Molendo (OCE)
: im here baby girl, just roaming in the shadows <3
My baby<3 just know I never forgot you! Xx
Molendo (OCE)
: Does anyone here even lift?
MOLENDO <3333 i missed you bb! I got your account banned on GD and molendo 2, maybe 3 XD. I was SteelLegionGaren, Officer Caitlyn, Arclight Vayne, etc. love u
: Even if he is a flamer, just because someone is a bigger flamer than you, doesn't make you not one
I said no thats what he is. So therefore no, i am no flamer
Shroom (OCE)
: you're a flamer mate
no thats what you are, i smashed u in league of lol game and now your flamer child kid.
Shroom (OCE)
: Sharkmo (skin idea+concept)
stop buying upvotes from games u nub
: Do you mean, how do people lose lane as a Tristana? Because in OCE people lose game for a variety of reasons, it might not be to do with the ADC so much. As for lane, there are some matchups that Tristana might have trouble into. Or perhaps the bot lane are just poor at map awareness and get ganked a lot. Or possibly your opponents are just rabbits and you are stomping them. There are a lot of poor adcs out there currently (especially in Diamond 5). Keep stomping them until you find the reason :)
There is no reason, trist is unbeatable and no, i didnt mean just lane i meant game. She carries so hard :^)
Funsocks (OCE)
: So there's a few things at play here, from my perspective. The first is the matchmaking. She's simply a good pick if you're on your own for the reasons you described. Sivir is similarly capable and versatile. Next is her versatility. Most ADCs typically fall into either the hard engage and trade, win or lose (Draven, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn) or hypercarry lategame (Twitch, Vayne, Jinx) categories. There are obvious adjustments to need to make to suit the lane, but those characters are generally better off either aggressively trading or playing very passively and farming. Both Sivir and Tristana are very good at switching modes in this regard. Tristana is very good at trading because of the threat of her e, her attackspeed boost and her follow up with her jump and reset, but can also quite comfortably farm the lane on the back foot, rely on her passive and use of her jump to escape. Similarly, Sivir can also use her ult in a daring charge and follow-up with her spellshield or stay back and keep the enemy at bay with ricochet and Q when they stick their noses out, using her E and ult to escape particularly aggressive junglers. If you main either champion, and assuming there isn't an enemy assassin fed to shit or some very undesirable gameplay outcome, you usually have a fairly decent chance of having an impact in the game, regardless of if it's victory or defeat. Compare this to, say, a Twitch who hasn't snowballed's impact in the early and midgames. You just have a lot more options, and your playstyle can accommodate roaming at points in the game that can be crucial for ADCs, the very early game. To answer your final question (statement?), it's a lack of understanding of the fundamentals. A lot of players don't really look too deeply into the established meta itself. For example, a very good adc might not be able to define precisely what the "Trading stance" is, even though they use it all the time. Just having that understanding of a core game principal, for one, gives you something specific to practice at and gauge improvement, but secondly and perhaps more importantly, allows you to understand when to do it. Which matchups is it appropriate to aggressively trade with and where should you stand based off that and the selections in lane. Without a solid grounding the the fundamentals of the meta and WHY it's established the way it is, you may very well become very individually good and a mechanical god, but you'll falter when it comes to macro plays and an understanding of the broader perspective. Why build orders exists and just how tight and down to the line bot lane can be. There are undeniably boosters and people in even your division who might very well be quite good, but don't understand the bigger picture. That's how people lose with her.
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: Go to youtube and watch match up agaisnt it. They give indepth details on how to play and what to buy. Dont exaggerate, if panth was that strong we would see him everywhere in the pros scence.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Yes man, you wouldn't understand because you main him. I've played my main darius since release and even I admit he's annoying to deal with.
You just have to learn to play against it- push hard so he cant freeze
Fitzky (OCE)
: He is the most frustrating and annoying champion to lane against in League of Legends, his point and click q is the most unfair ability to deal with in lane, he needs a rework.
: *cough*
Fitzky (OCE)
: When are Riot going to realise how poorly designed Pantheon is and give him a rework?
He's perfectly fine? Strong early game vs melees/squishies good mid game/roam potential and avg late game, very predictable kit offering counterplay. Doesn't need a rework at all
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: Secret Santa
1. Master Elementalist Edition 2. Dj Sona 3. Spirit Guard Udyr 4. Aether Wing Kayle 5. Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath
Hiro1001 (OCE)
: Assassin censor...
