: > [{quoted}](name=Evelynnie,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=LbzJ93sp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-13T03:19:11.812+0000) > > Riot making skins for Valentine's Day, but nothing for the equally important Singles' Appreciation Day. That's just petty. People really do need to get over themselves.
: Hunt of the Blood Moon
Personally I'd like to see {{champion:76}} {{champion:421}} and {{champion:24}} added.
: what's up with the Yasuo nerf
By nerfing the E you force Yasuo to max Q. That way, he actually has to use his Q to damage you, and not just E all over the battlefield and win the lane that way.
: Quinn Update Concept, because why not?
: Greetings Everyone :3 If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. ~Elam
How long have you played League for Friend? 0:
: Ascension is now live
WHy do Gamemodes cut out at 3am?
xPekkU (OCE)
: Lin isn't from the last airbender. Im almost certain you just wrote this because you saw a meme about it, but didnt really watch either of the shows
I didn't mention anything about The Last Airbender
: Champ Insights: Camille, the Steel Shadow
I love her design, but it still feels distant to older designs. I've found it difficult to connect to recent champions. Camille is a step in the right direction thematically, but her kit pushes me away as a less annoying Yasuo.
: December sales schedule
I literally own every skin... how embarassing.
: Why isn't Tristana played in the competitive scene anymore as opposed to last years?
Tristana was in a very strong place last year at worlds, once the Marksman Update came around Tristana was overtaken by the likes of Vayne and Jhin in regardless to Objective control and Single Target damage, and by Caitlyn and Jinx in regards to AOE. Jinx is relatively busted right now (In some cases), so she's very much the star of the show this year.
: Why no {{summoner:32}} on summoners rift? It's balanced I swear!
Considering Ivern's Q is a shorter Ranged snowball I don't see the requirement anymore.
: Ask Riot about patches, scripting, and rotations
How old is this reply? Poppy and Yorick??
Talon12 (OCE)
: There these threads really {{champion:75}}ary? Most of the puns are quite {{champion:266}}ious {{champion:103}} done with these yet? I {{champion:22}}d you a question, are there going to be {{champion:1}} more? Its not like any of these are {{champion:63}} new, These are {{champion:81}} as they get, I {{champion:86}}tee it. You know, because {{champion:43}} can be a bitch, so just {{champion:64}} to me, because i am not {{champion:236}}ing to you. I will {{champion:13}} above you all, or you shall suffer a {{champion:4}} This thread based on pins makes me {{champion:29}}. All this effort is in {{champion:67}}. None of you will ever be so {{champion:112}}ious as to ever be able to hook up with a {{champion:254}} ---- Don't you just like the {{champion:68}} function... thats what she {{champion:238}}
"Or you shall suffer a {{champion:4}} " is word play, not a pun
: Sooo.... if it was so stagnant and "boring" why are so many people asking for it back, prompting you to post the most popular question "We haven’t seen URF mode in a while, what is up with that?" If people were sick of it, why are they asking for it, and why change it if no one was asking for it to be changed. The real question is, was the community bored with it, or Riot? I think the latter
Nah. A lot of the community found it very boring, mainly because the League Of Legends community doesn't know how to have fun. URF is nice once and a while, but over and over it does become boring. People ask for it back, but only because they can spam the OP Champions like Zed with no concerns. We have not seen it in a while, so it is only natural people will be asking "What is going on?" Riot wasn't bored of it, they were just aware of how unhealthy of a gamemode it can become. People ask for Hexakill to come back, the same goes with One For Alls. Those gamemodes however are a lot easier to balance in a lot of aspects, so they come back more often. People were asking for URF to be changed, because the spamming of the same 20 champions became very monotonous. People want Doom Bots back now don't they? But I'm sure if it was put in 3 weekends in a row people would get a little bit tired of it. RNG URF has been a requested idea since the creation of the gamemode, you clearly just haven't been around long enough.
iFlay (OCE)
: Why not have a mixture of like Nemesis and Urf- Mindblown. The people will finally experience {{champion:40}} in urf
Nemesis Draft is by far my least favorite gamemode. The games go for way too long and nobody knows how to have fun.
Krumblore (OCE)
: yeah how about Swain {{champion:50}} seems like draven {{champion:119}} is getting all the attention with new skins, just because he has a big ego, doesn't mean he can have a billion skins, PLUS barely anyone plays him anyways its just a waste
Draven has a solid play rate of about 10%, even more so in higher Elos. Swain has a play rate of about 2.7%. It makes more sense to give Draven more skins. Although skins aren't made based on popularity to begin with.
: as riot about why no big events? how about ask riot why the hell neus siege 2 weeks in a row, where the hell is u.r.f? lol
They said it multiple times that it was going to be Nexus Siege twice in a row.
: A Draconian Understanding
GAH QAQ You can't leave it like that!!
B00M (OCE)
: that was truly inspiring. In the future, please include a tldr :')
Don't be rude. It's a Fanfiction not an informative piece. If you can't be bothered too read it then get out of here. There are literally 100'000+ Word fanfictions and you can't expect them too include a TLDR for people who are just too damn lazy.
Rookk (OCE)
: I will never not love this ;)
Oh my, why thank you ;3c
Légs (OCE)
: bwahahaha excellent
Rioter Comments
: Reformed Players Ask Riot, How You Like Me Now?
Honestly I think the Hullabaloo is dumb. It's just supremacists wanting to say "I'VE PLAYED THE GAME LONGER! I'M BETTER! LOOK I HAVE MORE THEN YOU" Sure it was special but it's a skin. Who cares?
: Let’s talk Smurfs, Snow and Bans in Ask Riot
I really like this idea of fans being able to Ask Riot Questions and it's coming along nicely. You are answering questions people have been wondering about for a long time. My Only complaint is that this is only once a week and you're answering like what. 3 questions? I feel like you could easily expand and just answer some questions that aren't as intensive, and can be answered with 1 paragraph as opposed to 8.
Rioter Comments
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
Oi nah you can totally tell this was written by an American. We aint gonna call Corki, Corka. It'd be Corks {{champion:12}} Ali {{champion:103}} Oi Tits {{champion:122}} Dazza {{champion:16}} Raka {{champion:101}} Xery {{champion:238}} ya C*nt {{champion:99}} Sparky {{item:2009}} Biccie

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