: Looking for more people to join my Ranked 5's team
I'm interested in your team, my name is SirJazza
Nukalavi (OCE)
: Making a bronze/silver team
Ign= SirJazza Gold 5
: Looking for dedicated players for a serious team.
I would love a chance to join, I am Gold 4 currently and my IGN is ' Sir Jazza '
djsicka (OCE)
: LF summoners to play ( just moved in to oce from kor we're smurfs)
Username: Sir Jazza Age: 18 Time: 4pm - 11pm everyday unless otherwise specified. Am gold 4 at the moment but climbing.
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: Looking for Gold+ Players
Hey man, I am interested in your post but the only problem is, solo queue rating I am Silver 1 at the moment. But the thing is, I have coached many teams before and have had gotten 2 teams to plat. I do know my stuff and have been in many ranked teams each doing my best in part to achieve maximum results. I would be higher in rating if I put a lot more time into solo queue, but at the moment, teams is the way to go for competitive play. So that being said, although it is a team full of plats and stuff, I do keep high up with them and can play just about any role required, I am not a casual player so I am hoping I can hear from you soon. Thanks, Sir Jazza.
Street (OCE)
: IGN: Street Age: 20 Main Role: Jungle, Mid, Top Favourite Champion: Zed, Rengar Rank: Currently gold 1. Was plat 5 but demoted from inactivity Curse or Skype: Skype Length of time you could dedicate to the team p/day: not many per day. Full time uni student. Can play for a few hours 2 nights a week and on the weekend can dedicated a night What hours suit you best to play: See above A bit about yourself and league experience: Strong shot caller, have lead many teams previously. Here is a link to my post http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/smxWnEHv-gold-1-junglertopmid-lft
: IGN: Kitty Katt Age: 20 Main Role: Mid/support Favourite Champion: Kat/Thresh {{champion:55}} {{champion:412}} Rank: S2, HIGH ELO Curse or Skype: CrabLord Length of time you could dedicate to the team p/day: as much as you need. What hours suit you best to play: Any A bit about yourself and league experience: Been playing league for about 4 years now, i am getting sick of solo que and people that don't listen when they should so it's about time to look for a team and i hope i can be a part of this one :D
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