Add to the poll - Name the page pewpew?
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: well sounds to me in a sense that you are at a disadvantage for having one less player so its harder for you guys. you know if your winning a game and 2 of your teammates are flaming each other and 1 afk's ..why do the rest of u have to suffer and lose so much lp. I don't know brother boy, just not does not sound fair to me. you should get some sort of compensation if you are down a player
Sorry, no. It would get exploited to boost bad players. The chances of you getting an afk is the same as the enemy getting one. Deal with it soz
: Riot to harsh on losing Lp in ranked
Okay, so if my friend is boosting me on an account he doesn't really care for, we're going to lose he feels so he afks & i lose less LP. Is this balanced? The amount of LP you lose is based on your MMR, get a higher MMR and you won't lose as much... Basically git gud. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Arn't you trying to become an instructor? all you've done is put me down for being bronze for posting comedic content for people to have a laugh at... shouldnt you maybe do something constructive like offering advice like actual distinguished/instructors do instead of just ragging on people for being bronze. Pretty pathetic.
Igris (OCE)
: if flex is as casual as you say it is then ill give it a shot, ty for the insight. i just dont want to play bad and drag people down because i have twitch on the other monitor ya know?
think about all the times people let you down, it's nothing new lol
: final build {{item:3504}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3089}} such a fun fiesta of a game.
Igris (OCE)
: Replace blind pick with something less horrible
If you don't like it, don't play it. I myself i play ranked/flex If you don't play ranked or flex due to stress or w/e of such a serious game mode, play flex like it's normal draft, not many people take it seriously.
ionex (OCE)
: Honour Loot
You "worked" for level 4 honour? and expect to be rewarded? I'm sorry but did you completely miss the whole point of this honour system? It's to promote sportsmanlike players, with positive attitudes. The reward is the positive community it hopes to create. Don't be ungrateful.
: Streaming Fizz gameplay
i think you turned everyone off by saying you're a fizz main. unluck
: The reason I am B2 is that I was placed bronze last season when I hadn't played a lot of league and then riot made it so you are 100% going to be placed lower than your previous ranking so ya know... Also, it isn't the golds I have an issue with, I usually beat them personally, it is the low level accounts on my team that annoy me because they just feed the enemy and I can't exactly carry as a support main. Finally, just so you know mate, the average league play is bronze. Over 40% of the league player base is bronze, so learn your facts before you spit nonsense
you'll find you're wrong lol majority of players are actually silver 5 alone.
dayfalls (OCE)
: Question about pre-made Ranked Games
It actually tends to give a mix up of your MMR and your duo's MMR, I've duo'd with someone one rank higher than me [(D4)& myself being D5] and goy put into a game with a bunch of low/mid plats simply because my MMR was crapola... (am hardstuck) It tries to even the team out i suppose. & just remember it's not rank but MMR
: cannot show his/her name.. that's naming and shaming and is against board rules. I do agree with everything you say here, i try very hard to focus on what i'm doing wrong and how i can improve on that. i strongly believe its half the reason i have climbed so well over the season. in the ADC position no less. i'm always happy to take the loss on the chin, this isn't an issue. the issue i feel atm is right now the system feels very skewed. Why is that a bad thing? its end of season, people are getting help because they are either not good enough to climb, too lazy or feel entitled to rewards they don't deserve, if i don't make gold i'll be sad but it wont be the end of the world, i'll just try again next season and if anything, i'll know i can achieve it. My concern is why is account sharing, duo boosting and paid boosting the accepted norm? I don't believe the ladder is this bad all the time, but at the moment being the end of season i feel this call is justified.
