20 armor pen from youmuus, which no one really buys other than zed or maybe talon. no one builds a last whisper and black clever as first two items, by the time last whisper is build the game is like over half way. and no carry builds a black clever, theres really no room for it and games dont last usually till the 6th item. last whisper has been nerfed so many times throughout leagues history, it use to be like 45 percent armor penetration from memory and the mastery tree had like 10 percent armor penetration along with flat armor pen, and people still cried out tanks are op, compared to now you should be happy. when i think or malphite, amumu or shen, nothing but horror fills my mind from how annoying they are. Malphite just wins anything ad in top lane and on top they buffed the shit out of him lately. SHen is literally unkillable. Amumu wins team fights. then theres the likes of sejuani, who is pretty strong, very strong. Zac, is a CC machine who deals a fuck load of damage for having no AP. Dont see what else you could want. You cant even punish the likes of leona or thresh, if caught out they take about 15 minutes to kill. What seems to be the problem for tanks are mages, mages melt the shit out of tanks, tanks hardly build magic resist, and magic resist NEVER surpasses the 200 mark, even with like full magic resist items. So thats stupid, armor can pass 300 with like 3 items. The only person i find stupid with penetration is ZED and Yasuo. Zed buys only penetration and tank shredding items like BOTRK, he doesnt need crit, or any other functional items like phantom dancer or infinity edge like carrys. He gets botrk, youumuss and last whisper as first three items and its game over to armor in general. The only downfall would be that those items dont give a lot of AD, however he gets that stupid bonus AD and along with masteries and dragon so he still has stupid high amounts still. Y asuo's ult just wrecks face, if he isnt CC'd well. RANT OVER
Korossal (OCE)
: Finding a Main
Depends what your after, a carry like champion, tanky, CC machine. You want to win team fights (wukong, malphite) or win lane (darius,), or farm and destroy shit (jax, trynd) what ever is the most fun to you, learning a champion is the most important part. I use to find making trynd work really hard, but now just rape in top most of the time, even a simple champ like him has so much depth.
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: maybe tyndamere is actually a figure of our imaginations o.0
That hurt my feelings
Alamo (OCE)
: I'm Planning on a Name change and I Want a Name That's so Good It's Art!!
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Realm (OCE)
Oh yeah his an amazing design, because supports weren't cancerous enough, They didn't protect their adc's enough. I cant even kill a braindead carry anymore due to champs like morgana, thresh or Leona. Protection fucking overload. This guy takes the cake though, seriously what was riot thinking. Also why the fuck does he deal so much damage, like his gonna be full tank, unkillable, protect the living shit out of his carry and on top deal huge damage.
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Pettanko (OCE)
: Your name is orgasmic
Thanks, I thought of something that my perfect looks can relate to. And what genocide lol. I just said that as a joke.
: I remember you being a rude jerk but I don't recall myself doing whatever you're talking about. I'll add you to the list of gym junkies that i never want to touch or even get involved with. Thank you for your time :)
Your trolling right now. I have never seen someone %%%%k up a game more than you. Not in a funny way either. Like I can take a joke, but I've been in two games with you and you %%%%ed them both. Don't get how your not perma banned. And then when I say things im the bad guy.
Sooshi (OCE)
: Video of me, SWAGrelia, backdooring. MUST SEE - NO REGRETS. :D
lmao awesome, and i like the effects. Has good position, posture and the effects are in form, the backdoor was successful and had many repetitions of auto attacking. Plus +1
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Pettanko (OCE)
: What champion should my GF cosplay as?
cosplay, not being Asian because that's just not pleasant to the eyes. In all seriousness, im being serious, the Asian thing has got to stop. Also, dude why are you putting a picture of your girl pouting, Number 1 you are begging for it, like just begging to get trolled, secondly, shes your girl, don't need to put a photo of her pouting, could be something of the norm.
CoTheSlow (OCE)
: A Nunu Vu...u?
His really annoying and the last thing I want is more people playing him. Hope he just fades into nothing like poppy.
: Looking for boyfriend to treat me nice.
Oh I remember you in game, you were a %%%%%% along with your %%%%%% friend. Wasn't funny nor was it trolling, was just pretty lame. Heres my form: get on my level of aesthetics, drop to a body fat of 6 percent or lower (no body water retention). Then you may come at me bro. sincerely, the sexiest being on the planet slutt.
: I remember how he was so obsessed with the ahem, poems he wrote up (but yer let's not add any more than this). But other than that, him good man.
Oh, you remember that....I got banned for it. But for the people who remember, the vault is there forever to be read.
EJ21 (OCE)
: @SexP3ke "Appreciation Thread"


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