: "Shiven: chavee am i racist?" Out of interest since you seem to have cut this log a decent chunk, what in the hell is this even possibly referencing? If your making racist comments, it's not gonna matter whether it was well intended or not, riot doesn't care. You can be a 5 man premade with friends that jokingly report you (or the enemy report you out of frustration) and get banned, so it's not like it matters what your team think is ok either.
cut the log? can i get a comment form a riot moderator please. this guy has no context. i didn't bother reading the rest of the your comment because you clearly did not read mine. edit; I decided to read your comment because I realise I have come here to defend myself and some people might actually read what you wrote- As I said I was talking to my friend charlie who I affectionately refer to as "chavee". He has commented below and here is a link to the actual game (it's the last one I played). [https://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=Shiven](https://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=Shiven) Again I made no racist comments towards any teammates. if you read the chat log and was referring to a joke charlie made via VOIP. My only toxicity was towards the enemy team and even that was just general statements like you're dogshit after the game when they called us bad I'm only here to explain myself to riot admins, I do apologise to the community at large for this accident and yes I should have been more careful of how I chose to communicate to my mate and will just use a private chat next time; Moreover I do understand the negative impact of toxicity but do not have to answer to you personally- someone who didn't even read my post and already assumes I cut the chat log.
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