Maraudaur (OCE)
: That sounds interesting! but unfortunately this time in the rules it says you need to depict two champions.
ah i see thank youu
Maraudaur (OCE)
: LoL Versus Wallpaper contest
i suddenly had an idea.. what if it was kindred vs kindred? like lamb vs wolf does that count xd
: Just from these 3 pieces, you can see how your artwork has evolved and leveled up over time. It's awesome! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
aw thanks so much!
Jhinsane (OCE)
: Hey, love the work really good stuff. Should try and do Jhin awww he is my fav, would be amazing to see something for him. Anyway good work and can`t wait to see what comes ahead :) {{champion:202}}
his vo is so creepy tho
: Love your art Shiafira, keep at it!!
: It's so pretty. Lovely use of colour... Lulu would be proud. {{champion:117}}
"Let's use all the colors!" xD
: All looking good, but the Kindred art in particular, is to die for.
*v* thank you!! i love kindred
: I wish i could draw like you!! congratz! :) :)
im sure you'll reach the top entries too if you just keep drawing :D best of luck~
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Ocean Week cosplay and art contest winners
; A: tHANK YOU RITO//congrats to the other winners too~ there were so many good entries omg i wish i could tag soapy but tWO BAULKO KIDS YEY :D btw my art site is if anyone wants to check
Khronix (OCE)
: I like how they are trying to get the community involved with the voting but after some thought I feel like maybe an internal panel would be more efficient in judging future comps resulting in quicker contest results. Not to sound like douchebag or anything but I think most of us realize that the top 3-10 or whatever is pretty much decided even before the voting and the shortlist is really just to show recognition and to reward the people who "tried" a little bit harder than everyone else who didn't make it... OK maybe there's a better and nicer way to say that but yea thats just my opinion. Like every contest I see I can already make out the winners list before the votes are even cast and yea it is sad and disheartening to see when my work doesn't make it but I guess that's just more motivation for the next comp right? But mostly the reason as to why I think that an internal panel would be the best option is to rid us of that bitter feeling when "certain" works make it higher than it really deserves during the voting process which idk makes me feel really bad about myself for being so judgemental.
tbh i cant really say i agree, personally its hard for me to see whose going to win theres always submissions which look absolutely amazing to me but dont get voted in the top 3, and vice versa i agree that an internal panel would make the shortlist redundant, i enjoy seeing all the entries anyway since everyone has such different approaches to the same brief/contest it is depressing when you dont make it but if you focus on having a more positive mindset, its all a journey of growth & theres always next contest to strive for :)
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Update on Art and Cosplay contest voting
Personally I don't mind contest winners being picked via popular poll voting, but obviously its a problem if the system is flawed and allows multiple voting by the same individuals thus skewing the data I know the team at riot already has a difficult time picking out the shortlisted winners from all the entries perhaps in future competitions it would be better to find a poll voting system with an ip tracker or something similar
: Lol content creators don't want everyone judging their content.
as one of the shortlisted artists, i can say that i dont mind everyone judging my entry, i myself can see a lot of flaws in my own entry and would gladly receive constructive feedback i think the issue is spamvoting and it was quite obvious the most 'popular' entries had a large number of fake votes, mine included frankly this makes the competition very unfair and flawed, it made the polls a question of who had the most people repeatedly voting on incognito, rather than the actual popularity/skill/concept of the entry itself
: Yeah ikr. "Spam Vote Competition" is the perfect name for this :/ A voting system that allows you to be able to vote once or even once a day (so it would be a max of two votes per email account such as the mwave voting system hehe) would be more fine than what it is now. Or maybe even hiding what the results are so far so it's more suspenseful?? Not fair for everyone who made it to the shortlist with the way it is now. Everyone done so well and the voting system just destroys it... :( first time entering and I was excited af. The contest was such a cool experience and all.. but now it's kinda meh now?
lmao the k-fandoms hardcore voting and streaming is just another level but yes i agree w chrystalmeth
Noaleigh (OCE)
: Shiafira and Stylus are my 2 favorites, but...i like the Evil Poro XP so Stylus you have my overall vote. Well done to everyone though as they are all so unique. Good luck to you all x{{summoner:30}}
0: thank you for liking it <3 good luck to u too~
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey Stylus, I am currently investigating the issue. Please do keep in mind it has been in client and a lot of players are seeing it and voting. I will update here as soon as I can, most likely sometime tomorrow.
thank you for taking action and considering us! i do think a combination of the facebook voting and the internal team at riot would be best to avoid this kind of spam-voting situation, for both this competition and for future one
Khronix (OCE)
: Np man your work is dope, I hope to get on that level with my compositions one day haha keep it up fam.
:3 good luck w the compositions! just keep doing more thumbnails
Nightjar (OCE)
: awesome, I'm actually going to use yours as my desktop background, I definitely hope you win the competition. I felt your work had a very serious and epic theme to it and I loved the colours and shading and the composition and I really liked how the koala seemed so ferocious and I just enjoyed how much it looks like an epic struggle as the homeguards fight with body and soul on the line. Also loved the little poro.
thank you so much ;v; im glad to know theres someone who looks at all the details ahah
Chugles (OCE)
: Shiafira is beautiful
omg <3 thank you ur beautiful too
: definitely Shiafira
Stylus (OCE)
: This has no longer become an art competition, it became a spam vote competition. Even Shaifira would agree with me, in order to stay relevant for top 3 you have to vote using incognito mode. To consistently spam vote on a particular artist. I am writing for you Riot to internally rank the top 20 in order of best to worst. Oh and if you think i'm just salty because I can't match you can remove me from the shortlist, there is no longer integrity in this competition . Your move Riot.
i 100% agree with this i think we should use another system to vote, like the facebook likes or something where its less easy to bypass & mass vote or have the internal team at riot pick? either way i think the votes should be recasted >_>
: Shiafira or stylus, i cant decide on either. i love both their work great job to the artists who worked on these.
omg tHANK YOU FOR LIKING MY WORK <3 stylus's piece is indeed a great piece if you want to check out my other art
Hyoton (OCE)
: Ive gotten into all the shortlists since the ocean week contest in 2015 (except the pixel one) but ive never gotten into the top 10 necause the voting stage is never on my side 😂 Its top 3 now so its even more difficult. Even though losing can be discouraging,its always good to persevere! These contests have made me better my art skills by heaps 😊 Goodluck to you! Your piece looks great and you are definitely deserving of more votes!
omg im even worse >< i was going to do one of the 2015 contests but got a bit depressed from seeing the competition and didnt even enter asdfghj so many regrets after that i told myself to enter the next one but i totally agree it really helps with the art skills~ and everyones art is so nice <3
Nightjar (OCE)
: is it okay if we set these as our desktop backgrounds?
not sure about other artists but personally id love if people do use it! tbh finding cool wallpapers online was what got me into art haha (:
: I like the Shiafara one best. 10/10
; V ; tHANKS SO MUCH <3 if you want to check out my other art
Khronix (OCE)
: Does Shiafira have a DA? +1 follower xD
hello thanks for liking my art <3 my DA is: hoping to draw a bit more league in the future woah ur art is super cool too~ +1
I agree with this >-> its very easy to change votes and makes its quite unfair


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