If your friend, of higher skill level offered to duo w/ you would you say no? As someone who likes to spend time with my friends, league of legends is that gateway to do so - In the past i've duo'd with my friends of lower skill level, not to boost them, not to make them happy, but just to have fun and climbing is inevitable over the course of 20+ games. Reverse the situation too, if you're a higher skill level and you have a friend of lower tier but really enjoy spending time with him/her are you going to limit yourself to normal games? (which myself and many others find boring/pointless af) It is the end of season, yes & there will be a lot of boosters etc. But you had all season to climb? Last season i was mid plat, being diamond the previous season I knew I could climb there but was too lazy & played off role for the majority of the season. The last week of the season I sat down, played as many games as I could, went back to playing my main role (Marksman) and climbed all the way to plat 1 promos, 2 wins. I missed out on diamond by 1 win for the season. - Point is boosters aren't an issue end of season because it feels 50/50 whether they're on your team or not. Learn from it and not leave climbing till the end of season. ^^
: [Opinion] i feel the amount of account sharing, duo boosting/boosting has gotten out of hand
Show the match history of this player & i'll believe your story, but on the topic of your opinion. There's often a good chance you'll have a smurf on your team if you're solo queuing & you don't complain when you get carried so why complain when you lose games to smurfs. I myself have 3 accounts, D5 P3~ and G4~ the ~ is around that elo i dont keep track bc i play for fun on those, not to brag or to say i'm one of those smurfs/boosters. Just want to bring to your attention there are few mechanically talented players in silver/gold who aren't smurfs. Just genuinely silver. I lose many games on my Gold account because of it, I wouldn't accuse them of boosting or smurfing - I blame myself for losing lane and in most cases I can pinpoint where i've made my mistake & what I should or should not have done. - In saying this my point is the same to you, focus on becoming better, focus on what YOU are doing wrong and what these alleged smurfs/boosters are doing right. All you can do is learn. Be happy it isn't a game like CS:GO where you get insanely punished by a smurf to the point you can't do anything or learn anything because it's just reaction speeds/aiming moreso than game sense.. As you said you're silver - I have a **bold** assumption majority of smurfs are infact platinum elo. If you think you have a chance of getting gold before the season end then why are you complaining about smurfs? low plat-gold-silver are much the same just as D5-mid plat is the same. Focus on how the game works & what you can do to shutdown a smurf or outcarry them. :)
: mmmm, thats a tilter.....
wow with ur mechanics u shud be plat.. so pro. How are you bronze? ur temas holding u back
: Hey friend, As you state above, you are bronze 2. You can blame this on being "too lazy" to play ranked but that's a poor excuse to be lowly ranked. A good player will get placed above bronze, high silver-gold. You, yourself are bronze 2 - why are you trying to give advice to someone? You clearly haven't learnt the fundamentals of the game if you're below the skill level of the average player. I suggest you focus on yourself, if you're vsing gold players, GOOD watch what they do, learn from them. Become better yourself, forget about what ranks you're vsing and what ranks you have on your team. I suggest you stop looking up games you're in to see peoples ranks etc. It isn't helpful at your elo. If anything it's disadvantageous - it psychs you out to play extremely safe vs good players even if the lane matchup is strongly in your favour. Focus on becoming better yourself & learning the game.
Oh and I almost forgot You're welcome :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Riot pls: Fix matchmaking!
Hey friend, As you state above, you are bronze 2. You can blame this on being "too lazy" to play ranked but that's a poor excuse to be lowly ranked. A good player will get placed above bronze, high silver-gold. You, yourself are bronze 2 - why are you trying to give advice to someone? You clearly haven't learnt the fundamentals of the game if you're below the skill level of the average player. I suggest you focus on yourself, if you're vsing gold players, GOOD watch what they do, learn from them. Become better yourself, forget about what ranks you're vsing and what ranks you have on your team. I suggest you stop looking up games you're in to see peoples ranks etc. It isn't helpful at your elo. If anything it's disadvantageous - it psychs you out to play extremely safe vs good players even if the lane matchup is strongly in your favour. Focus on becoming better yourself & learning the game.
Dr Wolf (OCE)
: You will never believe what she did next!...Click to find out!....
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: Chroma IP Sales
What is a chroma IP sale? You can purchase chromas with IP?
: B3, stopped playing for a quarter of the year so not as high as I would like. It is my first season and I did start ranked again recently
Okay buddy, you clearly still have a lot to learn about the game, just play to enjoy yourself, play to improve yourself and dont take the game too serious. Youre not at a division that it matters and you shouldnt waste time getting angry at a game that you arent knowledgable about. If people flame you, mute and continue to play. Dont try to justify anything you do because chances are youre both wrong. If you want to get good at the game watch pro streams and coaching sessions by LS. Focus on your own game and that alone. Play with friends if you have any & that might make your experience more pleasant. :)
: Unranked need to spend their first games in bronze
What about the smurfs who get placed in high silver/gold? You wouldnt complain if you had an unranked smurf in your gold elo game? Its one of those scenarios where you only qq because it was on your team. Theres a good chance the enemy team could get the unranked as well. Games are made via MMR (match making rating) not rank. This is why you'll see gold 5 smurfs in plat 3~ games. If an unranked is in your game it's because his or her mmr is high. & is expected to perform well enough. You cant really fix this issue. Its one of those things that just happens. Pro tip for not tilting or being upset by this happening is to not look at ranks of players, focus on yourself and what you can do better. Play to learn, not to criticise other players. Hope this helps you understand. Good luck!
