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SaltyBay (OCE)
: 14 day suspension
Unfortantely ma man youll have to suck it up.. Any form of text where you have told someone to self harm is a huge no no... Whether you were tilted or not, the /mute all is the best way to go in those situations.. I know its a rough deal and that you were prevoked but next time youll be better prepared for it and it wont happen again :) Well this is just my 2 cents anyway :)
slxw (OCE)
: I don't agree
?? you dont agree that this sounds racist?? even his name is clearly pushing the boundaries of racism
masochist (OCE)
: sounds racist. even the name,
: [B2G] WeR1 are looking for low elo players!!
im keen ADC main S3 IGN: ShiroeTheVillain
Ninox (OCE)
: Hmm, if they haven't replied by now (check you spam filter) then I'd recommend you submit another one. It's possible yours slipped through the cracks somehow, though I can't say it's something I've seen before.
nah its cool i just let it go :) thanks tho mate :) aprreciate the time :)
: NO LP for a WIN?!?!?
no im not replying to my ticket ma man... and i think its just pretty shit i just grinding 5 wins in a row after 2 loses it puts me back at where i started before the 5 wins... pretty rough
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Socon (OCE)
I had the same thing happen and got told on my support ticket that there was no issue with the LP gains/Losses when even on the client it says there are issues with it... Go figure
: Hey, I've had a similar thing happen to me. This is not exclusive to promotions - it seems that your very first loss in the new Silver tier will demote you straight back to Bronze 1 :/ (At least that's what happened to me). First game played - loss = immediately demoted to Bronze 1.
i got this and also got the same message from riot and still havent heard back from them
aetherium (OCE)
: 4 wins 12 lp each, 1 loss 22 lp ? is this the "New" Ranked
i have the same problem and i after a 5 win streak i lost 2 games and got demoted, but down to a new division?? so stupid.. im currently not gonna play ranked anymore for fear of losing way to much LP and not being able to climb
Typhon (OCE)
: criticism or helping?
> [{quoted}](name=Typhon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=h8RGr6aI,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-13T00:48:08.637+0000) > > im feeling like people confuse the two so i feel like it needs to be explained. criticism is where you say things negatively to prove that you are better than the other person. helping is where you actually care about the making the person better. > > if someone is having a bad game but trying then perhaps before saying that you fucking suck or the infamous kys. if you know you could have done a better job try explaining what is the problem and how they can get better.
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BlastUup (OCE)
: chur bro mean games today... thx for the games btw
Broother thewy were awesome :) were they mates of yours?? the guys we were playiong with??
Stince (OCE)
: I live in New Zealand but don't know any clubs but u can add me. IGN: StWil
tried to add ya bro but its saying your name doesnt exist
: Yeah me too, StonedAdvantage Need some good players to take it a bit more seriously (not too serious), I just muck around because I have no one to jam with.
BlastUup (OCE)
: Yo im keen add me bro **blastuup**
Talon12 (OCE)
: pointless yet true.
Its not true lol, your perception on what a "villain" is and my perception is different, and what your asking is wrong... Not to be a dick though ma man :) just saying :)
: New Club "Villainous Family"
The clan tag has been formed now!! +VF+ like i said all are welcome to join just please follow the rules!! :)
Talon12 (OCE)
: Do villainous people really respect each other though? Your rules are contradictory to the name.
really?? you couldnt just carry on?? had to stop to ask a pointless question man?
BlastUup (OCE)
: Any NZ clubs recruiting?
hey brother i just started one if youd like to join?? Im from Hamilton
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: New Client
thanks heaps guys was hoping it wasnt just me :)....
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: Aus/NZ based 25&UP Club
hiya guys/gals is this club still up and running??
: if you can get discord it's really a big help during ranked games pings work great but having a solid chat communication can get things done a lot smoother :)
i agree im always in chat (curse or skype) with my duo it makes the game so much easier.. will get it now
: Recruiting for NO/FF
Hi ya guys Im Paora and.... "country: New Zealand "best time to play for you: on ACC at the mo so i play most days allday.. but when back at work will only be after work "summoners name: XxkayostheoryxX "do you have discord: Yes "what elo are you in: Bronze..... For Now "what are your preferred roles: ADC or Top but i duo with my bro whos silver and mains Supp, Top and Jg ( hes a beast and really clued up) Thanks all and nice to met ya :)
awww thanks so much
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: Ocean Week 2017: Join the Homeguards
rito please answer why a summoner icon is more important or valueable then double ip wekkend?? lol.... other then that bring it on :)
: Nz/Hamilton Gamers and MSI at sylvia park movies
That's exactly it can't wait it's gonna be so fun and gonna hopefully met heaps people :)
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Bunny (OCE)
: You can use Curse Voice and that will match you with people on your team. But they also have to have Curse Voice. So unless the community makes a big kick to all download it together there's no other option. The great thing about it though is you don't have to add peoples accounts etc so that's why it sets it apart from other voice comms.
aww thats awesome thanks heaps :) do many people use curse that you know of bunny??
iNachozHD (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with (HAVE TO HAVE SKYPE) OCEANIA ONLY
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: OCE Server unavaliable for anyone else or just me?
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