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: Introducing the Emissaries
The biggest problem with behaviour in OCE is the lack of a draft norms queue. It is literally the cause of 8-% of poor behaviour and attitude in norms. It causes instalocks, fights from before the game begins and stops players practicing in the position on the champion they want too. which is surely the whole point of norms. There are dozens of posts all through out the boards requesting a norm draft queue and you (RIOT) have ignored them all. We don't need emissaries we need you to listen to our concerns.
Derikay (OCE)
: This is great! Looking forward to this. Now to the real question. When is OCE getting draft normal, like every other region has. The normal matches are just a pile of salt, people get a role because they can press 'ctrl + V' first.
MATE!!! we all been thinking it. The amount of toxicity an negativity that is produced by randoms is off the charts. So easily fixed with replacing random with draft {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Draft Normal queue in OCE
Congrats to Direkt, Jamoo and Memlord Brandon. I am honestly stoked with the response everyone has posted. For those that are passionate about this dont lead the thread die. Send the link to your friends and encourage them to comment. If we can keep this going and keep it in the hot section of the boards I think we may just get some one from RIOT to pay attention. If we keep this thread alive i will continue to gift free skins at the major numbers. So lets get to 500 and ill send some more out!! Thanks heaps guys
: Draft Normal queue in OCE
Hey Guys Ill pick the winners of the skins tomorrow so get in tonight if you want a chance.
: Draft Normal queue in OCE
I am so passionate about this i will shout some skins to the three best comments left on this thread. please be sure to add you character name and fav champ to your comments
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: yorick needs a rework 1st
Yeah but he needs a full rework, Windwall is just one spell and it would be good to see it fixed preseason
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Nah everyone is rightfully bitching about Graves right now. Tell me have you gone up against a Graves with that build and won? Looking for a decent counter
: riot fix graves
F**k that BS, classic LOL players "Just get better", "its all your fault", "get better" I have also played 10 games today and haven't seen one that Graves was not picked. Or one that his side did not win. Jesus they nerfed Darius because he came up too much in Champs, will 10/10 picks and wins doesn't lie. Nerf him and nerf him now.....and Yas please nerf Yas too. Its time riot do it! and Talon12 the answer is not learn to play against him..... it is play as him.
Erøse (OCE)
: Division Markers..if you hate them then read this
I think its fine, i can check all players in quickfind during the load anyway. I think it should be visible to both sides as well. I think it could help reduce toxicity. If you are being owned by the platinum player on their team then everyone understand a bit more
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