: Tilt control
If i may ask what rank are you?
Mortis Ex (OCE)
: Autofill protection consumed by remakes and dodges.
Dodges dont consume your autofill protection, remakes however, do. As unfortunate as this is you still have the abilty to dodge queue. Better to lose 3lp over 12+ on average 4 dodges equals to one loss so dodging to get your main role is not a bad idea if you want to climb. Getting auto filled into a role you cant play should result in you dodging, as there is a high chance you will become tilted and/or not perform to your best ability. Hope this helped friend Ur welcome
Wean (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Talon12,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=QVMwHEcm,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-08-20T08:15:28.826+0000) > > those are literally the dumbest idea for changes i have ever heards Are you saying that if Riot made such a change like I suggested, Yasuo would be weak?
> [{quoted}](name=Wean,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=QVMwHEcm,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-08-20T21:25:36.837+0000) > > Are you saying that if Riot made such a change like I suggested, Yasuo would be weak? Hello Wean, Not just weak but completely irrelevant to the game? It would be 10x easier for champs to stick to him. yasuo is a squishy laner and relies on outfarming or getting a lead early. His already bad matchups would be 100x worse and he would be a troll pick in most cases, much like he already is at higher elo. (Unless god tier yasuo montage maker pro9000) He is already an awfully weak teamfighter without minions, & with those changes he wouldnt be able to split push effectively.
Gesteppie (OCE)
: its still ridiculously short in comparison >_<
Id also relate it to a zhonyas effect moreso than a kayle ult. a kayle ult can be cast on other people& they can still move / cast abilities while invulnerable. Sure fizz can move a small distance with his E but it doesnt offer nearly as much utility as a kayle ult. If anything is wrong with fizz its the 90% slow when the ultimate hits, and the inevitable 200-1000 damage that follows.
: I remember one doing that to me. Proved me right and everyone went full triggerlypuff. Was beautiful :') (although, didnt say it was cool to do it)
They should devote a thread to show the dumb things people have said to be banned or chat restricted
Fitzky (OCE)
: What are you talking about? Nothing I've posted recently has been deleted.
Thought you were calling someone else toxic? I got a notification someone replied to one of my messages but it was deleted.
CooolDown (OCE)
: The REAL role of support in bronze = 'SHIT' role! You'll never got out if you only support. Play another role! Words form a support main.
Words from a bronze support main*
: What's really the role of a Support?
A support has many jobs, supporting for the main part. (The whole team) this means many things. -having strong vision control for your team to avoid people getting caught out. (Not just the supports job) -denying vision to the enemy team. (Not just the supports job) -peeling all team members, prioritising the most in need. - the marksman and the ap carry. (Not just the supports job) -applying pressure in lane, having lane pressence. ie. denying farm/exp -depending on the support you are able to roam and help out side lanes/jungle. Generally supports with reliable cc or hard engage. I would give more tips but my phone is 1%. Hope this helps
: used to be gold 2-3, cant get out of bronze. oh boy...Who boosted you in s5?
Did you at all read his post before commenting? He states he is only level 22, a level 22 cannot join ranked queues just yet, he is asking someone to help him skip bronze when he does his provisionals. Does seem like a bait - he wants to get boosted but he doesnt realise gold 5 and below are all very much the same skill level. Only thing that really changes is the attitude. Goes from "i dont belong here bad teams keeping me here" to " im gold 5 jm better than you silver 1s and below"
Gesteppie (OCE)
: Yasuo is basically the "new" Teemo that everyone likes to complain about. But aside from that, unless the person actually knows how to play him, he's a very normal champion (if Rito continues to release more over the top champs). Sure he has a lot of versatility, but there are a lot of champions (gap closers definitely) that can easily outplay him. I think there are champions who definitely need some more scrutiny and balancing, such as darius (hes a juggernaut with a bleed AND a stupidly high returning heal) Fizz (essentially has a kayle ult every 3-5 seconds) and draven (can do up to 2k of dmg with 1 spinning axe xD ) ok so the draven one is a personal vendetta, but you get the point?
Pretty sure the shortest fizz E cd gets is 5 seconds - 45%cdr. & thats a big maybe. Might even be 6-7 seconds
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