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: I mean i'm on Telstra, and only use Wi-Fi. The only times i have been having issues, is when telstra itself is having issues (though i mean... that seems like all the time at some points because telstra sucks but you know) And no i wasn't just refering to the "worst" category, though that is most likely heavily effecting your thoughts. Considering you had a bunch of worst pings that were higher, it's likely your average is off base. Add to that, the Best case scenario for the Wifi was actually BETTER then your wired connection, and i'm forced to point out your test wasn't a solid case. EDIT: this is without even going into the fact that your wired test has packet loss (only 29/30 packets made it), while your wireless doesn't, which is a higher impact on the game then ping increases (playing league with packet loss is terrible)
TCP is not a 100% PL Free protocol, and 1 packet is not a big deal. BEST / AVERAGE / WORST TPLINK POWERLINE ADAPTER (ethernet over power) 43/**43**/51 5Ghz band wifi AC 40/**58**/188 The average of 43 is 15ms faster, on average, than a 5g Wifi.
: What the fuck is this topic? Yeah no shit wired connections are more stable HOWEVER. >| - 0 | 34 | 34 | 40 | 58 | 188 | 51 | This is a showing of you having a bad wifi connection, not a showing of how bad wifi connections in general are.
It show that even a good clean wifi 5G, no competition for frequency, a top line Nighthawk, the wired is still favorable. There were two components to this post. The knowledge on how to trace your own route, and a comparison for those that were interested between the ping reliability of a powerline adapter vs 5g. The average ping is still better on a powerline. Not everyone takes the time to check and provide data on their experiences with things like Powerline adapters. You have focused on the Worst result, rather than the averages which is what a normal person would take to be 'normal'. All the 188 result did was highlight the crappy Telstra load balancers which I experience daily. Thanks for your input.
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